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Daewoo Maintenance and Repair



  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    edited April 2010
    - the plugs are the wrong plugs, or you didn't gap them correctly
    - the wires are the wrong wires, or you didn't get then attached correctly in the cap or on the plug, or you switched a wire in the rotor cap by mistake (now has incorrect firing order).
  • jcjr7jcjr7 Posts: 3
    at 40mph my car would move a little to the left. My mechanic discovered the lower control arm(triangular shape) had a bad bushing where the bolt goes thru and was loose when the tire was cked for being solidly connected, when it was up on a lift. The other side, when the tired cked for security was solid with no movement. I bought the part from napa for $98 I think and he replaced it for about $97 labor.
  • leo2009leo2009 Posts: 6
    2001, Daewoo Lanos was running great....stopped at a light and heard a pop sound, as I continued to drive the engine sounded like a tank and then it stalled. Had a hard time starting it but was able to get it off the road, but now the car is shaking, makes loud noises and has no power to be driven anywhere....any idea what car problem I am having?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    edited April 2010
    Might have had some major internal engine damage (like a broken piston rod). I'd get a professional garage to look at it, or do a compression test on it to get a handle as to what the problem might be.

    But before you do that, investigate what the vehicle is worth, and be prepared to junk the vehicle...if the repair estimate is anything but nominal.

    A running Daewoo on trade in (I'm guessing) might fetch 500 to 1500 bucks. One with a blown engine would be worthless. If you have to invest 1000 to 2000 bucks to have someone replace or fix your engine, you still have a vehicle worth only 500 to 1500 bucks.
  • raywooraywoo Posts: 16
    The Daewoo engine is an 'Interference' type engine. if the timing belt breaks it will allow the pistons to contact the valves. It happened to me with my 2000 Lanos. bent all 16 valves, luckily the pistons were ok. Did the work myself, got all of the parts on ebay for about $300.00. that was 4 years ago and it is still running good.
    If you have a Daewoo, Make sure you get the timing belt replaced before it breaks, mine broke at about 80k. 60K is probably around when it should be replaced.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    If the timing belt were broke, the engine wouldn't run at all. It's running with lack of power. I guess it's conceivable/possible the timing belt could have jumped some teeth
  • danv03danv03 Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Daewoo Leganza. First the battery went dead. had it replaced. check engine light came on. Tried to go get the smog check and it didn't pass. code is p0441 . What is this and how can I fix it?
  • TT112!17!001 Engine Controls - DTC P0441P0441 APPLIES TO: ALL SERVICE TIP: Evaporative Emission Control System Incorrect Purge Flow SYSTEM OPERATION DTC P0441 sets when the negative fuel tank ...
  • TT112!17!001 Engine Controls - DTC P0441P0441 APPLIES TO: ALL SERVICE TIP: Evaporative Emission Control System Incorrect Purge Flow SYSTEM OPERATION DTC P0441 sets when the negative fuel tank ...
  • danv03danv03 Posts: 2
    sorry what does that mean ?
  • my 2000 nubria has trouble cold starting it starts fine when hot. replaced fuel filter,nothing changed at all
  • josh1448josh1448 Posts: 1
    My 01 Daewoo Leganza air will not stop blowing. The temperature will still change but I do not have control over how much air comes out. What is wrong with it and how can i fix it?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    edited May 2010
    Don't know anything specifically about a Daewoo, but most vehicles achieve different speed blower control by either a series of resistors, or a little computer chip module, both of which sit inside the air plenum by the squirrel cage. The output air of the squirrel cage actually cools those resistors, as they get very hot.

    Whenever I see situations of either no speed, or only one speed, the resistor bank is usually fried.

    On most vehicles the squirrel cage fan is inside the passenger compartment, on the passenger side, up under the dash. If you find a round looking plenum area with some wires attached, that is the blower motor. There are usually a couple wires routed inside the plenum, which go to the resistor bank.

