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Acura RSX Maintenance and Repair



  • katedkated Posts: 3
    The RSX actually isn't too bad in the snow since it is front wheel drive. I've driven mine (slowly) through snow up to 6 inches deep and done ok but it will definitely get stuck in anything deeper. It will slide around a lot if you have the factory Michelin Pilot tires though. I have the Michelin Energy MXV4 Plus and they seem to do much better.
  • I haven't had that problem on my RSX but on my Chevy S-10 i had some issues with the hazard light which was part of the same switch assembly as the turn signal lights. i know the hazard light for the rsx is in a different spot, but it is probably still wired together. i had to replace the whole turn signal assembly which was a real pain.
  • I have had my 2006 RSX for a few months now and noticed a grinding noise as i am driving. i am assuming it is the brake pads rubbing against the rotors cause it sounds like just one spot on the rotor. can't tell which wheel yet. i live in an area prone to salt spray from the ocean, so it could be surface rust (i'm going to scrub them tonight to see if that fixes it). i replaced the rims so that wasn't the problem. and i had new springs put in so that isn't it either. anyway, wonder if anyone has had that problem.
  • mucmuc Posts: 5
    I have recently purchased a 2006 RSX and observed a noise similar to the one being described. it happened at about 60mph. i took it to the dealer and the shop foreman rode with me and said it was the seal on the windshield and it needed replacing. I am taking it in this Friday and will let you know what happens. I did not think it was coming from the windshield, but from the engine compartment. He seemed to know the problem, however and it does make sense. he says it lifts up at the high speeds.
  • OK ... well there is finally a TSB out related to the front end clunking noise. It is definatley the springs and they have remanufactured new parts. I just got back from my 1st oil change at the dealer, they are ordering the springs and I'll have them installed next Friday. I'll report back my results.

    If your dealership claims they don't have the TSB, here it is:

    Here is an invoice from someone in TX who alread had those corresponding part #'s(the springs) installed:

    Hope this helps!
  • bobstbobst Posts: 1,783
    Since our 2003 RSX is a lightweight car with fairly wide tires, I assume it is horrible in the snow. If I drive in the snow, I am very, very careful.

    Being front-wheel drive is good for traction when I am trying to move, but it won't do a thing for me if I need to stop. Since the rear of the car is very light, I assume the rear wheels could easily lock up in the snow and the car could spin out, leading to a nasty accident.
  • mucmuc Posts: 5
    This is a follow up to my last note that the dealer told me the noise was due to an improper windshield seal. i took the car to the dealer and they put a new seal and this has corrected the problem to date. :surprise:
  • Thanks! I'll take it with me next time I have it in for service. Getting ready for a x country trip in the the Type S, so we'll see how it does after that.
  • One day my turn signals stopped flashing but the hazards kept working so I drove it to the deal and big surprise they started working again on the way. So they've worked ever since but when the engine is under load, such as being in third gear while under load i head a buzzing sound from the steering column especially from where the turn signal relay box is? Any ideas? :confuse:
  • Well. I need some guidance. I have an 02 RSX Base Auto. I recently discovered that my exhaust camshaft is warped. The car's been out of warranty for some time now. Is there anyway I can get the dealer to replace this, considering it's a defect in the engine?
    Here's a pic of what it looks like.
  • Thanks for the reply "muc".

    Could you possibly post a copy of your invoice for the windshield seal, in a reply message? This would help me out tremendously so I can finally get rid of the noise.

    I've had the noise since I bought the car, it sat at the dealer for 4 weeks. When I got it back they weren't sure what they did but said they fixed it. The noise has been muted since then but I can still hear it at freeway speeds.

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,855
    That's not warping, that's what they call "galling" and looks like a lubrication issue. You'd be very hard put to prove a defect (even though you could be right) since you'd have to prove that the initial hardness of the cam's metallurgy was incorrect at manufacture.

