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Ford F-150 Owners



  • i need a list of the fuses in 2005 f-150
  • rjr2565rjr2565 Posts: 27
    I think chevrolet must be using the same vendor. I replaced my power units twice for the driver side and once on the passenger side.Truck is a 2000 silverado with 64000 mi. Never had a power winow fail before.
  • elbbirpelbbirp Posts: 2
    When I shut off and then restart my truck, there is an intermittent high pitched noise accompanied by an unsteady too low idle speed. If I do nothing it usually dies or dies as soon as I put it in gear. If I give it some gas I can keep it running, and after a minute or so the problem disappears completely. I replaced the Idle Air Control which had no effect on the problem. The noise sounds sort of like maybe the air pump that is not getting enough air, but I can unplug the air pump and the problem remains.
  • Have had several episodes of truck suddenly accelerating. Even with brake pushed to floor, truck continues to go full throttle. After placed in neutral and tuned off/on, goes back to running normally. Has happened in drive and reverse. Each time has been at slow speed or slowing to stop. Dealer finds no problem, but on National Highway Transportation Safety Ad site, has dozen or more complaints listed. Truck has less than 7000 miles on it. Any one with luck on this? Dealership states Ford has no "bulletins" out on this "concern."
  • bob237bob237 Posts: 6
    Finally, I have found my problem with the surging of my truck with light acceleration. It was my air cleaner, it looks' good but my friend took it all the way out and it was filthy. I put a new air filter in and have had no problem and it has been a couple months.The engine was starving for air with light acceleration and was all right when I gave it more gas.
    Thank's for all the sugestions and help, great group
  • davis53davis53 Posts: 3
    Did you ever solve this problem? If you did please tell me how?
  • bob237bob237 Posts: 6
    the air filter looked good but when I took it out it was almost pluged solid so with light acceleration it wasn't getting enough air.21/2 years nobody could find the problem.Put a new filter in and 3 months now and no problem also gained 4 mpg.
    The dealeres were very surprised.
  • davis53davis53 Posts: 3
    I solved this hesitation problem. My truck acted the same as yours. One of the answers was the removal of the rear tank which gave me a clue to solve the problem. I simply loosened the fuel cap of the tank in use. Yes it is a venting problem. The hesitation probem went away. Now I need to solve why the tanks wont vent.
  • miller606miller606 Posts: 1
    1999 F150 which is the return/outlet transmission line from the radiator top or bottom.

    I have a 1999 F-150 5.4L v8 with a 4r100 transmission, and I need to know which is the transmission return line from the radiator in order to install an aux. cooler. Its important that its a 1999 because I've been told that new f150's have a different setup from the 1999. I've tried touching the lines after start up with little luck on feeling which one is hotter. If you have a 1999 f150 with a aux cooler or you know this answer I appreciate your help.
  • cohiba007cohiba007 Posts: 2
    I am looking at getting a F150 King Ranch and have driven both the 4x4 and 4x2. I don't need a 4x4 but think that the ride is better. Seems more sturdy. However, I do a lot of hwy driving between FL and GA, about 3k a month. Aside from the MPG, am I crazy for wanting a 4x4?
  • tickets1tickets1 Posts: 2
    Hey everyone,

    I've found a truck that I like but wanted to get everyone's opinion.

    I found an 04 F-150 SuperCrew Lariat with 96k miles. If I bought it, I'd have to finance it 4 years to get the payment I want. Is that too many miles for it to still be reliable? I don't want to buy it and then start dealing with all kinds of problems because of the mileage.

    Thanks for the help,
  • tmcburneytmcburney Posts: 8
    I recently purchased a 93 F150 Flare Side for my son. This is my first experience with the truck. How can I determine what body components are stock and what are after-market additions? Fiberglass accents on the fenders / quarter panels and wheel wells, and the step / running boards by the cab entry doors for instance?

    One of the wheel well accents is cracked, and the tubing under the running boards is rusted out and needs replacing. I am wondering where to look for replacement parts or, alternately if all of this is aftermarket, whether to look to repair or remove and replace.

  • I bought a 98 F-150 about 2 years ago in a private sale. I did not go to any dealer for this transaction. There are only two problems I haven't been able to address:

    When I turn on the headlights, the dash lights fail to come on. Night driving is difficult because the lights don't work so the driver cannot see the gauges nor the speedometer. I have tried to clean the light switch but this didn't do anything. Does anyone have an idea of what the problem is?

    Second, the door alarm sounds whenever the driver's door is opened. If the key is in the ignition or the lights are left on, the alarm should sound. But when the key is in my pocket, just opening the door sets off the alarm. Pressing the steering shaft enclosure will temporarily stop the alarm but after a few seconds the alarm again sounds. Does anyone know what the problem is?

    I have heard that the light switch problem is a common problem for the F-150. Is this true?

