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Toyota Tacoma vs. Ford Ranger, Part XII



  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    Thanks for the apology.

    I don't actually recall the gas mileage I got on my '99 Tacoma, but it was never over 20. I will also freely admit to having a lead foot, which doesn't help gas mileage, but I sure like surprising some of those "sporty" cars when the lights turns green.

    BTW- we also have a 2001 Expedition that we've had for 19 months and 18K miles. No problems with it either.
  • On a Ranger, why don't you wait until 85,000 and then tell us how it is.

    Toyota = No problems in 85,000 miles
    Ranger = No problems in 8,500 miles

    I kill me!
  • I have one of each.

    1988 Ranger - 161,000 miles. Total repairs = radiator, water pump, transmission seal.

    2001 Tacoma - 20,000 miles. No repairs.

    I will drive the Ranger over the Taco everytime if it's available because it's more comfortable, more powerful, better A/C, rides better, handles better and fits the driver better. Everybody else does too, which is why it's always out.

    The Taco is reliable, no question, but so is the Ranger, and it's a hellova nicer truck.

    Anybody who doesn't like Fords, just hasn't owned a Ranger. IMHO
  • bessbess Posts: 972
    89' Ranger: 220,000 miles. Total repairs: water pump (early in life at 85K miles), clutch (210k miles), fuel pressure regulator (185k miles), A/C (195k miles).

    I out grew the Ranger and my father is now using it as a daily driver.. My current truck is an F250 SuperDuty.. (dang, one problem.. Idle Air Control at 31k miles), currently has 45k miles on it..
    So, I guess my SuperDuty isn't quite as good as the Ranger I had (because of the IAC fixed under warranty), but is definately not a problem or unreliable vehilce.
  • frey44frey44 Posts: 230
    German Chrysler is coming out with a new Bably Blue and Penelope Pink version this fall. It will be a hit with the Lady Liberty crowd. Women love this Jeep !! It looks EFFEMINATE !!
    Too bad Yankees don't design Jeeps anymore. Now, the Germans do it....
  • think frey44 is a female. (s)he's into this sissy jeep thing. either way, this "sissy jeep" still managed to get second in four-wheeler's four wheeler of the year competition. beaten only by it's bigger 'sister'? the GC which cost more than double the libs price. you think this polsen dude is onto some sensible thinking? shorter overhangs, shorter wheelbase.....
    pluto- funny how you failed to mention the wrangler tied the tacoma-- and what's this? it wasn't even locked? a non-locked vehicle tying a locked tacoma? now that isn't quite fair is it? oh yeah, in your eyes it probably is. you'd have to be a liberal thinker to live down there, eh?

    sad- ill be waiting. seriously. no hard feelings. go look at a liberty and just open the door and climb inside. listen to the solid clunk the doors make when closed. it's a little sherman tank. you'll see what i mean. heck, drive one. for $20G's, you can have yourself a base model with the 210 horse power monger V6, a/c, 5-spd, 4wd, and a real transfer case with direct connection. a no brainer for me when comparing your 2wd to this. add some real tires and call it a day. just my opinions though.
  • i was hoping DC would offer baby blue for '03 (before i found out all about the factory lowering and found a holdover 2002 for nothing). it is actually my favorite blue color. my mercury is portofino blue, which is baby blue in pastelle. and my '97 ZR2 reg. cab was bright stellar blue metallic, also baby blue. sadly, factories don't offer this color much anymore. i think someone said it's hard to color match when painting is required.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,768
    Time to stop trying to antagonize each other in this topic, OK? I've been trying to let you sort it out without stomping on it, but you're getting close to leaving me no other option. Everyone understands who does or doesn't like certain brands of trucks. There are no points left to score, no minds that you're going to change.

