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Hyundai Tiburon



  • Yeah the air bag dosn't deploy if hit under 35mph usually.

    And it deffinetly won't in a roll over. No air bag will. (except Mercedes Benz)
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Bags can deploy when hitting a solid object 12-15 MPH or another car at 25 MPH or less. Well of course, if the other car is head-on, it would depend on speed of other car, and how hard the blow is - how much give the other car has. In the case of trees that may give, or glancing blows and the car dancing in the air, who knows. Guess an examination of damage to the front would tell you something. Not going to tell you enough though to tell if the front bags should have deployed unless you are very familiar with lots of crash tests done on that model of car. The car did its thing to protect the young lady -- this is good!

    What are you talking about in reference to Mercedes deploying a front bag during a roll over? One car I was considering some day and a used car was the SLK, which has those standard.
  • jenna2jenna2 Posts: 1
    Ok.. So my 97 Hyundai Tiburon Fx (78K miles) needed oil. It sounded a bit funny and being that I'm a girl who knows nothing about cars, I felt extremely wise in knowing this. So I went to the gas station, checked my oil (there was none!) and bought oil to put in. Here's the problem.... I put the oil in.. but it wasn't oil. It's transmission fluid. (Ok, so I was half way to being a brilliant auto mechanic and blew it).

    I realized what I had done as I was putting the cap back on the empty bottle. I went in and bought oil (real oil this time) and put that in too. I'm planning on leaving work and going straight to one of the oil change places to have them change the oil right away... but do you think the car will explode or something on me on my way there?

    I cannot believe I was so stupid. (My husband claims it doesn't shock him.. grr. ) Any advice?? I'm about to trade the car in too. ARG.

  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    For the short time you will be running it, not likely to cause any damage. Actually, it may clean out the engine a bit. Just make sure they change the oil AND filter and you will be fine. Watch your oil usage, if you were that low on the dipstick you may be pushing to far between changes. The general concensus here is 3000 miles between oil changes, maybe 5000 if you are doing mostly highway cruising.
  • I am not sure what year Tiburon you were looking at, but starting in 2004 all the GT V6 Tiburon had 17" wheels Standard. Regardless of transmission.
  • I have a 1997 Tiburon FX. I have tried to put aftermarket wheels on it. Unfortunately there is an issue with fitment. There are 4 bolt heads preventing the wheel from mounting flat against the hub on the FRONT ONLY!! If anyone else has encountered this problem and found a way around it please let me know.. Thank you.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    The bolt heads are what hold the rotors on during assembly. Check with you local mechanic and you may find that you can remove the bolts and install the wheel without them. Most american made cars do this. The four lug nuts holding the wheel on will keep the rotor firmly in place. A friend just had this same issue when replacing a bent wheel on an elantra. There were two part numbers shown, one had clearance holes for the disc bolts, the other indicated to remove the disk bolts before installing the wheel. Check with Hyndai for your particular application.
  • I thank you for the info, but the 4 bolt heads that are in the way are there to hold a steel disc onto the rotor. The Wheel studs do not pass through the rotor. They are only through the steel disc I just mentioned. And as for checking with Hyundai... I just reciently quit my position as a salesperson at a local Hyundai Dealer, and that dealer has no clue. Maybe why I left....LOL Unless maybe the bolts holding the disc can be removed, the disc removed and the wheel studs placed back in the holes the bolts were in, but I dont think they are the same Distance apart as the wheel studs, so they may not match up with the bolt pattern on the rims. Very tricky thing I got my self into.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    My apologies. I looked up the front hub assembly for a '97 Tiburon and it is nothing like what is currently used on the Elantra. Good Luck!
  • sthollopsthollop Posts: 6
    Just wanted to know if the halogen lights come standard in the 06 GS.
  • If I remember correctly, all the 2006 Tiburon come with projector beam headlights. I hope that answers your question..
  • jae5jae5 Posts: 1,206
    looking at getting a replacement vehicle (won't bore anyone with the long, long story) but the Tibby has been on my radar for some time, off and on. I reading the posts here it seems that there are quite a few tranny issues (particularly with the '03 manual). Was wondering if the same held true with the auto?

    Am looking in the 2004 ~ 2006 range if I can get a decent deal on one. Was looking at 2003 but it seems that year was plagued with problems. Am I correct in this.

    I guess what I'm most interested in is:
    reliability - good/bad/indifferent
    fit/finish - how is it overall, now that these cars have some years on them
    wear items - for example, would I be looking at brake pads every 15 ~ 20K miles, belts/hoses replaced very frequently
    repair cost - have a pretty good idea of the clutch/flywheel replacements, but what of other prices, whether you did the maintenance yourself or dealer-serviced
    other than tranny issues, what other items to worry about
    if purchasing one, what should a potential owner ask about, look for, make sure which services / TSBs were performed