    Again, I'm speaking generically on many/most vehicles. I know absolutely nothing about a Daewoo, but if it was my vehicle that is exactly what I would investigate. Good luck.
  • raywooraywoo Posts: 16
    The air control knobs are not built all that strong. if you were to gain access to them you would see the clear plastic that they are made out of, and the mounts that crack on them. this allows the cable to come loose and prevent any movement. I was able to fix mine by removing them and drilling a couple of small holes and then using a thin piece of wire to secure the cable back to the mount. I had to do this for two of my controls. I have a 2000 daewoo lanos. The repair has held fine and proper operation was restored.
    I beleive this is a common failure with these style control knobs. I am guessing the Leganza's are the same.
  • oldaxeoldaxe Posts: 7
    edited June 2010
    2000 Leganza has oil in the surge tank looks like coffee with heavy cream, good compression, good radiator.No water in the oil pan but it is loosing oil.I am told there is a plug behind the water pump that rusts out and causes this. I have the water pump off but I cant find the plug. Where is it, Anyone know about this? I see a hole about 1/2" X 1/2" but there is a flat bottom.
  • rolonhiwayrolonhiway Posts: 12
    Does anyone have any idea where I can purchase the Dust Plate (Back Plate) on the rear of a 2001 Daewoo Nubira. Daewoo USA only sells them in kits. The Parking brakes and all hardware for $183 per side. Everything is good but the plates are so rusted the Parking Brake shoes keep falling and hitting the inside of the new rotors I just put on.
  • I hope it is the plug. Not sure of location. When I got the moch shake in the overflow I had to replace the head gasget It did it again 30k later and had to do it again. Oil and cooling look good common problem with these cars
  • nmcgx3nmcgx3 Posts: 1
    This is my first car and i've seemed to have alot of problems with it, im so fed up. If i drive for 2 minutes my car smells and when i turn it off there's ALWAYS a huge pile of antifreeze. I fill it up daily, we've tried keeping the cap on super tight and everything. Me and my mom are no mechanics so pleaseeee help! Also, my engine light refuses to go off. Sometimes it will right after i fill up gas or something, its random. And lastly my carpet is always wet with brown liquid, i was reading someones post about it being because of a corroded wire under the seat?

    Any solutions anyone!!!
  • leo2009leo2009 Posts: 6
    I had a similar issue with my 2001 Lanos. I took it to a local car dealership and they replaced a cap that is under the reserve, for $45.00 and that fixed the problem. Remeber that Daewoo parts are interchangeable with other cars like the "Swift" or other small cars - so the cost should not be so high to repair minor details like this one.
  • oldaxeoldaxe Posts: 7
    edited June 2010
    The cap should hold 16 lb. pressure. Screwing it on tighter will not help if the cap fails.
    When you are loosing coolant before or at normal operating temperature the cap should be replaced (About $7.00 at your local parts store). I recently bought 4 cars with blown head gaskets all 4 had bad coolant tank caps, On 2 of them the head gasket was good.
  • oldaxeoldaxe Posts: 7
    Most auto parts stores have free code reader service to tell you whats wrong.
    In most cases running with the light on uses a lot more fuel.
    As to tightening the coolant filler cap, How tight would it have to be if there were a hole in it? If there is any doubt have it pressure tested.
  • glaspie29glaspie29 Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    how do you take off and replace a 99 daewoo leganza starter and what tools are needed? does anyone have a manual or picture they can email me? :sick: thanks..
  • lanostrinidadlanostrinidad Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    recently changed the water pump the car was down for two weeks. after getting it running i had to change spark plugs for it to run smoothly. however when the car reaches to it normal running temperature it just cuts off after a while and refuses to start until it cools for a bit. it never happened before. i have cleaned the throttle body but it hasn't worked.someone please help me i really need my car. i would really really appreciate any advice.
  • hi, my name is cece. i have a 2000 daewoo lanos that i got a couple of weeks ago. i haven't even put 100 miles on it,(i got it with 81,000 miles on it) and i am already starting to have problems. first problem was what seemed to be minor at the time, i had parked to go into a store and after shopping for about an hour or so, came out to leave and the first time i tried to start it, it just turned over and over. the second time, it started right up, so i figured that it was just a fluke thing. then, when i started it the other day the oil pressure indicator was on, so i turned it off immediately and checked my oil, which was fine. i had to leave to drive my son to school which is less than 5 miles away so i figured i could drop him off and check it again, but on my way there it went off when i went over railroad tracks (which were on a small hill), so i wasn't sure if it had anything to do with the incline or not. this morning i started it to take him somewhere and the oil light came on again, so i figured that it would go off again, but it didn't, even after going over a much larger hill, but he HAD to get there so i figured that as long as the temp gage didn't start to go up, we should probably be ok. i dropped him off, stopped at one store for about an hour and stopped at another store for about 10 minutes, came out and it wouldn't start, just turned over and over. after trying a few things, i pulled the fuel filter and a rust colored liquid came out of it, so i went over to the parts house across the street and bought a new one and put it on. same effect. so i sprayed some of the starting fluid into it and it would start for a second (of course) and shut right back off, so at this point i called for help to check the fuel pump. if i didn't let off it would turn over and over and finally start, so i limped it home doing this, but when i had to go up and over a couple of inclines, it shut off every time, and sometime through all of this the oil pressure light went back off. then this evening i went out (4 or 5 hours later) and it started right up. i don't want to buy a fuel pump if not necessary, but i wanted to know if anyone has any ideas, i want to start trying out the different possibilities tomorrow. thanks
  • Cece, I am not a "pro", but I am almost positive your oil light problem is either a failing oil sending switch, or a bad wire running from the switch to the dash light.

