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Mazda6 Hatchback



  • iris6iris6 Posts: 1
    I just bought my Mazda6 hatchback 3 weeks ago. Overall I love my new baby (I mean car) :) , but the first day I drove it home, the AC wasn't cooling. I had to wait the entire weekend till Monday morning to take it in to get looked at. They apparently didn't put any freon in the car and kept my car in the shop 2 days. Then today, the "check engine" light came on. I double checked the gas cap and that doesn't seem to be the problem. So first thing tomorrow morning, I'm going back to the dealer to ask them what is up cuz that's twice in one month that I'm going back to have my car looked at. So I'm not too happy about that. :mad:
  • I'm an new/used car shopping and extremely interested in the 6 five-door. In college, I owned a 626 hatch. It's reliability, performance and quality impressed me. Hence, my interest in the new Mazda6. I am concerned with the new all aluminum engine and how it will last over time. Anyone with a Mazda6 with higher mileage able to weigh in on their experience? In general, how are the early models aging?
    Thanks for your input.
  • kiekie101kiekie101 Posts: 1
    I am looking at buying a Mazda6, and I fell in love with the volcanic red hatchback. Should I go with the Mazda6 4-door sedan or with the hatchback? Are there any differences? Also, I heard red fades the fastest, is this true?
  • Just to let you know, as far as red tones go...Volcanic Red is only available in the Mazda6 5dr(hatcback) model. The Mazda6 4dr(sedan) is available in Redfire or Dark Cherry

    Your decision will most likely be based on color and price. It's only fair to compare apples to apples so you must look past the entry level 4dr and start with the Sport Model.

    The Mazda6i 5dr with the standard Sport type trim and manual transmission has a starting MSRP of $22,770 and goes up from there.

    The Mazda6i 4dr with the optional Sport type trim and manual transmission has a starting MSRP of $22,370 and goes up from there.

    Only $400 more for a little bit more versatility and convienence...worth it if you want Volcanic Red.

    ZOOM ZOOM!!!
  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    We own a '04 6 hatch, Volcanic Red w/black leather, auto & all options. It gets looks and compliments everywhere, I frequently see other drivers turn their heads as it goes by. Unfortunately, law enforcement also gives it a frequent look; I've been lucky and haven't got any tickets but a few close calls. I don't drive excessively fast but you can't help but to push this car once in awhile. If you have some self-control, go for it- and get the hatch, well worth the extra money. I was worried about potential rattles with the hatch, but at 28K miles it's still tight as a drum. We've had no problems at all, and mileage is as reported elsewhere on the forum with the V6- 22 city/26 hwy. We paid just under 23K in Sept. 2004 and IMHO it's the sharpest, most agile sedan at that pricepoint. I wouldn't worry about paint fade; modern paints are very fade-resistant, even in red (ours has none and stays outside year round). Best of luck with your decision!
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    It's only fair to compare apples to apples so you must look past the entry level 4dr and start with the Sport Model.

    Well, I don't agree with that. Just because Mazda will force me to pay for a bunch of stuff I may not want to get a hatch, does not mean I should pretend I would want that stuff in the sedan.

    I would compare the price of the sedan the way I would choose to equip it to the hatch the way I would equip that.
  • tidalwavetidalwave Posts: 25
    Hi. Can someone tell me how long it is inside the 6 hatchback from the back of the front seats to the tailgate? It wouldn't happen to be six feet long, would it? I have need to occassionally carry about three six foot long shelves and have been looking at minivans to accomplish this. I would much rather have a car that could handle the shelves.

    I was hoping the 6 might do the job, especially since it is such a beautiful vehicle!

    Thanks in advance.
  • saabskisaabski Posts: 57
    Hello all,

    I am currently in a market for a brand new (leftover) 05 Mazda 6i hatchback. I love the way car drives, and it is literally loaded with everything except the navigation. My only concern is that 6i's four cylinder is assembled with parts from Mexico. Now does that mean the engine itself was produced in Mexico or only the parts were assembeld in Mexico? Also, how reliable are the four cylinder engines in 6i? It seems like Consumers Reports rated the four cylinder models more reliable than the six cylinder models.

    Any input would be appreciated.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    I hope I can be of some help.

