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Honda Element



  • earthearth Posts: 76
    I came from a 06 civic coupe that had lousy visability. I'm happy with the visability on my new 07 Element SC. However, the visability is far less with the rear seats strapped to the walls, so one has to be more careful. Cannot answer the payload question since I'm the only one in the car and do not load it up.
  • ragetsragets Posts: 63
    I almost forgot, will the Elements 4WD do well on dirt road, muddy back roads and ect. I will be on these every once and a while, so this will be needed.Also what is your guy's insurance rates every 6 months? I don't want to invade yourprivacy but a general idea to me would help. thanks
  • earthearth Posts: 76
    $428.00 6 MONTHS....

    Bodily Injury $300,000 Each person
    500,000 Per Acc
    100,000 Property Damage

    $250.00 Comprehensive and Collision
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I think it's 675 lbs, but close enough.

  • Help! Went in to look at the '07 CRV (currently own a'98 CRV-EX 71,000 miles, no problems just thinking of changing up) and instead fell in love with the Element. Now I can't decide which to go with, the SC or EX. Like the allover body color look of the SC, the console, those wheels, and the urban chic look it's got, but I'm wondering if the EX will hold up better to road debris flying up and hitting the vehicle with the black trim around it(dings and paint chipping)? Also how does the black vinyl trim hold up to fading? I'm going to the dealership Wednesday to test drive the SC and EX again to check out wind noise, etc... Thoughts anyone?
  • earthearth Posts: 76
    Only had mine for 4 weeks now, on my second tank of gas, got the Root Beer color. Had the 06 civic coupe, and only one liked it in my neighborhood. With this new Element SC, I have gotten many looks and comments on how much better it appears over the LX or EX with the solid color.

    Don't have any first hand knowledge of the road debris so far, nor seats fading either since this is a brand new veh. Only got 17.56 gallons per mile city driving only on the first tank. Now working on the second tank and seems it will be the same thus far. Road noise is noticeable, but not an issue.

    Interesting thing noticed, is that the windshield wipers are thinner than on the civic I had, but can hardly hear them turned on. The civic coupe was very noticeable thumping sound, which I did not like. Civic windshield wipers did not clean the glass as well as the Element. Guess I don't need to install an upgrade for it as I would have with the civic.

    One thing I would change is the seat height adjustment knob. Too close to the door and some what difficult to turn. Like the pump action one better. Would have liked a dead foot pedal as well, not to mention a Navigation system
  • Thanks for the input! I'll keep these in mind when I go for the test drives.
  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    I own an '06 EX 4wd. In my case, I like the looks of the new SC, however, it is only available in 2wd, and is not available with the sunroof.

    If you are ok with 2wd, I would go with the SC, and get the optional mud flaps on it, which would probably help protect the lower panels from chips.
  • earthearth Posts: 76
    For the life of me, why in the world would Honda put the sunroof in the back. The darn driver paid for the thing. Let the driver have the sunroof, not the baggage :confuse:
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    The purpose of the sunroof in back is to allow people to stand up through the sunroof while changing in and out of their wetsuits - at least that's what the original commercials showed.

    I bet that with the suicide door the safety ring around the passenger compartment would be compromised by a sunroof.
  • ragetsragets Posts: 63
    I like the wa the sunroof is in the back and I think if I get the Element I will use it a whole lot. I do not paticulary care fo r the Sc model. I really do not like the style of it or the rootbeer color. I think for people who live in the city the SC would be fine with the 2wd, cloth seats and carpeted floors and all. But if you venture on dirt roads, or get a lot of snow and rain I would go with the EX 4wd. I think that's what I'm going to go get.
    I like the Kiwi Metallic and the tangerine orange. Hopefully I can go in the next week or two and get one. :)
  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    It was placed in the back because the suicide doors eliminate the B pillar, and I don't think the front roof section would be as strong in the event of a rollover if the sunroof were up there.

    The sunroof panel is completely removable, and the Element even comes with a storage bag that the glass slides into, and there are storage hooks that then hold the bag and glass in place. With the glass removed, and the windows rolled down, there is a pretty good breeze that flows through the vehicle.

    Part of the reason we bought the '06 EX, was because we wanted the black side panels - and they are no longer available in the EX trim for '07. My wife sometimes has to park in a parking deck at work, and those panels seem to stand up well to doors being opened into it. I am thinking of getting a set of 18" wheels and tires for it (I think 18" is the right size for a vehicle with a high side profile like the Element), as well as adding a billet grill to the front.
  • ragetsragets Posts: 63
    Thanks for the reply on the sunroof. ;)
    Does the bag that holds the sunroof just hook on any of the storage hooks?
    How do you put that screen cover in the place where the sunroof goes when the glass is out?
  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    "Does the bag that holds the sunroof just hook on any of the storage hooks?"

    There are 4 chrome hooks that are perfectly placed for the bag to hook onto. I don't know if the Elements without the sunroof have the same hooks or not.

    "How do you put that screen cover in the place where the sunroof goes when the glass is out?"

