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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jcfcjcfc Posts: 5
    16,800 seems awefully low and excellent deal !
    How many miles was on the car or was it a demo CAMRY ? How long did it take you to get that price ?
  • jcfcjcfc Posts: 5
    I just bought a Camry LE (6 miles on it) with auto, ABS, side airbags, JBL Audio with 8 speakers 1-CD player with cassette, key less entry, power driver side seat, and floor/cargo mats, cargo net, first aid kit, auto dimming back mirror w/ compass, at a price of $20,326 including destination, tax,tags...everything, i.e. out-the-door price) at the dealer in Tyson's corner.Great salesman !
  • george66george66 Posts: 7
    I was under the impression that all Camry were US built. A few years ago cars assembled in Japan were felt by some to be preferable to USA assembled ones.
    Any one have the definitive scoop on this?
  • steveb84steveb84 Posts: 187
    The vast majority of Camry's sold in the US are assembled at the Georgetown Kentucky plant. There are always some Camry's that come in from Japan. For a period this year we were getting the SE model from Japan.

    Simple way to check, the VIN - if it starts with a "J" = built in Japan, starts with a "4" = built in US

    I'm aware of a study several years ago that stated that Japan built versions were of higher quality, but by a very minute margin. No studies like that in recent history that I know of.

    Hope that helps.

  • jcfcjcfc Posts: 5
    You can tell the Camry built in Japan by looking at the front bumper cover. It has a distint square mark (2"X2") on the passenger side as well as the fog lamps section is detachable.
  • cherylm1cherylm1 Posts: 1
    This is my first time buying a car. Toyota is now offering 0% financing for 60 months on their Camry's. They said their invoice of a 2003 LE model (no added features) is $18,963. They will take $200 off of the invoice for my Nissan Stanza with 146,000 miles. With tax, title, etc, and a $200 trade in, they are asking $19,857 for this base model. Does anyone know much about the invoice price? Seems kind of high but they provided us a copy of it. Thanks for your help.
  • dickf1dickf1 Posts: 1
    Could talgg (msg # 170) or anyone else provide name of dealership where talgg purchased Camry XLE
  • masspectormasspector Posts: 509
    rosecity--how do you like the phantom grey with the taupe interior? i am considering that combo.

    bomayite---your xle sounds very close to what I want to order. was the price you gave with a rebate or not? I am in SE and we have a $1000 rebate right now, but since I am ordering the car, I cannot count on the rebate when the car is delivered, so i am negotiating assuming no rebate.

    also bomayite and talgg...did you buy cars off the dealer lot or did you order them?

