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Daewoo Maintenance and Repair



  • I agree with daewoocrazy, when the alternator goes all the instruments will act crazy and will eventually die. I had one partially go, the regulator would not work under high load (lights on) so after a while the tach would bounce around, knew it was time to charge battery. Easy check is to fully charge the battery then try to start it, if it runs good, you have confirmed the alternator is bad.
  • mine was doing something very similar have it pressure tested mine was the water pump
  • my friend found a wire that was not connected...not sure where. he reconnected it and it has been running perfect. also, drilled some holes in the thermostat so now I just have to watch it for overheating but so far it's doing fine, using no extra fluids of any sort, no leaks, no overheating. the a.c. is doing it's job as well. only 1 flat tire since writing the previous post. loving my little daewoo. thanks for the info., will keep for future reference. much appreciation.
  • Sorry, that I just saw your post and now it is old. Here I go, anyway.

    I think the 2000 computer may not be compatible with a 2002 engine, but I see no reason not to try (except it can be a booger getting it in and out). The computer you change to would need to know the VIN number and you may not have the necessary equipment for this, but it could function without it.

    At this point, I would not suspect the computer. The computer would be the last thing I would suspect.

    I don't understand your statement "codes that come in and clear". Do you mean that after a few starts the code clears itself?

    More than one thing has to exist before this code will set. The computer is relying on readings from the MAP, speed, Decel Fuel Cutofff and IAC sensors, etc. Therefore, it would be good to know if this code had been set on the car the EGR came from.

    If it sets the code on the current car, it should also have set a freeze frame, which can be read from a good scan tool (does not have to be the Daewoo tool, but probably better than what you find at auto parts stores).

    Your replacement engine may have a defective MAP or other sensors that are affecting the EGR operation. I am thinking the MAP, IAC and TPS sensors were not changed with the engine and are all therefore suspect.

    NOW, THIS IS IMPORTANT: The code clearing allows the new EGR to relearn a new pintle position. The DTC (code) must be cleared with the ignition on and with the engine off or idling to learn the new pintle position.

    The proper scan tool will read the desired EGR setting and the actual setting, which could indicate a problem with the EGR, itself (will show on the freeze frame) and indicate trying still another used EGR valve.

    Hope this helps. Sorry I am so late.
  • Brake lights stopped working, changed the fuse, and bulbs. Changed the switch under the pedal. Is the switch adjustable? It seems you can set the depth of the plunger by pressing in on it.

    Anyway, brake lights still do not work, any ideas?
  • Is it possible you installed a switch that is not good? It happens. I purchased a MAP sensor once that looked new, but someone had taken it out of a car and returned it to O'Reilly for refund (they do that for shops) and it went back into circulation and of course, I got it.

    I would use a volt-ohm meter to check for continuity in both the old and the new switch. Inexpensive volt-ohm meters cost so little that everyone should have one and learn how to use it.

    I see no adjustment in the switch; it is a simple switch that should close contacts when it is out.

    Do the back-up lights work? If they do, then the ground is probably good, but I would check for a solid ground (Black wire), anyway. The rear window stop lamp has its own ground. Does it work? If it does, that would lead to suspecting the brake light ground.

    The ground for the brake lamps is below the tail lamp on the driver's side, in the trunk.
    The ground for the window center stop lamp is under the front driver's seat.

