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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I agree it felt like I could have done better and their fees are very annoying.

    Sounds like our prices OTD are about $2,500 apart. Just so I can compare apples to apples, why would the LE in your situation be only $1,000 more than the L that you actually purchased? The LE I purchased has leather seats, electric driver seat 8-way adjustable, seat warmers, is automatic (with no other options as far as I know). Was the LE you were looking similar or did it have cloth seats and less options. Just want to know if they really gave me a bad deal or if perhaps the car I bought has more options? Thank you for sharing your info
  • rman66rman66 Posts: 21
    I have seen several ads in Craigslist for $4000 off MSRP on Camry LEs at a local dealer in Seattle.
    Check CL for local deals like this. I think $5K off would be achievable in this model year change.
  • rman66rman66 Posts: 21
    edited August 2013
    It boggles my mind that many posters here simply dont get this. No one cares about OTD.. except maybe your neighbor who is also looking for the identical vehicle. If you really want to help us (and we are the thousands of buyers across the nation), dont forget to include MSRP, Invoice (if possible) and the price the dealer quoted you, and if possible the name of the dealer. Forget about tax or how much you got for your trade in, we dont give a rats rear end about that and its a waste of our brain power processing that junk information.
  • wuyilwuyil Posts: 9
    Did you count on the $1000 rebate?
  • I got several offers for an 2013 XLE with leather and convenience packages (out the door price is around $25,500). Is that a reasonable price? The dealers told me that if I took the price, I cannot get the toyota 0ARP financing rate. Otherwise, $2,000 will be added back. Is that true?

  • A fair point- but I still find OTD relevant. Aside from trade value which I agree would clearly be irrelevant, OTD represents the car price plus all taxes and fees. Its a quick way to have a base of comparison without having to analyze what portion of the amount you pay for the car constitutes fees and what portion is negotiated price off of the MSRP (recognizing that each state has a different tax rate- so I concede its not perfect way to compare).

    The dealers work so hard to confuse people by calling a portion of the price a "fee" that you need to lump it all together (price + fees + taxes) and then factor what model/package to have an "apples to apples" or meaningful comparison. A dealer can give you a low price and jack up the fees, or vice versa. They also play around with discounts, interest rates, and cash back etc. to confuse consumers with multiple factors to weigh, all during the emotional and annoying give and take of a sale negotiation. Compounding the difficulty is the myriad of packages and options that are available on a given car- each with its own price. Ugh.
  • Dear MD-VA contributors,
    I would appreciate feedback on recent prices paid (OTD excluding taxes) for 2013 Camry LE vehicles. I am interested in a base vehicle with Toyota security (no other accessories) but will appreciate all info on recent purchases.
  • gnartgnart Posts: 36
    @abhijeet00 OTD price paid is one thing. To get there achieving the savings is a process, an art by itself. I helped a poster here from PA. He traveled from PA to Rockville MD to buy. Saved $2k when compared to what he could get from PA dealers. PM me to discuss further.... on how to wheel and deal the dealers....
  • @gnart - Thanks for the prompt response. I have the discussion going with 4-5 dealers. Of these I had someone from Bill Page and someone from Alexandria Toyota offer me prices. Both prices range between 20,500 - 21,000 OTD. I think I can do better.

    Forgive my ignorance but if you clarify what you mean by PM, I could send you the information you suggest.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,754
    We don't have a private message function in our forums.

    If we can keep the discussion here, all members benefit from the information.



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I am in South Florida, I am looking to buy a new 2013 Camry SE 4cyl, Dealer is including floor mats, tint, and 3 years of maintenance. I am trading my 2012 Corolla S which I do have negative equity on.
    Msrp 262488 Sale price 22469 and offering me trade 14400. Either 60 @ 0% or 72 @ 1.9%.

    No floor mats, tint, extra maintenance.
    Other dealer Msrp 24700 Discount 3382 Sale price 21318 trade 13500 (Payoff is 18425) Total 27765 Either 60 @ 0% or 72 @ 1.9%.

    I feel as I can do better can someone help me with input thanks!
  • Hi

    I got quote for camry SE ,2013 4 cyl, MO state... with fully loaded like conv,nag,blind spot etc.

    MSRP: 29,804$ (includes dest)
    Offered: $25,223 (plus taxes)

    Is it a good deal ?
  • Depending on where you're at, you should only have to add back in $500 and here's why (here in Arkansas):
    -$1500 cash allowance
    -$1000 camry subvention cash + 0% APR for 60 months

    So if you they offered $25,500, just add in $500 because you still qualify for the $1000 subvention cash.

