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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • saiboysaiboy Posts: 1
    I am in northern virginia. One dealer offer me $19,999 for 2002 Camry LE with package #3, ABS, and side air bag. This is the best offer I got so far. All other dealers offer me around $21,000 showing me a paper which shows $21,003 as the invoice price. Should I go for it?
  • Does anyone know if there are rebates or incentives for 2002 Camry in july I live in N.Y.N.J area & what the financing rate is
  • michaelm10michaelm10 Posts: 11
    I can't find the invoce price for All Weater Mats for 2002 Camry. Will much appreciate info. concerning subject.
  • balaramcsbalaramcs Posts: 1
    Hi Sai,
    I live in N VA too. I am planning to buy the car with same options in this week. Can you please let me know which dealer gave this deal. Or send me your contact info so I can clarify my doubts.

    Thanks for your help,
    Ballu (
  • entrnentrn Posts: 4
    I bought 02 Camry XLE 4 cyl with floor mats, Front and rear curtain airbags in the south new jersey area for 300 over invoice including the adv fee and stupid dealer decor pkg (pinstripes door edge guards and window etching) for $21592. Gave me 14k for my trade. The actual trade value is 12.5k with the miles. One dealer offered me 10k at first and went up to 12k.. they would sell for 100 over invoice. I walked on them! Went to dealer 2 and got above deal. ALso got the color I wanted. Now here comes the bad part. While doing the papers the salesman came to the desk and had a sad look to his face. He said he was gettting into the car and a lady customer backed up into the car and hit the rear bumper and scratched it. Went and looked at the car and it had 2, 6inch x a quarter inch Black scratches on it. No internal bumper damage or spider cracks. Everyone was mad. I asked if we can do a dealer trade but the catch was I would lose the pinstripes edge guards and etching that was included in the price. They would not credit me for it. They offered to paint entire bumper and give a rental for the day and 2 free oil changes. I agreed but no oil changes I wanted money off the car. They took off another 100 bucks and I accepted that. They guarenteed that it will be good as new. I know that sometimes the cars come banged up or scratched from delivery and the body shop takes car of it. People buy these cars all the time and never know that something happened to it in the delivery process. I figured this was minor and unloading my trade was more important. My trade was a major problem and I was getting want I wanted for it. I probably could have found a cheaper price of a couple hundred off but the trade was a big factor. I know all in all the dealer always winds up on top. But know they have to put a grand or so to fix the rear again for the 3rd time. So maybe I am on top? No more headaches and hopefully this car holds up to its reliablity stats. THis is my first toyota. What do you think? Would anybody do any different in my situation? Anybody find a cheap price for exteneded warranties 7year/100k/0 ded? They wanted 1100. I know somewhere in this country there is a cheaper price. Thanks for listening.
  • rieszriesz Posts: 3
    I'm a grad. student. I want to buy camry LE.
    But the price which dealers suggest is so high.
    They all said the price below invoice is impossible.
    The maximum discount among them is invoice +400.
    Is this possible??? I think the 2003 camry is in the offing, isn't it? Probably, this August???
    What should I do?
    I'll buy it if I buy the car at the invoice price, just.
    Please, advise me.

    Thank you in advance.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    I've seen them below invoice in California, your part of the country is harder to deal.
  • First, thanks to all who have participated in this helped us figure out at the beginning the buying process what a real-world "fair" price range might be for the car. In the end, we did very, very well and paid well under invoice, mostly due to a a short-term dealer-specific discount. Here is what we got and what we paid and where we got it:

    Camry SE V6, Lunar Mist exterior. and Charcoal interior. Option Packages were: "GK" (leather, keyless entry, power drivers seat, JBL 6-CD changer with extra speakers, rear sunshade, cargo net, power moonroof), "HD" (heated front seats), "BE" (extra front airbags), and "Z1" (carpet cargo mat set).

    MSRP: 28,294
    Invoice: approx 25,300
    Dealer's posted "no haggle" price: 25,398
    What we paid: 24,898 (due to a $500 "coupon" valid at this dealer through 7/15/02)

    Purchased the vehicle at Carmax/Laurel Toyota in Laurel, Maryland...about halfway between Baltimore and DC just off of I-95. Had a great experience...arranged the whole purchase and financing (presently 2.9% for 36 months through the end of July) over the phone, sprinted 90 minutes down from Wilmington DE, arrived 10 minutes before closing, and were on our way with the new vehicle very quickly.

