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2012 Honda CR-V Long-Term Road Test

Edmunds.comEdmunds.com Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 10,315
edited September 2015 in Honda
image2012 Honda CR-V Long-Term Road Test

Has the redesigned 2012 Honda CR-V become bland?

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    legacygtlegacygt Member Posts: 599
    You're right to point out that the 2nd gen CR-V was the best. Right size. Best styling. And while some tech and convenience features have been added, most of what's good about the current CR-V was available with that one. At least Honda was able to stay at the top of it's game through the second generation. The RAV4 and Forester were probably best in their first generation. All three are useful in their current form, there's just no character left in any of them. And it's not just a size thing. I think the the CX-5, Tiguan and Escape are all similarly sized and similarly practical, but they all have more character than the current CR-V, RAV4 and Forester.
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    pasuriolepasuriole Member Posts: 6
    I have owned every generation CR-V and personally believe that this generation is the best. I won't say that you can't buy a more attractive suv, but I will say you won't find a more dependable vehicle that holds its value like the CR-V. It's just a package that really works.
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    makasay_makasay_ Member Posts: 1
    I love my 2012 CR-V. I think there is something special about driving it.
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    pasuriolepasuriole Member Posts: 6
    I posted earlier and forgot to mention that I currently own a 2013 Honda CR-V exl without navigation. We love everything about the new generation.
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    skw0123skw0123 Member Posts: 33
    The debut of the EarthDreams powertrain will be a big deal for the CR-V...when it comes. Don't know if that's model year 2014 or maybe an early '15.
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    yaymx5_yaymx5_ Member Posts: 49
    Special? Meh.
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    guilleshguillesh Member Posts: 7
    I've owned a 2002 Japan-Built US Spec CR-V, and now traded for the 2013 Canada built US Spec CR-V.

    The summary is as follows:

    2002: Tougher build, stiffer ride, more fun to drive in 5 sp manual!
    2013: Cheaper build, lighter, softer ride, WAY more comfortable. Not as fun to drive, especially since only 5AT tranny available.

    I honestly dont think this 2013 will hold up for 10 yrs the same way the rugged tougher 2002 did. Time will tell.
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    jodar96jodar96 Member Posts: 400
    Just bought a 2012 EXL AWD with 31K miles for my daughter in law and drove it home some 250 miles. The build quality is good. I was surprised at lack of auto down for front passenger window at EXL trim. 2012 was the cut back year for Honda as their new Civic took a beating from Consumer Reports for being cheap which Honda apologized for and fixed for 2013MY. The road noise is still too high just like my 2009 Accord EXL. The seat comfort has improved exponentially. No more lower seat back kicking you into the back.
    Honda's reliability, simplicity, low maintenance, and resale value always make them on top of my list. There are more people wanting to buy a used Honda than any other car out there.
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