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MG Motor Explores New Sports Car, Return to U.S. Market

Edmunds.comEdmunds.com Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 10,315
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    kokomojoekokomojoe Member Posts: 150
    Looks like a Mini Cooper to me.
    China has yet to come up with their own styling or designs
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    davidknowlesdavidknowles Member Posts: 2
    The idea of a new MG sports car is an obvious one that would surely build the credibility of the marque and enhance the viability of a return to the USA. Look at MINI who showed their rather neat little Superleggera MINI Roadster concept last week - they are not doing that purely for show. I see that the old shibboleth about avoiding conflict with the Mazda MX-5 has been regurgitated, last used around 1989 when Rover Group decided to make their MGF mid-engined. There is a good reason why Mazda (and BMW, Jaguar and soon Alfa Romeo) stick to Front/Mid engine rear wheel drive - it is the right formula for a small sports car. SAIC may choose to emulate the MGF for a 'new Midget' but my advice for what is is worth would be to stick to the winning formula.
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    davidknowlesdavidknowles Member Posts: 2
    "Sports-car proposals will likely include a traditional MGB-MX-5 roadster, although the company may conclude that Mazda has this market sewn up, according to a well-placed source."

    If true, then that would be a case of the new management repeating the bad advice of history, then. Mazda made the MX-5 the way it is because it is the best solution, despite the costs.
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