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Chevy Vans: Problems & Solutions



  • jhunjhun Posts: 1
    I had this problem with my 2001 Venture, the dealer replaced a certain parts I think the PCM. Recently my van won't start it was towed and brought to the dealer found out the battery positive terminal was busted. How can this be I only had 60K. I asked if I can look at the battery, they let me. Looks like the battery exploded on that terminal.
  • My wipers stay in the full upright position when the switch is off. Has anyone else had this problem and knows of a fix?
  • I have a 97 astro awd van that i purchased in june of 2005. I went to start it up today and for some reason it would not start. Engine turns and all systems appear to be functioning except i no longer hear the fuel pump.
    Since i purchased the van i have been concerned with noise from fuel pump but was told by my mechanic that it was normal. I did not have any signs of pump going out during this entire time thats why i am really frustrated that i cannot start the engine especially when i use it for work. Been really happy with the van up until now because i was not prepared nor have the funds to cover such an expensive repair.
  • I'm new to this cite but I can identify with many of the grievances people have had... my 2000 Venture Van had the head gasket, manifold gasket, battery, window switch problem, water getting in at the back, catalytic converter needing replacing, brakes leaking . . . and now my transmission has just been replaced!!! My van only has 124 000 km on it!
    I did get the area manager to pay for half of the head gasket problem when my van had 84 000 km. Funny that the dealership didn't mention this "goodwill warrantee" when I paid the bill . . . I had to write to the company to get this after reading about it in Lemon Aid.
    I am planning to take GM to small claims court for the transmission since they refused to help with any expenses. I just need to get some testimonials from transmission repair people who can attest to the fact that the Venture/Montana transmissions have had problems. What do you think the odds are of winning?
  • Has anyone had an issue with their temperature gauge not registering? I have checked the fuses and all seem good.

    The gauge does not register...or at least move up at all.

    The coolant levels are good as well.

    Any suggestions?
  • Hi, im currently having the same problem. I have a 2000 chevy venture and all of a sudden in the last couple days my temperature gauge wont move. If i drive for like one hour or more it might move slightly. I have some heat but its very little. I find that having it on recirculate the inside air moves the gauge faster. Have you figured out what happened with your vehicle and if so could you email me, i was under the assumption that it was just a thermostat. Ive had non stop problems with mine since we bought it. thank you.
  • Interesting, last month, I did the head gasket on my 2001 Venture, last summer it was a boss on the A/C condenser that mysteriously cracked. Now I'm getting a really bad noise and vibration coming from the tranny. I've changed the fluid and filter twice in the last 3 weeks. What ever came about from your issue?
  • No, I never did find out what the problem is. Guess I'll wait till warm weather comes again!! :( let me know if you find anything out!!
  • I have a 2000 Venture Van, and the cd player has quit working. The error message says "Check CD", but there is no cd in the player. This message flashes continually, whether the van is running or not; also makes a grinding noise. Has anyone had this happen??
  • Nothing yet. I've come to know of two GM mechanics (through friends) and I am hoping to access information before going to court. I figure that I need something solid that says that the problem is not uncommon before a judge will say it is not acceptable and make them pay. Hope you got GM to pay for at least half of your head gasket because that problem is definitely documented . . . they paid for half of mine at 84 000 km after I wrote to the District Manager. If I go to court for the transmission I might ask for more for the head gasket because it is such a recognized problem.
  • We have a Chevy Venture that is a 2005. Also have had numerous problems including the drivers side window not working properly (rolls down only when it wants to), the cup holder does not stay in, the cig lighter plugs where you plug in a cell phone charger not working, the front drivers side door panel falling off, the front head light filled with water, the windshield making this awful noise and now my cousin got her foot stuck in my sliding side door and could have lost her leg. Chevy is refusing to fix these problems or address the safety issues. I absolutely regret buying this van. Anyone who is considering buying one should run in the other direction now!
  • 97 99 gm models have major problems with fuel pumps. Its a small switch that runs the gas gage that fails. Cost 700.00 to repair.
  • 97-2000 GM fuel pumps are junk. expect to pay 700-800.00 to repair.
  • 2000 astro, Replaced vacuum line to correct AC problem in summer. Now heater will not direct on floor vents. It only goes onto windsheild. I figure its a vacuum line, but were?
  • 3 wks ago the van didnt start up so we left it alone(its a 2001 we bought it at 27 thousand miles, its now at 35 thous , owned it 11 mos now) called up someone to pick it up..found out the battery was dead, alternator and starter are great...we get it back, we do errands, come home eat, then go to walmart, turn it off, go in store, come back and try to start it up, the lights flickered on like it was going to start, and then everything went black..nothing...someone jumped it, got it back home, we let it run, turned it off, now back to black...nothing...anyone know what might be the prob because im starting to get aggravated and we owe 9 grand on it still and we just paid 255 to get the battery, labor, a new tie rod, and the alignment done, we also have to dish out more money on weds to get two new tires put on it thanks to the other problems with it..we are on a tight budget and cant afford any other problems with it

    come to find out when we bought the van, we were told we had 3 yrs warranty on it, come to find out we were lied to (by a salary employee), we were told why buy the extended now since you have 3 yrs to think about it..

