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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am shopping for a 2003 Toyota Camry XLE. I am living in San Francisco Bay Area. Could any one please give me your newly purchased specs, price, dealer's name and the sale person's name?

  • talggtalgg Posts: 10
    I live in the NY area and I got a quote of $23,549 ($25,835 with Tax, Title, and NY tax of 8.25%) for a 2003 Camry XLE 2.4L V4 with the Premium Plus option package. The options include 1. Alloy Wheels, 2. Leather Seats, 3. Driver and Passenger Heated Seats, 4. Premium JBL Radio w/ 6 Disc Changer, 5. Moonroof, 6.Driver and Passenger side/curtain Airbags, 7. Carpet floor/trunk mats.

    Can i get some opinions as to whether this is a good price or should i be looking elsewhere for a better price?

  • zmszms Posts: 4

    I might buy a Camry 2003 LE Auto (ABS, Power Seat)
    in Maryland for $18700 + tax + tags. I live in Virginia. Can I ask dealer to charge me VA tax, also is there a list of things to check just before you take delivery of the Camry LE.
    Thanks in advance
  • Purchased Xle-V6 MSRP $29,718 added Mud Guards and all weather mats. Paid $27,200 plus sales tax and plates. Great deal I believe.Am on Long Island in New York State. People in the Southeast region have to put up with that stupid $699 extra cost package that does nothing but give you one free oil change. What a rip-off.
  • I paid $22,600 plus tax, title for 2003 camry xle w/leather, side airbags, fog lights, 16'' alloy wheel (and locks), power front driver/pass. seats, heated front seats, power moonroof and 6 disc cd changer (JBL brand). Got it in central NJ, great dealership and salesperson. 1.9% financ. for 3 years ain't bad either. Try beating this deal!! Absolutely love the car so far.
  • I have a quote on 2003 Camry XLE 4 cyl with Side air bags, Premium Plus Package and Heated Seats options.Out the door price was 22,757 incl tax,title,destn chrg. Is this good? APR offerred was 3.9% for 60 months
  • zmszms Posts: 4
    Last week i bought 2003 LE (ABS, Floor Mats, Cargo Net, KeyLess Entry, Power Seats) for
    $19200(inluding everything) , plus I got 0% APR for 24 months, is it a good deal.
    I bought car in MD, but transferred registration to VA, am I covered under VA or MD lemon law ?
  • talggtalgg Posts: 10
    I live in the NY area and I am looking for the exact car that you bought!! Could you please tell me which dealership and salesman you used to get the car from? I would really appreciate your help.

  • I posted a response to your same question in another thread. Is it an automatic or manual? That makes a difference.
  • Since this discussion thread is read country-wide (and in Canada) where tax, license/tag $ vary greatly can we please:
    Post the model (i.e.XLE 4 Cyl; LE 6 Cyl, etc.);
    The options (i.e. Side airbags, carpets, moon roof, alloys,etc.);
    Auto or manual;
    If there was a trade-in in the deal;
    Financing (rate/years);
    Finally the price paid/quoted WITHOUT tax and local registration/license, etc. fees.
    The OTD (out the door) price which varies due to taxes/fees, etc. makes it difficult to gauge what really is a good deal. I think this would help greatly. Thanks...KS
  • talggtalgg Posts: 10
    Does anyone know where Bombayite bought his car???
  • Camry sales are down;)
  • coachp4coachp4 Batavia, ILPosts: 2
    I paid 20,707 ($200 over invoice)on a new SE yesterday. JBL upgrade, alloys, ABS, floor & trunk mats. MSRP was 22,809. Looking forward to this car!
  • Does anybody have a good dealer. I am looking for XLE V6 in NY / NJ. Bombayite's deal sounded great (even though his is 4 Cyl). How accurate is Edmund's TMV?
  • talggtalgg Posts: 10
    I wish he would respond as to where he got his car from!!!! I want that exact car and he got a great price!!!
  • I got it from DCH Brunswick Toyota on Route 1. I really had to haggle in order to get this great price but from the response I think everyone agrees that it was worth my effort. Good luck to guys out there, and let me know how you did. Although I don't think financing promo. is still on, it was a December special.
  • There was no trade-in, the car has automatic steering and if I remember correctly the OTD price was between $23,500 to $24K. I believe everyone's questions have been answered.
  • I've been getting several price quotes from dealers in the Chicago & Wisconsin area for "invoice." Based on other models in other board discussions, is it possible to buy a 2003 Camry a few hundred dollars under price? I've been to 2 dealerships and have 3 others trying to sell me via e-mail. Should I ask everyone involved to give me their best price under invoice? Or is this insulting? ---a first time new car buyer.
  • I paid 19,001 for a 2003 Camry with: ABS, PowerSeat, JBL Upgraded Radio, Side & Curtain air bags, cargo net, and trunk and floor mats.

