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Chevy Vans: Problems & Solutions



  • My 2000 Chevy Vebture's left rear quarter window is stuck, however, the right rear quarter window is fine. Anyone experience similar problem...possible solution?
  • This is our first ever minivan, replacing both a pickup truck and a 'New Beetle'. We needed a vehicle that we could travel in along with our dogs and their kennels. Ours is a standard length LS model, 7-passenger van.

    My experience with our Venture LS has been very good. There were only 3 problems in the 2+ years and nearly 63,000 miles we have had it (we have owned it since new).

    1. The HVAC control panel is some sort of electronic panel that went bad; dealer repaired under warranty. The only problem was the 2 week wait for the part. (about 44K)

    2. The rear most seat latch was bent and had to be straightened. I cannot state whether it was defective from the dealership or if I damaged it. In any case, the dealer looked at it and had me return later when they could have more time. (about 50k)

    3. At about 55k miles, the 'check engine' light came on. I verified all of the usual suspects (latches, gas cap, etc.). I took it to the dealer and they not only repaired the seat but diagnosed the engine light as a computer glitch. They downloaded and installed a software patch. This time I was charged $82, ostensibly for either the software fix or the seat fix...whatever...the car performs well and unlike others' experiences, I have had no other problems.

    I have always had the oil changed every 3k, and replaced tires and brakes at 58k. The original tires were Firestone and we replaced them with Bridgestone. The Firestones lasted 58,000 miles, and were quite good for traction and noise, etc. On our first long trip, the car averaged 33MPG at 70-85MPH cruise; I average 23MPG in daily stop-and-go.
  • Hi, Can anyone out there with this problem, help me? I only have 21,000 miles on my tires and the outside edge of the front right tire is almost bald. When I washed it the other day I also noticed that the not so shiny steel hub was much dirtier than the others. I noticed the unusual wear at the first tire rotation. The dealership checked the alignment and said it was fine, rotated and balanced the tires, and sent me home. Now I know it is not fine. I also had to have my front brakes replaced after only 21/2 years of wear. I am going to buy new tires for the front and I don't want to put them on until I know what to do....
  • I just tryed to start my Venture this morning and it does not turn over. The check engine light came on, all the guages went hay wire, the headlights dont come on, but the sterio and the lights inside the van work. Tried jumping the vehicle but that was not the issue. Any one see this problem or know how to fix it?

  • The 'Service AWD' Warning Light went on in my '99 Chevy Asto van. I checked and added amost 1/2 quart of lubricant to the front axle and some to the rear axle. I disconnected the positive battery terminal. Then re-connected the battery, the 'Service AWD' light is still lit. I can also hear 4 clicks with I first turn the ignition key. Can anyone tell me how to shut the light off or help diagnose my problem?
  • pld1pld1 Posts: 3
    I have had nothing but trouble with my van. Winter is coming and the van will start but once I drive to a store about 3mins away go in for 10min come out and try to start the van it turns over but will not start. Only happens in cold weather. I have had the van at the dealer last winter and they can not find the problem. Now the brakes are squeaking badly only 22,000km on the van. Big freak'in lemon. Anyone else had these problems. Anyone know about the not starting problem? Any good advice accepted. Post or contact me at
  • 1panky1panky Posts: 34
    Does anyone have a problem with their front door power windows running slowly or dragging during operation? It is most noticeable in the early morning and on cold days. The motor has a strained sound during operation. I have a 2000 venture. I have checked with other repair sites and their remedy is to clean all power contacts with "contact spray" and lubricate all window tracks with silicone. This treatment does sound reasonable.
  • No heat when the engine has idled for a while.The heat is OK during driving. The thermostat has been replaced and the engine temp reads normal. The fan will blow cold air after sitting at idle. Has anyone had the same experience? The van is an extended model with the Mark III package. Thanks for your help.
  • homerkchomerkc Posts: 113
    Prestone Super Radiator Stop Leak, or Bars Leak, or something like that on the intake manifold leak? My 98 Malibu has a small leak (and I fear this for my 2003 Venture), and this stuff has worked on past cars.

    Has anyone tried this?
  • sharon2sharon2 Posts: 1
    At 12000 miles I took my 1 year old 2003 Chevy Venture WB edition in for an oil change then left for a 3000 mile cross-country road trip from Wyoming to Pennsylvania. In Penn. the AWD disable light came on in the message center as well as the ABS light on start-up. The van had not been driven overnight and it was cool outside so this could not be an overheating problem. ... I also noticed when they changed my oil and rotated my tires that the oil reading was not in the 90's but in the 50's (in the odometer area) so who knows if they even changed it.

