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Toyota Tacoma vs. Ford Ranger, Part XII



  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    The TSB list for Liberty looks long and not very promising, but you're driving it, not me.
    I've seen one of them on the trail, it's not bad.
    I can honestly say that my Tacoma was the most perfect vehicle I've ever purchased: prior to it I had 2 used cars, and now, with 16K miles, it's still running like new.
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    Did you get the optional grocery bag racks for the back? Dude, how can you even begin to compare it to the rest of the vehicles you have had when you just purchased it? I hope just as much as you that it lasts forever and that it serves you well, but honestly did your Ranger not seem as tight when you drove it off the lot? If it didn't, how have you been defending it all this time. Honestly, though, man, many congrats! I know new vehicles are totally awesome, and I know as well as you that its pretty darn capable off road. Im sure you'll have fun with it. Have a good one. Just for the sake of saying it, everything is just as tight on my tacoma as the day I test drove it, and from here on out, that is what I will expect from a vehicle.
  • frey44frey44 Posts: 230
    What do you do for a living ?
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    i know the tsb list is long, but i researched that quite a bit before i bought. i found out that most of the problems the liberty have are mostly on the earlier built vehicles. like the dripping a/c on the inside carpet and tranny problems. it did come with the 7/70K mile powertrain warranty which covers the crucial stuff. a $100 deductible does apply though. and yes, it is more solid than my ranger as the day i drove it home. this has coil suspension and seems to drive nicer over bumps. of course it still has the standard 215 series goodyear street wranglers on it too. might be different when the LT rated BFG's go on today. i am a truck man sad, it's just that when you have a family, you can't always get what you want. the tacoma dc is way too expensive for me, and the rest of the pack just don't satisfy me enough to buy. had ranger made a crew cab, id probably buy one. but i do love this liberty. it's quicker than my ranger even. and yes, i did use the grocery bag hooks saturday night. quite handy if i do say so myself. keeps your groceries from going all over on the way home from the market. you do go to the markey don't you? lol. it's been fun.

    ps. i did get a NON lowered liberty. chrysler started lowering them an inch from the factory after a bad article thrashed them for rolling. the lowered ones say 4x4 on the back hatch, mine says it on the rear quarter. nhtsa gives it a good roll-over rating, or just as comparable to many other suv's. it doesn't feel any more tipsy than my previous explorer. did i mention this thing barely stickered over $22K? auto, power everything, keyless entry, cd.
  • Hope you enjoy it and hopefully you'll let us know how it goes.
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    i get my new BFG's installed today, they look cool as heck....and then later at home upon closer inspection when i get ready to wash the rig, i notice a spot on the sidewalls. i had the blackwalls put on the outside and i get down to look and i see "BLEM" stamped into the tire (all five) with a big burn mark where evidently the installer at the tire shop tried to burn it out so i wouldn't see. i was ragin' big time. i call the shop and the owner isn't in. supposed to call me back this morning.

    thx stang. ill keep you updated.
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    I am glad to hear that you were putting the black sides out. Much better looking in my opinion, and no one does it.
  • What in the world is wrong with people? Always trying to make extra money. Greedy ba$%@rds!


    Hope you rip them BIG time!
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Nothing changes in this room.
    Obi, I have a 1998 Ranger with about 70,000 trouble free miles on it, and had a 93 Ranger with about 106,000 trouble free miles on it.. I have been in this chat room since 1998 when I purchased my Ranger. I never heard the end of it from the Toyota crowd, "its junk", "unreliable" yada, yada, yada... I paid 19,600 for this truck, loaded 4x4, stepside supercab.. Noway could I even touch a Tacoma for under 22K with the same options. So your resale better be higher, Toyota owners pay more.. How do you think Toyota just made record profits?? Hello....
    I was going to sell this truck, but have decided to keep it. I now own a Honda Accord, Ford Escape and a Ford Ranger. The Accord has been in the shop 3x since 2000, Escape 0, Ford 0.. Please, someone explain to me how this has happened???
  • allknowingallknowing Posts: 866
    I guess it makes sense not to spend money on junk like the Escape and the Ranger. The Accord is the only vehicle you own with any resale value and worth keeping up.:)
  • allknowingallknowing Posts: 866
    Another point that I noticed, Scape cuts Toyota for producing less Tacomas that Rangers etc., but admits that Toyota made a record profit. Ford is currently in the red so I guess Ford could learn a thing or two from Toyota.
  • I think that the Liberty is a funny looking little rig and from what I've been told it is marketed toward women. Well, I hope you enjoy your ride. I would never trade a pick up truck for that miniature jeep. How do you plan to haul snow machines, four wheelers, lumber, etc. I guess we know who really uses their trucks on this web site.

