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Acura RSX Maintenance and Repair



  • hudpd33hudpd33 Posts: 1
    I have a 02 RSX, it will not come out of park unless I use the key in the hole next to the shifter. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if so, what will fix it with the exception of using the key every time to get it out of park?
  • mookieraymookieray Posts: 1
    The problem is most likely with the brake switch. If the switch doesn't sense that you have your foot on the brake, it will lock the shifter. The switch is easy to replace, but when I had the problem(2002 RSX) I just took it apart and found that it was a little gunky. I cleaned it, did not lubricate it, and put it back in. It has worked fine for almost 2 years now.
    If you live in the San Jose area, I will be happy to help you for a very small fee,
    $25, a case of good beer, or something similarly creative..
  • utbboyutbboy Posts: 2
    I recently bought a 03 RSX with about 55,000 miles on it. I have been driving it for about a month now and it goes into every gear except 4th. When you try to shift into 4th gear it feels like there is something blocking it. It started doing this while I was driving. I went to go put it into 4th gear and there was alot of resistance. When I took it out of 4th it would not go back in. Anyone have any ideas of what this could be?

    Also I was driving to work the other day with the windows down and when I went to roll them up the passenger side window rolled about half way up and then I heard a loud noise (like somebody had thrown something at my car). The window then slowly went down into my door and will not roll back up. Any ideas on what this could be?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,769
    Sounds like teh motor and/or regulator on the power window. I had the regulator go bad on a vehicle and barely got the window up and closed where it could stay until I got them fixed.

    And just so you're braced for it, power window repairs are usually on the pricey side :sick:

    Here's hoping you get a break and it's something simple.

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  • utbboyutbboy Posts: 2
    Thank you. How much do you think it would be?
  • 10a10a Posts: 6
    I want to know if there is anyone out there who is experiencing the same problem as me. I have a 05 RSX. A month ago, I started hearing this whirling noise when I release my foot from the gas pedal 35mph. This whirling noise is very obvious when the car slows to around 35 to 30mph but the whirling noise can be heard at higher speeds too. This noise also gets louder when the car runs warm. If the car is placed in neutral while decelerating, that whirling "woe woe woe" noise is also there. My dealer says that maybe it's due to the transmission fluid, but I changed it and used Honda dealer brand. Has anyone encountered this before? Anyone know what the problem is?
  • hey guys i have an 05 RSX and ever since i got into a little accident my steering wheel is really loose. it moves about two to three inches before it reacts/grabs anything. if there is anything i can do myself to fix it it would be great. thanks
  • when the clutch pedal is pedal is released in my 03 rsx type s it somewhat has a whirling noise when idiling will exp. in 2nd paragraph.and also around 35 to 50. I recently had my clutch replaced and the throwout bearing was not replaced . because the car only has 40k miles the dealer said it was not needed to be done yet but it is something that should be changed when the clutch is replaced. so that is most likely your problem. the more you hit vtec and drive it rough the louder it will get... I hope that I have solved your problem.

    to see if its your throwout bearing park the car on level ground or put the ebrake on, turn off all systems sterio a/c etc.. , then start the car keep the clutch pedal on the floor and listen too how it runs. then release the clutch and if it gets louder than its the throw out bearing,also you can hear the difference when you rev the engine with the clutch in or out with it pushed in its runs very smooth and sounds good, with the pedal out it will be alot louder and not sound that great
  • Hello I recently bought a 2003 RSX was told I needed to change the battery while changing the battery the 40amp fuse connected blew I changed it but now there is a horn and hazard lights but no ignition, lights or power locks. I am not even getting a security imobilization light. I checked back up fuse nothing blown so I am not sure where to look can you help ?
  • I have 75K and for 2 months an increasing creak in the struts.
    The bearing plate was replaced by my local garage, as Acura said it would not be covered by warranty because the Koni's weren't factory. . Noise was the same. Because of Koni Sport Shocks, the dealer wants another $180.00 to figure out if it is a warranty problem. The first look was $60.00 with no conclusion. There were posts in 2006, but no description of what parts are involved with front end noises. and what was the actual fix. The struts were pulled from an "S" car, so they have only mileage from 2006 with the Koni's, the first set installed by them in Kentucky. There was a factory defect, so they have been changed a second time.. I am reluctant to give them the rest of the money, and then they tell me its not under warranty, and want more money to put it all back together if its not covered. I still have the original struts also, but one of them had a leaking "damper". I have about 27K left on the warranty due to the class action suit
    about incorrect speedometer readings on a leased Honda car.

  • jprocjproc Posts: 135
    Could you please embellish about this class action suit? Do all Acura's (our's is an 03 RSX) have 100k of warranty?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,769
    The forums cannot be used to organize any legal actions so please don't head down that road.

    If you click Forums Preferences you can set your email address to public and contact each other off of the forums. Only registered CarSpace forums users can access your email this way so it's a safe way to get in touch with other forum members.

