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Chevy Vans: Problems & Solutions



  • This has happened three times over about three years with two Chevy Venture vans my parents own(ed), the latest time being this past week. Their 2005 Venture was parked along their front curb. It was about 90 degrees and sunny. The vehicle had been driven on a short trip about an hour prior. My daughter was playing basketball on their driveway when her ball went bouncing away toward the street. By the time it reached my parents' van, it was going at a slow roll and gently hit the right rear tire. I stress the word gently. When contact was made, the right rear window panel inexplicably shattered. On the two previous occasions, it was the rear hatch glass that burst without provocation while the vehicle was parked. Fed up with this problem, I recently called GM's customer service line to explain the latest shattered glass episode, and they thought I was nuts. They said they'd never encountered anything like this and gave me the runaround, ultimately steering me to filing an insurance claim. That really rubs me the wrong way because the van they now have is less than a year old with bumper-to-bumper coverage, plus my parents purchased an extended warranty. But surprise, surprise, none of those protection plans covers unexplained window shattering. I guess they'll be buying a Honda or Toyota minivan from here on out. Has anyone else experienced this problem at all?
  • Our 2000 Venture had been working fine until about a week ago.

    Then the right front window wouldn't go down and the front right blinker was blinking fast.

    Next (this morning) it wouldn't start (seemed like a really dead battery). We jumped it and it started. But, when we turned it off (even after driving around the block a few times), it wouldn't start ... dead as a doornail. I replaced the bulb, still dead as a doornail. I inspected the battery and the positive post was corroded. I touched it and it literally broke apart with the post still in the battery!

    So, I pulled everything apart and took out the battery. I tried to get the post out, but that caused the battery to start leaking acid.

    Went to Sears, got a new top-of-the-line battery.

    Put everything back together ... all we get is "service engine soon". All else is dead. No lights, no radio, no AC, nothing.

    I checked all the fuses, one at a time with a multimeter ... they all seem good.

    Any ideas? Is there an electrical system reset somewhere to get the computer back online, etc.?

    Help please ... we need this van!

    -- Clint
  • Help.... we just had the catalytic converter replaced on our 98 Venture. Now water is accumulating underneath the driver's side carpet and is saturating it as well as the wiring. I lifted up the carpet and dried it out only to have it fill up again. Any help as to whether this could be related to the replacememnt of the converter (is the timing simply a coincidence?) or if it could be related to the A/C somehow.... Dealer where we had converter replaced stated that the catalytic converter couldn't have anything to do with the water issue since it is an exhaust item and, of course, wants to see the vehicle again.

    Can I possibly fix this myself?

    I hope so... please anyone with any ideas... Thank you.
  • Check your power steering fluid... I bet it's low... I filled mine up and the same noise went away.

    Hope this helps.
  • I am having the same problem whit my rear A/C that also blows hot air. did you find out what is was?
  • I have a 1997 Venture. The switch that changes where the airflow goes is not working. When the air is on it blows mostly at your feet and a little on the upper vents. When you turn the switch in any direction nothing happens.
  • Well, I must say I am not really impressed with this van! I LOVED it initially. Then I began having the headlights/interior lights...daytime running lights actually...blink off an on at different times. Once I get going for awhile this goes away. Took it in for service and by the time I got there it had stopped and the guy looked at me like I was nuts and said since it wasn't doing it then they couldn't fix it or tell me what it was...

    Then this week, it started making this noise, like a whining when I went over 35 mph. Then, my automatic rolled backwards a bit in drive on a hill...hit me then it must be the transmission...Had hubby get in and try it...he said it has no 3rd or 4th gear anymore. Called for service...still under warranty, so we'll see. Anyone else had any similar problems?

  • Hi all, new here. The power windows on both pass. and driver side go down no problem.But when I try to get them to go up the go half way an stop for about 10 minutes. If I try later they will usually go up. It happens with both pass. and driver switches.
  • To get tothe board that controls the blower do you have to take out the blower completely?& does anyone have any knowledge about the rear heater.the fan works but i get no heat.
  • Scott,
    I have a 95 Astro that behaves similarly. Sometimes, when the engine is hot, it won't restart after turning off ignition (eg come out of variety store - no re-start). However, 1-2 hours later it starts and runs fine... Very frustrating... Only happens occasionally - about once a week. How did you make out? Did you determine what was causing your problem? Was it the fuel pump as someone suggested?
  • Need help! I had my van's rotor, cap and harness replaced three times and the GM dealer service center said it was corroded. They did not know what cause it to be. IDoes anyone has some help or had a similar problem?

