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2002 Ford Super Duty F-250



  • bmaigebmaige Posts: 140
    I saw a few posts back concerning the mileage a couple of users of automatics with the PSD and V-10 are getting, but nothing from anyone using the 6 speed manual with those engines. Is there anyone out there that has used each with the 6 speed that would be willing to share that information?

    Also, does anyone know the reason for the different transmission numbers for a 6 speed for diesel and gas engines? Is there a difference in the transmission or just the mating with the engines?

    We have a farm and I'm interested in a truck that can be used to tow relatively heavy loads on occasion, one I can get into and out of wet fields in, carry multiple passengers or lock tools up inside, drive without subsidizing a small Middle Eastern country when empty, and that will last a long time.

    I prefer the manual transmission for the flexibility of shifting, would like something I can get into with muddy feet and dirty clothes, then hose out when I'm finished. I am leaning to the F-350 XL Crew Cab with 6 speed and four wheel drive.

    Any input from users of similar nature?
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    I can't tell you about the auto, but I can help you with the 6-speed. I have an F-350 PSD dually SC 4x2. Empty, I consistantly get around 18.5 mpg. Towing, I consistantly get around 11.25 mpg.
  • wheeler2wheeler2 Posts: 13
    I am close to ordering an F250 SD 4X4, I have one item left to choose - electric transfer case shifting or the shifter on the floor? The only reason I am looking at the electric is to get the auto/lock hubs. I was shown an article two months ago in a dealer only trade magazine that stated Ford was having big problems with the electric shift. Trucks with the electric shift were being held at the factory until a solution was found, anyone know if the problem has been resolved for 2003 models? Or should I use the money to buy a good set of automatic aftermarket hubs? Will slapping a set of auto hubs on work? The stock ones do look anemic anyway. Although I haven't posted in this discussion before I have been reading for months and after reading about the problems GM is having with their HD trucks it's clear to me that Ford is the way to go. I am ordering a six speed and am interested in the mileage with the V10. Thanks for your advice and input.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Now i may have bad information, but i thought that the six-speed was a diesel only option? I know i have seen the V-10 with five-speeds in them, but never a six? can someone tell me for certain on this?
  • bessbess Posts: 972
    This is new in 2002 that there is a 6speed manual available for the gassers. Prior to this year all the gassers got 5speed manuals
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Thanks Bess, for a minute there i thought i had lost my mind. oh wait nevermind, i did
  • y2k4my2k4m Posts: 9
    We just recently purchased an '02 F350 PSD CC 4X4 and had a very indepth conversation with the parts guy. He was very opinionated around the point of up grading the engine chip for improved mileage and hp. Does anyone out there have advice on this? (you all are just oh, so modest) This is our first PSD, a move up from an xtended cab F150. Don't haul anything, just take long trips, hate minivans, and love the smell/sounds of a PSD. This brings up another question ... any advice on how to scrap off those small foreign jobbies from your bumper? They leave a nasty grease spot on the chrome.
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