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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Toyota offers 0% APR incentive for new 2012 Camry Hybrid for 5 years. I want to buy one but would like to hear around what deal each one got for out of door price. Any tips in negotiating price?

    Any buying information and experience in DC, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina areas are highly appreciated.
  • Bryan Easler Toyota Hendersonville, NC has best prices. If you live in NC and hendersonville is drivable, checkout their prices. I bought 2012 camry LE with 0% interest 48 months finance for 21700 OTD in 1st week of March 2012. I did not haggle much. I should have take their quote and got someone in charlotte to match and beat for say 400 dollars, I would have had a better offer.
    Make sure you get everything in email, internet print outs and drive there. But be prepared...usually the "car you have seen on internet has just been sold or someone put cash down etc..." The thing is dealers want to make money and they will sell to someone who is willing to buy at a higher price.
  • One dealer offers me $27,592.83 out of door price for a new Camry Hybrid XLE. How come the difference is so big?
  • nspattnspatt Posts: 16
    Not sure if you are still in market but Edmorse Delray Toyota and earl stewart toyota both in palmbeach county have no dealer fee.
  • jqiaojqiao Posts: 4
    OTD 22600+0APR 60MO, TAX 6.25%. 215XX IF W/O 0APR
  • nspattnspatt Posts: 16
    Whats your OTD ? Does the OTD 22600 include tax or not.
  • jqiaojqiao Posts: 4
    OTD 22600 include TTL
    if finance from Credit union, subtract 1000 before tax, otd will be 1062.5 less
  • nspattnspatt Posts: 16
    That sounds a good price.
    Which credit union qualifies you 1000-00 back ? I want to join that atleast for my next car.
  • jqiaojqiao Posts: 4
    Penfed, 0.74apr for 48mo
  • nspattnspatt Posts: 16
    edited April 2013
    Ok, found it thru their website that you would have to go thru their car buying service.?
    Did they get that price ?
  • gemni24gemni24 Posts: 4
    Got a price quote OTD from couple of dealers in Bay Area, CA for Camry LE, lowest I got was $22800 with 0% financing . Is this a good deal ?
  • ziyuluziyulu Posts: 55
    My local dealer here in Austin, TX is offering 20% off MSRP on new Camrys. I got a quote for an SE at $20,550 (options include power seat, window tint, and floor mats). Is this a good deal or should I wait?
  • cash or finance? and its not %20 off
  • ziyuluziyulu Posts: 55
    The MSRP is about $25,700, so 20% off is about $20,550. It's a cash price.
  • mistervemisterve Posts: 22
    Five thousand below MSRP is a good deal.
  • isloverislover Posts: 32
    hi forum

    looking at a 2013 toyota camry SE - with these options:

    moonroof package $ 814 invoice - $ 915 MSRP
    display audio with entune $ 935 invoice - $1050 MSRP
    power driver seat $ 392 invoice - $ 440 MSRP
    door cups/guards/door film $ 131 invoice - $ 199 MSRP
    legal window tint for FL $ ? - $ 399 MSRP
    floor mats $ 180 invoice - $ 299 MSRP
    iphone cable $ ? - $ 20 MSRP

    I have gotten these prices from 2 local dealers so far - both in writing:

    $24200 + tax + tag (already including dealer fee & $1000 dealer cash incentive)

    $23500 + tax + tag (already including dealer fee & $1000 dealer cash incentive)

    Does anyone think either one of these is a great deal?

    I'm calculating the invoice price with these options at: $21,294 (base SE) + options ($2871)
    (had to calculate tint & iphone cable at MSRP pricing) + destination fee (south FL) $795 = $24960

    is this correct?

    i'm now not sure...

    Someone please tell me what type of deal they got in the Southeast Florida area for a 2013 Camry SE with these options - ready to buy ASAP

    Thanks in advance
  • ziyuluziyulu Posts: 55
    Currently the incentives are $1,500, so I would try to shoot for $5,000 off MSRP.
  • isloverislover Posts: 32
    Thanks for your reply

    Where are you seeing a $1500 incentive?

    I am only finding $1000 dealer cash for 2013 and $2000 dealer cash for 2012
  • In South Florida, I just leased a 2013 Camry SE. The options are 8 ay poer seats, Navigation and Entune System. It is 4 cylinder. I did not want a sunroof. The car stickered for $26,820. They based the lease on 22,098. The terms are 36 months, 15,00 miles. The payment set up was $269.00 per tax which came out to $185.14 per month. Gave $500.00 at signing for tags and 1st payment. In essence i have 35 payments left. Do you think it was a decent deal??? I did it thru Carwoo, and only e-mail, nothing changed and no hassles when I went in and signed.
  • isloverislover Posts: 32
    Yes, I think it's a great deal based on my calculations!

