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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • My car already came with the RS3200 system that you got and I did not pay a dime extra for it. The reason I also got Lojack is that I was told professional car thieves can break into a car with RS3200 system. Lojack can install its device which is as big (or small) as a pack of playing cards in 32 different locations within your car and the thief may not know that car has lojack because there is no sign whereas the security system (3200) has a blinking light on dashboard. Anyway it just gives me extra peace of mind since Camry has been one of the top two stolen vehicles for a while now.
  • talggtalgg Posts: 10
    How could i go about getting email addresses for a number of Toyota dealerships in my area (Bronx, ny) so i could get quotes for the camry i am looking to buy?
  • Not all dealerships have an internet dept. I went to 2 dealerships via internet and found that they were not willing to bargain at all from their quotes via e-mail. Although they offered good price I felt there was room for some bargaining and salesperson was annoyed that I wanted to do that. Just my 2 cents that it would be best to negotiate upfront (in person)if you want the best price. If you're willing to spend few hundred $$ extra and don't want to go through hassle of exchanging Best Offer then probably internet quotes are best.
  • I bought a Salsa Red 2003 LE Camry with option package #1(keyless entry and power driver seat)and carpet floor/cargo mat set with a MSRP of $20469 and paid $17,300 before tax and license and other fees. I also obtained 3.9% financing for 60 months from Toyota. I worked the deal via the Internet and phone and had the car delivered to my home free of charge. I live in the Southern California area.
  • talggtalgg Posts: 10
    You mentioned the dealership that you got the car at, can you tell me please the name of the salesman that gave you that price?

    Thanks a lot!
  • Sorry I can't give out salesperson name since its against edmunds policy. I wouldn't give the name in any case because that would put him under pressure. Please work with info. already given and negotiate well. Good Luck!!
  • ctlctl Posts: 129
    Hi Xavier, can you tell me which dealer you get your deal from? thanks!
  • rfw53rfw53 Posts: 2
    bombayite Jan 21, 2003 4:21pm

    Bombayite - Did you get the side impact bags with your XLE?
  • ejzmdejzmd Posts: 1
    I am a first time buyer and I recently purchased a used 2002 camry with clean title,not-cert, 13,200 miles,w/keyless entry for $15,600. Does that sound like a fair price? Edmunds says less but most dealers start at 17-18K.

    What does the forum think?

    Looking forward to all your opinions,
  • CTL, I purchased my Camry at Longo Toyota and if you want details just e-mail me. I have found that Longo Toyota is one of the most competitive dealers in the Southern California area. You can check out their vehicle inventory online at
  • I read an interesting article on the Internet about the Camry and why it is the best family sedan in America. Even a Ford executive admitted that the Camry is a superior product. Check out the article link below.
  • talggtalgg Posts: 10
    On Sunday I went to dealership in NY, Long Island and got a quote for a 2003 Camry XLE v4 with all options, leather, moon roof, heated seats, alloy wheels, etc... the premium plus package. the quote was for $22,000 before tax, title and registration. The dealer also agreed to cut in half the delivery fee of $349 to only $174.5. PLUS, they are paying my last payment on my 2000 Nissan altima lease that is up next month!!!! So, in all I will be paying $21,949 (which includes all fees except taxes) for the car. I think I got a great deal, any options????
  • stnickstnick Posts: 177
    Thats better than any price I have gotten in a 100 mile radius from 5 dealers on the same car. None of these guys have a delivery fee. One had a 189.00 DOC fee, 2 had a 49.00 Doc fee and 2 had no extra fees. My best price quoted on that model, list price $25,809.00 has been 100.00 under invoice, 22,950.00. That included the advertising charge from Toyota on the invoice, which I did see. All the others were hundreds higher here in the midwest. So I would say you got a great deal. Nick.
  • jkidjkid Posts: 2
    Is 18,300 a good price for a 2003 LE 4 Cyl Automatic with ABS and Floor mats (not including tax, doc and license)?
  • I just bought a new Camry last night, the specs are below, if anyone let me know if I got a fair price or not I would appreciated.