    I hope this helps. If it doesn't, please post again.
  • 1999 Leganza CDX climate controls are dead. No power replaced unit still not getting power. yet when turn on night time driving instrument lights light up but no power to the ac controls/heat. Anyone got an idea on what to do?
  • I have a 2001 Daewoo Lanos and I do not have any 12v power going to my crank sensor any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • jcjr7jcjr7 Posts: 3
    Yikes, when I bought a Nubira, the coolant cap was clicking and not coming loose, and neither my mechanic or I thought to undue a radiator hose, shame on both of us!! I think the seller snookered me! After I bought the car and another mechanic broke the cap off, there was oil in coolant!! Head gasket didn't fix it, mechanic said it probably got over heated and there was a crack in the block so we got a junkyard engine. Also for daewoo owners, nubira, watch for that water pump bypass hose leaking, it appears to be the water pump leaking but its just a hose. Avai in Puerto Rico via a supplier or the local guys have a J shaped hose that will fit. Starter goes about 90,000 miles on the 2 liter nubira, it starts turning over slowly b4 it goes.
  • hpsnvhpsnv Posts: 5
    hard starting, cranking 3 times to start, engine lite finally came on---
    1. shows problem with coil--changed
    2. problem with O2 in block--- changed.
    3. did a fuel pressure check on original pump--- replaced with new fuel pump
    3000 miles later had same problems did a fuel pump pressure test again and it would not hold pressure.
    upon removing 3000 mile pump it was hot to the touch so it must have burnt out.
    just installed another new one (12000 miles/ 1 year warantee)
    QUESTION will it happen again or is there still something wrong
  • My right turn signal (not always) stays on. I press lock/unlock on the remote several times and it turns off just to come back on; at no scheduled time of course. At the same time the temp gauge went up to over 3/4 on the dial when it usually shows below 1/2. I was using the Cruise Control at the time and was traveling around 70 MPH on the highway. I don't know if this helps, but also the alarm goes off by a simple 10 MPH spring breeze as well. Like I said I don't know if they are all related. Just do not want to leave a single description out in order to fully diagnose/solve the issue. Ever since the issue with the temp gauge, that particular issue has not returned. The right turn signal light issue has reoccured one other time. I have a minor length trip planned in one week so I need help with this soon please. Any questions on this please ask. To not leave anything out: When the turn signal thing happens, all the lights involved with the right side directional stay on when it happens. I replaced the right rear directional bulb but the problem persisted. I changed the 15A fuse as well. The old fuse wasn't even blown. Thank you
  • I have a 2001 Daewoo Nubira SE. 136,000 miles on it. Slowly falling apart. Recently it has had problems starting, basically just in the mornings. Granted I live in Arizona so the cold usually isn't an issue but it starts up just fine later in the day. So the problem is that is tries to start in the morning and takes about 30 minutes to start up. Did a code test and three codes popped up. O2 censor, tranny, and a code that I wasn't familiar with. Ended up being another sensor. Replaced the cam shaft censor. However up until last week the car wasn't doing this... Anyone having any issues like this? takes this long to start up in the morning? its usually 95 in the morning here.
  • I own a 99 leganza since new. had the problem of hard starting in the mornings in las vegas and had the same o2 message. once started it ran well all day except in the hi temps(110+degrees). I figured it had to be fuel problem and replaced the o2, fuel injectors, plugs, fuel pump, gas filter, disconnecting the fuel lines and blowing it out. After complete disgust, why I don't know, I took apart the fuel rail(it feeds the injectors) and found it clogged. With the money spent already I cleaned it out and put it back in(as long as it didn't leak) and now it starts as the starter hits the flywheel. this had been done May and its now Sept and starts all the time GOOD LUCK
  • I am having the same problems with my 2000 daewoo nubira with not starting only in the mornings sometimes. I can eventually get it to start after 30-45 minutes of trying. Can you tell me where the fuel rail is located? And how I would go about cleaning it out? Thanks!
  • hpsnvhpsnv Posts: 5
    the fuel rail on the leganza is located on the top of the engine behind the fuel injectors. It is about 1/2 to 3/4 inch square in size, about 6 in. long and has the fuel line attached on the left side and a freeze out (or a pressure relief) plug on the other side. If you smell gas, the plug is leaking and the rail should be replaced.
    One other thing you may want to try before taking anything apart is to add a double dose of fuel injector gas additive first to see if it clears up. DO NOT double up again, single dose the second time. I use Lucas upper cylinder lubricant 32 oz size container as it can be used in the months ahead as you purchase gas that might be contaminated from the gas stations
    Good Luck
  • I have a 1999 Daewoo Leganza CDX with a code PO341 done at O'Reilly's that said camshaft position sensor should be changed. (Engine light was not on but car misfiring.) He sold me a "OE" sensor from Import Direct. While looking on internet for where in car to install it, I found place called Daewoo Motor America and an 877 number to call. Spoke w/Carlos and he said that can only use original parts directly from their company and unless ordering from them I am not really getting original and down line might ruin/melt all wiring in my car which would be a bigger problem. Does anyone know if this is true or not? Also, does anyone know where the sensor is located in the car and can anyone (non-mechanic) replace it with ease? Where can I get a manual for repairs on this car? Thanks
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