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Land Rover Range Rover



  • khlkhl Posts: 9
    No, sorry. Don't know how to over-ride nav system to enter data while driving. But was told that certain wiring was not included to permit viewing of video on front nav screen while vehicle is parked or stopped and that this feature works in the UK. Was told it was due to US requirements here, but that's bogus since Lexus allows DVD video to display on nav screen when vehicle is parked.
  • yrbenderyrbender Posts: 25
    Has anyone added the after market third seat to a rr? Dealer said can order but wont install or warrant. I am a little suspicious and will be having a child in the third seat so want to get it right. Any info would be most helpful.
    PS have 4 kids wife is not happy family cant fit.HELP!
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    Overfinch I think is the supplier of the third row seat for the Range Rover. Honestly I have seen the third row seat that overfinch installs and I would not put my kids back there. It does not look safe at all.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    I think you will guys will find this amusing.
  • yrbenderyrbender Posts: 25
    Thanks for the info. I felt the same way after viewing it online. We used to battle to lay in the very back of our parents stations wagon. But, times have changed.
  • I have a 2006 RR HSE....I have taken it to sound shops and they can't figure out a way to wire my ipod into my sound system....CAN ANYONE HELP with this?? I don't want to use something that plugs into my lighter....seems to be too much static....I'm looking for better quality and wonder if anyone out there has experience with this?????? Thanks from Lauderdale
  • djt21djt21 Posts: 13
    Can anyone confirm that the front diff's on 03-05 models had an inherent design flaw. I've heard that in 06 Ford (silently) redesigned the front diff. with a flexible coupling. Supposedly 03-05 front diff's. were failing at approx. 20,000 mile intervals.
  • sam818sam818 Posts: 127
    Any inside information as to the modifications on the redesigned tailgate latch on the 2007 RR ?

    It seems like a natural for a power close feature, but even a soft-close latch would be a big improvement.
  • pfolkpfolk Posts: 70
    The British auto press has reported that the new TDV8 will also be offered in the RR Sport in '07. Any word yet on whether it will also appear in North America?
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    Ehh I don't know yet. I don't expect a power close feature as Land Rover is worried about motors being shorted out when fording water.

    No TDV8 anytime soon. Probably not till the end of the decade. The next Gen F150 is supposed to have a 6 cylinder version of the TDV8 going in the european Range Rovers if that is the case the Range Rover might get the engine sooner.
  • The RR ICE system is made by Alpine, but has been modified (of course). I remember reading about it on the LR3 forum about Alpine announcing at the last CeBit that they were releasing a native iPod connector the current generation Land Rovers...

    DVD Nav is by Denso, sound system by Alpine using their MOST entertainment network technology (sometimes referred to as M-Bus). It's a pretty good system, but right now details on adding aftermarket stuff to it is sparse... if you have a good installer locally that does a lot of Alpine business, ask them to have their sales Rep make some inquiries for you...

    Try these two links:

    Link #1

    Link #2

    That may help point you in the right direction... I also did a google search for "Land Rover Alpine iPod MOST" and came up with some after market stuff - give that a try...

    The first link above has a link in it pointing to a CNET article that shows an iPod hookup for Land Rovers...


  • Does anyone know when the 07's will be available in North America?
  • It will vary by dealer when they can get them - I was told if I wanted one, and ordered it this week, I would have it by December... but that was custom order for some exotic stuff I wanted in mine... try asking your dealer...

  • Any ideas on my 2006 RR HSE... Seats way too firm... Almost rock hard on longer drives...

    Memory foam??? seat covers?????
  • Do you have standard seats or LUX seats???

    LUX seats should be slightly softer and offer more adjustments to get the seat just right for your back.

    Even without the LUX seats you have tons of lumbar adjustment. I would try playing around with that some and seeing if you can get things right.

    If that doesn't work then probably some kind of memory foam.
  • Thanks. Cant wait to try it!
  • I have 05 RR with only 28k miles on it and the BRAKE light lit up on the dash. Dealer told me that I need to replace the brake pads, about $650. Is this normal for RR? I had BMWs before include X5 and brake pads were good for 40K and beyond. I do realize that RR is much heavier. How about the price? Can I have my mechanic in a local shop to do it for half of the price, even though IT IS a leased car? Thanks for any input.
  • Yes unfortunately it is normal. I replaced the brakes on my '05 with 17k miles. I drive in a lot of stop and go traffic in the Atlanta area. $650 is about how much I paid for my brakes. With all due respect, for the life of me I can not understand why you would pay $80k for a Range and then take it to a local shop to save ~$300. Spend the $650 and move on.
  • A version of the Range Rover diesel V8 avaliable in Europe will go in the F-150 in 2009. I am pretty sure that means Land Rovers will get that diesel engine as well.

    Diesel in F-150
  • pfolkpfolk Posts: 70
    And the reason it should take so @#@#@ long to get here is?????

    Low sulfur diesel is available now and Land Rover already has the transmission and drive train figured out. Another lost opportunity to capitalize on changing consumer wants and needs!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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  • I am considering buying a Range Rover S/C and will want to put some proper tires on it. I have had very good luck with the BFG AT/KO in the past. If my info is correct the S/C comes with 255/55 20's. The closest BFG tire is a 285/55/20. Is that size going to work, or is it too big? Does anyone know of any other "real" all terrain tires that will fit on a '06 or '07 RR S/C. If worse come to worse I guess I could switch to the regular RR's 19" wheel, or will that interfere with the larger brakes on the S/C ???
  • the 19 inch wheels from the Range Rover HSE will fit fine around the brembos. I know several people who have done this. You just need to buy the 19 inch wheel lug nut as they are different then the 20 inch wheel lug nuts.
  • dandrews1dandrews1 Posts: 184
    Not sure why you would want 20" offroad tyres?

    I have the 19" tires, and am thinking of going to a 16" steel rim with a high profile tyre for offroad use.

    I was under the impression that when you have tyres that large, you limit your ability to deflate the tyre, and the mag rim is seriously exposed to rock damage.

    I never really thought about it but would there be issues putting a smaller rim on with the discs?

  • omg, those are some amazing videos!!!

    just another reason....british rover, you're in sales for Land Rover aren't you? Do you guys ever promote the tax break for small business owners? I just found out about that through the site and was blown away

    Big tax break and a cool yet capable SUV is an unbeatable combo, I sent those youtube links to tons of people
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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    Land Rover
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

    tidester, host
  • I have a 06 Range Rover, and a Blackberry Pearl. I am not able to connect via bluetooth to my RR.
    Recently I loaned a 07 LR3 and I could connect. I then tried other cell phones and not one came up with "LAND ROVER" while seaching in my car.
    Is there a problem, is it possible that I have no bluetooth signal in my RR? Any thoughts on how to activate it in the RR?
  • mrtoad3mrtoad3 Posts: 68
    Can anyone direct me to the manufacturer that can supply winter (snow) tires for my '05 RR with 255/55/19's? I don't want to go as far as Goodyear MT/R's but the other options I found are not going to cut it in deep snow.
    Any suggestions? Help.

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