    Time to tone it down a bit and move on

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  • eagle63eagle63 Posts: 599
    I don't think you'll find many taco owners who won't admit that the Wrangler is a better off-roader. If hard-core crawling is what you're into, the Wrangler can't be beat.
    However, the wrangler is really a purpose-built vehicle. It doesn't have nearly the versatility that the Tacoma (or any other compact pickup) has.
  • I actually saw a Liberty up close last night for the first time. It was a nice green color. I actually think it may be growing on me. Although I won't ever believe it is as good off roading as a wrangler, it does look like a nice mini-SUV for those who cannot afford (or don't really want) one of the bigger SUV's.

    Hope to see you all in the playground that is my back yard...............Steelman.
  • If so, sure they'll out wheel a Taco offroad - good luck trying to find someone to argue that point. I can't see the point in spending that much money on something that is still a Jeep with its complete lack of road manners. Nice offroaders, though, w/o a doubt. Are the Rubicons a sure thing now?

    03 Tacos get std abs, no official word on the throttle by wire as of yet.
  • yes, the rubicon is a sure thing. i laid eyes on one that sat for exactly 2 hours at the jeep dealer here in DM before the proud owner drove off. it was truly an awesome vehicle. it has "serious off-roader" written all over it. they are only building 8000 Rubicons and for only one year. they will be even more sought after than those golden eagles that sat in garages since the early 80's. you know, the "dixie" in dukes of hazzard?
    truly an awesome vehicle. best looking jeep ever built imo.

    interestingly enough, the Rubicon comes stock with 245/75/16 tires. the same exact size stock off-road equipped rangers get. 30.7 inches tall, just like the 265/70/16 the tacoma gets, but just a little thiner. and it gets the new goodyear mt/r's. a wicked looking tire. i kind of wished i had got those instead of the BFG's, but logical thinking has cooled my jets of trading tires with less than 600 miles on them.
  • I really wish they had hung their b@!!s out and made a few more. I hardly think too many folks will be building them up as much of a collector's item they are. I bet they will all wind up being garagers for the die-hard and wealthy true Jeepers. I commend Jeep for going thru with them, though, and wish all other manufacturers would do the same.

    Not to stir up trouble, but a guy I know was visiting a friend of his that is a Toy dealership owner who showed him the cover of a brochure that talked about a new Tacoma TRD 2. He wouldn't let him open it, but the cover said 32" tires, larger fuel cell, f/r lockers, and 3" more travel and more gc. Oh man this could be cool, but I seriously doubt its seriousness.

    The mtr's are a great looking tire. That seems to be the biggest thing going now in the off road rubber dept. now. Even though you will certainly laugh about this, I am thinking of getting a set when I replace the BFG MTs for winter tires. I have to have mud tires and I have yet to get stuck while I am the only 2x that parks at the particular deer camp. I go thru lots more than my dad's Z71 with stock ATs.
  • Doesn't the Tacoma regular cab have the shorter wheelbase ? 103.3" vs 104.3 ?
    tighter turning circle 34.4 vs 35.9
    Less Width 66.5" vs 71.1"

    I'd go with the Rubicon Wrangler 8o) NOT .....
  • eagle63eagle63 Posts: 599
    On the side of a TJ last night, it said "Toyota Recovery Team." I had to laugh, despite being a toyota fan.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    decals: TTORA guys have "Official Jeep Recovery Vehicles" decals, seen them? Seems that both camps are competing with who can recover most :)

    short wheelbase: Yes there is one....and I totally forgot about it. So there goes the "I'll do a zero point turn where Tacoma needs a 3-point turn" tbunders' arg, at least for regcabs. The trouble, of course, is that RCs don't have a V6, nor they need one, since RC Tacoma is not an SUV but a truck in its' best.
  • you actually consider this vehicle a truck? ok, it does (may?) have a transfer case, but that's about it. oh yes, a bed, let's not forget the bench seat, 28" tall tires, and 2" by 2" rear window. got those on me. i wonder how many jeeps RC toyotas have recovered with their puny I-4 sludge offering. you've got to be kidding. and lets not forget, that to recover anything with a toyota would require the owner buying some towhooks as toyota doesn't even offer them on their big and bad off-roader from the factory. ROFLMAO