    Did they include the $1000 dealer cash back on the deal to get that cap cost for your lease? (i think they did-great price)

    The sunroof only adds $814 invoice price - so even with your price of $22098 + 814 = $22912 - which is hundreds cheaper than the lowest quote i've received by local internet departments so far of $23324

    Did they include options on your car like legal window tint for FL? Door protection package (film, cups,edging)? Iphone cable? (all the dealers i've contacted have these options already on car - adds $399+$199+$20 - maybe that is the difference in the price you got and what i am receiving as a quote - not sure)

    would you please disclose which dealer you received this deal at? if you don't want to list it publicly - you can send me a private message - i would be very interested in going there

    i did put in a request on car woo 2 days ago - but unfortunately did not receive any offers yet - i am not sure why

    thanks for your reply - and i hope you enjoy your new camry! :)
  • isloverislover Posts: 32
    Do you mean your lease payment is $285.14 including tax? Either way - it is a great deal - I am sure you are very happy!

    Carwoo seems to be the way to get the best possible deal - I'm going to try to submit another request

    Thanks again!
  • voicemailkingvoicemailking Posts: 82
    edited April 2013
    I do not kno how to post a private message, if you tell me where the icon is i will give you details....Yrs it is $ 285.14 per month
  • pbshahpbshah Posts: 3
    Need some advice. Recently moved to TX and was shopping for a Camry SE in Austin area. Looking for the NAV package, the dealer had a car with the following options: NAV, MATS, Bumper protector, side molding and power seat.

    The OTD is $26514 for 0% for 60 months. Is the a fair price?
  • ziyuluziyulu Posts: 55
    Try Champion Toyota in South Austin. They are currently offering 20% off MSRP on all in stock Camrys. What is the sticker price on the car in question?
  • kcaj32kcaj32 Posts: 5
    Help me out here guys.

    I'm getting a new 2013 Camry LE for 19,300 + TTL (specific car, not too fond of its white color)

    I'm also getting a Toyota Certified 2012 Camry LE (30K miles, prev rental) for $16,500 + TTL (this one is the color I like)

    Should I go for the new one or certified used?

    Used is $3,000 less and comes with an additional 1yr/12K miles bumper to bumper warranty + 7yr/100K miles power-train warranty.

    New is of a color I don't like but comes with that satisfaction of owning a new car + the new car smell :)

    What do you all think?
  • Go for the new one, you do not know how may people drove that rental or how they drove it!
  • babucoolbabucool Posts: 2
    i got a deal for camry XLE 2013 with fully loaded (blind spot,leather,navigation etc) plus window tint,paint protection pkg.

    final price: 25,500
    + Taxes which may come for my state 2,200

    OTD will be around= 28K

    Is it good deal?? Please suggest me
  • pbshahpbshah Posts: 3
    What a coincidence! I ended up at Champion Toyota at South Austin yesterday. I got the car I wanted at $22800 OTD @ 1.99% APR. I felt it was a good deal. Includes mats, nav+back up camera, led lamps and tint at that price.

    The sticker price of the previous car was approximately 27k. Thank you ziyulu for the dealership suggestion.
  • pbshahpbshah Posts: 3
    I would think that is a decent deal. I was able to negotiate $28k OTD price for a friend of mine for the 2012 xle last year. I would shoot for a price closer to $27k but not pay more than $28k
  • nspattnspatt Posts: 16
    edited April 2013
    Not sure if you are still looking to buy one.
    The power driver seat is standard with SE, isn't it ?
    Why are they adding it extra ?

    door cups/guards/door film $ 131 invoice - $ 199 MSRP <<-- what is door film ? and even $ 131-00 is high for that. Negotiate it down to $ 30.00 or $ 40.00

    Legal window tint for FL $ ? This is $ 125.00 at the place where I pay but you can go as high as 175.00 to 200.00, not more than that.

    I bought a base SE without moonroof package (and I am not sure what the display audio with entune is ?)

    I paid 20,988-00 + tax, tag, title and then the dealer added floor mats and pinstripe for $499.00 . I got a $ 1000.00 student credit after that with finance from SETF.
    I would have reduced further on the floor mats and pinstripe but had to give in as I had my family with two kids when I was dealing with all that.

    There are two dealers in Palm Beach county that advertise that they have no dealer fee and it makes so much more easier.
    Delray toyota and Earl stewart toyota have no dealer fee.
    Delray toyota has specials for new cars on their website and it is so much less hassle to go thru that.
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