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Dodge Neon SRT-4



  • jeaqnjeaqn Posts: 2
    i have a wobble n pulling in front end ...service said
    was low profile tires ..rotated tires still doing it

    the worst that when it gets cold shifter wont come out of park until car runs for 10 mins then it stiff to move...
    the dealer is jacking me around on these proublems
    because warrenty is all most up good luck to you
  • heuy wats up i have an 03 neon sxt i want to do a motor from that to a srt 4 tranny and motor can you help me ?
  • the 05's have 15 more horsepower and a new quaiff limited slip differential. That is why they are more expensive. Trust me that 15 does alot an dthe slip helps the power plant to the ground.
  • hey man i live down in kingsport, tennessee and ive been wanting an orange 2005 srt-4 and i was wondering if you could help me out with some good prices and rebates if there are any. any help would be appreciated. thanks
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    The poster may be able to tell you about rebates, prices in your area, or give you other general information, but just so there is no misunderstanding, let me remind you that buying and selling is not allowed in our Forums.
  • tareatarea Posts: 1
    I have been searching and searching for a 2005 SRT4 in the Oklahoma City/Metro area! CANNOT FIND ANY!!! I must buy it from a dealership! If you know of ANY please reply!!
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  • roc80roc80 Posts: 1
    Looking for some people who are game for some comp. On June third there is a speed challenge and car show (imports vs. domestic. for more info log on to
    WWW.WINGEDWARRIOR.NET Hope to see ya there
  • ytryytry Posts: 1
    I know this is kind of late buying a 2005 model, but
    I bought one. I traded in my 96 civic ex and bought 2005 commemorative edition srt4.
    I'm paying $409 for 60months.
    I like to know what other people have paid if they bought it recently.
  • chaterchater Posts: 1
    i have a 2004 srt4 and i have replaced the front axle shafts on both sides once and am dooing the left side for the second time now. anyone else have this same problem?
  • Dodge will screw you if you have them do any upgrades. They will void entite car warranty
  • yea do not try to modify , mopar and dodge will not honor warrany. they will void entire car warranty
  • dodge tried to blame clutch on me too, took to a private dealer, no clutch damage. also added stage 3 and it voided entire car warranty. stay away from dodge, lies and misleading. blame is abuse on all their repairs
  • hollyhhollyh Posts: 2
    I have a 02 dodge mine has always pulled and I got mine brand new Be careful because my car just caused me a wreck I put it in park and pulled the emergency brake up and turned off the ignition and it went rolling dragging me and my 6 year old son. I just don't think they are good cars
  • kamakazekamakaze Posts: 1
    I Own A Towing Company In Louisiana And I Towed In A SRT-4 Back In Dec. Of '06 The Jack-Azz That Owns It Has Let It Sit There Since. When It First Came In It Ran Great As Far As Sitting There Reving It Up (I Never Took It On The Road) But I Haven't Started SInce About The Beginning Of Jan. '07 Well Now I Am Very Close To Getting The Title On It And It Becoming Mine, So I Cranked It Up About 2 Weeks Ago And When I Went To Give It Gas The Boost Gauge Would Get To Zero And Then The Motor Would Fall On Its Face I Don't Know If It's From Sitting Up And It Will Run Better After Time Or If The Turbo Is Messed Up I Would Greatly Appreciate Any Help This WOuld Be My First Turbo Car So I Don't Know Much At All About Them Thanks In Advance
  • 05acr05acr Posts: 1
    turbo cars donot make boost until they are under take it out on the street and play with it a bit :)
  • a1autosa1autos Posts: 1
    Be sure and put fresh fuel (91) in the car. Old fuel will cause lots of problems in any car, turbo or not.
  • nitrousxlnitrousxl Posts: 12
    I am trying to decide between an Acura RSX, 06-08 Honda Civic Si, or a Dodge Neon SRT-4. The SRT-4's acceleration seems incredible for such a cheap car, but my mom had a regular neon and the engine broke down after about 40K miles. Is the SRT-4 any better?
  • Need some help here before I call it quits and let a garage charge me for the repairs. I have an 04 srt4 that won't start. The o2 sensor went out and I replaced that then it says the camshaft positioning sensor went out and I replaced that for the second time and found out that it could've been the crankshaft sensor so I replaced that too, but the camshaft positioning sensor keeps tripping a code and not allowing the car to start. Any suggestions would be great, cause I'm out of ideas except for it being located directly in the wiring harness.
