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Acura RSX Maintenance and Repair



  • dj1rsxdj1rsx Posts: 7
    I'm bringing my car to the dealership on 10/30, they have to fix the clunking noise in the springs and first oil change. I live in New York, and its getting cold here too, but my car does it all the time, it didn't do it when I first bought it, but its getting worse. So I should be able to tell if it works.
  • ryc26ryc26 Posts: 1
    It appears that I have the exact same problem that you have. I purchased my 2006 Acura RSX (automatic transmission) in late June 2006 and shortly thereafter, I began hearing a squealing/whistling noise coming from the passenger side after exceeding 65 mph on the highway. I took the car to the Acura dealer, and they decided that I needed a new power steering pump. After replacing the part, the noise persisted. This time, I insisted on taking a diagnostic ride with a technician, who heard the noice, and decided that I needed a new speedometer. They replaced the speedometer. After replacing the speedometer, the noise persisted. On the third trip to the dealer, I had another technician ride in the car. This time, they decided that it seemed like the noise was coming from the passenger side (which I told them all along). After inspecting the car, they decided that the problem was that a piece of insulation came loose from the passenger side strut. After this third attempt, the noise abated for about a week, but then popped up again. I took car to the dealer for a fourth time, and they decided to replace both struts. Yesterday, I was finally able to take my car up to highway speeds, and the noise was produced.

    I decided to research California's "lemon law," and found that if the dealer is unable to fix the problem within a reasonable number of attempts, a buyer is entited to a replacement vehicle or a refund, minus a reasonable charge for usage. I am a law student and my father is an attorney, so we decided to write a demand letter to Acura.

    It's good to know that I'm not the only one with this problem.
  • mucmuc Posts: 5

    I had the same problem and the dealer (Radley in VA) diagnosed it as an improper windshield seal. They resealed it and I have not had problems since. See messages 922 and 923 for more detail.
  • I have 2002 RSX which has been trouble free until now. Trunk latch will not pop when doors are unlocked remotely. has any one had the trunk release solenoid go bad? If so doe sit have to be replaced my dealer?
  • chipichipi Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 RSX Type-S. I live in San Francisco, CA.

    I was shocked in March of 2006 to find that the engine control module (ECM) was stolen out of my RSX. The car was parked in my driveway. What was confusing was that the alarm of the car never alerted me to the theft and there were no visible signs of break in or damage to the exterior of the car. I did not understand how the thieves were able to bypass the alarm system of the RSX. I called Acura Customer Care to express my concern about this apparent vulnerability. There was nothing that they could offer me to assist me in preventing this type of theft from happening again.

    I forgot about this incident until the morning of December 1, 2006 when I discovered that once again the ECM had been stolen from my car while it was parked in my driveway (I have no garage). Once again I turned to Acura Customer Care to try and help me prevent this from happening a third time. And once again I was left with no confidence that this type of theft can be prevented.

    This type of theft has become so common in the San Francisco bay area that the parts department at Acura of Serramonte has now started to stock the ECM. So this problem is not mine alone to bear.

    I have done some research on this problem and I have my hypothesis on how the thieves might be gaining access to the interior of my RSX.

    I believe that the thieves could have a "jiggle" key which allows them to open the car door and bypass the alarm. Alternatively, they could have a master key or perhaps they are able to pick the door lock of the car.

    Lastly, it is conceivable (but less likely to me) that they have intercepted and stolen the RF code from my keyless entry fob and then programmed this code into a fob of their own.

    I am unable to come up with any plausible strategies to counter any of the above methods for bypassing the RSX alarm system.

    So my question to the forum users are this:

    1) Have any of you experienced a similar kind of break in to your RSX?

    2) What are your thoughts on how these thieves may be bypassing the RSX alarm system?

    3) What ideas do you have to prevent this from happening again?

    While I love this car, if this should happen to me a third time I will have no choice but to sell it and get a car that would be less likely to suffer this kind of unwanted attention.

    Thank you for any assistance or expertise you can provide on this most upsetting subject.


    Chip Isaac
  • :sick: I own a 03' acura with a stick shift. It was doing fine until recently. Now-a-days it does not perform well. When I try to accelerate, the RPM goes up but my car does not pick up speed at all and if i drive for more than an hour, I can smell burnt rubber or plastic smell from the engine. I am not sure what this is. If any one knows what this problem is about, plzz plzz plzz reply....thanx
  • I would guess that your clutch is slipping. Does the car have a lot of miles on it and/or do you race it?
  • I also have a type-S 2003. The details of your post are exactly the same as what has happened to me. EVERYTHING, even the discussions with Acura are the exact same. The only difference in my story are the dates. Once about three months ago, and then again last Thursday the seventh.

