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Chevy Vans: Problems & Solutions



  • Try replacing the battery to start with, and then the battery cables.
    My battery once caused my car to do all kinds of weird things because it was shorting out.
    Do the easy things first.
  • I had a 92 4.3 Astro that had the same problem along with a very rough running the point where it finally wouldn't start.
    You may need to replace the temperature sensor (located next to the thermostat housing in the intake manifold)
    The sensor is inexpensive and is easy to replace.
    The sensor is part of the fuel management system and tells the 'puter what the engine temp is and how much fuel to deliver.
    Hope this helps!
  • Have a 2001 Chevy Venture and I think I'm having the same signal problem. When I signal right with the headlights on and with the brakes applied, the signal on the dash blinks fast, all the right tail lights blink. Have you found the cure?
  • jpc2jpc2 Posts: 1
    My 2000 Venture suddenly stopped starting today after a short trip at my son's school.

    The engine rotates well and started but stopped immediately. The battery seems fine with strong high beams plus the windshield wiper moving freely.

    The fuel pump seems working. I disconnected the fuel line after the fuel filter. The fuel sprayed out the line when turned the key to the "On" position.

    Any suggestions?
    Thanks a lot!
  • There is a bolt at the base of the wiper arm; undo the bolt and pull the arm off. The wiper arm can then be repositioned (it has a ratchet-like assembly that corresponds to teeth on the wiper arm spindle). Retighten the bolt and your done.
  • My daughter in law had the same problem. On the first trip to the dealership the pass key module was replaced and the problem declared solved. Exactly One month later the problem returned stranding her and her three children. The dealer can't duplicate the problem and has no idea what the problem may be. Good Luck
  • I had the same problem on my 2001 Venture. Was a leaking brake cylinder on one of the rear drums. Replaced cylinder and cleaned shoes. Totally fixed the noise.
  • This sounds like a classic case of a bad ground. The poor ground can't handle the current for the lights and the turn signals both. Check and clean the grounds on both the parking/turn light/s and the tail lights. If it appears OK, run a new temporary ground using allegator clips on a wire and try it, if that fixes it, run a new permanent ground. Usually this is needed on only one light, but you may need to do several or all lights in an extreem case.
  • pifupifu Posts: 1
    My 97 Venture (109K mi) has a break problem: if I push the break pedal slowly (low traffic conditions), the breaks seams not working; the pedal slowly goes thru the end of the travel without slowing the vehicle. Although, this doesn’t happen all the time.
    In most of the time, when I drive the vehicle in town, the breaks are working OK. The problem seams to occur only when the breaks pedal is continuously press for several seconds (mid travel ~ 30 sec.).
    Two month ago, I changed the front rotors and pads and the problem went away. (Front pads needed a replacement anyway).
    Recently, the problems re-appeared. One on the rear cylinder was leaking so I replaced the rear breaks (cylinders, shoes, springs, drums). This time, the breaks are working as bad as before (good breaks at firm action, no breaks on slow pedal press). I run out of ideas, what can cause this problem. Anybody can help?
  • I am having a similar problem except that I have no lights on the dash or heater area at all and they have been like that for a few days now and havent come back on since. I however have lights in the radio section. I have a 97 Venture.

    You mentioned a sensor on the dash...where is this sensor? I also thought it could have been a blown fuse or something but couldnt even find a fuse for any of the areas.

    Any suggestions anyone?
  • I'm having the same problem, along with many more with my 01 Venture. I checked the fuse for the instrument cluster and is good. The speedometer, fuel and temp gauge are also not working. Any ideas??
  • eenaef, same problem on my ventura '98. 3 days ago i drive for 15-20 min. parked ,went pic up food, for 10 min. return to van and can not start. after 20 -30 try start and drive with no problem.
    next day cannot start, try many times and started. drive for 15 min. parked and try,try,try and no start.
    replaced fuse, relay but nothing diferent.
    motor turning ok
    no chek engin light or anything what i see
    can be fuel pump or no?
    if pump , :confuse: how it works somtime and no diference in drivig.
    thank you
  • A few nights ago I was traveling home and went over some
    railroad tracks. The thump seemed to cause the air bag light to come on and now it won't go out. I really don't
    think there's anything wrong with the air bag, but am told
    that maybe it's an air bag sensor. Does anyone know where
    these are located? My code reader shows no codes, nor does
    the check engine message come up. Thanks.
  • I believe the reason why the blower only works on certain
    speeds is because the blower resistor is bad. This happened
    to my 2000 and changed it. It wasn't easy as it is tucked
    under the dash on the passenger side. There's a connector
    and some screws that have to be removed.
  • This happend on my 2000 and it turned out to be leaking
    wheel cylinders. Are the backing plate and shoes wet?
  • Hey thanks for the reply. I havent had time to check back to the site. I will check the drums and if I recall correctly I did notice some wetness not to long ago. I appreciate the assistance. Nautique80
  • I appreciate the advise. I received a reply stating the same thing. I appreciate the assistance. Nautique80
  • Ok I found out what my problem was...its the switch that controls the headlights and instument panel dimmer. My switch was bad. I replaced the switch with one from the junk yard and it worked. I now have all the lights back on from the intrument panel, heater, etc.
  • zeveozeveo Posts: 1
    try changing the water pump
  • I'm having problems with my fuel guage moving from empty to full. This normally happens when I'm down to a quarter tank of gas.