    The invoice on the car is: 19,651.

    I took the special financing of 3.9% for 60 months and was able to apply the $400 graduate rebate.

    I added the R3200 alarm for 470, which was on the high side.

    Happy shopping!
  • donnyrose needs to be more specific about the car, whether it was automatic or manual. BTW, the invoice on my car was $23,500 and was able to get the car for $22,600 (900 under invoice). in your case you got it for $650 bargain which really comes to $250 since you got $400 graduate rebate.
  • pepole should stop saying they got the car with trunk and floor mats. any dealer selling the car without such basic material would be a cheap (or cheat whatever you prefer)!!
  • steveb84steveb84 Posts: 187
    are not standard equipment on the Camry. Some dealers will stock one car without them to use as a price leader, so it is appropriate that people mention that they were included in the price.

  • i would still stick to my opinion that these are relatively inexpensive items and a dealer offering a car without these would have to be desperate. i won't even bother talking to such a guy but to each his own.
  • bombayite: To clarify further:

    This what I purchased:

    2003 Camry LE 4 cyl
    Side & Curtain Air Bags
    Cargo Net, Floor/Trunk Mat
    Power Seat
    JBL Radio Upgrade

    Invoice: 19,651

    Price: 19,001
    R3200 Added: 470

    Total: 19,471

    I financed the total purchase price, 19,471 for 60 months at 3.9%. The $400 rebate was applied to the 19,471 purchase price.

    I bought the car in the Baltimore/Washington area.

    Hope that clarifies!
  • Thanks for updating and hope you'll love the car as long as you keep it.
  • please explain about R3200 (what it is and how it works). btw, i got lifetime warranty and had LoJack system installed for $600 (incl. tax). LoJack seems to me is an excellent anti-theft device which turns on automatically as soon as you exit out the car (within 30 seconds). If car is stolen you call 911 and give your VIN #, then the cops can trace the car via lojack signal.
  • The RS3200 (sorry, I left out the 'S' by mistake earlier) is Toyota's ordinary car alarm. It activates with the same keyless remote that locks and unlocks the car's doors. Its primary function is to make noise when the car has been broken into. Toyota is confident enough with it as an anti-theft device that it comes with a 1-year warranty that if the car should be stolen, Toyota will refund you your insurance deductable. Frankly, I thought that was sort of odd -- if it is such a great alarm, why not provide that guarantee for 5 or 10 years?

    I never really considered LoJax, though like you I live in NY. Does a LoJax installation affect Toyota's warranty?
  • rfw53rfw53 Posts: 2
    bombayite Jan 21, 2003 4:21pm

    Did you try you deal at Dayton Toyota on Rt 130 South? I've been looking around the same area where you bought your XLE and they seem to carry quite a big inventory. Wouldn't Dayton deal with you? Also, what made you pick Camry? Are you a former Toyota owner? I'm still debating Camry vs Accord.
  • yes, i'm a corolla owner and most of my friends recommended camry over accord. as far as dayton toyota goes, i did go there but the salesman there was very aggressive bordering on being rude. i left their dealership without making a deal and am very happy about it because at that time i was going to buy LE and did not know much about XLE. The XLE model (i got 4 cyl.) is truly worth every dollar spent and the car i bought is loaded with every camry feature you can think of for that category.
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