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Land Rover Range Rover



  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Older Range Rovers seem to have expensive problems with their air suspensions. Apparently, one fix is to get rid of the air bags and install new coil springs/new uprated shocks all the way around and new teflon bushings to tighten up the steering. Then you have a better than stock suspension and are done worrying about the air suspension.

    Has anyone done this? I would think that if you found a used RR with conversion already done, you would be better off. Maybe 4K better off.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    The new vehicle spotlight ad on the main page is "The New Range Rover Supercharged." Lots of LR details while the ad lasts.

    Steve, Host
  • 1% over invoice? What a great deal you negotiated... Congrats and enjoy the car.
  • thgthg Posts: 1
    I am considering buying a 1999 RR 4.0SE with 60k miles. It has had the air suspension already replaced with coils and serviced regularly. Needs the 60k service. Question: at very high speed, e.g. 75-80 mph, the RR begins to sound and feel rough/rumbly like the engine is vibrating. Not a ton of vibration thru steering wheel, so I didn't think it was a balance issue.

    Any ideas?? Perhaps transmission or engine mounts? And how much do those cost to change?

  • mgreenemgreene Posts: 32
    I have read about the upcoming V-12 in the Range Rover. Has anyone gotten wind of possible additions of the Terrain Response and Dynamic Response systems for upcoming Range Rovers?

  • xkssxkss Posts: 722
    The Range Rover Supercharged will have a 4.2 liter 390 hp supercharged V-8 for the 2006 model year.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    That's not anything out of the ordinary. My local dealer here in NC advertised $5,000 off all 2005 RR in stock.
  • sam818sam818 Posts: 127
    Can anyone figure out: Does the Luxury Package on the normally aspirated 2006 RR have perforated leather seats?
    Photos clearly show perforated leather on the SuperCharged.
  • nsashernsasher Posts: 3
    The perforated leather is only on 2 of the colors the ivory and the jet. The rest are all the normal luxury leather w/ out the perforated.
  • nsashernsasher Posts: 3
    Don't buy a Cayenne S!!! I finally just sold mine, had nothing but problems with it. Yes it drives nicely but between the insane wind noise from moon roof and the heat pump noise and the gazillion recalls I couldn't wait to get rid of. I am waiting for my Superchaged RR to come in can't wait!
  • teamyonexteamyonex Posts: 42
    I was debating between the RR and CayS, and settled on the RR. Porsche was really dealing on the ‘05s, but so was Land Rover. Anyway, a friend of my in-laws ended up buying the exact CayS I was looking at. Last week, while it was parked in his garage, the navigation system began smoking. As smoke rolled out of the dash, the guy got it out of his garage before it could burn his house down. The dealer ordered a new navigation system, but the poor guy is driving his 2-week old Porsche around with the dash all torn apart and interior stinking like a smoldering chemical fire. Didn’t even get a loaner! I am secretly amused, but feel bad for the guy. To think how close I was to owning this problem myself.
  • sam818sam818 Posts: 127
    Has anyone taken delivery of a 2006 RR - either normally aspirated or supercharged - and can they comment on any dynamic differences: ride, noise, handling etc, when compared to the 2003-2005?
  • docjwsdocjws Posts: 3
    Just got a call on my new RR 2006! Hoping to receive soon and will be happy to post my experience. Only disappointment so far is that it arrived without the rear entertainment DVD system; not really a necessity, but a car in this price range doesn't qualify either. I have owned 2 prior RR's, 1993 and 2003.
  • flmflm Posts: 2
    Hi,I am considering the RR Sport and was wondering if anyone here knows something about engines that can answer my question.Is there any downsides to choosing the supercharged engine over the normally aspirated V8 besides cost and possible mileage?I worried about engine related services issues in the future.Regards, Frank
  • maddog_52maddog_52 Posts: 2
    Does anyone know if the supercharged RR ride is less smooth than the non-supercharged version? No dealers in my area have a supercharged available for test drive and claim delivery time takes about 90 days.

    I'm told the allegedly 'rougher' ride is caused by the low profile tires and that they cannot be replaced with ones used on the non-supercharged model. Is that true?

    If the ride is not as smooth then what could I do to resolve that problem?

    Finally, what would be a reasonable discount to negotiate on either model?
  • crimattcrimatt Posts: 18
    Well, after 3 years of deliberating, finally pulled the trigger on the RR. What a fine choice it was! Glad I waited for the 2006: Zambezi Silver/Parchment w/ dark walnut wood trim (opted for the additional walnut dash trim for an add'l $850.) Got the Sirius radio option and Heated Accessory Pckge. Dealer threw in free carpeted mats.

    What can I say? Great car, smooth riding w/ an eerily quiet interior. Tha Bluetooth feature has not really been a problem. Have a Sprint LG-PM325--no problems at all. Phone syncs up vehicle w/o issue. Cannot access phone book, however, b/c phone not tied to car cradle.

