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Daewoo Maintenance and Repair



  • try replacing the valve cover the reason is the gasket around the plugs is bad so oil is leaking into the plugs fouling them good luck yeah if you ever change the oil make sure is 10w30 nothing else is recommended by manufacture later .
  • I am the person with the 2002 Nubira with the engine light on due to O2 sensor type of thing. Finally got the front one changed. Light still on. Parts hard to find due to fact it turned out to be California emission parts. Car purchased and used on East Coast. 4-wire part on front - usually the 4-wire part is only on the back one. Anyway, got a wrong one for the back AGAIN, but mechanic tighened down the lid on the air cleaner filter box - used a screw to hold it down because the clamp was broken - check engine light has been off for going on 5 days now. Longest ever it has stayed off. What are the chances the lid of this box was keeping the light on? Mechanic did not think it would cause that problem, but does anybody know better? Could be a fluke. Light could come back on tomorrow. Waitin for O2 sensor for back of car at this time. Part for front and back - separately has been $169.00! WOW!! NOT what I was hoping for.
  • danbakerdanbaker Posts: 1
    i need the timing belt specs for a 2001 daewoo leganza, any suggestions?
  • Does anyone know if the Nubira has a Cold Start sensor?

    Marc :0)
  • I have a 2001 Leganza w the auto tranny with the power switch on the shifter. The PWR idiot light comes on and goes out as a bulb check when starting the car, so I know the light is working. The problem seems to me, to be that the tranny is not shifting into it's highest gear, it feels like it is stuck at 3rd gear when cruising, and also, if I press the shifter button to put the cat into "power" mode, it doesn't change it's performance or power level at all, and the PWR light doesn't come on with the switch. Anybody have this problem, or know where to point me to try to fix it? I was wondering if it is an electric problem or a switch problem, since the bulb does light up. I cannot seem to find any information on this anywhere, including a supposed "Daewoo Shop Manual" that I purchased, which is supposed to be the same one the manufacturer issued to all it's dealer service centers. HELP< PLEASE! :mad: :confuse: :sick:
  • When I was at the dealer they informed me to use the power switch at all times. They said it would burn out the torque converter. So since then I have always used the switch when I am on the highway. I recommend getting the fluid and trans filter changed. Hope this helps. I just never understood why the power switch would have to be turned on to me turning it off in the city would have been a smarter idea.
  • knightonknighton Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Nubira w/ manual Transaxle, How do I change the oil. can't see a drain plug or filler plug.
  • I have a 2001 Leganza purchased new in 2002. Sometime in 2004 the power switch stopped working. The PWR light comes on at start-up just as you describe, but nothing happens when the button is pushed. I couldn't find it mentioned in the repair manual, tried talking to the dealer who was very vague about the issue, and I tried removing and cleaning the switch, etc. It still remains a non functioning item but the car is performing OK so I just let it go.
    I have no idea why anyone would say leave it in power mode all the time, it just would rev up the engine and waste gas on level roads.
  • nubira08nubira08 Posts: 2
    I'm buying a used Nubira and I hear that they're rather well-known for their failing timing belts. So, I'm planning to replace the timing belt when I receive it as soon as possible. Should the timing belt just be slid in without adjusting anything or should something be aligned with a mark on the engine when you're replacing a timing belt that works just fine? Please advise as soon as possible either by directing me to a website, or just replying in a post here. Thank you.
  • sherry123sherry123 Posts: 15
    There is a timing belt kit. you can purchase these at various internet sites including the Daewoo site. I had mine done by a mechanic so I can't really answer the question fully. These MUST be replaced every 5 years or 60K miles, whichever comes first.
    If the timing belt goes, so goes the engine!
  • sherry123sherry123 Posts: 15
    go to the Daewoo website. you can also google daewoo parts. You don't just need the timing belt you need a kit
  • cbrook1cbrook1 Posts: 1
    The timing belt failed on my Daewoo Lanos at 103,000 miles ... My car had been the Daewoo exception ... a perfect car with great gas mileage. I chose to repair the car at a cost of $2000.00 ... The repairs were performed by a local dealer who had previously been a Daewoo dealer, and still serviced the cars. 3000 miles after the repairs, the timing belt idler failed, and again caused major engine damage ... The dealer refuses to honor the 12 month, 12000 mile warranty because the idler was not replaced ... The invoice states the dealer inspected all pulleys and belts ... and found no reason to replace the idler ... It is my opinion that the dealer bears some responsibility here ... The idler and the tensioner are key components of the timing ... and not to replace two plastic parts after 103,000 miles was just plain stupid ... What should I do about this ... Is there not some publication by Daewoo that states these two items should be replaced when you replace the timing belt ... HELP!
  • My advice, print a full copy of all the messages on this board and underline every reference to timing belt idlers/pulleys. There must be a dozen or more. It's common knowledge these things need to be replaced with the belt. Take it to your ex-Daewoo dealer and threaten a small claims suit. See what happens.
  • I did and they laughed at me. I have a private mechanic that works on my car now. I just told him to order the parts because I had the belt changed but not anything else. I had 55 thousands now it is at 57. So I am going to have it replaced before I loose the engine. ;)
  • Hello everyone!
    I have a 01 lanos and I am the original owner I bough the car in 02 and got it for a steal of a price! $5,700.000 !!! the car had 121 miles on it, I bought it because I have a company car and wont drive it much and to date I haven't! the car has 17,567 miles on it now and runs EXCELLENT I know all about the daewoo bankruptcy but the little I use the car made it a great value.And so far this car has been GREAT.
    It is a automatic with alloys and pwr windows and a factory c/d player and cold a/c.
    My question is..... I now have a little different situation where I moved and may need to drive the car a bit more and worry that IF I have a problem that parts might be hard to get and I don"t want to get stranded,I had to move and now by myself in a big city and occasionally will have to run the car and knowing that there are no dealers around to service the car , it makes me a bit concerned .
    I am planning a 1,200 mile trip in a month and kind of concerned to drive the car that far.I know its silly the car has 17,500 miles and runs great and NEVER let me down, I just wonder if people on here have had success getting parts and competent people to fix these cars when they break.All in all my 01 lanos has been a EXCELLENT car.Any advice, comments and repair info is appreciated!
  • nubira08nubira08 Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 nubira se that have only one key when I purchased
    one month ago. I want to copy original key but I,m wondering
    this key is a transponder key. Any idea ???
    How do I find out my key is plain key or transponder key?