    2003 Camry LE V6
    Phantom Gray & Taupe
    CF - 4-Piece Front And Rear Carpeted Floor Mats
    DJ - JBL Premium AM-FM Stereo With Cassette And CD
    KZ - Beveled 5 Spoke Alloy Wheels
    V5 - VIP RS3200 Plus Security System

    Sticker price: $25K
    Paid: $20,800 + DMV fees ($113)
    Trade In: $14,800 (KBB quoted $13100)
    Cash difference paid: $6K
  • talggtalgg Posts: 10
    How does the phantom gray look with the taupe interior? did you prefer that to the stone interior? I am trying to make that decision myself, whether to get stone or tauped interior with the phantom gray exterior!
  • That sounds right around the invoice. It is not a bad deal, depending on where you live...
  • Yes, it does have side-impact airbags.
  • Hello - I'm posting a message that I have also posted as a topic - I'm new to this board so I hope this is OK.

    HELP! I am shopping for a new car and would like to know if I am being offered a reasonable deal. (While I would love a "great" deal, all I really want is an equitable/fair deal.)

    2003 Camry XLE V6 w/leather (basically the performance plus package I believe) for around $24,500 including tax, title, and trade. I'm in Northeast Florida. The car is my second color choice.

    What do you think about this pricing? All feedback appreciated - thanks in advance!
  • ficklefickle Posts: 98
    I haven't been out pricing and checking but I bought my 2002 SE V6 in Sept. 01 for about the same price. I only have the power driver's seat--no leather, etc. Tax here in Hawaii is 4.16%.
  • kenbbkenbb Posts: 38
    Had local dealer call today . Said had financing percents dropped to 0 for 36 months, 1.9 for 48, and 2.9 for 60 on Camry's. Any one know any thing about this. Just started today I believe.
  • steveb84steveb84 Posts: 187
    What kenbb listed above is correct for the Chicago Region.

  • lunarmistlunarmist Posts: 41
    I've been able to get a price of $18000 for a base model 2003 Camry LE with auto tranny:

    Sticker: 19800+ 485 = $20285

    The 18000 is 17711 + 289 (conveyence fee )

    Should I take advantage of this price in Western Massachusetts ? I see that Toyota has increased the Marketing Support to $800 from $550.
  • ctaylor4ctaylor4 Posts: 9
    i got mine used...2002 LE...basic things..but it has ABS.

    about 10k miles...certified and the dealer added the toyota bumper to bumper extended warranty to its covered until 2008. They also buffed out the only two scratches I could find on it..then put new tires on it because it was pulling to the left

    cost = $16,200 and toyota had a 3.9% rate for up to 60 months on certified cars so I used that for some of the amount.

    luna..i think 18k sounds like a good price for that car!
  • jtbruinjtbruin Posts: 40
    Is 16,800 + tax and licence a good price for a camry LE auto with nothing. let me know thanks? It seems with the $1000 discount prices are dropping?
  • kenbbkenbb Posts: 38
    Does the dealer get the discount even if you finance through Toyota? Or is it only if you don't finance through them? I would like to know so I have a better idea of how low they can really go in price. Any one know the answer to this I would really appreciate it.
  • lunarmistlunarmist Posts: 41
  • ctaylor4ctaylor4 Posts: 9
    well seeing that a used '02 base can be listed at dealers for around 18,000...i would think that $16,800 for a new '03 is a very good deal!

    Thats only $500 more then I paid for an '02 w/10,000 miles on it.

    sounds weird to me though that there would be any that cheap.
  • i just got a quote for above with following:

    Aluminum Alloy 16"
    JBL Premium 3-in-1 Stereo system
    Rear spoiler
    carpeted floor mats

    for $19825 (includes dest), plus $187 for doc fees, plus $160 plates, plus 8.5% taxes.

    What do you think? I am a little weary of the fees.
  • jtbruinjtbruin Posts: 40
    I live in SoCAL and i had to negotiate fiercly to get that price. However, the lowest apr they had was 4.9% apr for 36 months.

    I was weary of this because i thought that there was 0% apr floating around? anyone know if this financing is still going on or was it just last month?
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