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Ford Freestyle - Taurus X



  • Your logic is sound, and you made a great choice. Besides.. a happy and contented wife is worth any price.
  • Of course happy wife part was most important ;)
  • otis12otis12 Posts: 169
    Ford has not screwed up in replacing the 500 with the Taurus, imo, based on two recent test drives. Drove an AWD 500 (2007 leftover) and a new AWD Taurus. My observations --Taurus obviously is faster off the line. Transmission (CVT vs. 6-speed) is a toss-up in terms of performance. Taurus is noticably quieter during acceleration and at highway speeds. There is a hefty discount on the 500 ($6K)but every review I've read has ripped the 500 for being underpowered and for the CVT tranny vs. comparisons with the Taurus. The widespread negative reviewer opinions about the 500 means plummeting resale value. I understand why many of you are defensive about the 500s you bought - guess I would be as well. Maybe the comparisons aren't fair. But I worry that the CVT is an orphan product at Ford now and harder to get services/repaired in coming years. I've decided to go with the AWD Taurus.
  • Well gosh golly-gee jeepers that's great otis12. But this is a Freestyle/Taurus X board. The 500 board is somewhere over there I think.
  • jrljrl Posts: 39
    Don't take it personal otis12, I think passat_2002 owns a freestyle ;)
  • Do not understand buzz about passat or other european cars. I lived in Europe for 33 years and was driving many euro and japanese cars ( Opel, WV, Mazda, Renault. Volvo for example ). Moved to Canada and see that majority is obsessed about euros or japanese, why? IMHO Freestyle is much better than Passat. Service and parts for domestic cars is always cheaper. Honestly I think euros and japanese are overrated. Not talking about Mercedes or Lexus, but Passat or Corollas? Nobody takes passat seriously in Europe. Boring, faceless car.
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    As I remember, Freestayle was designed for the 3.5 engine that was not ready soon enough. Taurus X is what the Freestyle should have been.
    I had the 2005 SEL and the CVT died twice and other issues. Ford took it back. I am thinking of Taurus X, because other cars I drove to test did not come close to the stability of FS, but I am afraid of quality and dealer proftioncy in fixing it.
    Any encouregment?
  • colloquorcolloquor Posts: 482
    "I love my 07 limited Ford Freestlye. I never liked Fords until this car came out. The high safety rating combined with great fuel mpg from the CVT and a very effecient interior made for a great non minivan familar car. With the CVT I had seen up to 31.5 mpg average on 4-5 hour interstate trips. For Ford to drop back to 6 speed and give more power to the car was the worst thing to do."

    I just spent 5 days and 1,400 miles with a Taurus X with the new 3.5L and 6-speed automatic - cumulative mileage for freeway (85%) and city (15%) driving was 28.8MPG, not bad in my book. The 6-speed is excellent, and the torque and overall power and quietness of the new 3.5L is very impressive.
  • jwgasnerjwgasner Posts: 12
    Just saw a new '08 Taurus X at the dealership the same exterior/interior color as my '07 FS. Love what they've done to tone down the Tan dash in the windshield. The charcoal color makes a great accent to the Tan and I'm sure it cuts the glare that the tan has into the windshield. I very much enjoy my FS and although I don't understand Ford's renaming of it I'm glad the vehicle lives on. For those that are considering the FS I'd not hesitate to give a FS or a TX a spin. If the TX is as quiet over the road as the FS then Ford may at last be able to market a great car. Personally I still don't understand the non-visability of Ford on this great ride!
  • I drove Freestyle only as a test drive but I have TX for a week now and I am so happy about quiet and comfy ride. Definitely the best car I have ever sat inside. Didn't have a chance to test on a longer ride yet, but so far so good;)
  • I've had an X for about two weeks now and am very happy. I can only compare it to the Freestyles that I rented via Avis (which I liked but didn't love). The new X is a significant upgrade in nearly every way with two exceptions: gas mileage and exterior color options. By this I refer to the fact that the paint color and clading are two-tone (by design) while I'd prefer a single matching color. Others may prefer the two tone. The gas mileage is a by-product of a much more powerful engine, which I love. My biggest beef with the Freestyle was the power and acceleration which I found lacking. The new engine makes this a strength of the car instead of a liability. In addition, somehow the ride is quieter than the Freestyles I've driven. All the other benefits of the old Freestyle remain, including the super quick and easy configuration of the seating and the stability you like. As to the long term quality and dealer questions it is too soon for me to say, but the initial build quality is pretty good (but not excellent) and certainly does not effect my overall impression negatively. I also upgraded to leather and the DVD package which forced me to get some other convenience features like dual zone AC. I've been very impressed with the DVD system which is better than the one in my Lexus (though two years newer). Ford has a real winner here which is why I am so confused that they have not seen fit to promote it yet.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    What did you pay and what is your MPG?
  • I am getting 26MGP with 70% highway and 30% city driving (according to car computer ) so far before engine break in which I consider pretty good. I will test real MPG when I will take my family for longer trip.
  • I assume we're talking a FWD X, correct jigmaster? If you're getting that good of mileage before the 3.5L is even broken in, then you have not given up anything to the Freestyle. You may actually be getting better mileage.
  • Yes, I have FWD TX. But keep in mind I drive very carefuly with very light foot;). But I must admit I am nicely surprised as well ( unless computer is a freaking lying :confuse: )
  • Mine is a company car, so I can't say I paid attention to the price. My MPG has been 16.4 according to the on board computer. This is almost all city driving and is better than I estimated from my first tank (before I discovered the on board computer).
  • Yeah, MPG drops significantly in the city:(. I had to do some shopping during the weekend so we did some driving through local shops in the city for two days and it was around 18.5MPG for the weekend acording to car computer.
  • Today I compared my Freestyle to the new Taurus X. I like the new decoration inside and out, and the engine is more powerful, of course. While the CVT is not as peppy off-the-line, it is smoother and less intrusive than the new 6-spd. The steering and brakes are better in my Freestyle. So at this point, I wouldn't change and don't feel deprived.
  • Have had new Taurus X now for about 2 weeks. Turned in 05 Freestyle lease after 2 years. I was afraid I would be disappointed going to the Taurus X after having the Freestyle, but I am very pleased with the Taurus X. I really only miss the CVT when I am in the parking garage at work. I thought I would notice not having it more. The Taurus X is pretty much the same as the Freestyle with some minor improvements. I like the 2 tone interior and the chrome accents. The DVD screen does not block the rear-view anymore. I can see out the back window without any problem. The doors automatically unlock now when the driver's door is opened (yeah!- it's the little things). The hatch is much easier to close. The biggest disappointment is the mileage,not surprisingly. I went from an AWD getting 16/22 (never got the high mileage everybody else reported) to FWD. Today I got 22.6mpg on the highway. Mixed driving I've been getting between 18 and 19 mpg. Other than that, I give the Taurus X a big thumbs up. We were very pleased with the Freestyle we had too. We considered buying it but felt we'd lose money with the money we had already put into leasing, not to mention not having much as warranty.
    For those interested paid $30198 (Z-plan price plus $1000 rebate, including tax) for lt ice blue FWD Limited with DVD system, auxillary heat and Triptunes(for IPOD).
  • I must admit I made mistake converting MPG from metric system. It is 24mpg not 26mpg. Sorry for misinformation :blush:
  • volkovvolkov Posts: 1,306
    And did you convert to US (3.78L) or Imperial (4.54L) gallons?
  • Actualy I just found that you can switch to English system on Car computer. So when it shows 9.0 l/100km in metric it is 24mpg after switching to english. Before I was just trying to calculate on my own using metric system converter online but for some reason I got different number than car computer is showing - maybe online tool is using imperial gallons?
    Again, everybody here is used to mpg while all life I was using l/100km, so again sorry for misinformation, next time I will just post in litres per 100km and leave conversion for you guys;)
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Or just read it off the chart! :)