    we have since moved to texas from VA..we were told by the Va dealership if we bring it back up there, they will do a goodwill but down here they wont and they knew we were military and moving when we bought it...ugh!
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    Check the line you replaced last summer again to make sure it did not break or come off. I am not sure if there are any lines under the dash that could have come off.
  • I recently purchased a 99 Astro with only 42K mles and the Dutch Door option. I really didn't want the Dutch doors, but it's what it had. Looks like I was right. Less than 2 weeks ownership, and the upper portion won't open. It makes all the sounds, like you can hear what seems to be the mechanism working inside the door, but no go.

    I read a bunch of other messages here about similar problems, but none seem to address mine directly.

    Any suggestions? I can't even see any way to get into the mechanism from the inside - there doesn't appear to be any way to get the inside panels off while the door is closed. Is a dealer shop going to be able to help me without damaging something? I've got a bunch of stuff that I really need to get out!

    Thanks for any info - John
  • Well, I managed to get the trim piece off from the inside, though it meant cracking it where the two upper side screws were, since you can't get to those unless the door is open, (bad design!). I was then able to see where the little plastic connector/holders that hold the outside ends of the release rods to the actual latches had broken on both ends. Hopefully I can get just these from Checy parts. (Why'd they make them plastic, anyway??). I really can't figure how both of them broke at once - maybe when I see what the whole part looks like it will make sense.

  • Hello...I had this problem with my Astro earlier today and found out I was low on coolant. Check it out. Hope this helps.
  • Hey guys, I need some HELP...PLEASE !!! I bought this astro not running figuring that it needed a fuel pump. I replaced that and the fuel filter. I then ended up replacing the computer modelue as well. SO I got it running then ended up bringing it to the garage because it was starting intermittantly. They spent a whole bunch of time troubleshooting it and found that there was a bad wire going to the computer module. They replaced/ repaired that and let me have it. I started it up first second I turned the key ! My next stop was Maaco and got a quote of 1270 to strip her down the metal and paint her up. Bad primer as we all probably know. Well.....after driving the van for approx 45 mi I stopped to get something to eat, when I started her back up I was thinking that it might not have been a bad purchase after all when she just died. I turned the key in attempts to start her several times but nothing. I got some starting fluid and she started and stopped. I can hear the fuel pump run for 3 seconds then turn off like it is suppose to. I put 5 gal of gas in but that still didn't do it. The gauge shows over 1/2 full. For some reason the fuel is not getting to the engine with a new pump and filter and I am stumped ! I am open to suggestions.
  • code P1406 is EGR pintle position circuit.
    Remove EGR check for carbon build up.
  • clozoclozo Posts: 1
    Had this problem on our 01 Venture too. Was fixed last month. Weak radiator and coolant hoses replaced. Got the van back and one week later had to have the thermostat replaced for the same problem.
  • I was driving back from vacation the other day and at 10:30 at night all the lights went out. I pulled over and turned on the light switch. The head lights came on (I had the "day" running lights on before). I went to a gas station and found out that my fuse was blown for the day time running lights. The thing is my regular parking lights did not work when I turned on the headlights, until I replaced the fuse for the Day time runners.

    Anyway, I did not have any break lights and still do not. I replced the switch this evening and nothing. The bulbs are fine and everything. Is there a fuse somewhere I am missing?? I am going crazy here, lol. :confuse: Help needed <-------
  • How do I service the Traction system?? That light just came on too. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • Have a 2000 with over 120,000 and am having the same problems. Hard shifting on occasion and the fuel gauge goes crazy. Have not been able to find an answer on the tranny problem. Fuel gauge is probably the sender..I'll be following the problem....
  • 2003 Venture gauge reads over 1/8 when empty and over 3/4s when full. One of the post mentioned the cable contacts. How do you get to this cable? Under the dash or do you have to take the dash apart? I want to try this before buying any parts.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Call GM customer service and repeat exactly what you wrote. maybe they can arrange for the Texas dealer to do what the VA dealership promised.
  • eeq65eeq65 Posts: 1
    does anyone know if there is a relay in the fog lght wiring? if so where is the relay located?
  • My ABS light is constantly on and my rear brake lights are out. The third brake light works along with all the other lights. I have changed the bulbs and it has worked in the past, but the brake lights go out on it shortly after. I changed the brake switch and that didn't work. Sometimes the brake lights will work and the ABS light goes out when that happens so I believe the two are related. Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, how did you fix it? I do not want to take it to a dealer for Electrical T/S because it will be too much money. I have brought it to a garage and they have changed the bulbs out which momentarilly solved the problem.
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