    As far as your starting/running problem, it could be several issues: 1- Clogged injector(s) based on the condition of the rusty looking fuel you described, 2- Failing fuel pump ( they do not always fail completely all at once, they sometimes work intermittently) or 3- Intermittent spark.

    What I would do is get a very strong injector cleaner & get that going through the system, get a fuel pressure testing kit and get it on the fuel rail & check the pressure to see if the pump is weak or working intermittently, get a spark plug tester & a helper and check at each plug for strong spark.

    Hope this points you in the right direction!
  • I have a 2001 daewoo nubira with 184000 miles. Recently it has been running fine then shut off, almost like the key was just turned off, no chug, no warning just dead. We have replaced the fuel pump, filter, coil module and cam sensor recently. The throtle body is also new with all new sensors. We are getting spark, and fuel pressure regulates aroung 40 psi. When it quits, it has to cool off sometimes for hours to restart. It will run well for several days and never die, other times I can go one mile and it will die. Any suggestions?
  • I have a Daewoo Nubira which has been parked up for the last 2 years outdoors and never moved. Put new battery in and started first time. I am concerned about the brake discs, they have a coating of rust on them.
    1. Can I refurbish them?
    2. Do I have to replace them?

    Car brakes OK but could be better. Just need to know before I go to any expense as the car needs other minor work. Model year is 2000.

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,579
    It depends on whether the rust is merely surface, or if it has created pits and little craters in the disc or not. You might take some steel wool and buy a can of "Brake-Kleen" at the local auto parts store and see how the discs look once they are all cleaned up. I think they'll be fine unless they were really eaten up by road salt. I'd be more concerned about sticking calipers, but if the brakes aren't dragging or overheating, maybe you're okay with some buffing.

    One thing I would DEFINITELY do is flush out the brake fluid and add clean fluid.

    MODERATOR --Need help with anything? Click on my name!

  • Thanks for that information
  • waitewaite Posts: 1

    I am from PEI and also own a Daewoo Lanos 2002, 1.5. I am wondering if you could tell me where I could buy parts for this type of car? I am in need of a timing belt and cant seem to find one anywhere. You mentioned that Mitsubishi were great for customer service, were they able to provide you with any parts?

    Thank you
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