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Acura RSX Maintenance and Repair



  • bobstbobst Posts: 1,783
    Our 2003 base RSX had dash rattles so I stuffed some felt between the dash and the windshield. Problem solved.

    I have another rattle on rough roads, and my wife pinpointed it as a vibration in the little piece of plastic behind the passenger door handle.

    Oh yeah, the felt thing was my wife's idea also. She is pretty good at stuff like this.
  • My 2002 RSX has lowered springs and it makes hell of noise on bumpy roads. i am planning to get back to original springs. Any suggestions?
  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    Aren't you supposed to change the shocks to match the springs whenever you lower a car?
  • normvhnormvh Posts: 1
    I have a new 2006 RSX automatic transmision. My car is great except I notice on certain bumps the dash makes a loud snaping noise that comes from the suspension i believe it is noticable and just anoying. I also notice that this noise is sometimes better and sometimes worse. I havent taken it in yet but, I was wondering if any others have noticed this problem or know whtat the fix would be?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,813
    depends how much you lower it.

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  • pnakasopnakaso Posts: 1
    I just purchased 06' RSX with windows tinted from the dealer. The (am) radio has poor reception, and if the rear wiper is turned lots of static comes across the speakers. The dealer thought the tinting may have contributed to the problem. Another '06 RSX was brought side by side and the radio interference with the rear wiper was the same. The second RSX did not have window tinting. I noticed the radio reception is weak at best, but the interference from the wiper is not acceptable. The dealer says they are waiting for a service bulletin before they will work on it.
  • Guys,

    I am buying a 2003 RSX-Automatic. The first owner says that only one set of key/Fob is available and he lost other keys/fob. He also does not have any details like key# or key code. Any ideas if it is still possible to get a copy made of the existing key? I just want the key copied as one fob is enough for me. What are my options?

    Thanks a ton.
  • amsteramster Posts: 1
    Hi. Wow, I had no idea other people had this problem. :( I have an '03 RSX-S and it started its dash rattling maybe 2 months into having it. I've taken it back to the dealer many times to get it resolved, they did manage to quell it briefly by fixing some "spring" under the passenger airbag. But the problem came back and these days I just keep the radio on. :) If there's a passenger in the car he/she can help by pushing down on the airbag and the rattling ceases immediately...

    So, good luck? Maybe it's just an inherent design flaw?
  • clayrsxclayrsx Posts: 1
    I have an '02 RSX-S and have never really had any problems until earlier this week when the one-touch (auto up & auto down) driver's window stopped working - has anyone had this problem - does anyone know if there's a fuse or anything that would fix the problem? My warranty has long since expried and don't really want to pay the dealer if it's an easy fix. Thanks!
  • Dash rattle: several sitautions, but a common one that I had was caused by plastic rattling against the windshield during cold weather. You can buy non-adhesive weatherstripping at Autozone or Pep Boys that you can carefully wedge between the dash and windshield (I use a credit card to wedge it in there).

    Auto up/down: after disconnecting the battery you must reset the auto up/down. Push auto-down and keep holding the button for an extra 5 seconds after the window has rolled down. Push auto-up, and again hold an extra 5 seconds.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    The dealer can look up your code for you (it is written in the owner's manual if you still have that) but the key they provide you won't be cheap. It is one of those chipped keys. A regular key from the key store won't do you any good.

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  • billhibillhi Posts: 3
    I just talked to the service dept at Concord Acura. They say they just got notice from the factory that they are aware of the problem and hope tohave it resolved in 1-2 months but no guarantees. I am wondering how this fits in with the LEMOM LAW BUYBACK....Cant these new RSX's be returned under that program? If there is a recurring issue with the car and the dealer is unable to fix it, they should by law have to buy it back under this program. If any one has any other details on this, I would be interested..thanks..
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Every state has different lemon laws, but here in Florida, the defect would have to be safety related or seriously degrade the usefulness of the vehicle, and the dealer would have 3 chances to fix it.

    My guess is that the popping sound problem wouldn't qualify, again that's Florida.
  • albert8albert8 Posts: 8
    Is all the problems with the 06 RSX(AT) nationwide or only in some states? I really want to know, i live at Washington State. If someone live in this state that owned the 06 RSX(AT) any suggestions or tips before buying this car. I'm also comparing it with the new 06 redesigned GTI . I'll accept any suggestions or tips between the 2 cars.

    Thank you..
  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    What problems are you talking about?

    I've had an AT RSX since October of 2001 and have had zero problems with the transmission.
    (I assume you are wondering about the transmission since you specified AT in your question)
    Nothing has changed on the RSX from the 2002 model to the 2006 model except some cosmetic changes.
  • blaze5blaze5 Posts: 2
    only when i start after car sits for few hours i release the clutch and i hear a grinding noise - 3 dealers say they cant find it - i hear might be the throw out bearing, any info would be apreciated.
  • albert8albert8 Posts: 8
    I was talking about the 06 rsx automatic transmission model. I've read a lot of comments about that they they were having some issues on STRUT, POPPING sound under dash, and low quality stereo. Is that really true? Does anyone considering 06 redesigned VW GTI over the 06 RSX automatic transmission model?
  • albert8albert8 Posts: 8
    Is all the problems with the 06 RSX automatic tranmission model. nationwide or only in some states? I really want to know, i live at Washington State. If someone live in this state that owned the 06 RSX automatic transmission model any suggestions or tips before buying this car. I'm also comparing it with the new 06 redesigned GTI automatic transmission. I'll accept any suggestions or tips between the 2 cars.

