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Daewoo Maintenance and Repair



  • gurugeegurugee Posts: 8
    Hi this is so nice, i really do not know how to find the switch. under the clutch padel i only c some wires and fuses?

    if you can show me the pic will be highly apreciate.

  • magic69magic69 Posts: 3
    Hi, I have a 1998 daewoo lanos sx (1.6 petrol), I had no problems with it at all until my daughter reversed it on a curb, banged something and now it refuses to start even though it still tries to turn over. Loads of ppl have looked at it and are baffled. One mechanic said that it will probably be the fuel cutoff or some switch that needs reset but everyone is baffled as to where it is, and the manual I have doesnt even mention it.. Anyone got any ideas where it is or know of anything else it could be? I would gladly appreciate any help. Thankyou in advance :)
  • Thanks, we will try it and see. It doesn't idle high all the time, just periodically. We will let you know!! :)
  • altnuttaltnutt Posts: 1
    I know other people have had the same problem because all around town when I see a Leganza the dash has lifted up. I really need help on this so could anyone tell me how to get that dash back down? What works, Glue? Please send me a message or email I will send a prize.
  • gurugeegurugee Posts: 8
    :cry: Same here on the front Door pannel recxing lifted up?
  • gurugeegurugee Posts: 8
    please help me to find the Cluch Switch?

    I really do not know where is it, i check under the padel but i only c some wires.

    Thank you
  • gurugeegurugee Posts: 8
    thank you it was so useful link, but i really do not know how to find the vacuum lines, if you can please send me a picture. its terreble for me to drive this with fuel wastage.


    Sri lanka
  • gurugeegurugee Posts: 8
    I enclosed some pics under below link please check that and let me know what is wrong with my engine it does only 12 KM galoon, its terryble. pleaae help.
    i am the second owner and i saw some valves are cut n closed, whay is that? and some are just open.

    check the pictures i marked all the doubts. :cry:
    link title

    repl me too
  • sherry123sherry123 Posts: 15
    The fuel cut off is the little black unmarked button beside the driver's seat. I believe that is your problem
  • gurugeegurugee Posts: 8
    i did not get this, please repeat it, if you can show me the picture marking this thing. i really want to fix this please help. wher is black unmarked button ???? :cry:
  • Hi all, I'm trying to help my brother in law put a 1999 Leganza head back on. Can someone look up the torque specs in a manual for us?

    Thanks, Ken
  • jeffisujeffisu Posts: 7
    Thanks for the info.. it's an automatic, though. 99 Leganza SX.
  • rags83rags83 Posts: 5
    If you haven't had the timing belt checked I'd try that first? That's what my leganza was doing and it cost me an engine.
  • rags83rags83 Posts: 5
    Every timing belt that has broken on the ones I personally know about has done so at or around 60,000 miles. Mine personally made it to 82,500. When they replace it, make them replace the tensioner and idler pulley/bearings as well. My belt broke, cost me a head and all the stuff that goes with it, 500 miles later the belt spun off doing the same thing because they didn't replace the tensioner and pulley's like I asked them too. Said it wasn't necessary. It is. All parts are on online and easy to get. I saved about $400 dollars getting the parts myself, most of them with the warranties.
  • rags83rags83 Posts: 5
    Just had new timing gear and head put on my car. Check engine light came on shortly thereafter. Put my scanner on it and it said cylinder two was misfiring. My number two fuel injector was clogged and I had to replace it. If you checked your wires and plugs that's one of the few options left. Maybe that helps you a little.
  • gurugeegurugee Posts: 8

    i am havin vaccum hose problem in my Daewoo leganza 2000 DOHC, if you have the same car can you please send me some close pics of hoses and valve, vaccum system.

    Thank you

    Prasad :sick:
  • magic69magic69 Posts: 3
    Well, I checked the whole car out and so did loads of other people, I still don't see any black button (marked or unmarked) :cry: This car is driving me insane! :mad: Please let me know if you ever find that button! :confuse:
  • jdwisjdwis Posts: 3
    I have Leganza & had somewhat similar problem, the switch - Fuel Cut-off switch is the safety switch fixed in many of cars.. in Leganza this switch is on the right side of driving seat, near the end of the seat, just below the end of the driver's safety belt (I drive right hand side vehicle - UK style). In accidents, just to prevent the car to get more fuel, this switch will cut off the Fuel Pump power so Pump doesnt work and no more fuel taken out from the tank - just a precaution to prevent it from fire....
    This is a mechanical switch, has a Ball-bearing & a magnet in it which actually does the connection, once the car bangs or if there is a big thud on the car, that will release the bearing from it connection, and works as OFF condition... I have no idea about Lanos but think it should be similar... this switch has a black rubber on its top as cover... rest is hidden under the carpet, so its hard to notice it...
    So after the bang or thud, if you think its ok to start the car and if it doesnt... if it just cranks and doesnt start... try following things...