  • Hi all! I'm new to the car thing :) I just bought an rsx and overall I love it! It has almost 8000 miles on it. I drive very conservativly, yet I'm not getting the gas milage the sticker said I would. I check it everytime I fill up and am only getiing around 22 miles per gal. The dealer told us something about how the "engine control module (ecm) "learns" the driving style of the driver, which takes time, and will trim the fuel consumption over time. two drivers with different driving styles who are driving the car can "confuse" the ecm. Basically he's saying the gas milage will get better over time because of sounds strange to me. Has anyone else heard of this or are having problems with gas milage?? I just wanted to make sure this guy isn't just taking advantage of someone who doesn't know a lot about cars. Thanks so much!! :)
  • Automatic or stick? If you are stuck in traffic a lot, 22 wouldn't be all that horrible with the automatic. If this is "highway" maileage, you have a serious problem.

    I think the dealer is full of B.S. ... Yes, the computer "learns" how to adjust the fuel/air mixture, and ignition timing, based on feedback. But it is a FINE adjustment and I really cannot see it making too much of a difference in MPGs.
  • Thanks for the response! I'm thinking he's full of BS too! My car is an automatic, I do more city driving, but I do some highway. Shouldn't I get at least the city driving milage?
  • I have now had my ECM stolen out of my S type for the third time, twice on my street, and once at my aunt's house, all in very safe neighborhoods in San Francisco.

    Acura has no solutions whatsoever. The only thing I can do is use people's garages when I visit. I also don't have a garage, but I pull my car down my driveway and crawl out the hatch. The doors can't be opened so they can't get at the computer. I intend to rid myself of my beloved car as well. Fortunately, I have a Ducati so it doesn't completely immobilize me. If you do hear of a solution, please email me at

    I can only commiserate with your plight. Trust me, someone will steal the computer again and again and again. The police say that there are kids scouring the streets with cell phones, locating cars and calling into the theft ring. They steal in the wee hours of the night and the car alarm DOES NOT GO OFF!!!!

    I am filing a report with Consumer Reports so others may be alerted. I don't know what else to do! The mechanic said it is not possible to take the computer with me when I park the car as it requires reconfiguration every time the unit is removed from the car, something that ostensibly can only be done by an Acura mechanic.

    The frustration is augmented by the loss of my Integra out of my driveway a few years ago, stripped, totalled and dumped in 12 hours by professionals in my neighborhood. I foolishly bought another Acura, a mistake I will never make again. VW is starting to sound very inviting. Who steals a Bug??

    I hope the New Year will give you peace and prosperity, and a new car!!!

    from a fellow Acura target
  • o yea sf is very known for stolen rsx and integra. i gess the only thing u can really do is upgrade ur alarm system or relocate ur hood switch to somewhere unknown(like the bottom of the seat or something)
  • I just bought acura rsx 2006, from salvage auction.

    They didn't have an original key, so I went to the dealer.
    Well, the key what they give to me have 5 digit code what i need to put in the system with break pedal and start the car.
    My bad luck, the car still wanna start, full pump is not starting.
    The security system work on disabling ignition and full pump, maybe that is problem.

    Can somebody help to me!!
  • Hello,

    I just replaced my passenger side headlight (a tight spot, but not tighter than driver's side), but when I went to start the car it would not start. All of the power works, so I rule out the battery. It tries to turn over, then, when it cannot catch, goes to a series of fast clicks, in which the lights and other battery using things flicker. I may have plugged the cord back into the bulb part upside down, but when I tried to start it with it unplugged, it would still do the same thing. I haven't tried turning it over, maybe I have it upside down, maybe that would work because of some kind of polarity thing. In the process I dropped the bulb and bracket into the bottom of the engine compartment and used a screwdriver to fish it out. I don't think I hit anything that would have shorted something out (the power was off when I was doing this), but I think something electrical is happening. If I go to the car right now, all power operations work, it's just when I try to start it, it seems something electrically related is not working. Any suggestions? I was trying to save whatever money it would have cost to get my mechanic to replace the light.

    Bummer about all of those SF thefts. I live in Santa Clara and have taken my car up to SF (Pac Heights, Marina areas) a handful of times and haven't had a problem yet. I sounds like it might just be a matter of time.

  • 2006rsx2006rsx Posts: 32
    Your battery may be almost dead. They can have enough juice to run the lights, radio, etc... for a while, but not enough to turn the starter motor. Try charging the battery or jumping it from another car. Or... maybe you accidentally unplugged something or shorted something out while working on the headlight. However, I really think this is unlikely.

    And don't worry about the headlight being plugged in wrong (or not at all)... that won't cause the car not to start!
  • Did you ever have any success with your hesitation problem? Mine still does it but I can't figure out how to duplicate it for the dealer.
  • Bill,

    I have the same problem starting my RSX too. I have an '02 Type S. Drove up to the gas station, filled up, and then wouldn't start. Just clicking noises from the starter. A boost didn't help and I checked the voltage. The battery voltage is fine.
    Have you found a solution yet? I'm really hoping it's not the starter. I hear they're not cheap!
    Let me know,
  • Turns out it was the battery. I needed a direct pos-pos neg-neg connection for the boost (had the neg on the dead battery attached to the engine block - didn't get enough juice). I'll be buying a battery tomorrow. Will probably be also keeping an eye on the alternator. Damn cold Canadian winters. My car's been babied in U/G parking for too long!
  • Hi, I recently installed an Apple Mac Mini with a touch screen monitor in my RSX. Around that time, my power door locks suddenly stopped working unless the key was in the ignition. There are no blown fuses or anything and the problem is obviously not with the locks since they work as they should when the key is in the ignition. The only thing I can think of is that when I wired the computer and screen directly to the battery, I also hooked up the new headunit I had bought directly to that wire as opposed to going through the factory harness. Any idea if this is the cause of the problem, and if not, what is? Thanks in advance. --Mark
  • Does the key have to be turned to any position or just inside the ignition ?