    Thank you..
  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    Struts on the RSX have nothing to do with the automatic transmission.
    As far as the popping noise in the struts, I have yet to hear a definitive explanation from any of the complainers on this board as to how loud this "popping" noise actually is. I've asked and they've never responded.
    Some people that have complained about the noise make it equivalent to the front end about to fall off....saying it's the be all and end all of the car.

    As far as I know, the struts are the same across the entire model...and yet suddenly, the 2005-06 model year starts having all these complaints? kinda weird if you ask me
  • nrkevnrkev Posts: 2
    I have my 2006 RSX since Dec,05. I now have 2000 miles. The car is beautiful but it sounds like an old chevy. The hatchback rattles, the dash by the passenger side air bag has a cracking sound when I drive over moderate bumps.But the thing that annoys the hell out of me is the front end, both sides. When I turn the wheel backing out of a spot or a low speed turn, I hear this boing/boing spring sound. Acura said, "Japan is aware of the problem and their working on it, but not to worry, it's not dangerous. They said it's on all 2006's. Is this so???????????
  • Endemic problem to RSX Type S as well- I have a 2005 Type S, same problem with the strut design. Acura has been working on the design problem since last September (2005), when mine started with about 1500 miles. Getting the same response from Acura dealer- they know the problem, expect a fix in 1-2 months. I've used posts from this site to show them possible fixes, but the response from Hall Acura in Newport News has been "we can't do anything unless we get the go ahead from Acura." So I am bugging them every few weeks to see what has come in from Acura.
  • nrkevnrkev Posts: 2
    I only drive the car on the weekends. (it's my wife's, I just pay the loan)I commute on my mcy. But at Westchester Acura, they were very nice to her. They fixed the dash noise but now it's back again. The hatch I put small felt pads with the self adhesive back all around the wheel well where the plastic cowling lays on top of the metal frame. That took a lot of squeaking away. The dealer also greased the top of the strut plates, (as per instructions from Japan). Thanks Japan but the front end noise got louder! If they don't get a handel on this, I would trade it in for the 07. If I hear of anything, I'll post it!
    New Rochelle,NY
  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    Tell your Acura dealer to put the MDX silencer tubes on the springs. That will quiet them.

    I'm still wondering what they changed in the design of the front struts/springs between the 2002/2004 and the 2005/2006 models. I have not heard of any changes that were done....unless they cut cost by adding cheaper components or eliminated something.
  • Nitro,
    Thanks-Been there, done that- handed them the pages from this site and Club RSX detailing other Acura dealers solving the problem that way and was told wait out for the Acura TSB. Probably will call my other Acura dealer in the area and see what they are doing to resolve the issue. It's a different dealership.

    I also don't know what the strut tower or strut tower changes were, or why the springs are rotating to make the clunk- would think Acura would have figured it out from 2005 to 2006 model.
  • rarjeyrarjey Posts: 1
    Hello Tsmall

    We have had the EXACT same problem as you since day 1. I have been going to Acura in Temecula. They won't do anything now.

    I was wondering since you are also in CA, if you have thought about doing the Lemon Law?

    I am so disgusted with this car now. The other problem has been this wierd vibrating noise ONLY in 5th gear or 6th around 4000-4100 RPM. They first replaced the clutch assembly and then the noise came back. Then I take it back and they tighten something but it makes the clutch release too high. I haven't heard anyone else having this same noise. Am I the only one?? They basically said live with the noise. There's nothing we can do
  • albert8albert8 Posts: 8
    yeah,it looks like lot of people complaining with that same problem. i was thinking getting this one but from all i'been hearing about this car it make me change my mind. do you have an automatic? Is that the only problem you have so far?
  • faziofazio Posts: 9
    My RSX has a noisy dash when it gets below 30 degrees.... at first i thought it was ice...but when its cold the parts just rub. I hear it in the dash and also on the ceiling by the lights

    I also have the Strut popping noise, its being repaired right now, we shall see how it works? It started from day 1 as i was bringing my car home from the dealer.

    Yeah, whats everyones opinion on the factory stereo? Its not really loud outside the car, but its crisp and clean inside..... lots of power in the front but the back speakers barely sound connected even if you put the power all to the back its maybe 1/3 the power coming from the front speakers. Lucky for me I drive it and don't sit in the back. Are they [non-permissible content removed] speakers?? Or is it the stereo just not sending them enough juice?
  • mgosemgose Posts: 1
    Bought my 06 RSX in February. Had a tremendous rattle in the dash. Took it back to the dealer and they replaced the windshield. Rattle's gone.
  • faziofazio Posts: 9
    Did it only make the noise in cold weather?? Too me that one sounded like loose windsheild.....but only in sub 30 degree weather..... my other noise is the strut. Going to pick it up now, lets see if its fixed.

    How is your gas milage? I get about 21mpg city and 30highway.... about 5mpg less than the sticker claims... i do have a lead foot but on the highway its always on cruise doing close to the speed limit.
  • carob1carob1 Posts: 3
    So what happened?
    Did they fix it?
    If so, what exactly did they do? I want to be prepared for my dealer WHEN this happens to me. :mad:
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