    thanks for all the info
  • kenbbkenbb Posts: 38
    Phantom Gray Camry LE for $18,500. Auto,ABS,stereo upgrade,and floor mats. Toyota financing for 60 months at 2.9. Did the entire deal over the phone, no hassle, no pressure. Might have been able to get lower if I had actually gone to the dealer and worked a little harder but coming from out of town made it difficult. Was looking at Accords also. They stayed a little higher in price and I am a little leery of the first year model postings I have been seeing about the car. Great time to buy a new car if you can afford it. Never seen import dealers so willing to keep dropping their prices , especially on the phone! My last three cars have been Hondas. Early comparison: Doesn't handle like my old Accord but sure does ride smooth and quiet. Has plenty of power for my needs. Four cylinder engines have really improved in the six years since I last purchased a car. Radio reception is poor but C. D.'s sound great. We'll see over the years how it compares in reliability . My 97 Accord has been fantastic.
  • cmsdznrcmsdznr Posts: 1
    Carfax says this Solara SE 5 spd was in accident, but not a major one; private seller lied; showed me a Carfaz that said no accidents. He doesn't know I know this. Car does appear in exc. cosmetic condition. I don't know yet about the mechanical aspects of car. Of course he assures me it's excellent. He also said it came off a lease, but Carfax says private individual was original owner and, furthermore, it was recently repossessed. I imagine this guy bought it at auction. He only wants $10,700. Would this indicate to you all that (besides the fact that he's a crooked rat) the car is de facto a bad deal? Does the fact that it's a repossession possibly indicate that the price was low at aution b/c the lien holder recovered it's money? I will probably not buy this car but it will break my heart, 'cause it's a great car! Before finding all this out, I put a $200 deposit on it. I could lose $100 if I cback out. No biggie. I am absolutely new to used car buying. Can someone help me reason this out???
  • labgirllabgirl Posts: 13
    Title says it, basically. I'm wondering about what to expect to pay for an XLE auto 4 with air bags and nothing else in the Boston area. MSRP is 23,464. Is close to 21 doable?
  • trident3trident3 Posts: 2
    I recently got a camry xle. This is how it went;
    Invoice: 19840,
    DC: 485,
    Dealers profit : 500,
    Dealers Advertisement etc:400
    Trade in = -1000
    Student discount = -400
    Extended warranty 5 yr /80000,gold package no downpayment:500
    tax 6%
    net payment 21788 (Standard option)
    did i get a good deal or i should have negotiated more?
    any suggestions?
  • edmund2460edmund2460 Posts: 293
    My recent purchase of 03 V6 XLE (VVT-I engine 5 spd) with XLE premium package, the VSC package, the Toyo protection pkg (which I consider worthless), mud flaps and sunroof visor for a total of $26,300. Includes 300 for sales tax. Was that good? Anyone?
  • Got a 2003 Automatic Camry LE base model with the z1 package (first aid kit, carpet mats etc).

    Color: Phantom Gray/Stone
    MSRP: 20,746
    Invoice: $18,739
    Price paid $17,078 + tax(%5 MD) + tags (156).
    Total = $18,088 financed with Toyota at 2.9%.

    Wondering if this was a good deal....
  • filodfilod Posts: 189
    I think it is a very good deal. Camry has been a good buy recently with the $1,000 incentive for April and very attractive interest rates last March. If they continue offering good rebates, interest or dealer incentives May, buyers will benefit. I do not have any reason to believe they will not considering the weak market in general.
  • willy662willy662 Posts: 4
    Paid 16,295 in LA area for Mica Blue Camry LE auto with no options. 17,600 out the door with tax and title.
  • eandyleeeandylee Posts: 28
    The invoice prices of Toyota on edmunds doe not include the TDA of $675(Toyota Dealer Advertising fee) that the Toyota Dealers charge you.

    So when a Toyota dealer claims Invoice+X you have to add $675 to the invoice price you see on edmunds.

    Toyota is the only manufacturer does that.

    All other manufacturere's invoice price exactly matched between the invoice price on edmunds and the dealers tell you.
  • petrnycpetrnyc Posts: 47
    it seems that Toyota has succeeded in convincing YOU that their marketing campaign must be paid by the likes of YOU...
  • petrnycpetrnyc Posts: 47
    Who was the dealer ? Last year I saw prices around $15,998 in the same area.
  • adhavanadhavan Posts: 1
    Any body have any idea about the price i can pay for camry LE V6 auto with power sun/moon roof installed.

    Also, what is the difference between factory installed sun/moon roof and the dealer installed one. I am getting different quotes for both of them. Is there any thing i have to look for if i opt for dealer installed one.