  • It does not matter. I had regular keys made from my transponder key
  • Joe do not get worried. Here is a link of dealers.
    They still fix these cars and can get parts. Most part stores carry some parts for the car. I would be more worried about the timing belt and parts than the coil. The coil fires the plugs. If one does not fire it would run ruff but not any faster. The valve cover gasket also has to be replaced because of oil down in the plugs. They replaced my coil at the dealer but found out later it was the valve cover gasket. So check with your local part store on some parts and Carquest carries most of them. Good luck hope this helps.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,476
    The post above responds to a post that was removed to protect the member's privacy (never post your phone # in a public forum). He has been invited to repost the question. Sorry for the break in the thread.

    Shifty the Host

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  • sherry123sherry123 Posts: 15
    Timing belt kit needs to be changed every 5 yrs or 60k miles, which ever comes first. Failure to do this can result in the belt breaking and severly damaging the engine. Had my Woo since 2002. No problems.
  • My lanos has 17,000 miles I know this to be true as I bought the car new.The guy at firestone told me at about 30,000 to have the cover pulled and look at the timing belt but if it is not t cracked or worn no need to replace who is right? you or firestone?? :surprise:
  • gflilygflily Posts: 2
    Hello all! I'm new here but was reading some posts and believe this is the best website to get good honest help!