    I have a 2005 Mazda6 i Sport Hatchback. I have around 19K on it, trouble free. It drives just like the day I bought it. I know 19K is not a benchmark for reliability, however, I am also a dealer and we do not see the Mazda6 i in here for any engine trouble.

    The engine is built in a Mazda engine plant in Mexico, but, it is a Mazda design. Parts come mostly from US/Mexico.

    The V6 is a Ford engine, and is actually not a bad engine what so ever. It has been fairly problem free in many of the copy's it is placed in. They have had some sensor issues, but, nothing that has been mechanically bad.
  • saabskisaabski Posts: 57
    Thank you so much for your info. I did find out that four cylinder is a lot more reliable than V6, and even rated as PZEV (a big plus in my book). Perhaps you could help me with the price as well. I am currently looking at 2005 6i Hatchback with auto, sunroof and Bose sound package, and a custom two-tone leather interior. It is brand new car with about 2300 miles. The local dealer is offering it to me at $19, this a good price? Personally, I was thinking about offering $18,500, since I will take a huge depreciation right away. Also, wouldn't custom leather seats hinder/block the performance of side airbag that deploys from the front seats? Other than couple of concerns, I am ready to take this car home. Any comments would be appreciated. ;)
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Well, price is tough, it all depends on where you live. I am selling 2005 Mazda6 i Hatchbacks's pre-owned with 15K on them w/ luxury package, bose/moon 5-speed for $19,990 all day long, and I mean SELLING, not listing. You can offer $18,500, if they take it great! But, realistically, I would expect for you to pay closer to $19K

    As for the side air bags, if you look, the side of the seat has a plastic cover for the airbags of which the leather, or fabric, does not interfear with. Aftermarket leather will be OK.

    What color is the exterior/interior?
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  • isseyvooisseyvoo Posts: 121
    Parked in a friend's driveway in my 6 month old Mazda6i hatch. He takes an SUV and backs it out of a perpendicular driveway, not seeing that the nose of my car was in the way -- SMASH!!! Not even 4,000 miles, and only 4 payments in. Heartsick! I'll need at least a new bumper, right fender, hood and headlight assembly. Hopefully nothing underneath was hurt too badly. Anyone know a good body shop in NY Hudson Valley area?
  • I am looking to get a HB, thinking I might save some $$ (and get the 4 year warranty) by buying a 2006. Resale is not all that important to me, I tend to drive up until they drop (now have a 98 A4 Avant with 138K miles on it).

    What are the advantages/disadvantages for each model? I can find a Volcanic Red 6i in the region (Northern New England).

  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Posts: 1,230
    What are the advantages/disadvantages for each model?

    Honestly, not much, besides package and color changes. The biggest difference (IMO) is the warranty, as you pointed out. I'd get a '06 ASAP, while there's still a decent selection out there...
  • Hello owners of mz6 4cyl. with manual tranny. Can you please describe your driving experience at highway speeds. How car is noisy/quiet at 120km/h. what engine rpms at that speed. Thanks for your input. Happy driving.
  • isseyvooisseyvoo Posts: 121
    I find that the 4 cyl. 5 sp. cruises reasonably quietly at 70mph +/-. It works a little too hard though, spinning at about 3 1/4 (much higher than my Olds Alero 5 sp., which used to spin at about 2 3/4 at that speed). I wish the 6 had an overdrive for a more relaxed long highway cruise.
  • Thank you isseyvoo. I appreciate your quick reply.
  • I had read somewhere that the Mazda 6 hatch was more noisy than the the sedans. Maybe this has something to do with the extra glass and hatch. Has anyone noticed this? Thanks
  • zzzoom6zzzoom6 Posts: 425
    i'd expect some truth to this, but as a hatch owner, I don't find it too noisy. I like the ability to throw some fairly large items back there: on occasion, my work requires me to take displays the size of bookshelves from place to place, so the hatch makes this possible. but if noise is a primary concern, the sedan should isolate the sound from the rear wheels slightly better. the hatch weighs more than the sedan so handling won't be quite as good (if you push your car really hard).