    On a side note: The power door is much easier to open than the manual sliding door when iced over. The brakes started squeaking off and on at 500 miles. Everything else works great! Our 2 small kids and my husband love the DVD player. The leather/cloth combo seats were very comfortable to travel in with just enough cup holders. We have been able to use all types of infant & child car & booster seats in all 2nd and 3rd row locations with ease.
  • acudoctariacudoctari Posts: 1
    Anyone out there with a conversion van?
    I would like to know more about this elusive
    and land yacht.
  • bconkelbconkel Posts: 2
    The 2 major items are water pump and radiator.
    1. If it overheats more when you are working it hard, like prolonged speed or towing, a plugged or restricted radiator can be the culprit.
    2. If it tends to heat up when running slow, in traffic etc., the water pump may be getting worn. However, it also,usually leaks out of the weep hole, because the pump bearing is bad.
    3. Even though you are in a warm climate, be sure to run 50/50 antifreeze to water ratio. The antifreeze increases the cooling efficiency. But too extreme from 50/50 mix will undo the effect.
    4. Heaven forbid, a bad head gasket can also make it run hot by letting exhaust gasses into the coolant.
    Good luck
  • geethangeethan Posts: 1

  • toocheaptoocheap Posts: 2
    How did your Venture feel/sound with the failed injector? I suspect a failed injector in my 96 Astro (135K miles), but I don't know how to diagnose it for sure. It coughs on & off at highway speed and shows no diagnostic trouble codes. I have recently replaced my fuel filter, my fuel pump, and my camshaft position sensor (after I got a code for it).
  • lloydllloydl Posts: 7
    Well, I have just purchased a used 1993 G20 "MarkIII" conversion van for my son. In the process I had to learn a whoe new world of info and terms. And specificiations, etc.
    Maybe I can offer some insights ...
  • lloydllloydl Posts: 7
    I would go to your local trailer/RV dealers and get that info from them. They should have it in a form suitable for the inspector. I believe The actual capacity of your G30 will be on the order of 5,000-6,000 lb depending on engine.

    Here is a website that references towing information (2d para):

    Notice if you follow the link to "Trailer Life" that you can secure older model specs from the company ... via email.
  • isturzuisturzu Posts: 1
    I have a 01 Chevy Venture LS and I experience this problem:

    whenever I turn left, the ABS warning pops up, but ABS is still working.

     Can anybody help me in this problem?

    Thank you.
  • 2k1olds2k1olds Posts: 98
    All right sports fans, here is another gremlin in the 98 Venture. My wife ran up to the movie store and when she came home, she said the oil pressure light came on. I checked the oil, it was fine, took it for a spin, no problems. The airbag light and the seat belt light come on occasionally, but there is no pattern to any of this. Are these vehicles just plagued with a short problem?? Any help appreciated
  • mrwehnermrwehner Posts: 1
    We have a 2001 Chevy Venture, bought new. We have a leak in the intake manifold and a hole in the condenser. Our mechanic says it shouldn't be happening and that GM knows but they will not help us. Has anyone else had these problems?
  • mwcoxmwcox Posts: 13
    Be aware that GM has a TSB for the Astro, amongst others, for failing fuel injectors. They extended the warranty for 10 years. I don't remember 'where' I found it, but, I'm sure you can find the info on a search engine site or at the NHTSA website.
  • lct1lct1 Posts: 21
    Intake leaks and condenser cracks are common on the Venture and other GM vehicles. Check for TSB's and extended warrenty's. GM seems to pick and choose who gets help, you might get lucky.
  • dennis6dennis6 Posts: 6
    Have your alternator/regulator checked . . . it maybe putting out to much juice, overcharging your battery. Rebuilt alternator's are more likely to have this fault if not done properly.
  • I have a 2000 awd astro van doing the same thing yours does. Have you came up with a corrective action? I get to the point of just putting a piece of cardboard in the dash over the ugly yellow light.

  • I drove over a piece of tire which caused our
    van to shut down. Under the van three wires where dis-connected. I plugged them in. The car started up. But I have three messages that wont go away. They are ...service engine soon, Trac system off,and abs off. Is there a way to re-set the system? I think that is what the problem is. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • I have had multiple problems with our van over the past few years, that have been mostly electrical in nature. I have attributed most to a water leak that I can't seem to track down. I do recall seeing water in the overhead map lights once after a hard rain. The floors and undercushion are generally soaked and thus wires are corroding. I am hoping that if I start with this console issue I may find the source. Are there any other potential water leaks near the front of the van. If I knew for sure it was the window I would have a autoglass specialist replace it. Thanks for the info.

  • Hi. I have a 2001 Chevy Venture and we had a problem with the intake manifold we brought it to the dealer and he fixed it for us. Also, I have my van in the shop right now my transmission went. I have 39,000 on a 3 year old van and the transmission went...i am not happy with this van at all.
  • cptpltcptplt Posts: 1,075
    fortunately I got the ext warranty so it hasn't cost me anything except what I paid for the warranty , while the car has never left us stranded here's what we have had to fix since the B2B warranty ended.

    leaking manifold
    leaking master brake cylinder
    leaking brake line
    radio speakers
    fuel pump (thats 500 bucks or something for the part!)
    wiper motor
    HVAC controls (resistor or something gone)

    at least it hasn't been as bad as our 00 Windstar- new tranny (actually they tried to replace the tranny and found the new one didn't fit! then found they needed a new torque convertor too!)