    Also have no interior lights at all. If I open my doors or use the switch on the dash board there are no lights at all. (Dome light) all other are fine. JUST MY DOME LIGHTS DON'T WORK.

    I also have hesitation when I acellerate and can't figure out what it is. Wires have been changed but not the plugs to hard to get at. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

  • I have the same problem with my gas gauge, only worse. It reads either full or empty, nothing else. I think the tank unit is bad.
    On the lights, I bought my 2000 Venture used, and had to read an owners manual to find out how to get the interior lights to work. Seems that you have to "program" the lights, so see your owners manual. There is also a switch on the overhead console that can control the interior lights, at least there is on my Bugs Bunny edition.
  • I purchased my 2000 Venture used, and it has 130,000 miles. It runs well, but leaks oil and a little anti-freeze. I can't see where it leaks either one, the radiator and hoses seem fine, the overflow tank I checked. I suspect the water pump, but can't see it to check. The front main seal looks like it might leak, but not certain. Anyone had these problems fixed? Also when driving the gas gauge moves from near empty to full, usually staying on the full mark. Sometimes it stays on empty, regardless of the amount of gas in the tank. I use the trip computer to tell how much gas I have used. I have the Bugs Bunny edition, and I can't tell whether it has the 20 or 25 gallon tank. Do any of you know what size tank these models have?
    Thanks for any help.
  • 1panky1panky Posts: 34
    I had the same problem recently with my 2000 Venture with 115,000 miles with an antifreeze leak. At first I thought it was the water pump but after my mechanic checked it over he determined it was the head gasket. Well, 2,000 dollars later including a new water pump, oil change, thermostat, plugs, etc; I am now driving a smooth running van. The head-gasket alone was over $300.00. The water pump was replaced because it was making a "high-pitched" squeal that signalled an additional future repair. Oh well, as long as i noticed this problem in my driveway and not on the open road.
  • Your fuel guage has gone bad!

    The only fix is to replace the pump and guage as a whole unit. I just did mine about a month ago. Expect around $450+ .
  • I recently purchased a 2001 Venture LS with 85,000 km on it. It has the auto leveling shocks in the back. I noticed when going over a large bump, or small pothole ( we live 5 miles on a dirt road) there is an audible clunk from either the front right or left side. It rides and handles normally. I took it to our regular mechanic, who replaced the passenger side tie rod end and installed 4 new snow tires. I then took it to a specialist to align the front end . I asked mechanic #2 his diagnosis of the front end clunk, and after a test drive he told me the struts were leaking and bottoming out. He quoted me $250 CDN each for the parts. I asked if it was advisable to replace only the defective one or should they both be replaced at the same time. He said it didn't matter. I don't know who to believe. The clunk is still there. I am concerned because we plan on buying an ultra-lite trailer next summer and I want the suspension to be in tip top shape. Any suggestions ?
  • edjetedjet Posts: 1
    Replace your struts in matched pairs. If one is bad, good chance the other is not to far behind. I also would suggest to get another opinion from a dealer, or another local independent service tech that has been arounf for a long time. These guys don't stay in business if they screw people. Dirt roads are tough on most cars, and will play havoc on the suspension. Good luck, and good day. :)
  • Thanks crackchecker,
    Please read this below and if you know the answer please repond.
    check for corrosion on the pins where a cable is plugged in that goes to the guage readings on the dash. after they cleaned the pins I didnt have any more problems. I learned the hard way because that sensing unit they put in the gas tank cost me about $400 Dollars and I dont think that I needed it.
  • I have a 2000 Venture LS with 190 KMs, and the airbag light has stayed on for 2 months. Now it is cold and it has gone out. It comes on for a few seconds intermittently, but is mostly off. I have heard that the air bag systems are warrantyed for 7 years, a Cdn federal law. Is this true? If so, I will have GM look into my problem. I hope they can determine the fault if the light is off when I take the van in. Has anyone heard of a federal gov't mandated warrant?
  • I recently had my front widsheild replaced and the shop found that both upper corners of the metal roof had rusted away. Couldn't see any rust until the glass was out and the rubber gasket removed. He said this was common on Ventures and Chryslers. He loaded the space up with his rubber sealer compound and said that this usually seals it quite well. If it leaks, it would have to go to a body shop for a proper fix. Has been Ok since March 05 to now (Dec 05).
  • I have a 97 astro van.When I go down the road it bucks and misses really bad;it does this at all speeds.But when the outside temperature is below 25 degrees it runs fine.What is the cause of this?The computer codes say misfire on all cylinders[which I knew]but thats all I got to go on.Im pretty sure this is a TBI motor.Any help would help....thanks George
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