    I don't have the shade, so I don't know.
  • ragetsragets Posts: 63
    I read that that the sunroof can be use to stand out of when changing your clothes but I have a couple things to get straight first:
    1. The tire cover is supposed to only hold around 65lbs right?
    2. Wouldn't people still be able to see you changing even though the windows are dark or would you need to get the interior privacy curtain so that people could not see you changing?
    I really like the feature of the sunroof, but would it be possible to change clothes because of the weight limit? :confuse:
  • ragetsragets Posts: 63
    Has anyone tried changing through their sunroof?
  • vjack1vjack1 Posts: 3
    I went to the Honda dealer to check out the '07 CR-V. Very nice, but I was disappointed that it seems to have less usable cargo space than the previous model. I'm still considering it, but less enthusiastically.

    While I was there, I checked out the Element. Never having seen the inside of one before, I was intrigued. As a single guy who has been with a Prelude for many years, the idea of being able to stow the rear seats and haul stuff is extremely appealing. In fact, increased space is the reason I'm planning to ditch the Prelude and go with something bigger. Unfortunately, I suspect that the maximum weight capacity may be a fatal flaw. I have a hard time with the idea of buying a vehicle this size that cannot accommodate 4 adult males. I go out to lunch with co-workers regularly, and it would be nice to be able to drive sometimes.
  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    I am no expert, but I would doubt that occasionally having 4 adults in the car going out for lunch would be that detrimental to the Element.

    I have had 4 adults in ours on maybe 3 occasions - I didn't make them step on a scale before they got in, but I estimate the combined weight to have been in the neighborhood of 700 pounds. I didn't really notice any difference in performance when having the 4 adults in the car, but then again, I don't really push it whn I drive it.
  • cwalticwalti Posts: 185
    These ratings are a bit of a CYA exercise to not entice people to load their rigs to the gills... I saw Cadillacs drag their rears when four Somoans packed into it... I would expect the "E" to hold up fine even with lbs 1200 of total payload... I plan on pulling a Hobie 16 behind mine... My '91 Accord pulls it now without any problems, so the "E" sould do better yet...
  • vjack1vjack1 Posts: 3
    That is certainly encouraging. I think that what bothers me is that the max load weight seems really low. Most of the time, it won't be a problem, but it seems quite limiting. This pushes me more toward the CR-V or RAV-4, but I can't quite bring myself to rule-out the Element just yet.
  • ragetsragets Posts: 63
    I am just a teen so I don't think I will get any where near that 675lb load capacity. But every one I know loads the Element to the roof and they have no problem with how it handles. So I don't think it would be any problem. Honda made the Element to be used to get you and your gear where you need to be, so I think Honda knew what they were doing.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    You sure? Back in college (*) we'd pile 4 of us and a keg to go tailgating. I'm sure we'd be over.

    It's not like the suspension is going to collapse, but I wouldn't make a habit of exceeding the limit.


    * drinking age in DC was 18 back then
  • cwalticwalti Posts: 185
    Has anyone contemplated to install an SC front end (nose) on a regular '07, '06, '0x EX? I priced the parts at approx. $1000.-- and think it would greatly enhance the appearance of the car...
    It appears that all the lines are the same, and likely so are the connection points...
  • ragetsragets Posts: 63
    I'm just going to a Community College close to home. And I do not drink! An ways it a law that goes effect in Ohio that if your under age you can only have one other person with you that is under 18 with you. (excluding family memebers. So I don't think I'll have a problem.
  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    The thought did cross my mind, although I have since seen an '06 model (like mine)on the internet with the upper and lower billet grill kit, and it looks sweet. There is a tuner shop near my house that some of my friends have used, and they quoted me $350 for the billet grill, and installation.
  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    "* drinking age in DC was 18 back then "

    Come on Juice...If you were like me/my friends when we were back in college, you wouldn't have let anything small like a legal drinking age stop you ;)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    We just had to drive 6 miles or so, across the border. :shades:

  • mpolompolo Posts: 3
    I took out the back seats and spare tire to haul 1400 pounds of cut logs to a compost pile 40 miles away. They were stacked to the roof, and all the way forward to behind the front seats. I weigh 150 pounds.

    The weight distribution must have been pretty good. The rear end did sag more the the front. However, it never bottomed out.

    The ride was a bit tipsy, yet very smooth. It was as quiet as a Lexus, too. You'd be surprised at the sound-deadening qualities of 1400 pounds of wood. Acceleration was on par with a Hummer diesel.

    I hauled 1600 pounds of logs the next day, and the ride and stance of the vehicle was notacebly worse. She still didn't bottom, yet it was too close for my comfort.

    I've since hauled 1600 pounds of cement. Not as tipsy as the logs, yet an awful ride, nonetheless.

    My 2005 AWD automatic took all of this the abuse in stride. I've seen no ill effects after 44,000 miles. Though I'm about to replace my original Goodyear Wranglers, the brakes are still fine.


  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I hope the shocks and wheel bearings hold up. ;)

  • cwalticwalti Posts: 185
    Buy these grills on eBay and install them yourself. If you are not all thumbs, it will be no problem. Cost should be less than $100.--...
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