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Daewoo Maintenance and Repair



  • shak01shak01 Posts: 4
    The head bolts are "Torque to Yield" or TTY bolts. Like a standard head bolt, a TTY bolt will stretch and spring back up to its yield point. But once the yield point is passed, the bolt becomes permanently stretched and does not return to its original length. Because of this, TTY bolts should not be reused. The torque procedure for tightening a TTY head bolt involves tightening it until a certain torque reading is reached. Then the bolt is given an additional turn to a specified angle (say an additional 45 to 90 degrees) to load the bolt beyond its yield point for maximum clamping pressure. There is a tool called a "Torque-To-Angle Indicator" gauge and is used with a torque wrench to achieve proper bolt loading.
  • randy26randy26 Posts: 2
    I am having the same problem with My Daewoo Nubria as in the message posted #123 . It wants to pull to the left when you give it gas. When you let off the gas it will pull back to the right. I need to know where I can purchase the lower bushings for the torque steering. I will have to do the repair. I will take the car to get a 4 wheel alignment once I replace the bushings. Just help me find a place to buy the lower bushings for the torque steering..
  • ehamilto55ehamilto55 Posts: 57
    I replaced the hoses yesterday that go to Transmission from Radiator and I have noticed the car now has a slugish start from stop. The car idles lower. Seems like power loss. Any ideas why?
  • hrtdochrtdoc Posts: 4
    What all should be changed with the timing belt? The water pump and anything else?
  • randy26randy26 Posts: 2
    I would like to know where I can get a the lower control arm assembly or just the bushings for a 2001 Nudria. Is it hard to install and what do I have to do? Please help
  • rosey0216rosey0216 Posts: 1
    I seem to have a coolent leak, which is causing overheating unless I keep adding coolent. I bought a bottle of that radiator sealent, but can not find the radiator cap to put it in. Is this because its a seeled system? What can I do to solve this problem without spending tons of cash at the mechanics? Thanks
  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    If you use that radiator sealent in it, you definitely will be spending tons of cash either at the mechanic or to replace the car.

    No two ways around it, your cooling system needs a pressure check with the correct equipment. Most independent shops are very reasonable to diagnose the problem.

    Aside from you actually carefully inspecting your hoses and finding the leak, you are out of luck without the proper tools.
  • hrtdochrtdoc Posts: 4
    There should be a plastic resivor with a tube running to the radiator to add coolant. I think you water pump is going out. It's internal so you may need mechanics and also change the timing belt.
  • I have just spent a lovely day driving with my family when I noticed the temperature gauge up high and a little yellow light on in my dash. On opening the hood I saw a tiny amount of water coming out from where the radiator hose enters the main body of the engine. I know the hundreds of thoughts that it could have been, but I called my local RAC ma. My RAC Roadside Assistant said it could have been a worn (pressure) 'O'ring or a carroded coupling. I'll find out tomorrow & post what it was. Sometimes things that seem major are only little things!!!
  • ehamilto55ehamilto55 Posts: 57
    1999 Daewoo Leganza. I am trying to get a diagram or something of all the vacuum hoses under the hood. Especially for Fuel Pressure. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have had no luck with anyone helping me out in this forum.
  • ehamilto55ehamilto55 Posts: 57
    Does anyone that knows about Daewoo's even reply to people on this site? My experience with this forum has been unsuccesful. No one will reply to messages. this forum is a joke.
  • New to this, so please be patient, I have acquired a 2001 Nubira CDX, the engine runs, the auto gear shift moves but nothing happens!

    A recurring engine error code is 0342 (Camshaft Sensor)
    also another code which IIRC is 1081, but do not know where to find the extended codes (the manual with the code reader only goes up to 0999)
    It has had the transmission oil totally replaced.

    Any suggestions or ideas?

    Many thanks
  • It would be great if anybody posting about timing belt problems tell us when (miles and age) you had these problems.

  • hrtdochrtdoc Posts: 4
    Replace the timing belt at 60k. Also replace the water pump.
  • auntlillyauntlilly Posts: 1
    My TIMING BELT on my 1999 Nubira sedan JUST broke while I was driving about 15 miles per hour. It lost power, like it ran out of gas. Barely missed being rear-ended as I coasted to the shoulder on a busy street.It only has 52,000 miles on it. The mechanic says that 8 valves are bent!!!!! and the water pump is froze up. He thinks maybe the water pump went out, froze up which then caused the belt to break. It was crumpled and wrapped clear around the crank shaft. Lots of engine damage, too expensive to fix, parts are hard to get, etc. Could cost a few thousand. I'm screwed, I guess. I only had 4 payments left and it would have been paid off! I only owed $1,640. on it. I can't believe this. I am so bummed.....Any suggestions? Bummed in Missouri.....Aunt Lilly
  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    You didn't follow the maintenance schedule per the owners manual? Most timing belts are 60K or 5 years, whichever comes first. Yours lasted 8 years.

