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Volkswagen Phaeton



  • paldipaldi Posts: 210
    Here are some additional photos of my 2004 Phaeton V8 sporting 2004 Bentley Continental GT 5-spoke painted wheels and Pirelli PZero Rosso 275 40 19 tires. I am 100 percent thrilled with it!

    Image hosted by

    Image hosted by

    Image hosted by

    Image hosted by

    The photo below shows my Phaeton on the stock VW Challenge wheels with 255 45 18 Michelin tires.

    Image hosted by
  • I've been researching the Phaeton for a few weeks now. Seems like a great buy if you don't plan on reselling in the near future. I'm hoping to get some feedback on a couple of items:

    1. Does anyone know what I should be paying for a used 2004 V8 with 10 - 20 K miles? Pricing seems to vary quite a bit.
    2. Is the 2004 Phaeton Sirius ready? I wouldn't want to clutter the beautiful inside lines with some fm modulator hanging off of my windshield.

    Thanks for the help.
  • jb317jb317 Posts: 3
    I've owned my V8 for a month or so and had a problem with the a/c. The wooden covers over the vents wouldn't retract no matter what I did. Anyway according to my dealer they just hadn't been activated, which he did.

    However, I'm still not sure everything is working properly. Does anyone know whether the air vents are inoperable unless the ventilation is switched to manual or the temperature differences extreme i.e. if the a/c is on automatic and you try and adjust the vents using the switches below they will not respond and the LED lights will remain off? If that is the case is there a way to get warm air to your body and fresh air to your face?
  • I'm an '05 owner w/ 18,000 miles. I've had poor reception from the beginning - been in the shop twice so far, with no evident improvement from "booster" installation. The upgraded stereo produces truly spectacular sound for CDs or when reception is good, but there are many pockets in Southern Calif where this car just doesn't receive, am or fm. Does everyone else have poorer reception than experienced with other cars, or might mine really be fixable? Appreciate any input. Thanks.
  • Sounds to me like your vents work properly. The buttons below work more to close a vent when the auto temp control would have them open.
  • paldipaldi Posts: 210
    Still grinning and prepping for a 1,700 mile 26 hour round trip excursion. No VW decals yet - on a slow boat from China.

  • paldipaldi Posts: 210

    This one is a little off-center, but you get the idea. I'll order another set and try to be a little more accurate in my placement next time. :-)">
  • paldipaldi Posts: 210
    The plan was for an OEM look with larger wheels and tires sourced from a VW owned brand. I narrowed the choices down to Audi and Bentley. The 5-spoke wheels I chose are the best fit for appearance and performance.



  • patpat Posts: 10,421
  • I pulled out of my office lot today and out of the office lot next door came a ruddy metallic colored Phaeton. Wow what a great looking car.

    These are super nice cars . . . it is so sad they were unloved, especially at the prices you could "acquire" one for.

    So sad.

    I stayed with the car and gave the driver my thumb, pointed skyward.

    The market hath spoken.
  • bobm1bobm1 Posts: 26
    They are loved by us owners :)
  • sadatxsadatx Posts: 70
    Hi all,

    Has VW ever offered any promotional financing on CPO Phaetons? I'd really like to purchase the vehicle this summer (im located in chicago) but the financing rate will determine whether or not I'm a future Phaeton owner or not. I will be trading in my 03 Passat GLX 4motion sedan (which has been a great vehicle but the factory brakes have been horrible). Also, on the Audi A8L, one can purchase the security glass as an option on the V8 (standard on the W12) to reduce wind noise, etc. Is this option also available on the Phaeton?

  • Dual Pane Glass has always been Standard on the PHAETON
  • sadatxsadatx Posts: 70
    Thanks for the info psavale. Knowing that the Phaeton has the dual glass pane makes the vehicle more desirable. I was looking at the W12 model but reviews from various sites indicate the V8 would be the better choice. So most likely I'll end up with V8.
  • i have a phaeton with 20k miles and need new front rotors and pads....anyone else have this problem....$780 for the front alone :mad:
  • paldipaldi Posts: 210
    My car still has its Bentley wheels and tires. After 7000 miles all is well.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Beautiful car. :)
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    So sad -- RIP.
  • rsteigerrsteiger Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if there is a way to connect a satalite radio to the phaton radio directly to the amplifier without having to transmit through
    a FM station?
  • Yes, there is an input adaptor from PIE, that taps in between the CD changer and head unit, and gives 3 aux inputs.

    Search on the Phaeton board for more info
  • bobm1bobm1 Posts: 26
    Yes it's very sad indeed that they stopped selling them in the US. My 2004 Phaeton lease was coming due and I was so dissapointed with the other offerings out there that I searched the country for one of the remaining new 06's and leased one in Chicago and had it shipped to me. I did this in October and there were only 13 left. This is by far the best car in it's class IMHO. I did a big explanation in the biggest Phaeton forum which I can't mention to to rules here. Suffice it to say that I'm now on my 2nd Phaeton with no regrets!
  • 222222222222 Posts: 1
    I just purchased an almost new 2004 V8 Phaeton and I would like to find a custom or replacement grille with no emblem. Can anyone out there make a recommendation?
  • Decisions, decisions

    My local VW dealership has several 2005 Phaetons for sale from $44Kto $47K. All fully loaded and with mileage as low as 5k to 15K.

    Since I’ve have never owned a VW and the fact that the Phaeton was not a big hit, I was hoping to get some feed back from anyone on the price and quality of this car.

    Any comments and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  • I would suggest you get an online subscription to Consumer Reports - I'd bet that you could find their 2005 reviews that way. You could also use the Edmunds website and Kelley's Blue Book (KBB) for that, too.

    I have a 2001.5 Passat that was great - solidly built; only had 1 significant problem, and it was coverred by the warranty. Can't speak to the Phaeton, but I remember reading reviews - reviewers unanimously-agreed that it was a fantastic car.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You'll find an owner who is very pleased with his if you page back a little. It wouldn't be a bad idea to look through as much of this discussion as you can. IIRC, pretty much the only criticism has been that it was not marketed correctly in order to sell well.
  • Does anyone know if there's a Phaeton Owner's Club in the LA/Orange County area?
  • ablenavablenav Posts: 19
    I just got a Phaeton and live in Orange Country. Should we start one? Maybe two Phaeton's in the same parking lot is a start!
  • ablenavablenav Posts: 19
    I am a proud new owner of a Phaeton.
    Will you be having another meeting soon?
    Please keep me posted.
    Thank you.
  • ablenavablenav Posts: 19
    Fred - You are a great car designer on photoshop.
    We have the same color combination.
    Thanks for the possibilities.
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