    Camshaft failure in overhead cam engines is usually related to poor lubrication or quality of the lubricants---camshafts are REALLY vulnerable at cold startups and very vulnerable to high heat engine conditions.

    When this car is fixed, the cam's line bore shoule be checked, and if this engine uses cam bearings, those should be replaced, and in the future you should use only synthetic oils at 5,000 mile intervals.

    Sorry to hear about this problem, but it seems to be getting more common with modern OHC engines.

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  • I bought a 2006 RSX-S around Mid July. After putting about 95 miles on it, (there were 160 dealer "transport" miles), my car began to make a high pitch "humming" noise from the passenger side.

    I have taken the vehicle in four times now. Each time the dealership has reported to not be able to reproduce the noise after conducting repairs.

    These repairs include, rotating, balancing, realigning, and adjusting the tire pressure. The last turn in, where my car is presently, they "counter rotated" my tires....

    As you can see the primary focus has been on the tires, origionally I thought it may be related to my security system since it showed up the day I picked it back up from the shop.

    I have been able to reproduce the noise everywhere from 45 mph to 85 mph. (Typically above 65mph)

    The shop foreman rode with me and heard it over two types of surfaces, and the Service manager admitted to hearing it. (he initially denied hearing anything after driving it over 150 miles. I sent him a video with a good sound file and he then pointed out it was the same thing he heard)

    The service department is claiming they have done all they can to this point.

    A Honda Factory Tech will be in to the dealership next Thursday, at which time I have an appointment. (Oct 5th 2006)

    I have been able to record the sound with my digital camera and would be willing to share it with those people currently experiencing a similar problem.

    The current recording has my ownership information posted at the begining, I would need to edit this prior to sharing it. Those of you currently dealing with this, ksj06rsxdc5, rsxing, & muc, please respond to this post and maybe we can help each other out.

    I really like this car, except for the noise. Which even with the stereo blasting at times it will be louder than it.

    Right now I've given up on taking my Girlfriend out in this car until the issue is resolved.

    I've kept my cool up until this last service call. I've now made the General Manager aware of the issue. I don't feel like I'm getting the quality service you would expect from an Acura Dealership. I hope this will change.

    So I'm here to say I too have a "noise" issue which comes and goes. Thank you for posting what you have found. Any help would be great.
  • I have an '05 RSX and have had the same problems. The dealer initially told me it was the gas I used but I'm not buying that. Today when I had it in, they said they had a software update to fix a problem with the temperature coolant sensors that might be causing some problems. I can't duplicate it at will so not sure what it is. And I don't want to put a cold air intake on it until my warranty is expired.
  • Here are the two recordings I have of the noise. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    The second recording occured on the way back from my 4th time to the dealership for this issue. This is supposedly after they "counter rotated" the tires and adjusted the tire pressure to factory specs.

    On the second video I did notice the noise getting louder when a gust of wind would rock the car. I had not paid attention to this factor prior to it until the earlier posting.
  • mucmuc Posts: 5

    It sounds like a problem I had with a 2006 RSX. The problem, to my surprise was an improper seal on the windshield. I drove with the shop foreman and he diagnosed it immediately. they resealed it and all is well. Prior to this we thought the noise was coming from the engine.

  • mucmuc Posts: 5

    I am not at home now so have not been able to respond. The dealer who diagnosed it was Radley Acura in falls Church VA, tel.: 703-824-5700. I cannot scan the invoice right now, but it reads :
    Performed TSB 04-040
    831004 .7 00401 01101

    I just drove 900 miles at freeway speed 70-80mph and had no problems.