    Take care and I'll see you in the woods playing with toys for the big boys..........Steelman.
  • lariat1lariat1 Posts: 461
    Funny you should mention the lack of haul, the last time time I checked the Liberty had more Hp, more torque, and can tow the same amount as a Tacoma.
  • Some people are desparate, are they not?

    I can hear the dueling banjo's now! :)
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    put your money where your mouth is. i personally invite you to a duel with my "woman vehicle" off-road. i hate to tell you this, but the liberty is probably more maneuverable off-road than your taco could ever be. it has shorter front and rear overhangs, 8 full inches of wheel travel front and rear, wider track, and it will turn on half a dime. not to mention what's already been pointed out to you like more power, torque, a real transfer case, dana axles, etc.

    im not saying it's better off-road, i dont know. i haven't taken it off-road my man. but reading and viewing the actual videos of the liberty on jeeps site taken by car and driver, there isn't many places a liberty can't go. and these videos were taken with the crappy oem "all terrain" tires. i traded mine in on some BFG all-terrains. again, lets go see just how female oriented a liberty is. you make me laugh. it's easy to see whose jealous around here.

    ps. true "snowmachiners" call their "snowmachines" snowmobiles- what the manufacturers call them. snowmachines make snow. don't have a four-wheeler. just got a new harley. don't need lumber, just bought a new house. plus, with my seats folded down, i have more room than a DC bed. one more thing, i hate to say it, but my jeep's a-arms are cast iron. they're not off a camry. sorry guys. but it's true. also, the liberty is actually larger, and wider than the cherokee it replaces. so to call it a "mini jeep" just shows how far you're reaching, not to mention your ignorance.

    you always say something to the effect of "ill see you in the brush or in the trails". well, the trails you're driving on were probably made by a jeep. and chances are, the trails that YOU so call "trails", are probably a lot deeper than you'll ever know. ever heard of rubicon?
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Rubicon was not made famous by Liberty. A bunch of TTORA guys went there just over a couple of weeks ago. Looks like they had a blast and held their ground.
    Just because it bears a name Jeep does not automatically mean it's the best thing since sliced bread. I've seen Liberty offroad. We had a guy tag along with us one one of the runs. He had a 3" susp lift on, dinky stock tires. He went through a 2-foot step (after stacking 1 foot worth of rocks), tore off the entire corner of his plastic bumper and busted the windshield washer fluid reservour while doing it. He just didn't care....that bumper sure looked like it was made of weak plastic. I've seen Tacos bust up their bumpers: ours hold up.

    It is a mini jeep: it's an SUV that is designed to appeal to middle class' needs like grocery getting, soccer-team hauling with great ride comfort and numerous luxury features, while giving people the magic "4x4". Jeep Wrangler you could take places, bang the hell out of it, and then go some more places, and you wouldn't care. Liberty is this thing you buy to keep up with the Joneses to make it look like you offroad. Of course, needless to say that you can't lift it any, because it will look REALLY ridiculous (not to mention dangerous, given its' short wheelbase, tipping over forward or backwards is a piece of cake), you'd be stuck with 30x9.5xR15 tires. It may come from a family of offroaders, but that don't make it one.
  • Ya, what he said.

    I'll see you in those hard to reach (and currently very dusty) places in the heart of the great north woods.........Steelman.
  • I guess if it is not the ultimate off-roading mini truck, it's not worth mentioning. Sure, they may not appeal to you, but practically speaking it will appeal to others. Maybe you will change your tune when you settle down with a woman, and raise a family.

    The liberty is in the same niche as the Escape (and Tribute). It's not designed to be an off-roading machine, it's designed to fill the niche of people wanting an SUV, but nothing too big or impractical, or pigeon holed into being a land boat, or minivan. The Liberty is better suited for everyday driving, instead of those occasional off-road romps. It is also in a price range not offered by Toyota. The closest offering? The Rav4, while pales in comparison to the Liberty.