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  • The warranty is increased from 50K to 52500 miles. So according to the dealer,
    my extended warranty is increased to 102500 Miles.
  • jprocjproc Posts: 135
    Thx.I was hoping that I had another 37k of warranty coverage.Car has been very reliable so far so hopefully it won't matter
  • 2005 RSX type S with 29000 miles, driving in a 55mph zone engine starts rattling and then comes apart. Acura refuses to warranty ANYTHING! will not give me ANY specific reason. Pictures of the engine show; Piston completely melted, rod bent, hole in head and ceased main bearing. Engine had fresh oil and filter when this happed. Warranty isn't worth the paper it is written on. Acura says this would not happen under NORMAL driving conditions. No kidding! The engine is suppose to have safeguards to prevent this from happening even under stressful conditions. No wonder this car is no longer in production. The least Acura could do is meet a customer half way. This is a $10k engine replacement. They won't back a remanufactured engine. the new engine is warrantied for only 12k. What does that say for the confidence they have in their engines. My warranty is about to expire so I get a call asking me to purchase an extended warranty.
    check the WEB I am not he only RSX owner that has had this happen.
    Anyone else have an engine failure at low miles and ZERO Warranty Support? Yet another class action suit?

    Is it true? Acura =A CAR U Repair Allot!
  • vibsrvibsr Posts: 47
    My RSX ('04 Base) has 85K miles on it. I took the car to the dealership to get the driver's side window regulator checked out (window wasn't seated...real funky happenings inside that door). They replaced the regulator ($$$), but all was well......I THOUGHT! Ten days later, the problem rears it's ugly head again. Same window. The repair is warranted for 12 months/12,000 miles. I'm taking it back right away.

    For grunts 'n grins, I looked at various entry-level 2008-2009 cars to see how many (if any) cars were still offered with manual windows. Those old crank-em-ups are nearly extinct. I never had any problems with those, but convenience obviously dictated that power windows are the way to go on nearly everything. Replacement parts/repairs can be a real pain. :(
  • My 2002 RSX has a hatchback that won't unlock. At first it would still work when it was cool, but now will not unlatch at all. I have looked at the lock from the inside, but can't figure any way to get it to unlatch. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Any ideas how to get it to unlatch? It won't work with the door unlock or the remote.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Hi I have a 2003 RSX-S and I have a problem that started a long time ago but seems to have gotten much worse recently. Before, I would be idling or driving around a parking lot and after some time of doing that my check engine light would come on and I could hear something that sounded like it was clicking on and off pretty rapidly and my air would not blow as cold. The light would stay on for a few days at a time and during this time my car would feel like it had alot more torque but I could still here the on/off noise that sounded like maybe the A/c fan clicking on and off. After a day or so, the light would turn off and all would be back to normal but the car felt like it had much less torque. Now, the light stays on constantly. I still hear the clicking noise, my air does not blow as cold, AND my car shuts off randomly. Usually when I have the clutch in and am turning corners which can pose a major problem when the steering locks up. When this happens I just turn the key so the car goes back on but it usually happens again soon after. It does not make any noise when shutting off and the car does not jolt or anything that would signal a shut off. If it does it once in a trip it usually does it a few more times that trip. But it will also go days without shutting off even while the check engine light remains on. I had a diagnostics test run on it and a few codes came up for the O2 sensor and a couple other electrical things. I just want to know if this has happened to anyone else and if it went away with a replacement of the O2 sensor before I go and spend the $300. Thanks!
  • hi i had the same problem (02 RSX-S)... driving under normal conditions and BAM! the engine blew up.... dealer told me i downshifted from 5th to 2nd... i was in 5th gear when i heard some rattling and shifted to 6th... then it happened when i tried to shift to 5th again... anyways the engine is gone....

    i've read some similar problems being reported.... have you or anyone else have any luck getting Acura to step up and honor the warranty?
  • Acura will deny all claims and blame it on the car owner. I ended up putting in a new engine. They would only warranty a new engine for 1 year or 12k miles pretty much a joke. I needed a car so what do you do? I believe a national search for simular engine failures is in order along with a class action law suit. good luck.
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    hi i had the same problem (02 RSX-S)... driving under normal conditions and BAM! the engine blew up.... dealer told me i downshifted from 5th to 2nd... i was in 5th gear when i heard some rattling and shifted to 6th... then it happened when i tried to shift to 5th again... anyways the engine is gone.... i've read some similar problems being reported.... have you or anyone else have any luck get...