  • My srt4 is broke down now but ti's the first major problem that it's had since I got it brand new in december of 03, and it's an electrical problem. Other than that the car has been great and has about 116 thousand miles on. It was definately worth the money.
  • okko1okko1 Posts: 327
    could be the might check with orangesrt4 :shades:
  • jimsrt4jimsrt4 Posts: 1
    SRT4's are sick!!!!!! Purchased 05 SRT4 with few aftermarket parts, Car runs PERFECT!!!! Just had a ?....I noticed a sensor on the intercooler piping was broken, cannot figure out the name of the sensor.... Sensor is located just near the BOV. Any 1's input will help. THX.
  • Hey did you ever get your srt running again and how so? Im havin the exact same probs with mine and changed both sensors and checked wiring which look okay if you could please write back and tell me how you got your fixed cuz im just totally stumped
  • mc_7723mc_7723 Posts: 1
    just got the a new typhoon air intake and for some reason when i step on it. it starts to skip like make it starts boging i dont know wahts up everything is pluged in properly. do i need a new air sensor or maybe turn the boost up on the turbo. reply asap its really bothering me... :sick:
  • addposaddpos Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 srt 4 and am preparing to get it going faster. I am starting with the fuel side of it and am looking for a 255 fuel pump, 750 cc injectors and a fuel line return kit! any body know where I can find them or have any good deals? Also if anybody knows where I can get a factory front drivers seat. (cigarett burn, makes me sick!)
  • hero166hero166 Posts: 1
    did you figure out your problem with you srt?? cause i am just starting to have problems with my car as well, and i don't know were to start ( all ready changed the camshaft sensor )
  • Hey guys, My SRT-4 is a piece of S$@# to me. It's a 2003 body with a 2005 motor and tranny swap (LSD). I bought it a while back from some hispanic guy who had just took the easy way out of fixing everything pretty much. He just rigged the whole car such as he cracked the oil pan and took some silly puddy and cemented it on to hold the crack. (not literally silly puddy but i don't remember the name) He had also broke the TPS sensor to the car and just cemented the wires back into the slots on the broke sensor and just left it.. Personally, i'm surprised that it still moves. I bought it unaware of all these problems because it was for sale for 4,500.. i knew that there was some problems coming in hand but not like this. ANYWAYS one day, the car stopped going in to gear so easy. It eventually just gave out and it wouldn't go into gear without it being slammed so i put it in the garage and ordered me a new clutch. while i was pulling apart the clutch and tranny, i noticed that the master cyl and the slave were toast so it took me a while to buy my new parts. After i got them both installed, i started my baby back up and it was running fine but then i looked at the cluster gauge and the needles were on the wrong side of the prong that held it at 0MPH and same as the RPM gauge. Only weird thing was that my Temp, Boost, and the gas gauge was working fine. After that i let it warm up and gave it some gas, i'd say it went to about 2.5 RPMS and started cutting out and backfiring. I have no clue what this problem is, nor will it still go into gear. (The RPM and MPH gauge are still stuck saying that i'm at about 310 MPH and at 25 RPMS. I've put well over 2,000 dollars into new parts on this bucket and still WONT go. Just curious if anyone else had any of these problems and can offer me some help . Thanks a lot. Any advice is helpful, please throw it my way!
  • lokillolokillo Posts: 1
    edited February 2012
    Hi im new in here and ive got an 2003 stock srt4 and i was wondering what could be my first mods to do, any help please
  • tinnerntinnern Posts: 1
    My grandson’s check engine light on his 05 Dodge Neon came on and the car stumbles under acceleration. He’s also noticed it is sucking down gas. He can get up to speed if he accelerates slowly. Took it to Advanced Auto and they read the code: Crankshaft Position Sensor / Intermittent. He said either the sensor was breaking down or it could have an oil leak that is causing the sensor to not read properly. He also said we should take it to the dealer to have them diagnose the problem as they could tell for sure what the problem is. I’ve never worked on a Neon before, has anyone else had this problem? Where is the crankshaft position sensor located on a 05 Neon? Thanks.
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