    Thought about the RR Sport, but, despite what you've read, it's reeeaaaly tight inside. I'm 6'4" and there's no way that I could comfortably drive the Sport for longer than 15 minutes at a time. Advise: Taller drivers should opt for the larger RR.

    All in all, very satified w/ my choice.

  • sam818sam818 Posts: 127
    The printed RR brochure for 2006 clearly states that the Supercharged is available with ALL paint trim color combinations (with the exclusive addition of the Grand Black wood trim) ...however the dealers "cheat sheet" appears to limit the choice....what is the bottom line?
    I'm really trying to order a (regular or supercharged) Chawton White with Ivory leather and Aspen piping/carpet with Cherry Trim.
    While the brochure clearly indicates this is possible, the dealer believes walnut is the only option for the normally aspirated and the ivory/jet/cherry combo for Supercharged.
    Is the brochure just incorrect?
    BTW.. has anyone else noticed that the leather has been deleted from the overhead grab handles on the 2006 luxury package?
  • chivas43chivas43 Posts: 1
    I just took delivery of a 2006 range rover supecharged black/Ivory. I have the dvd in the rear headrests. I would love for it to work in the front screen too. It seems that there is a way to make it work. Does anyone have information on this?
  • meldomeldo Posts: 1
    I will be buying a new 2006 HSE in Black this week, could anyone give me an idea of what sort of discount I should try to shoot for?

    The 2005 models have been selling real cheap but how has the 2006 model being going?

  • sam818sam818 Posts: 127
    In Europe there is a TV (broadcast) option which works on the front screen when the car is in park.
    For some reason, feature is deleted in the U.S., however it is likely that a savvy tech. could bypass this circuit to allow access.
    Try a google for any RR owners web site and post the question.
    I've noticed that BMW, VW and Mercedes also disable the TV feature on U.S. export models.
  • teamyonexteamyonex Posts: 42
    I bought the '05 at 1% over invoice. Ford announced their "Employee Discount" program today to match GM... I wonder if it will apply to all Ford branches. I'd start right at invoice given the economic times surrounding thirsty SUVs.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Full screen DVD playback to the front touchscreen should only be allowed when the RR is not in motion, for both safety and regional legal reasons. (Well, at least I think it allowed it; I didn't focus on the DVD system while test driving.) There is no "hack" for this or the Navigation controls currently, and I wouldn't expect an easy one due to the severe integration.
  • I am considering purchasing an 06 RR HSE. I will be doing a fair amount of daily driving with this SUV and with gas approaching $3.00 a gallon, mileage is a thought? Can 06 owners share their experiences to date.
  • outriggeroutrigger Posts: 40
    I've had a 2003 for 2 years now, and have 23,000 miles on it. Around town, it gets between 12 -13 mpg. But at steady speed, it gets more than 20 mpg. That number has been repeated several times on trips we've taken. Very impressive! I think the 2006, even with a different engine and the 6 speed tranny, will get about the same mileage. Also, I didn't get that good mileage until I had put about 10,000 miles on the engine.
  • njwlognjwlog Posts: 8
    I am in the same predicament as you, shopping for an '06. I am having a tough enough time getting dealers to budge off of MSRP. I have also put feelers out on pricing on others boards and have got no responses, which suggests to me that people are "embarassed" that they are paying full MSRP.

    Any feedback that you can share would be appreciated.
  • docjwsdocjws Posts: 3
    As promised....been in my new RR '06 SC, black/black, for couple of weeks now and am very satisfied. Actually got the rear entertainment system and was told the sirius radio was not yet available. A little disappointed with that "little story", but I guess they have to sell when a buyer is ready. Will wait for a kit, that I am sure will eventually come. The car however is all that it was said to be: rich styling and responsive, a pleasure to drive. Hoping it's as reliable as that.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
  • dgidgi Posts: 1
    It's one of the option for $400. I just got my new RR'06 with Sirius radio installed. I loved it.
    However, my brand new SonyEricson 710 with bluetouth is not working with the car.
  • docjwsdocjws Posts: 3
    I have a Treo 650 and it's working very well with my RR bluetooth. Ironically, I have had problems with most bluetooth earpieces, confirming the obvious -- lots of quirks with new technology. I understand that some phones will not pair with the the RR bluetooth and unfortunately you may have just that phone. You may want to look at using the integrated phone option; less expensive than buying a new bluetoooth and more reliable. You would also more options available to you.

    I guess I'll just have to wait on the Sirius radio "kit" option.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    docjws, no dealer "kit" is planned for Sirius according to Land Rover... it's factory only on RR & RRS. (And for some stupid reason, it isn't even offered on LR3 though it has the same head unit as the RRS!) Send Land Rover feedback if you care. Of course, you can always get a non-Touchscreen integrated non-OEM Sirius kit installed.
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