    make sure all elecronic equipments - radio, lights etc are off... switch off the car completely.... just dont remove the key... wait for 10 sec.... press the top - rubber part of the switch ... if it goes inside and gives a click - means the switch was cutoff... wait for another 10 sec... switch on the car... try to run it... it should...

    let me know...
  • sherry123sherry123 Posts: 15
    if you are in US, sit in the drivers seat, look to your left beside the seat. it is a black depression (not a knob) right next to the knob that adjusts your seat near the trim for the door opening
    email me if u still cant find it or talk to a daewoo dealer
  • Ok I drove my daughter's Daewoo Lanos (2000, 5-speed) up to the stop sign, it clacked (quietly) a few times and the car died, wouldn't restart. The timing belt is still on and snug, but doesn't turn when the key is turned. The car will try and move when in gear, and clutch is released, it just won't turn over. Anyone else with this problem?? I don't know of any mechanics in NW Arkansas. :sick:
  • Yesterday my 2000 Leganza started to act up on me. It would not shift out of park without puting the key in the shiftlock and starting it that way. What could be the possible problems. I have not had any problems before this.
  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    Brake pedal switch is bad.
  • What fuses do I need to check(dash and under hood)....also, is there a type of speed relay switch hidden under the dash that might have a fuse that is blown? Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • I have a '99 Leganza. Its not getting fuel & I'm convinced the cut off switch has gone bad. It seems to be set correctly because I can't depress it. I only spent $800.00 on this car & don't wanna drop a wad on a switch. Will it run it I by pass the switch?

    PS SRY this post was not on the 'fuel management' page, my first time on the board
  • arigarig Posts: 4
    seat cover off
    breaks failed
    left signal light is hanging of
    suspension collapsed
    stearing column jammed
    fuel light blow
    and dunno wat to expect next
  • I had a similar problem with a Daewoo Leganza. I had a lot of oil in the spark plug area. My first thought was that it was leaking thru the valve cover gasket so I ordered one on the internet. I cleaned up the oil and replace the gasket. It was still leaking oil. I did an google search and found out that another person had the same problem. He replaced the oil cap and it stopped. I purchase one at Kragen and the oil leak stopped when I replaced the oil cap.

    On the check engine light, disconnecting the battery for ten minutes will normally reset the light unless the problem still exist. As far as a blown head gasket, some of the signs are coolant loss, a lot of white smoke and overheating of engine.

    If you are mechanically incline, you can do a compression test on each cylinder and a cylinder leak test and that will tell you if you have a bad head gasket.
  • louworldlouworld Posts: 1
    I have 2000 Nubira timming belt broke I replace Head cam sensor khock sensor plugs wires coil pack waterpump adjusters Runs fine driving down the road but when you stop
    and idle in gear sometimes it misses bad it does it alot but
    not all the time I allso checked for vaccum leaks Thank you
  • lilgirllilgirl Posts: 1
    i just got a 1998 Daewoo Lanos SX Auto 5 days ago and, although i know to expect certain problems with a used car, this is my first UK car and my first car with less than 6 cylinders... this one is a 4 i believe(only 4 spark plugs, so...)but a few things have happened the past 2 days that have me wondering if i`m going to need some major repairs...

    a few days ago, when trying to use the power button, the car started smoking horribly, and i thought for sure that i had blown the head gasket... once home, i looked and found oil all over the front part of the engine, and puddled on the head around the spark plug wires... after cleaning it all off and checking the gasket to see if it was leaking, i saw there was no leak at all... after checking a few other places, i came to the conclusion that trying to use the power button when the rad was low created alot of pressure which popped the oil dipstick out and the oil spewed out of there, was blown by the fans to the engine... is this possible? i`ve never had or heard of it happening in the 20 years i`ve been, it started making a noise (like the sound you`d get when you put a playing card in the spokes of a bike tire...)it`s louder under the car and seems to be coming from the oil this a sign that the engine is shot or...? the oil level is fine and the engine light never came just sounds like something caught in the blades of a fan but i have checked thoroughly and there isn`t anything there...can anyone help? i`ve ordered the repair manual from ebay, just waiting for it to come in the post, but i really would like to know if driving it while its making that sound is going to cause engine damage...
  • magic69magic69 Posts: 3
    Hi and thanks for all the info, but unfortunately the only black rubber things that are near the bottom of the drivers side seatbelt are a row of six what look like rubber buttons. On trying to push these though, I realised that they are only rubber stoppers like the ones that cover the holes for the wiring harness. These stoppers run along from the back seat right to the front inline with the door hinge... so... still baffled :confuse: :(
  • I have a nubira that was run out of oil that was making a rattling sound(like you are describing-sounded like a fan blade hitting something or loose manifold guard). I had to replace my motor....hopefully, that is not what is wrong with yours, but you might check the dipstick and see if it is clean or if there are scorch-like marks on it. The latter is a good indication of the motor running low on oil at sometime or other....
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