    Best of luck with your own purchases...
  • petrnycpetrnyc Posts: 47
    Let's hear some more recent experiences purchasing 02' Camry. I am in NYC/NJ/PA are and looking for hot deals on 4 cyl. Camry SE. I would like to hear about good deals in neighboring states as well. Let's hear it all !
  • myvan1myvan1 Posts: 6
    I live in Phx, Az. I just purchased a 02 LE 4 with auto, Pkg#2, moon roof and tinted windows for 18,500 including des. charge and ad fee. It came out 20,978 after tax and tag.
  • schuangschuang Posts: 2
    myvan1: You got such a good deal for your LE Auto. I am also in the market for a Camry LE Auto with Package #1. The best quote I got is 18,788 including des. charge but not ttl. Is there any trick getting such price as you've got? Or is AZ simply have cheaper cars than CA?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Tam, did your Camry have the Moonroof as a stand-alone option? I haven't seen many that way. The price is better than I've seen elsewhere, and usually Southern California is cheaper than AZ.
  • petrnycpetrnyc Posts: 47
    Check out latest prices paid in 02 Camry LE forum.
  • tigerboytigerboy Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2002 Camry LE with a 4 cylinder engine, automatic, keyless entry and floormats for $19350 (including everything, TTF). I hope this is a good price. The dealer told me that they are losing $800 for selling this car to me. The MSRP is $20709, TMV is $18837 and Invoice is $18402. I am almost $400 below invoice before TT. The dealer is in Virginia.
  • myvan1myvan1 Posts: 6
    Ray, the Moonroof is stand alone option. By the way, I had to go to the dealer two times and the manager called me on the phone negotiate the deal
  • jmedlinjmedlin Posts: 2
    Two weeks ago I bought my wife a 2002 Camry XLE, 4 cyl. The only option we added was floormats. We paid $20365, plus a $150 doc fee - $20515 total. With tax and title it came out to $21250 "total, out the door".

    We live in central Alabama.
  • petrnycpetrnyc Posts: 47
    Some of you can't think beyond the so-called invoice barrier. Why must all bargaining be centered around that potentially misleading by dealers/manufacturer figure ? WHAT IS INVOICE ANYWAY ? Does anyone know where that number comes from ? What is the meaning of invoice ?
  • myvan1myvan1 Posts: 6
    James, you paid 20365 + 150 doc fee = 20515 +Tax + Tag = 21250 out the door. How much did you pay for the tax? Is it less than 1 percent? I paid 8.1 percent.
  • jmedlinjmedlin Posts: 2
    MyVan1 -

    Tax here is only 3.5%. Title was $16.50. I think I got an OK deal, but I wish I'd waited another month and gotten the 3.9% financing that's being offered here now.
  • mr24memr24me Posts: 2
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    First, calm down. Using caps is considered shouting.

    I have no idea what is going to happen with the 2003 model, the 2002 can be had at or near invoice depending on who you ask.

    Make sure you know what to expect as to options, go to to see how the car is made in your area.
  • petrnycpetrnyc Posts: 47
    Anyone brave enough to explain to me and to the general public what "invoice" means and why most price negotiations revolve around that figure ?
  • nutzo1nutzo1 Posts: 2
    Invoice is suppose what the Dealer pays for the car. However, most car manufactures give "incentives" or "Rebates" to the dealer when they sell the car, so the real cost to the dealer is usually less.
    I just bought a Camry XLE for $500 under Invoice, but I'm sure the Dealer still made money on the deal (probably got $1500 "Incentive" from Toyota)
    The best deal I found was through They quotes a price $300 less than the best deal I was able to find. Plus they found the exact color/options I was looking for. (only 5% of Camry's are dark blue and even less where japanese made)
    I did have to drive 30 mile to pick up the car, but it was worth it.
  • I paid $16,700 plus tax and license in California for camry le 4 cycles with power seat and keyless entry, floor mat option.
  • any recommendadtions there for a good dealer. I am shopping for a Camry LE V6 with #3 package. Any suggestion is appreciated.
  • petrnycpetrnyc Posts: 47
    was that '02 LE auto or manual ?
  • Honolulu, HI...March 29 purchase date, April 6 delivery date.

    lunar mist/stone cloth XLE 4 with side/curtain airbags, JBL+cd changer, 16" alloys, and floor mat set.

    It was slightly under 23,500 out the door, but I can't remember the exact figure...
  • I just bought a XLE 4 cyl. with side ari bag option, the deal was $20615 + TTF. Am I doing OK?
    The deal is from a N. VA dealer.
  • yes this is LE model automatic, power seat, keyless entry,cd and cassette player
  • nboylenboyle Posts: 3
    I bought an XLE w/ auto, floor mats, and a first aid kit (didn't know it existed) for 200 over "dealer invoice" which included advertising and regional finance fees.

    Western PA

    Graystone Pearl Metalic
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