    Think outside your box.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    can "offroad" just as well if not better than your beloved Tacoma's. With the shorter wheelbase they can climb better and have a better angle of departure than the Tacoma. I even believe the liberty has a better angle of incline than the Tacoma. I have seen these little utes in action and don't put these down.
    This locker you guys speak so highly of is very limited in where/when it can be used. Toyota has marketed this very well. Most of this is purely for show and macho image. The fact is most of you would not take your $22-24,000 TRD 4x4 V6 automatics into areas where a locker will get its full use. We have been through all this 1000 times.. And, the locker is an OPEN axle when not engaged. This doesn't help you tow anything nor offroad.
    Funny too, same old story with Rangers not able to offroad.. I have taken my 1998 4x4 Ranger into the MT national forest, Tillamook National Forest and MT ST Helens area to the Deserts of Central/Eastern Oregon.. Its done me just fine...
    By the way the resale on my Honda is not that great.. Paid 17K, only worth 13-14K tops now...???
  • frey44frey44 Posts: 230
    It even LOOKS feminine. Maybe the German company should put out a limited edition pink version....
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    i think that most of you are stereotyping the liberty very badly. yes it's competitors are the escape, and the.......escape. but just cuz it's a mini suv doesn't mean it isn't "built". look at the thing. dana axles, full skidplates, off-road pkg., locking rear, water deflector on the air intake enabling it to ford water up to it's hood, real tow hooks front and rear, a full spare. the liberty is a mini suv yes, but it is also, imo, a very useable wrangler type vehicle. no it isn't as capable off-road as the wrangler, but it's not far behind. i think some of you should read a few articles. i can say that my liberty is more solid than any vehicle ive been in. the body panels are thick and the doors are bolted on by huge mounts, and not glued. here are some articles just to help you all see it also is a real contender off-road.
    scorpio, i don't know what article you read, but liberty isn't known for it's "great ride", as it has a live axle back there with an off-road suspension. please educate yourself before you blanket the liberty into vue, escape, rav4, etc. territory.

    take this for what it's worth, but all of them note liberty's off-road worthiness.(due to edmunds 115 character rule, i couldn't post all links, but just type in "jeep liberty off-road" in your search machine and you can read all day on how good the liberty is off-road) i can't believe you true off-road guys don't recognize true off-road potentiality when you see it. low front and rear overhangs are the start. high ground clearance is good too. power and torque are a must. dana axles are very important. water fording capability very necessary. i could go on. the liberty has all of this, but you all still fail to accept that it is an off-road machine. i think i see some denial in tacoma land. oh, did i mention liberty got five stars in crash tests from NHTSA? stop being so ignorant guys.
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    frey- since when did DC become a german company. my jeep was built in toledo, ohio.

    if you want to talk about "SISSY VEHICLES", you better start looking at your tacoma if you even have one. comparing liberty to tacoma, the taco has pint sized a-arms compared to liberty's cast iron offerings. your little tacoma is down 20 horse and 15 lb/ft of torque compared to the liberty V6. liberty has Dana axles compared to your "corporate [non-permissible content removed]" no name axles that i know, never have problems. and comparing tacoma's tin can skidplates to liberty's solid steel mounts just shows where toyota shaves production dollars. i could go on and on, but it's a lost cause. because trying to educate someone like yourself who is so caught up in the "i own a toyota and now im god" thing is a lost cause. hope you document each oil change on that toyota.
  • daveghhdaveghh Posts: 495

    Too bad the Liberties ground clearence is insignificant compared to the Tacoma. No comparision there!
  • I do remember the ground clearance of the liberty is 9.6 inches to Tacoma's 10 inches. Big difference there.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Liberty has a long way to prove itself as a "worthy" vehicle to bear Jeep mark. That's all there's to it.

    And Liberty got less than average (M overall) crash test from IIHS. I wouldn't get too crazy about V6 numbers......bigger engines, but more specifically, newer engines, designed by DC while having competitors' numbers on hand. Hows your gas milage, btw? Every review I read says it sucks.
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    don't hate on this guy's new ride. That's just mean and disrespectful. Tbunder just got what he needed - point, blank, period. Try to be happy for him. He obviously had his family in mind with the purchase, and sometimes thats the way it has to be.
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