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Toyota Tacoma vs. Ford Ranger, Part XII



  • lariat1lariat1 Posts: 461
    First off, Pluto, if you notice that as you move your cursor around the screen it turns into a hand when you place it over a username, well when you click on the username some useful information pops up. If you look at both my profile and stangs you will notice that I live about 5000 miles from him and I do not own a Ford I own a Dodge. Second have you found out what a "boxer" engine is. Lastly I never said nor did anybody else say that a V-6 is more balanced than a V-8 or inline cylinder configuration. I made an observation that V-6's with 60 deg banks are nicely balanced. For those that are having trouble comprehending that statement it means that the engine runs nice and smooth.
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    pluto- you're a fake. big time. you can get thrown into jail for stuff like that. edmunds, can you read? people can sue sites like this because of things like that-PLUTO!! but we wouldn't expect anything less from a minimum wage earner that can copy and paste like that. whew.

    secondly, i never said anything about my V6 being better balanced than any V8- you did. all i said was "who needs a V8 when you can have a balanced V6". iow, a V6, balanced, and more powerful than that old guys' V8 in his old jeep. stop making up things plutonium- you may explode.

    houdini- it doesn't surprise me that you see more intelligence in toyota guys' posts with posts like the one you just started out with. that was real intelligent. can you say plagiarize? that's what plutonium just did to try and make a point. and the all intelligent stang caught him red handed. im still rolling with laughter.

    sad- i await your arrival with saliva on both sides of my mouth. do you think you'll have a 4x4 by then? or will you play luke duke and just ride along with someone who does? lmao

    i can't stop laughing at you pluto. do they have textbooks down there in the mud? you may want to start reading one. doesn't matter what subject, just grab one and start reading. something may happen still.
  • Yes the V6's may have 10 or 20 HP over the stock AMC V8's found in older CJ's
    but I think we know who has more torque!
    The 401ci V8 in my CJ isn't stock. It probably makes
    around 250HP. It may be old but she's got the right stuff !
  • OK, so here's the record:

    1. **TBUNDY** suggests his V6 is better balanced than a V8
    2. I tell **TBUNDY otherwise
    3. lariat1 says I'm wrong
    4. I prove lariat1 wrong with proof from a website
    5. midnight_caballo resorts to "cut-paste-plagiarize" to soften the blow

    Do I need to remind you of what the acronym FORD stands for? Perfect example!!! No offense h0udini, you're an exception.
  • h0udinih0udini Posts: 118
    But I would still like an explanation, especially from the "all knowing stang" or "tbunder1," as to how a 90 degree V6 is better balanced than a V8. And I don't care if they cut, paste or plagiarize.

    As far as textbooks go, may I suggest "Grammar for Dummies" to tbunder1? I ought to cut and paste his messages, send them to Simpson along with a note admonishing them for what they let squeak through their cracks...
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    It's called "fair use". Yes, Pluto should have cited the reference, but there is no reason to jump up yelling "Edmunds! You are about to get sued!" make it sound like you have lost an arguement and say "Well, you're ugly!".
  • I never said, nor care, how a 90 degree v6 is, or is not, better balanced than a v8.

    Scorp->Yes Pluto should have cited the link, and given the author acknowledgment. What he did was, according to copyright laws, illegal. It especially looks bad when he tries to pass it off as his own creation. Even if he says he obtained the information through "research", that doesn't excuse it.

    And Finally, Tbunder said "who needs a V8 when you have a balanced V6 producing over 200 horses and lb/ft of torque?"

    You guys are making the extrapolation that a V6 exhibits better internal balance characteristics over a v8!

    Saddaddy-->Any update on your stang?
  • they'll throw in whatever distraction they can.

    I suppose now would be a bad time to inform **TBUNDY** the Tacoma has a "nicely balanced" 60 degree V6, while his Liberty has an unnaturally balanced 90 degree V6 with a power-robbing counter-rotating balance shaft.

    That's probably because the Liberty's V6 is build on the same assembly line as Jeep's V8 to cut costs. I suppose that's what **TBUNDY** was referring to when he said Jeep is using Mercedes' production techniques, LOL!
  • lariat1lariat1 Posts: 461
    "obviously you're living in the past. but the liberty has it all over any past cherokee. more power and torque is the first thing i can think of. who needs a V8 when you have a balanced V6 producing over 200 horses and lb/ft of torque?"

    That quote is directly from tbunds post that started all this. Now it does not take much over a 3rd grade education to understand the above statement.
    I could be wrong but from what I can tell there is no mention of a V-6 being balanced better than a V-8, it merely states that the V-6 in the Liberty is balanced (I think it is safe to assume it is balanced to reduce vibration.) and that the V-6 has sufficient power to outperform the engine available in the old Cherokee.
    Pluto, you say that you proved me wrong with your cut and paste info, now does it not state in the article that a counter rotating balance shaft is used to suppress the vibration? The last time I started a V-6 engine I did not notice any more vibration than a V-8 so I would definitely say it was nicely balanced.
    Have you figured out what a "boxer" engine is?
    Also since you dont like the V-6 because it is not "perfectly balanced" it is only logical that you do not own a V-6 Tacoma due to the excessive vibration from the unbalanced engine, either that you are very dissapointed in your choice of vehicle and secretly wish for a V-8.
  • h0udinih0udini Posts: 118
    everybody here should go to midnight_stang's post #1658. He posted copyrighted pictures of a Ranger from and didn't cite his source.

    Let's all stand back, take a deep breath, and watch the "all knowing" midnight_stang redirect his copyright babble upon himself...

  • nra1871nra1871 Posts: 26
    >my slider didn't leak at all. what year of ranger do you have? is it 4x4? what engine?