    comparing a jeep to any toyota is laughable. that's like comparing a 5.0 mustang to a V6'd stratus. the jeep scene is above and beyond what the toyota scene will ever be. heck, the liberty has more aftermarket parts available for it than the tacoma already. that's pretty sad. companies know people will buy the jeeps and actually take them off-road. tacoma owners haul coolers down to the beach and complain about the coolers denting their beds. i guess if i came up with an SMC composite bed for the tacoma i may have something, eh? stil lmao.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    You must be thinking of your old Ranger.
    Tacoma RC 4x4, with SAME tires (31s) as other Taco 4x4s. Yes, it has a bench seat....what good are buckets in a single-cab truck?
    2.4L I4 that is offered in 4x2 model is bulletproof.
    2.7L I4 in the 4x4 version is bulletproof too, has not had any sludge problems, and has been around for a long time. Making things up again, aren't we, bundy? By the way, I'm still waiting for all those busted up pencil-thin A-arm cases. Show me some proof.
    If you want to badmouth regCabs, prove it. Go to TTORA boards and issue a challenge to Iowa members with regcabs (or someone nearby) in your Liberty.
    Then we'll see.

    What are the aftermarket parts you speak of?
    Poozer roofrack? Pretty lights? Extra-strength grocery bag hooks? Lip-stick holder?
  • *I wonder how many Jeeps RC Toyotas have recovered..................

    I wonder how many more of our offroad vacation tripswill be ruined because
    we have to spend 3 days of the trip helping some rockstacking mallrunner back to
    the trail head !! 8o)
    No tow hooks ! ? guess we'll have to put the wench cable around the cab !!

    *Comparing a Jeep to any Toyota is laughable.

    Oh Really ! I've seen some very nice FJ's on the trail ?
  • My wimpy 2x has towhooks.

    More aftermarket parts for the Liberty? OMG, prove that. I am looking at under liberty suspension products they sell. The ONLY thing there is airbags. Then under "performance upgrades", the only thing there is K&N stuff. Brake upgrades -- colored brake calipers. LMFAO.

    Wasn't it your link where a guy said "Karen and Tim have been L.O.S.T. members from the beginning. They have a 15.75" LLL after thier Lift and Tires. They used a 1.5" internal puc with a .5" on top spacer in the front and a 2.5" puc in the rear. They have recently added some 265/75/16 Goodyear MTRs and have ARB Air Lockers front and rear. This is about as good a setup as you can have at the moment!"

    Read that last sentence. I guess your favorite website just told a lie, huh?
  • I suspect that tbunder won't have his ladies jeep too long. His ego is already noticably shaken.
  • a "Ken & Barbie" Jeep. In all fairness, though, my little sister does like those cute-utes.
  • frey44frey44 Posts: 230
    The Liberty was designed primarily by Daimler german egineers for American soccer moms. It was never intended for serious offroading. It is being marketed to those who want to go to the grocery store in the freezing rain, in New England. Steer clear of the Liberty if you are an offroader, unless you want to get the wrong kind of looks. Order one in Delicious Pink or Luscious Lavender...
  • eagle63eagle63 Posts: 599
    Hummer H2 in Tbunder's near future.
  • bessbess Posts: 972
    I've seen the new Hummer.. To me it wasn't a real hummer.. But just a pickup truck with a hummer body.. No 4 wheel independant suspension, narrower, lower ground clearance etc..

    The main appeal to me was the fact that it had that military look and utility to it. (however military folks don't use them to get groceries).

    All that said, if I was given either one, no doubt I'd take it in a second and love it.

    plus, if you listen to some on this board, the Tacoma is a better off-road vehicle than the Hummer..
    My thought is if you took the Ranger or Tacoma, and spent and additional 15k on it to customize to the specific type of 'off roading' your interested in, (off road racing, rock crawling, mud bogs) you'd end up with a far better vehicle and still be cheaper than the Hummer.
  • same old stuff. although i must admit my mouth was watering from the new shots they have up on their site. at least it looks like they're pounding the little thing. reminds me of my ZR2 days.
  • eagle63eagle63 Posts: 599
    absolutely. the H2 is just a Suburban with a different body style.
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