    are you documenting your install at all? ive been wanting to install a pc inside my '06 since I got it but i think im going to wait a little while. what are you using the mini for?
  • The key has to be in accessory mode (to the point just before it would start). Also I have a Compustar alarm which bypasses the clutch for remote start, so you can take the key out and the car stays running until you either shut it off remotely or shut all the doors. When I leave the car running like this the locks do work.

    As far as the Mac Mini goes, I did not document the install, but the RSX is setup pretty nicely to where you can get an indash screen and put the Mini (or PC) in the glove compartment without modifying anything. You have to have basic wiring knowledge, but basically if you know how to install an aftermarket headunit you can install a computer. The only tricky part was organizing the wires so I could put the dash panel back in once it had both a headunit and the screen mounted to it. (I still dont have a perfect solution to this) The dash snaps apart by hand so I could easily take it apart and take a few pictures to give you an idea of what I had to do. Let me know if youd want that and I can do it tomorrow.
  • My driver's side headlight is out. I've bought the replacement bulb but when I looked under the hood, I couldn't figure out how to replace it without breaking something.

    Anyone know how to replace the bulb in the headlight? I'm hoping it's something I can do myself and not take it in to a mechanic and get charge an arm and a leg.

    Thanks for any help you can offer!
  • Pictures would be excellent. What kind of screen and headunit do you have in the car now?
  • far as your locks, at first your theory makes sense - it would sound like the locks aren't getting power unless the ignition is on.

    But I don't see how wiring the computer and adding a new head unit would prevent the locks from getting power.

    I'm suspicious of your remote starter/alarm.

    In playing with my locks, I did notice that with the key IN the ignition, but the engine OFF - the locks do NOT work. (I assume to prevents dumb-dumbs from locking the keys in the car). If your remote starter allows your key to be removed and the car remain on, it has to be tricking the car into thinking the key is really there. It almost sounds like the car is thinking the key IS there when its really NOT and thats why it wont let you lock them.
  • Hello,
    I just purchased a 2002 RSX from a private party. It is an automatic with 97,000 miles. I wanted to mention some things just to see what you guys might think and if you've had similiar issues...

    1. There are 2 small oil seal leaks which I knew about when I brought the car to my mechanic. the seller took $1000 off of the price to pay for the repair. I thought this was somewhat odd for an Acura even at almost 100k miles, but it is what it is. I'm getting it fixed.

    2. There is a small area right above the rear bumber (near the wheel) where there are some ruse bubbles. not a lot- like maybe .5 inches x 2 inches. i was hoping to bring it to a dealer to get it fixed under warranty, but it is JUST over 5 years old so I think I'm gonna have to pay for it myself. Again, I thought this was a little strange considering the car isn't that old. Is this gonna be expensive?

    3. The car makes a slight squeeking noise (comes from the front right) when the engine runs on some cold mornings for about 5-10 minutes. Again, only on a cold AM, and it always goes away. Is that something to be concerned about?

    4. I notice that once in a while when using the AUTO-climate control, sometimes the car will blow in hot air and then cold air right afterwards, instead of simply shutting when the temp is right.

    Thats it. I know it sounds bad, but I really LOVE the car and just wanted to bounce these things off some of you guys since I got it recently. Mine was taken care of pretty well and not driven hard by the previous owner, so I'm pretty confident its a good car. I've always been a Honda guy, so I felt like this was the logical step up...

    Anyways, any feedback would be appreciated!

  • kelc511kelc511 Posts: 3
    :cry: I bought some aftermarket bulbs for my headlights and in the process of installing them I took the battery out to create a little more space to work in. However, upon hooking the battery back up and starting the car, I realized that the security light on the radio was blinking and my radio read "CODE".... How do I figure out the code to make my radio work again?? Is there any way to do it without taking the radio out?! Thanks!! :cry:
  • You can either look in your owners case that they gave you at the dealership, it should be a leather case in your glove compartment. Or if you bought your car aftermarket, look in your glove compartment and you will see some numbers printing on the side/or bottom of the glove box. Those numbers are the code for your radio. Hope you're able to find one of them. :)
  • kelc511kelc511 Posts: 3
    Thank you SO much!!
  • tonidtonid Posts: 4
    my check engine light is on i have had it to 2 mechanics and can not figure out what is causing it. the 2 codes i get is misfire #1 and 2. they changed the spark plugs, cleaned the ejectors, they did not see any leaks. the car runs fine. can anyone give me any ideas what is wrong really would appricate it
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