    Thank you for your help.
  • cody28cody28 Posts: 1
    i bought a 1995 f150 4x4 in 2007 it had 95,072 miles.the only thing i hate about it is that the truck is weak. It has no top end torque. It cant even do a burnout unless the road is wet. But what can you expect out of a 5.0 liter v8 302 with about 172 hp. What i like about it is that it can take you anywhere you want to go through the mud up hills you name it. the fords like mine have a exhaust leak problem,you can hear it when you go down the road which irritates me because it sounds crappy. And another thing that sucks about it is that it gets poor gas mileage at 15 mpg,it could be better and the transmission shifts hard at about 30-35mph if you stomp on the gas. I had to replace the starter and a tie rod and fix a wire on the transmisson.
  • I have had the same issue's on my 2008 FX4. It turned out it was me. I have the power adjustable pedals (gas and brake) and if you look they are really close together. This truck is unique in that the brake pedal when pressed will go below the level of the gas pedal when pressed. I found out that I was pressing on the brake pedal and gas pedal at the same time when I thought I was just applying the brakes and not realizing this was happenning. So, every time I apply my brakes now, I have to check and make sure I am not pressing the gas pedal also. It was a process I had to teach myself.
  • I mentioned this in other forums, but felt it was worth repeating... If you are a F-150 owner - try to check out the Ford Owners ( website.

    It has Towing & Hauling advice including understanding your payload. Also helps with keeping everything online, and allows you to keep track of your cars’ complete maintenance records, calendar/mileage of recommended maintenance, and tons of coupons to use when you have your car checked at a Ford dealer.
  • hey, do these trucks have a cabin air filter and if so, where is it? I found a replacement filter at Autozone (IF one exists in the 2001 Lariat SC of course).
  • I have a 1998 F-150 4X4. When I put the truck in 4 wheel drive the light on the dash comes on but the front wheels do not engage. Any ideas.

  • my 92 f150 nite is :sick: ...... i havent heard it run in 6 years now. it used to be my dads, and one day during my senior year, he went out and started it to go to work, it ran for about 2 minutes, then stalled out, and hasnt started since. well after tracing down a thousand different issues, i believe i finally have it licked,but i am faced with yet another issue. to tell you the full story, i have hooked a scan tool up to it, and had code after code come up, so i replaced the computer, did nothing, moved on to changing out sensor after sensor.....i.e. mass airflow, throttle position, so forth and so on, i even replaced the fuel pressure regulator, thinking maybe it wasnt getting the proper fuel amount. no such luck. now the thing i have found interesting is that there is no crank positioning sensors, or cam positioning sensors on these 302's. well finally a ford tech friend of mine told me to check the timing, it was off, way off, id say 2 or 3 teeth, so i reset the timing, and checked to make sure the distributor turned right away, and it wasnt a slapped timing chain. well i got all of this set, and the right firing order set (since there is two different ones for the 302's) and this is not a high output engine. i put a battery in it and went to turn the key, and the key wont turn. the steering wheel and ignition are locked, and no matter what i try i cant get them to unlock. wiggle the steering wheel both ways, wiggle the shift lever on the steering stem, both at the same time, i cant get it to unlock to save my life and im out of ideas, outside of chancing the whole steering stem out out. :mad: has anybody had similar issues before? or know any ideas, and does this truck fall under the saftey recall for the ignition switch? im getting sick of this and starting to think its a :lemon: so any advise would be greatly appreciated, and for 22 years old, im quite knowledgeable so dont be afraid to ask any questions in return.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter for a major daily newspaper is looking for someone who just purchased a new Ford F-150 and why you purchased the vehicle. Please send your daytime phone number to by July 1, 2010.

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  • ktolly1ktolly1 Posts: 1
    About to blown our kool-got 1995F150 rebuilt tran.and servo and power pack new dist,wires,plug and used good computer.Cranks and will run but reverseing kills it every time..After hundreds of dollars and three mechanics we still do not know what to do help....
  • I'm glad you figured this out before you had an accident. I have a 2007 SuperCab w/o power pedals that use to scare the heck out me. I finally realized like you that I was pressing the accelerator when I pressed the brake causing the truck to race forward when I was trying to stop. This is not good for traffic signals. I think the pedals are a little to close to each other. Other than that Great Truck!
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter seeks to talk with any Ford F-150 driver whose airbag deployed unexpectedly. Please email today, April 14, 2011, if you care to share your story.

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  • The heat actuator valve in the dash is a common failure to several Ford models. And it happened to me on my 2000 Ford 150. The common fix is to take the whole dash out and replace the plastic actuator door with a new one or on the computer , they sell you a do it yourself kit that you can go through the glovebox. This actuator is a pain in the butt. Sometimes no heat in winter or in my case, had heat in the summer..WHEW....nevertheless, here's my quick fix much simpler than any I found on the internet or elsewhere.......go to the hardware store , get a ball cutoff valve and two nipples, 3/8 size, and two hose clamps, cut the inbound water line to the heater under your hood just past the 90 degree turn it makes and install your ball valve.....instant air......!!!! Need heat??? Turn you valve cost about 10 dollars and 30 minutes at most...
  • flaco54flaco54 Posts: 1
    :confused: 1998 f-150 w/v6 overheating remove thearmost its ok but water doesnt seem to be flowing heater hoses dont get hot--install thearmost engin over heats starts clattering and spilling water from fill tank ??????????????
  • davis53davis53 Posts: 3
    Is the thermostat installed backwards? I have done it before.
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