  • Our 2000 Venture has 59,000 miles. Recently, when the gas tank gets down to a quarter tank or so, the gauge starts wigging out. It'll go up to full, then drop down to half, then up again. It's all over the place. And now, after a recent trans flush, the automatic transmission "clunks" as it shifts through the gears. It's a palpable clunk that everyone in the car can feel. This is an intermittent problem. Anyone else have either or both of these problems? I really would hate to have to put in a new transmission on this vehicle!
  • i have a 97 astro with 113000 on it . it started with the red coolant problems. after i cleaned it out heating was a little better. when it was running hot. when taking off it had no power ,we took it to the dealer the codes were egr, engine misfire, trans slipping.
    had the egr replaced wp replaced tune up all four ox sensors and it still acts the same. the dealer said he didn't know what to do. i seem to think the trans is starting in 3rd or 4th gear . took the motor cover off the motor seems to torque to the right when engine starts idling right the motor drops to the left maybe torque conv lockup also had new injectors also catilic converter . any help?
  • Before you get into all that, check the vacuum lines on the top of the engine, I had this happen on my 97, I cant remember exactly where it was, but it was melted clear thru, 1/2 of vacc line fixed it, I vaguely remember it being on the top of the engine, somewhere near the base of the throttle body. I didn't even need to take off the engine cover, it was right there! look before you get to deep, no vac sends it to the defrosters, mine started acting up on acceleration, then got worse. good luck
  • Please, what problem did I not have with this van. Funny though that the 2003s still do this. I have a 98 Chevy Venture, which I bought used. I took it back to the dealer 2 months after I bought it because every time the car shifted gears it would jerk very hard. The dealer told me I had no clue because I was a woman and that it was supposed to do this. I threatened him with a lawsuit and he finally agreed to do "exploratory surgery". I got the car back a month later and it was fine for a while. I found myself at the top of a very large hill, took my foot off the brake to go and literally rolled down the entire hill backwards in DRIVE. Then of course it started a very loud clanking noise every time we went up a hill, turns out my transmission was completely shot. Had that rebuilt, and now every light is on in the car, from the ABS, TCS, Brake, Service Engine Soon, etc. My daylight running lights switch on in the sun and off in the dark. My interior lights are half on/half off. My mechanic told me that it was an electrical problem. Now I am told by another mechanic that the converter is either the wrong one or was installed wrong. I can't win with this car.

    Oh well, figured I would share my pain.

  • Sorry meant to say my actual headlights not the daytime running lights. :)
  • Yesterday, I bouhgt some slip over seat covers from sam's club, and when i tried to put them on, i relized that the arms are in the way, if any one knows a way to get these arm rests off, please message me.
  • As I was driving, my power locks and windows stopped working. The locks started to flip to "unlock" while driving by themself. The next day, they all worked fine. Thought I might need to replace the fuse, and I wondered which fuse # belongs to the power locks? I see the one for the power windows. My battery that was not even 2 years old died just days before this happened, and I wonder if this had drained it. Hoping to keep it from happening to this new more expensive battery. Please help? I have a 2001 venture.
  • I have a 2000 Astrovan with 93K miles on it. The service engine light came on and stayed on, and engine misfires. I took it to a local mechanic who diagnosed the problem as needing a tuneup. As a result, the sparkplugs, distributor cap, air filter, gas filter, wire set, gas gap and fuel injector cleaner were replaced at a cost of over $400. Two miles down the road, the service engine light came on again and it started misfiring again. Returned to service station where he cleared the service engine light and left again. Five miles down the road, service engine light comes back on and engine starts misfiring again. Now have appointment to return for a third time. Has anyone else encountered a similar problem? Can't trade it in while it is doing all of this......would really like to get to the bottom of this. Thanks.
  • bosco2bosco2 Posts: 1
    I found out that the fuel pump is in the gas tank. I need the easiest way to rplace it. Thanks
  • Thanks for the information. It seems i might have the same problem. One question though, Did your van stall when you were coming to stops and/or rounding corners?
  • makrismakris Posts: 5
    Will a transmission from a 1998astro van fit a1993 astro?
    engine on both is 4.3w transmission model e40d to 700r4
  • makrismakris Posts: 5
    gm has had lots of tranny problems ever since the switched to the 4l60e. i have about 50 safari & astro vans,and trust me, they have a lot of other problems. i've had trannys replaced with only 6000km on them. brace your self,,,it's about a 2000$ rebuild. when whining starts,start whining to your dealer about a torque-inverter. 700r4 rules,,,,bring it back G M.
  • makrismakris Posts: 5
    check your fuel pressure, see manual for unit pressure. is fuel gauge fluctuating? have coil tested. and believe it or not, check your neutral safety switch.
  • makrismakris Posts: 5
    were the plugs changed at the same time? if so, check the base of the distributor,where the screws set in, for cracks,distortion or pitting. check grounds on engine,firewall and will find a moisture track somewhere.
  • makrismakris Posts: 5
    sure is,,, motor & circut board is only 150$. you need a 10 mil socket, t 20 torx screwdriver, and a bit of patitence,,, pop the rod off before you loosen bolts
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    Both transmissions are the same size dimensionally and will fit in either van. The problem is the 4L60E is controlled by the computer and the 700R4 has a tv cable that runs to the throttle bracket on the throttle body which controls the shift points. The best way would be to swap the engine, transmisson and computer from the 98 into the 93. I would check also with different publications like hot rod magazine for more information on this swap.
  • Its not the tank has to be emptied and taken down .
  • leathleath Posts: 1
    I read your problem with interest. I have a 96 Chrysler T&C that had a similar problem and it turned out to be moisture on one of the contacts in the passenger side front door. It took me awhile to isolate where the problem was coming from, but I finally found it. It took the door panel off and cleaned the cable contacts then sealed it with tape and replaced the covering over it that had been split. That solved the problem.
  • have a 1991 astro apr ox 250k, has had a trans cooler on it from my purchase when it had 10k. Second trans rebuilt at 100k, noticed this week trans does not up shift as quick to 3rd and 4th or not at all. Reverse works normal, take off and acceleration normal. wondering if electronics possible problem or does anyone know if this 700R4 has a counter weight like the old turbo 350 and 400's. thanks for any feed back
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