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    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I am also thinking about towing a popup tent trailer with my Freestyle. Any real life towing experiences out there? Good/bad?? TIA.
  • Any suggestions for covering up some of the chrome interior trim in my Taurus X? Particularly the vent rings and the around the shifter? The sunlight reflecting off of the chrome can be annoying.

    I've read a little about vinyl wrap. Also thought about painting, but probably would want something that I undo later if i wanted to. Or maybe there are similar replacement trim for other models that are either black or brushed metal?
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    If you could remove them you could always spray paint them flat black. I'm no fan of chrome or wood (fake or real) in cars.
  • Bought this car certified used with 10k miles from Ford dealer in Sept 2006, it was about 10 months old; has about 26k miles now; needing new tires for winter; Conti tires are so-so; we really like it a lot having 2 kids, wife, hubby with room to spare usually; the engine and CVT don't seem to be any big deal; handles well, very smooth on hwy, takes bumps well, very roomy interior, theater seating is cool, 3rd row is big enough for real people; taken many road trips in Rocky Mtn region where we live and it has done very well in all conditions; the Volvo underpinnings may be the key--that was one reason we bought it; probably would not have considered Ford otherwise; getting about 25 mpg; customer satisfaction runs 8.9-9.3 on Edmunds for the 2005-2007 models so it must not be as bad as media portray it; sad about the new Taurus X name; Freestyle is much better name I think; first Ford car ever owned; have had Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4, multiple Subaru Legacy AWD wagons, Subaru Impreza, Pontiac Firebird, Chevy S10, 2006 Dodge Dakota 4x4.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    I'm about 1/2 way through my lease, and I really like my 2006 Freestyle. I am considering buying out the lease, but am hesitant because of the CVT. The Freestyle now has a "short lived" transmission that was discontinued.

    The odd thing about the situation is that the CVT is one of the things I like about the FS. But I worry about maintenance long term.

    For sheer design, driving comfort, versatility, and handling, this is hands down the best family car I have owned. But it is missing a couple of things. The stereo is not the best, and I really needed the power pedals (my wife is short). So I may just wait out the lease and buy a T-Rex.

    Any opinions?
  • There is absolutely no reason to believe that a CVT transmission will be any less reliable down the road than any other type of automatic tranny. If anything, the CVT should be more reliable long-term because of it's simpler design.

    Having said that.. if you just have to have adjustable pedals for your wife, keep in mind that the Flex will also be available by the end of your lease.
  • volkovvolkov Posts: 1,306
    Didn't the Limited FS have power pedals? They did here in Canada. Very close to going ahead with the T-X purchase with the principal delay being negotiations over whose car will be replaced.
    I didn't mind the FS ride but the new engine and tranny was very smooth and quiet on the TX test drive. Stability control is a definite plus for us too given long winters with icy roads.
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