    I've had a dealer say to me what you just posted over an email and then in a totally different email say that I just add in $500 back ... I made him itemize the exact discounts so that I understood which discounts I was getting.
  • Here in Arkansas I was quoted $23,985 (MSRP $28,243) with 0% for 60 mos. Payments $399/mo
    Looks like you can get them to shave off at least $2000. I'm still thinking they can get mine lower too :/
  • rvsk1rvsk1 Posts: 9
    Looks like good price, can you pl share the dealership, city, state and any additional packages included.
  • newbi2newbi2 Posts: 3
    Could you let me know which Toyota dealer in MD you bought your Camry from? I also need a Camry LE asap.

    Thanks for your help!
  • wuyilwuyil Posts: 9
    355 toyota in Rockville, MD is a good one.
  • newbi2newbi2 Posts: 3
    edited August 2013
    Thank you! I got E-price $20,821.00 including $750 incentive for 0% interest rate plus taxes, tags and $200 processing charge from this dealer. Is this a good price?
  • gnartgnart Posts: 36
    Wuyuil named the dealer. It's 355 Toyota in MD. They are part of Darcars group but other Darcars Toyota dealers can't beat their price. I bought from them because of their service, just great and straight forward service. What to do? (a) visit 355 website (and others) to see what they have (in stock and coming in), (b) pick your vehicle, (c) email (use fake name) and ask for an OTD quote, (d) visit other dealers to look at your future vehicle. After a few days, you will get a coupon for a few hundreds dollars off offer, tyring to get you in. You may even encounter a\the coupon when you visit the site. Check back and look for the highest value (for me it's $500.00). Finally, go to the dealer to look at the vehicle. If salesman approaches, tell him that you have a saleman already so you can look without being bothered. When you are ready to buy, go to the front desk and ask for the GM. Tell him the professor send you.... he will get you a salesman. Apply Toyota rebate and ask them to honor the coupon after the lowest price. Negotiate the extended warrantly. They took a loss on mine. The finance got had to call the GM at home to get approval (lol). If they offer the service contract get it. I got it on my 2001 and they still change oil, etc... 5 times a year for free, yeah it paid for itself and some. Let me know anything else you need.
    Gnart, The professor
  • gnartgnart Posts: 36
    I didn't catch the options. If it's plain vanilla, you can do much, much better.
  • I would recommend that you talk with Koons Toyota of Arlington. They indicated that they have a couple of Camry LEs available at $20,000 plus Tax and Tags.
  • can u tell me the dealer name ?

    I am also trying for the same and i am unable to get from the atlanta area Dealers
  • I have read through some of the previous posts but am unable to figure out what my target should be for the following configurations:
    1. V6 SE
    2. Leather package
    3. Convenience Pkg (CQ),
    4. Blind Spot Monitor w/Lane Assist (BD),
    5. Jbl AM/FM Stereo w/CD Player/MP3/WMA Capability (EJ),
    6. Pwr Tilt/Slide Moonroof (SR).

    Also, if the above is not available, I am considering a V6 XLE with Blind spot monitor. What should my target price be?

    I am in NC.
    Thanks in advance.
  • Picked up a 2013 Camry L in NC
    Includes Floor Mats, Keyless Entry, and since it was the last L on the lot they had already thrown on window tint and the 3M door protection. We took quotes from all the local dealers and kept bringing the price down

    Ended up at $17519 which was $18620 OTD
  • How about this deal:

    2013 SE Camry, power seat and mats only.

    OTD $22K
    4 years of Toyota maintenance
    5/60K gold Toyota warranty
    0% financing

    Good deal or not? (I'm in VA with 4% sales tax and about $65 to tag/title)
  • How about this deal:

    2013 SE Camry, power seat and mats only.

    OTD $22K
    4 years of Toyota maintenance
    5 year/60K gold Toyota warranty
    0% financing

    Good deal or not? (I'm in VA with 4% sales tax and about $65 to tag/title)
  • Hi,

    Not sure if you are still in the market.

    Can you post where in South Florida you are located and the details of the dealer that offered this price ?

    Its hard to say for sure what you are getting as yours involved trade-in. I got my SE 5 months ago and I can provide some help.
  • gnartgnart Posts: 36
    If it's at 355 Toyota in Rockville (I like their service), tell them you want the platinum service for the same price or ask if they would offer lower a little (like $500.00). They probably haggle you for $25.00 for the platinum maintenance. They took a loss on my platinum, 7/125K for a little over $600.00 (don't tell them that I provide the cost here). If your current offer is not from 355, go to 355 front desk and tell them your professor (or the professor) send me, and work the deal. I teach at a college, I send a few graduates (and others) there. They think everyone that I send are students.... not too much money so they offer great deals.... Hope it works out for you. I figure if they count students as volume buy they would offer good deals. Sof far they have not disappointed. Post your success here.
  • No it is not 355 it is McGeorge in Richmond, but I will ask about the Platinum warranty for 7/125. Other than that, good deal or should I haggle some more.
  • The price is hard to beat in MD
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