  • pkypky Posts: 2
    I just noticed this "side airbags off" flashing on my dashboard three times from 7:30-9:00 pm( 100806). this has never happened before. does anybody know what i'm supposed to do? I heard that there was a button i had to turn off or on or something. anybody know anything?
  • Hi everyone perhaps someone can clue me in.
    I crashed my 2006 RSX 3 weeks ago (I bought it in May 2006 brand new @ the dealership),
    it's in the body shop right now.
    There was a problem with the throttle and they were trying to fix it but the body shop informs me that they were having problems with matching it because there are some "aftermarket parts"....
    I have not put any aftermarket parts in this car at this time.
    Has anyone had any issues with either the dealer ship putting these types of parts in a new car and not telling the buyer about it?
    Help........ If this is true, I could have an issue with no warranty on these parts.........
  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    Nope, never heard of that.

    Are you have the bodyshop at the dealer (or affiliated with the dealer) do the work?

    I'd be interested in knowing what the parts were that they are saying are not "factory". Can you provide these?
  • john500john500 Posts: 409
    I've never heard of that either. Are you sure that the "body shop" knows what a throttle even is? The body shop should repair the body and have the Acura dealer repair the engine.

    In 2005, Toyota switched from cable-based throttles to electronic throttles on several models. Based upon Jackson Racing's failure to make superchargers for the Acura RSX-S beyond 2004, I suspect Acura did the same thing and the body shop is not aware of the transition. That's just a guess. I have no idea of the specific history of your vehicle.
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    Thanks for telling me about this possible fix. I'm bringing my car in for it's first oil change soon, and I'm going to tell them about this. I told them when I first started to have the problem, that I thought it might be a temperature or o2 sensor. Maybe these guys should go back to the old school way of finding the problems, instead of plugging it into the computor and then telling us the computor says nothing is wrong and that it's normal. Can you believe that, the dealership told me the hesitation was normal. My problem is always there when the car reachs normal driving temperature. When I first start it up it runs great, but when it warms up it starts to hesitate when shifting. Thanks again, I'm going to tell them about this.
  • Let me know if you have any success. I live in WI and it's getting colder outside so I might not even know if this works until next spring or summer. Hopefully you live somewhere warm where you'll be able to tell quickly.
  • hey guys, i have a weird problem which no dealer can be able to fix it. i bought an RSX base auto two month ago,1200 ml now. sometimes when i ignite the car, the engine seems to choke a bit and then starts, the RPM will choke or stop between 0 to 1K rpm than it will shoot up like a rocket to about 2k RPM. You can feel the engine is stoping but the RPM is in between 0-1k RPM. this happens very randomly, anytime during a day could be happening. most likely to happen when u turn the engine off than ignite again. wierd thing is if i put the key in and let it sit for 3 sec until the fuel goes through, the engine starts out fine. dealer checked all the electrical circuit, all fine. please help me with this problem. Thx, btw, i tried both 89 and 91 octane, didn't do any good. pleae help
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,855
    weak fuel pump or leaking fuel pressure regulator would be my guess. Overnight the pressure bleeds out of the system so the engine starves at cold start.

    Does it crank more often before starting if you don't give it the 3 second waiting period?

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  • all i have noticed is when i turn the key immidiately without giving the 3 sec period, i can hear the engine is cranking and the car will start up, but very sluggish, the RPM will be about 200 and than shoot up to 2000 right after the choking. it's hard to describe but it's like the engine is trying to start up but something stuck the fuel injector from pusing the gas into the engine, so the car will choke, then seems like the fuel is kicking in again, so the engine will soar after, what a weird problem. also the dealer where i bought the car from, the RSXes there seems to have the same problem. have u experienced the same before?
  • please reply me guys, is this a normal problems or something will go away after i put more miles on the car. Pl if you have the similar problem, post it and let me know how u handled it. Thanks
  • 2006rsx2006rsx Posts: 32
    Never had that problem (or any others) with my '06 RSX. Has around 12K on it.
  • I have an '05 with 37k miles and have never experienced this.
  • jandj1jandj1 Posts: 5
    Have an 06 RSX Type S with 9,000 miles and have never had this problem. Good luck....mine runs like a jewel and we love it!!
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