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  • chicojtchicojt Posts: 1
    I have had the same problem a couple times and its always the drivers side low that goes out. Then i put in aftermarker halo headlights in and 2 months later the drivers side low went out again so i have been without it for bout 7 months now but finally gonna get it fixed.
  • speed_locspeed_loc Posts: 1
    hey my rsx just got broken into a couple hours ago! I lve in san diego and this is what happened i too have astock alarm and for some reason it didn't go off. usually if i insert my key in the key hole and unlock my car and open the door the facotry alarm doesn't go off. ! okay here is my theroy they have an acura key and they shaved it down so they could put it through the car key hole and jiggle and wiggle it till it unlocks! and since its an acura key it will have a chip set in it to deactivate the factory alarm! well that is what im thinking! oh yah by the way my subs got stolen and its so weird cause i thought rsx were cars that were hard to break into cause when i bought the car thats what the dealer said.! well reply back if you can i would like to hear your input if you can please email me at thanks chris
  • the o2 sensor will definently make the car run/idle wierd... since it controls the basic emissions of the engine. it can make a car run lean... rich.... and even stall it out. anytime you get a check engine light i recommend bringing the car to auto zone seeing that they can run an obd2 diagnostics test.. you would be surprized the little stuff that can create big problems..
  • vibsrvibsr Posts: 47
    I bought my RSX (base) new five years ago. It has been meticulously serviced, and it has 103K miles on the clock. At 100k, I took it to the dealership to get the valves adjusted. It had a valve tap, so they threw some parts at it and sent me on my way. Running fine. Within the next 3,000 miles, the tapping returned. It was sounding pretty sloppy when idling between two parked cars. I decided to take it back to see what the problem was. Later in the day, the service rep told me that there was rapid wear on the exhaust camshaft. He told me that he could rub his finger along the camshaft and push away metal filings. The intake camshaft is in excellent shape, however. Listening to the service rep, it sounds like this thing was headed for self-destruction. I kinda figured that both camshafts were ground in the same shop, from the same metal....(ya think?) :confuse:

    The service guys were dumbfounded.

    It was determined that I need a new exhaust camshaft, exhaust rockers, timing chain, chain guides and whatever other seals and gaskets that are necessary to do this repair correctly.

    The parts are on order, and the dealership is waiting for some information as to the cause (maybe a TSB that never got a lot of use) from the Acura tech line.

    This engine has been trouble free and REALLY good on gas (32-35mpg highway) for 100,000 miles. It ran like a champ.

    Has anyone heard of anything like this before? Where's a metalurgist when you need one?? :(

    The service rep told me that the only other time they saw something like this was when a racer discovered this problem on his engine. The racer was (obviously) used to building up and tearing down, but he decided to let the Acura folks look into this one. I don't know how long ago this happened
  • Call the official acura dealer and give them your vin number and they can help with almost enything having to do with the stero.When i bought mine used i had to call them and they gave me the code i had to send them a copy of licence and proof on registration but it didnt take long.
  • I just bought an 2002 used rsx type s with a turbo on it. It runs great and it has no problems what so ever exept the engine light comes on when you start it up somtimes. It doesent always come on. but somtimes it does and it stays on until u turn it off and start it up again. The next time it wont come on at all even for the whole ride.Just wondering what this could mean thanx!
  • Looking for info on the RSX heater/ac blower circuit. My blower only works intermittently. The motor tests good. The last garage I took it to said that control module under the dash was bad. He said the part cost 800 bucks. This doesn't sound right to me. Has anyone had any experience with this sort of problem or does anyone know where I can download an online wiring diagram for this vehicle. The vehicle is an 02 RSX.
  • My 2006 RSX still had a couple days of warranty left when the driver side low beam headlight went out. I followed the User Manual instructions, I am a good mechanic, and I have sensed something wrong when the power plug to the headlight felt “soft”, could be slightly rotated, and was giving in with the pull. I have held the lamp through the rubber seal with the right index and pulled off the plug with the left hand. When I removed the rubber boot, the lamp was loose inside. The wire clip was loose, the metal hook was shaved off, and I saw a lot of metal dust on the bottom of the lamp. Acura has stonewalled this issue, and refused warranty service. The original dealer claimed that the car had an “impact”. The Acura case manager suggested another dealer, who said there was no impact, but that hook must have been broken off by the user, so there is no warranty. The cast metal design is really crappy, and I don’t think it can withstand the spring pressure, hence the metal filings. The Ford stamped sheet metal part would last forever. I wonder if any class action lawsuit lawyers are the reading car owner reports. On the plus side, my wife no longer presses me for a new RL, she is done with Acura.
  • jg88jg88 Posts: 59
    About 5k miles ago, put bridgestone pole position potenzas on our '02 rsx/s. They ride like bricks. Performance in wet/dry is very good, so is road noise, but ride is so bad it's unpleasant to say the least. Replaced Yokohama AVS and wish I would have stuck with them but belived the Potenza reviews on a very famous tire website. Have lowered the air pressure by over 2 psi for wheel without any improvement. Live and learn.
  • vibsrvibsr Posts: 47
    I have 110K on my '04 RSX. I'm on my second set of Yokohama AVID V4S tires. These are pretty good in the wet, REALLY GOOD in the dry, but at best so-so in the snow. Road noise is reasonable until the tread wears below 5/32nds. How I define reasonable: I'm rolling along a stretch of blacktop at 45 MPH with my windows closed, and the tire noise doesn't drown-out my front seat passenger.
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