    Since you still owe on it, we must assume you purchased it used. Didn't you buy an extended warranty on the car? If you did, they may cover it if the cause of failure was the water pump.
  • podunk503podunk503 Posts: 45
    So I was driving my friend's awesome Daewoo the other night and the check engine light came on. The next da I took it in and found out cylinder 3 misfire. Bought new spark plugs didn't get wires right away another order item. So took wires off plugs and there is oil in there around every plug. Tried to clean as much out before taking plugs out then put new ones in started car and white smoke came out. Been driving around no other smoke and have not yet changed wires but car seems to be running great! Any ideas what may be going on with that oil by the plugs? Should we order the wires after all? White smoke, someone said blown head gasket but car runs better? Any help would be appreciated. OH, and also the check engine light has not gone off yet. Does it need to be reset or does it just take time?
  • ewebster1ewebster1 Posts: 37
    i have a 2001 daewoo nurbria they were not worth what they cost,we have had alot of problems with it one thing after first it was the headlights ,then the air conditioner,then the brake lights just constantly,now it is the check engine light comes on and when you pull the hood up and check the oil and the oil level is ok and you shut the hood back up the check engine light goes off. all the recalls have been completed according to the the daewoo website on this soon as it si humanlly possible we are getting rid of this is paid for now so that would not be a problem just been totaled by our insurace company for hail damage estimated over $3,000 damage to fix it so it was totaled but we aree still driving it until we can get another car, we have alittle 60,000 miles on this car so it should not be giving us the problesm it has since we bought it.
  • hrtdochrtdoc Posts: 4
    It sounds like you cracked the head or the head gasket is leaking.
  • adam454ssadam454ss Posts: 4
    The tranny is a "sealed" unit and cannot be checked. The only way to make sure the level is good is to drain it from it's drain plug and refill it with proper tranny fluid. That's why they tell you to go to the dealership. I would go to any certfied shop and let them do it, cheaper rates.
    As for air filters go online to ebay. If you want a sporty look under the hood and more hp and fuel mialge go to for a ram air intake.
  • adam454ssadam454ss Posts: 4
    I had my timing belt break as well. My car only had 35000 miles on it but it was 5 years old. I did buy the extended warrenty. It was about 3k to fix it. Since when it breaks it will destroy the cylinder head becuase the engine is a close talerance engine that the piston will "slap" into the intake exhaust valves and bend or break them.
  • adam454ssadam454ss Posts: 4
    The cylinder head gasket will need to be replaced. Not hard to do yourself. You can buy it from ebay. I need to replace mine because one of my cylinders is doing the same thing. A friend was helping me ,mechanic, and noticed oil spurting from under the gasket into the spark plug area. I paid about $8 for gasket and $8 for shipping by UPS because of package size and being fragile.
  • adam454ssadam454ss Posts: 4
    I have a 2000 Daewoo Nubira. I have no spark coming from the plugs. Checked for spark in the usual way. Removed plug from motor hooked up plug wire, fround good ground and turned over engine, no spark.
    I thought it was the ignition coil. Changed that, still no spark. The only thing I can think it is is the camshaft position sensor. Since the engine is a DIS (distributor less Ignition System). I know how to get at the sensor and to replace it. But just want to make sure if there are other things to look for before spending $50.00 that I don't have to.
  • gurugeegurugee Posts: 8

    i have a same car as you and the same problem. i too need the Vacuum hoses Picture. Id it possible to send me some of your pics then i will send you some of mine. so that we can work out something.

    My one does 4KM per liter and its really bad.


  • ewebster1ewebster1 Posts: 37
    is this very expensive to fix ? my daughter is driving the car and she lives alittle over 2 1/2 hrs away and there are no delaships around anywhere where she lives.what would cause this ?
  • ewebster1ewebster1 Posts: 37
    have a question about the title to the daewoo it had been totaled due to a hailstorm back in april.there was money still owed on it and my insurance company paid the car of now i have not received the title but the bank said the car had been paid off but they mailed the title to the insurance adjuster do i get the title or does the insurance adjuster keep the title how does this work there was no discussion about the title when we were discussing the settlement.i have tried calling him but keep getting his voicemail
  • ehamilto55ehamilto55 Posts: 57
    Here is a siter someone provided me with long ago in this forum.

    Also I had a vacuum leak and I fixed it. The vacuum lines come out of the passengers side firewall. Closer to top of Firewall -- Kinda like it is going into the dash. There are 2 lines that come out and 1 goes to throttle body closer to middle. The other goes down to firewall area under fuel filter. Hope this helps. These vacuum hoses can be found at any parts store. You might have to buy couple feet and cut to specs. I do not have pictures of them but they are easy to find
  • We just a bought a 2000 Daewoo Lanos 5 speed for our daughter. It runs great except for sometimes it idles really high. Sometimes turning on or off the A/C helps, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to when it happens. When it does happen it is when we are stopped at a light or stop sign. Once we get going it runs great. The other problem was there was no antenna, so we bought a universal one and still do not get very good reception. Anyone have any ideas??? Thanks!!!
  • ehamilto55ehamilto55 Posts: 57
    I would check the Vacuum hoses. Leaking Vacuum hose can cause the Daewoo to Idle higher. Coats Daewoo In California always has parts for Daewoo's and cheaper than any other dealership I have tried to get parts from.
  • Is it a 5-spd manual or auto? if it's manual/standard, check that the CLUTCH switch is good. mine went at about 65K miles (depending on how much you move the clutch in/out... i moved it a lot). You can look down behind your clutch pedal, remove the switch, unplug the switch and bridge the switch with a paper-clip or segment of wire. after that, make sure the emergency brake is on and that the car is NOT IN GEAR. try to start the car.if it doesn't hesitate, then the switch is bad and needs to be replaced. if it still hesitates, put the switch back together and put it where you found it; something else is wrong. IMPORTANT!! when you bridge the switch, the car will ALWAYS think the clutch pedal is held in. so if you leave the car in gear and turn the key, the car will start and jerk along the road. you will no longer have to put in the clutch pedal to start the car.. this can be VERY dangerous and it is advised to replace that clutch switch as SOON as POSSIBLE>... good luck and let me know what you find.
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