    But I think when it comes down to it, I'd think the difference in noise between the two would be marginal especially if you typically drive with the stereo on.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    It seemed noticably so to me and my wife, when test driving one. I don't think the noise was related to the hatch or glass, instead I think it is that the noise that is heard in the hatch is not heard in the sedan, because the trunk has better sound insulation than it is possible to have in the hatch.

    I do not know if the sound alone would be enough to change my mind about which to get, if I really wanted the utility of the hatch. I did originally intend to go for a hatch, but now plan to go for the sedan...sound was a factor, but other reasons were more significant. I would drive them back to back yourself to compare the noise level.
  • I own both the hatch (04) and sedan (03). Both are s models (V6) and manuals (5 speed). The hatch definitely transmits more road noise from the rear than the sedan does. The reason has to do with the lack of insulation in the area under and around the rear seat.

    On another note, the 03 has 50K miles and the 04 has 40K miles. These have been absolutely the best cars I have ever owned and the most reliable. I have owned 18 cars including 1 honda and 2 toyotas. The toyotas are the most over-rated cars on the planet, including "perceived" reliability. Is the Mazda 6 perfect? No! Memory Seats and an improvement in reducing interior road noise would make it perfect. But the driving experience makes this a car I love do drive every day. I also like that the Mazda 6 is still one of the best kept secrets in the automotive world. I enjoy that I do not drive a car so common that I see one at every corner. :) :)
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    an improvement in reducing interior road noise would make it perfect.

    Have you been in an '06? At least in the sedan, I think they have vastly improved it, with regard to noise.
  • Actually, there really isn't much of a difference in road noise between my '04 and a '06 (Sedan). The 5-doors are SLIGHTLY louder, but none of them are terrible at all. You can have a conversation with someone in the back seat at 75 MPH and not have to scream or strain to hear.
  • Good to hear about the reliability zzzooom. I just looked at Consumer Reports 2007 Buying Guide this afternoon, and now all models of the Mazda6 are on their recommended list. This jibes with your experience.

    I also like knowing that not everyone drives a 6, making it more exclusive. The fact that they can be had at bargain pricing is just icing on the cake. :D
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Actually, there really isn't much of a difference in road noise between my '04 and a '06

    Interesting, that is surprising as I felt there was a big difference in both engine and road noise.

    The ones I have driven were automatics and the '05 engine had to run a lot faster than the '06. So that may be a factor, as I think you had indicated yours were manuals.
  • The ones I have driven were automatics and the '05 engine had to run a lot faster than the '06. So that may be a factor, as I think you had indicated yours were manuals.

    Yes, they were. :)
  • Jeffyscott....I have not driven an 06, so I can not provide any meaningful input.

    IMHO, driving both models routinely, there is a big difference in noise between my hatch and sedan. The hatch picks up tire noise and resonates it wheras the sedan does not seem to do that as bad. Also, neither model has the quietness of the accord and camry....BUT...I love the 6 over those options. My comment on noise is a nitpick from my perspective, but it could be an issue for someone else who puts noise comfort over the overall driving experience the 6 provides. My solution to the noise is: 1) Ride with the roof open, which I do anyway as long as its warm enough OR 2)when all windows are closed, turn the Bose up to level 15 and then its not an issue. :D

    Sorry guys..maybe there is a Fruedian process in my brain where I dont want anyone else to by a 6... :confuse:
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    zzzoom, that matches with what I percieved in test driving. I heard noise coming from rear in the hatch that I did not in the sedan.

    For myself, other considerations led me to decide I'd most likely eventually go for an '07 sedan, anyway:

    I prefer no wing and the '07 SVE sedan lets me go wingless, but still get the dark tail lights and head lights.

    We have a Windstar that we now think we will be able to keep going for several years. Until it was recently fixed at a tech college, thought it might be done soon due to needing $2000-3000 in repairs. So I had been thinking maybe a hatchback would be nice to have.

    The Sedan is about $1000 less, for the version I want. Even without the Windstar, for those occasions where I might utilize a hatch, $1000 could pay for a lot of rental vehicles, delivery charges, or a trailer purchase or rental. :)
  • Dont forget the seats fold down in the Sedan and it holds alot of stuff. It just wont hold one BIG thing like a 32" TV or a bicycle whereas the hatch will.
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