    Any info is appreciated!!!
  • willy662willy662 Posts: 4
    I went to the dealer to buy an ad car, one of three that they will sell each weekend as a loss leader. The ad price was 15,795. The ad cars are usually the supposedly less desirable colors like white or silver, which would have been fine for me because I actually like the white. Unfortunately the white ad car was damaged when they pulled it out of the lot and the others had been sold. As a consolation, they then offered me any LE auto on the lot with an MSRP of 20,495 for 500 over the ad price. My color of choice happened to be one of those cars so I jumped on it.
    There is a 1000 rebate in effect till the end of this month. Don't know if it will be extended, but if it's not in effect, expect to see the ad cars at 16,900ish. Good luck.
  • labgirllabgirl Posts: 13
    I'm looking to buy a RED XLE - red seems to be pretty unusual as are XLEs - so should I expect to have to put in an order? I only want side air bags added so I'm hoping it would be fairly easy to acquire. Any thoughts out there? ANy other buyers of red XLEs? I might go with just an LE if things got too tedious.
  • Hmmmmm, I was skeptical of this fee as well though 6 out of 7 dealers I shopped / emailed included it in their price and would not budge. The 7th dropped the fee yet his best price still was in-line with the other 6. So I guess if this really IS something the dealer will wave either they are not doing it in my area, the are waving it and adding it into their 'profit', they are selling a damaged/used/rental/program car or a highly undesirable one they can not get rid of.

    eeandlee, IMO YOU should not feel ripped off if YOU pay it so long as YOU are getting the car YOU want and not some sort of ad/damaged/high mileage car.

    White, a non-desirable color?...I am fact I had to order if you had said that icky blue...Ha Ha just kidding!
  • masspectormasspector Posts: 509
    In Clearwater Fl saw ad for Camry LE 4 cyl auto for $15,485. I called and confirmed the price. In my area that car is $16,985. Might be worth a trip for anyone in the SE.

    Labgirl--an xle with side airbags only maybe hard to find, red should not be that big a problem. I am running into the same problem with my XLE search. None with side airbags and premium pkg only. I ordered mine. On another thread a toyota dealer in the SE said that 18% of XLE's in the SE have side airbags. Have your dealer try to locate one through dealer daily. Are you looking for 4 cyl or V6?
  • jtbruinjtbruin Posts: 40
    I also called to confirm the price on a camry at $15,999 (e.g. for all in stock with msrp 20469), and they said it was good. But when i then asked the internet manager for a quote he said $16,999 and the $15,999 was no good. so i'm not sure what's going on there. I'd ask if there are any other fees added on, such as ad fees, high doc fees, which could add another $500? goodluck!
  • willy662willy662 Posts: 4
    They usually have only between 1 and 3 cars at the loss leader prices and you have to talk to the retail guys. The internet guys usually don't sell the ad cars.
  • masspectormasspector Posts: 509
    I agree, there were maybe not too many of them avaiable. I'll talk to retail over internet anyday to save $1000. If it is an LE auto with nothing on it, there should be a supply in the area. Just check through toyota's website for inventory. Check the cheapest LE's at each local dealer. The website will show that it has no options.

    JT- You can always try the trick of calling the store from a few blocks away, ask about the ad car, get the saleman's name, then drive over in 2 minutes. It could not have sold in 2 minutes. I would expect a doc fee of around $500. The dealer I am ordering from has a $389 doc fee, but he backed it into my OTD offer.
  • georged7georged7 Posts: 4
    I tried to use price reference ($17800) from for negotiation and bought a LE automatic two weeks ago in Dallas area. The car comes with a package (security system upgrade, 6year/100000 mile tire extended warranty and floor mats),a $970 value on the sticker. I though the package was worthy of about $500, thus I tried to offer the $18300, then the manager showed me the invoice with amount of $18400 and asked me to match it. I paid $19800 out the door cash price. Based on the discussions on this site, the dealer made at least extra $1000 profit from my deal. It seems that the prices quoted from internet dealers are still too high.
  • masspectormasspector Posts: 509
    You should have just told the dealer thanks and ordered from carsdirect. I am sure as you were walking out, the dealer would have gone for your price. In my area, SE, carsdirect is $900 below their own invoice price. In reality that is about $300 below edmunds invoice price. This is a pretty good deal considering there is also a $1000 rebate in my area. As I mentioned above I have seen ads in Fl for a car close to yours for $15,500. That is an LE auto. The best ads in my area are $16,600 to $16,900 (close to what you paid if you include the $1000 rebate here).
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