    I have a 99 Leganza with the check engine light on (of course). The code with the OBD II is P1627 "Module supply voltage out of range". I have tried replacing the ECM but that did not fix the problem. When I got the car, there were cables all over the inside because someone had put a custom stereo in. I mean LOTS of cables. The ABS light is also on. Could the two be related? Could the stereo installation have caused these issues? Any ideas on how to fix it? :confuse: The gas gauge doesn't work either-possibly related to engine light?
  • failsmogfailsmog Posts: 1
    My 'check engine light' remains on too ... for over a year now. When trying to get it SMOG (calif.) it failed with a code number P0228 - coolant temperature below thermostat rating. Of course the tech didn't understand that and refered me to a local auto repair .. The car never runs hot (so I believe) .. any one every dealt with something like this before ..?
  • I have a Winters aluminum GM V8 intake manifold with a casting number of 14101074. I don't find a date code anywhere on it. Can you please tell me what motor this is for as well as what different years, if more than one?? If you are unfamiliar with this type of cross reference number search can you please provide me with a website where I can cross reference that number myself. Maybe an online book or website would help greatly. I have spent over an hour in GM, Jeeves & Google sites and come up knowing as just much as before I started searching, which is a big fat zero. I'm pretty sure it's for a small block Chevy, but I wouldn't bet on it. Thanks for your time & help. [email protected]
  • I have a very good person that knows all about Daewoos - not REAL near to me, but the only person that has been able to help. He is in North East Philadelphia, PA. If that is anywhere near you, I will "hook you up". He has helped me identify and purchase both O2 sensors for my Nubira. They each cost around $170.00. I was not expecting that, but oh well, had to get it done. Inspection coming soon and "check engine light" cannot be on in this state (DE) and pass.
  • joeyacejoeyace Posts: 5
    i posted a message the other day but it was removed because i included my phone number, thats how desperate i am.i am new at this .mr shiftright responded and i am very greateful for that and even sent me links to repair shops,but i couldnt click on them. but this is my problem. everybody, again:i just bought a 2000 woo lanos sx with 69k miles. the owner told me i need a coil? whatever that is. the gas gauge doesnt work, the idiot lights stay on. and i need front brake pads and he told me he uses premium gas but the owners manual call for 87. i love my little car it runs great. and every mechanic i have spoken with tell me i made a big mistake (and parts cannot be gotten) by buying the car. i bought it for my daughter for college and i dont want her to get stuck can somebody PLEASE HELP ME i am desperate and confused. thank you so much for any input you can give me.
    Joe (in Miami)
  • echeverriaecheverria Posts: 1
    I live in Miami too. I and I also own a Daewoo 99 with 123k miles. if a mechanic tells you that you made a mistake I dont think you should trust him. Daewoos are cars just like any other in the same category. yes you cant get the parts at the regular auto parts store( maybe thats why the lazy mechanic tells you that) but they are available in ebay, google and in junkyards and obviously in the dealer. there is nothing weird inside the hood. the coil you can get either in ebay or in the junkyard located in 595 and 441. dont know about the gas I always use 89 and unlike many people claiming weird differences I dont feel anything using 87 or 93. there are many countries using korean cars (daewoo ,hyudai and kia) as taxis that might tell you how "normal" they are. My suggestion is fire your mechanic and get somebody with balls and knowledge
  • joeyacejoeyace Posts: 5
    thanks for responding you said 595 & 441 thats pretty far i live in sunny isles....i need somebody closer to you know the difference between the lanos woo sx and the not sx? somebody told me about a place in hialeah (?) you said dealer? are there still woo dealers? are right while we are on the subject 3 people never to be trusted 1) attorneys 2) cops 3) mechanichs.need i say more?.......again thank you so much you dont know how much this means to me. joe
  • gflilygflily Posts: 2
    I have purchased parts for my Daewoo Leganza CDX on eBay for reasonable prices. I got an ECU for $60! There are online stores you can buy from, but they are expensive. I would check to see if there is another engine similar to your that you can swap out parts. For my Leganza, the '99 Isuzu Rodeo has the same engine, so everything but electrical can be used in my car. Daewoos seem to be dependable, so I wouldn't worry too much!

    Also, I have seem Daewoos on Craigslist for pretty cheap. I thought about buying one with lots of body damage and parting it out. If you have the room and the time, that is what I would recommend. That way, you have all the parts you need!

    Hope this helps!
  • joeyacejoeyace Posts: 5
    thank you for your response im so new at this that anybody that gives me the slightest bit of information about my new used car im all ears thanks guys for caring.................Joe
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