    Its not a slider, just a solid window. Not a 4x4, 3L pinging engine.

    >id really drive a new ranger before you buy any toyota. ford trucks are just over built compared to any tacoma. sit the two side by side. look at frame thickness, driveshaft thickness, axles, etc. the ford is just more heavy duty built and also has more power and torque.

    Most likely I'm getting a 4x4 tacoma with the 2.7 4. It's got the same hp (150hp vs 154 for the ranger) and torque (177lb/ft vs 180) as my 6, which isnt saying much for my engine.

    >check out a new FX4 Level II. that truck is bad [non-permissible content removed]. and now that toyota is using its same torsen lsd, im sure it's okay now.

    At this point Im not concerned about looking bad [non-permissible content removed], I want reliability, something to take me into the woods when I go hunting and fishing, and to haul "stuff" around when I need to. And Id personally rather have a locker I can engage when I want to.
  • Actually, that image is from a truck (or lorrie) for sale, and is not intellectual property of anything. If I take a picture of a ranger, Ford can't sue me.

    Notice the subdirectory, USERIMAGES? Have a nice day.
  • OK, let me PARAPHRASE what the website is saying:

    A cross-plane V8 suffers a small degree of end-to-end vibration. It simply uses counter-balances to eliminate the vibration.

    A flat-plane V8 is perfectly balanced. It does not suffer from end-to-end vibration.

    ALL V6s suffer from end-to-end vibration. A 60 degree V6 suffers from this problem, but not to the extent a 90 degree V6 does. The 90 degree V6 requires a balancing shaft to eliminate the vibration, but at the expense of more inertial resistance.

    With that in mind, would it be logical for somebody with their 90 degree V6 to say "who needs a V8 when you have a balanced V6..."? If anything is better balanced, it's the V8, especially in this case.

    I like my Tacoma V6 very much, as I'm sure **TBUNDY** likes his Liberty. It just seems I have a little more automotive knowledge than **TBUNDY** and recognize engineering compromises, which is exactly what a V6 is.
  • The issue is not the balancing, it's that he's got plenty of power with the V6. That's the statement he made, You have made up the rest.
  • h0udinih0udini Posts: 118
    Please explain the picture from your post #1636 from

    HAVE THE LAWFUL OWNERS OF THESE IMAGES GIVEN YOU PERMISSION TO POST THEM HERE IN EDMUNDS? IF NOT YOU ARE VIOLATING COPYRIGHT LAWS. We can do this all night long. I assure you, I will find more copyright violations in your posts. I will be as persistent with you as you have been with plutonious.

    If abiding by copyright laws is as important to you as you have recently demonstrated, why did you not cite the sources of these pictures simply to avoid even the perception of any wrongdoing?

    In my best Cuba Gooding Jr voice..."Show me the copyright!"

    "If abiding by copyright laws is as important to you as you have recently demonstrated, why did you not cite the sources of these pictures simply to avoid even the perception of any wrongdoing?"

    Because any novice can right click on the image to find the source. In no way did I represent myself as having created these items. In no way are these items marked as intellectual property of the site I found them on. On none of these sites are there any legal memorandums stating "Do not link to our pictures".

    If you re-read my first post on the subject, I merely said to pluto that he should post links to the copyrighted material uses. I was trying to be more helpful than anything, but oh how you guys love to escalate!

    We can do this all night, I just ask that you show me proof of copyright infringement before you open your mouth again.

  • I love the third paragraph, it basically covers it all!
  • lariat1lariat1 Posts: 461
    When you were a kid did you eat ice cream dipped in paint chips?! I know this sounds difficult but in order to comprehend the meaning of a conversation you must listen (or read in this case) more than just one sentence. Let me help you out. What tbundy is saying is why would someone want a big V-8 that has 200 hp and 300lb-ft of torque ( those are estimates most older V-8's have been modified) when a V-6 is available that is is 1/2 the mass and has comparable power figures, gets better gas mileage and will run with very little vibration due to the engine being properly balanced by engineering the proper size balance shaft.

    In post #1756 you state that a V-8 "suffers a small degree of end-to-end vibration" and "simply uses counter-balances to eliminate the vibration."So you know that a V-8 is not perfectly balanced and someone must engineer counter weights to balance the engine, hmmmmm dont they have to do the same to a V-6? The only difference is on a V-6 the counter weights must be bigger. As a result of the processes involved in the manufacture of engines and engine parts it is logical to come to the conclusion that through the use of counter weights that a V-6 engine can be balanced to achieve vibration levels so close to those of a properly balanced V-8 that the difference cannot be felt only measured.
  • eagle63eagle63 Posts: 599
    that all v6's and v8's suck. Inline 4 cyclinders are the best there is and are the way of the future....
  • I didn't know **TBUNDY's** Liberty had 300 lb/ft of torque!

    I can't make it any simpler:

    ALL V6s have end to end vibration. Some vibrate so badly they need a balance shaft.

    Many V8s are perfectly balanced. Those that aren't only need counterweights to eliminate end to end vibration.

    Overall, V8s are regarded as being naturally balanced, while V6s are not. Many people do not like V6s for this reason.

    I think any engineering student would see the folly in making a balance comparison between a 90 degree V6 and a V8 the way **TBUNDY** did.
  • The problem with arguing with Idiots, is that they first bring you down to their level, and then beat you with experience.

    Pluto, for the sake of your own public image, please explain how Tbunder said his V6 is better balanced than any V8.
  • Pretty amusing what happened between you and h0udini, but I bet you won't be violating anymore copyright laws, huh?

    That must be embarassing, raising such a ruckus about copyright violations only to find you're guilty too. How does it feel?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 8,444
    Once again, we've gotten into this personal battle.

    We don't need to do this anymore.

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