    I am very grateful to GM for not having 8 seats in the Venture replacement, now I can get a Sieena or even the 05 Ody which will come with 8seats!
  • What is it, and how do i fix it????
       Thank you sooooooooooo much!
  • We just bought this and I'm a bit concerned as when we go to pass someone, even at 70 miles an hour, it shifts very loudly. Is this "normal"?
  • lct1lct1 Posts: 21
    2002 Venture WB Van purchased 5-24-02 List of repairs since new.
    7,380 miles: Belt squeal, serpentine belt replaced.
    12,130 Miles: Pass. Rear door motor assembly replaced, door opens while driving (recall), Driver side rear door latch replaced, Serpentine belt and tensioner replaced (belt squeal), Rear brakes replaced, Rough idle, can’t duplicate. Front suspension bushing replaced(noise) alignment checked.
    14,473 miles, Serpentine belt replaced(squeal,chirping).
    14,990 miles, Water leaking at rear hatch, Rear intake leaking oil( oil pan bolts, oil filter, drain plug tightened) Questioned fix and was told that’s how they fix Honda’s., Front alignment( Paid by me)
    17,578 miles, Serpentine belt squealing and chirping( belt replaced) Water in LR taillight(replaced)
    19,696 miles, AC pressure valve blew out.(replaced) AC air is warm and spitting water out vents. This is Aug. 2003
    19,826 miles, Told AC is working Fine, use recirculate to cool Vehicle. Water coming out of vents normal. Was told no problem with serpentine belt, tensioners, pulleys etc. Belt squealing and chirping normal. Some belts do this(This is 4th belt since new) At this time I made the mistake to contact GM Customer Service, then the BBB. Both said they would help me neither did. All I have ever got is to be told to take it in for repairs. Dah! That’s what I have been doing.
    20,752 miles, AC recharged, Vents stopped spitting water, Air cool at times but not close to what it was, mostly warm and humid. Belt squeal was used on belt many times and did not fix. Belt noise to be fixed for last time Per area Service Manager. Dealer saturated the belt with belt lube, then told me they could not duplicate problem. Belt still squealing and chirping. E-brake not holding, brakes not stopping van. Rear brake parts fell apart.
    21,380 miles, Belt problem addressed again, pulleys not lined up properly, seems to fix. AC still not working right, told cannot fix unless hot outside. Begged them to fix so I could travel to Arizona and Florida, they refused. Pleaded with them to compare to other like vans( I did) they refused. 60 degrees outside, drive all day long will AC full blast and not be cold.
    Arbitration Hearing, IMPARTIAL Tech. Determines AC is working properly( 35 Degrees outside) Failed to mention noise in vent for which there is a TSB on. Offered extended warranty, Told GM I couldn’t get it fixed with the one I had.
    23,296 miles, Loss of power, bad gas mileage, Oil leak, anti-freeze in oil, rough Idle( intake gasket replaced) engine oil overfilled 3/4 Qt. AC checked(warm outside) No Problem found. Although dealer claims they did not work on AC, works a little better.
    24,000 miles to current 25,600 miles, Oil leak continues, Oil dripping from engine since May 2003. Engine stumbles or bucking while driving, Transmission slams into gear and slips. Driver window slow or almost stops midway. AC Blows warm humid air with moldy smell. Before AC was repaired you could have made ice-cream and van smelled new. I had to turn rear unit off cause kids were too cold. Dealers have never driven Van more than 2-3 miles. Vehicle never wrecked or abused and serviced above normal.
    25,848 miles, Engine problem caused by spark plug wires not attached properly when intake was done. Bracket not connected and wires shorted out on egr tube. Had AC checked by a private tech. To confirm AC was not working properly. Then had GM dealer check again. Both agreed it was not right and has low charge. After 3 last chance to repair and 5 attempts to get fixed in almost a year I had an attorney file for repurchase under lemon law. GM refused my claim on that primary concerns have been fixed and AC problem cannot be duplicated. GM has flat out refused to fix the AC and properly diagnose problem since Aug. 03. At times AC vents look like a steam iron and now Recirculate/outside air switch will not work. I have gone to different dealers. Yes this is a true story, I wish it wasn’t.
    29,000 miles After AC not right for over a year, 3 Last chance for repair notices, BBB hearing, and lemon law Attorney saying I had a weak case to do anything I put my tail between my legs and took Van in to be fixed again. The Van was there for 3 weeks. Driver window regulator replaced after a year of refusal. Oil leaking for over a year: Rear engine main oil seal replaced. Interior panel clips replaced. Since wires were replaced mpg on highway has dropped by 5 mpg, no problems found. Dealer claims AC had low charge and leak. Could not find leak and charged system and claims it is working fine. As soon as I got Van back I noticed AC is almost as bad as it was before just a little colder at times. I drove 30 miles from the dealer to my house with AC on full and was not cold. When I got home rear air was 75- 80 degrees, front was 50-55 degrees. Gm has spent more money on repair attempts and fighting to prove there is nothing wrong with AC than it would cost to replaced the whole system. It has not worked properly since Aug. 03. Last response from GM is there is no issue with AC problem. This is short version of my ownership of this Van.
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