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GMC Safari/Chevy Astro Accessories & Modifications



  • Thanks Spike. Reportedly, the Astro is one of the most simple V8 conv's out there . A motor mount swap is all thats needed . Plenty of room . A 400 turbo trans bolts right up and the original drive line can be used as well.
  • I'm having the same problem, did you ever get the answer? If you did, pleaser share it with me.
  • raisynraisyn Posts: 3
    It's been over a year since your initial post, but in case you never got an answer, here's what I did.

    I have a 97 Astro with the same dutch doors. With a screwdriver, remove the clip at the cylinder of the rod (the end mounted on the door) to release it from the ball stud. DO NOT remove the clip from the rod end (the end mounted to the body). Then unscrew the rod until it is all the way out of the mount. It is standard thread (righty-tighty, lefty-loosey). After unscrewing the rod all the way, the electrical switch for the rear window defroster will slide off the end of the rod. It is not connected to the rod mount but it does have a notch for proper alignment. I used a pair of pliers applied just below the switch to loosen the old rod enough to finish unscrewing it by hand. Since this rod is being replaced, it doesn't matter that the old rod will get scratched but take care not to scratch the new rod.

    To replace, slide the new support rod through the defroster switch and screw into the top mount. Be careful not to cross thread. It took me 2-3 starts on the first one to get it right. Tighten the new rod by hand to where it is tight enough but still positioned correctly to pop back on the the lower ball stud. I just used my hand to pop it back on, but you may want to use a rubber mallet. Hand tighten only - do not used pliers on the new rod. The StrongArm brand part number is #4219. It took about 10 minutes to change both.

    I have 2 repair manuals on this vehicle and neither addresses this procedure. Hope this helps.
  • does anyone know how to take out the middle row windows on a 2000 GMC safari. It's almost as if it has locking bolts on it or something
  • Go to you local parts store and tell them you want a belt for your van without
  • I just replaced both struts on my 95 gmc awd van, when you disconnect the strut
    the bar itself has to be turned from right to left and it should come loose from the electrical connector, it wasn't as diffiicult as i imagine but its best to replaced both sides, iam here in montana and the temperature here varies ;i did that this past weekend.
  • I have a 95 gmc awd van that i wonder if its possible to raise or add height to the chasis without going overboard in buying a lift kit, thinking about having it raised about 4 inches at the maxium if its possible,
  • Thanks for this post. It saved my bacon yesterday. I was trying to pry the ball stud cap from the rod, and would not have thought to try unscrewing it. An internet search led me to your post. Again, thanks!
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