    Sorry for all the questions but I'm trying to avoid having a major headache - don't want to go through that again!!
  • Ok I dont know much about repairs, I just sold them, up till last November I was a sales person for a hyundai Dealership. I have a 97 Tiburon I love it. The 03 was the first year for the new body style. As far as purchassing a used Tib, or any Hyundai you have to remember that only the original owner gets the 100k warranty. Additional owners get only the balance of the bumper to bumper of 5 yr 60k. And if you purchass a new Hyundai, for the first year even wear items are include in warranty. They call it adjustments warranty. As far as 05 - 06 I love the SE version. the exterior is the same and most of the interior, except the transmission is a 6 spd manual not a 5 spd. and the Audio system rocks. All SE model have moonroof also. Very fun car to drive. Dont know anything about the 07 model, I just seen the first one today. I like the look, but not been in one yet. I will say this about warranty. We did have several customers come in with problems with the moonroof, just a bad button though replaced and back on the road no big deal. Another customer liked the SE model enough they bought the 06 SE and traded a 05 Corvette Conv. Comm. Edition for it. Sweet ride. I know I rambled on sorry. Hope some of it
  • jae5jae5 Posts: 1,206
    No, thanks, it was very useful. Glad someone responded.

    The thing of it is I would only get the Tibby if I could get an extended warranty and would definitely get the auto. Not in the mood for a $2K clutch/flywheel bill. And the warranty covers a good amount of things (not counting items like brakes, belts/hoses and other wear items). It doesn't seem as robust as I had thought, but it is still in the running. If I can get a good deal on one, with a good maintenance record I can verify then it would be a go.

    Don't know if I would've traded a vette for one, unless I lost me job or was in debt up to... :surprise:

    Anyway, will keep doing research on the vehicle and will make a decision.
  • No problem, enjoy your search...
  • sthollopsthollop Posts: 6
    I am just wondering about some of the specifications on the GT's sound system. I know that the GS and SE have the 220-Watt Kenwood system, and that the GT Limited has the 440-Watt Infinity sound system, but there isn't alot of details or specifications on the GT's system. All it says is "AM/FM/CD/MP3 /cassette audio system with 6 speakers" no wattage or the companies name that makes it (is it an Hyundai sound system???).

  • mdbowers12mdbowers12 Posts: 10
    Ok. As far as I can remember only the SE model has the Kenwood system, but I maybe wrong. The GT-Limited comes standard with the Infinity system, and the normal GT model comes standard with the base system or upgrade to the Infinity. I believe that is correct. Now the GT model may come standard with the Infinity system as well I can't remember 100%.
  • sthollopsthollop Posts: 6
    I am 100% positive that the GS and the SE both come standard with the Kenwood system, and the GT Limited comes standard with the Infinity system. I would assume that since the GT is a higher model than the GS it would have a nicer system in it, but on Hyundai's website and in thier brochure all it say is: "AM/FM/CD/MP3 /cassette audio system with 6 speakers". I would just like someone to elaborate a little bit more on the specifications on this system. Thanks!
  • We just purchased a 2007 GT model, and it comes standard with the base system (80W), with CD/Cassette/AM/FM, two rear speakers, two front door speakers and 2 tweeters.

    The upgrade to the Infinity 440W sound system is in a package only - that has the 440W Infinity Sound System and the Sliding Moon Roof. That package/upgrade costs $1,800. You can't just get the upgraded Infinity Sound System by itself (unfortunately), you have to buy the package which includes the Sliding Moon Roof.

    We didn't want the moon roof so we passed on the upgrade and plan to have an aftermarket sound system installed.

    I hope this helps.
  • z28gurlz28gurl Posts: 5
    I am fed up with my obsession with Pontiac/Chev cars, I have to say I love the appearance of the Tiburon, I have test drove a few, mostly only the 6 speed, V6 ( obviously) I loved the pick up it has, the ride was comfortable, it handled well, but all in all, it was a test drive.

    Just wondering what year of Tiburon you have and whats your thoughts on it.
    Also, any major repairs done to it?
  • mstemmstem Posts: 113
    We bought a new (leftover) 2006 Tib GT V-6 for my wife last Thanksgiving. She had driven a line of mini-vans and SUV's for the last 16 or 17 years. I thought she was making a mistake, but she absolutely loves her Tib. It holds all of her purchases, and it is a barrel of fun to drive. She hasn't regretted it one bit... we liked it so much that I bought a new Sonata Limited over the New Year's weekend. Both of them are great cars... hope this helps! Mike
  • paxfauxpaxfaux Posts: 2
    I bought an 05 Tib new. I owned a 01 eclipse before it (crashed it). I think the eclipse had a little more power, but the Tib handles better. Although the steering isn't quite as responsive as it could be. Top speed on a stock Tib is definetly 140. Its got good acceleration. I have 32,000 miles on the car. I go through tires like water but thats more me then the car. I just had it in the dealership because the check engine light came on. Turned out to be some evap valve closeing thingy. I have no idea but it was under warantee so i didn't pay a dime for that. I need a brake job (but thats the first) and sometimes there is a funny hum in the steering. Had the power steering fluid flushed and filled but there is still a bit of a sound. All in all i very much like the car. But if the new 236 or 263 which ever it is eclipse was out when i bought the car, i would probably have gone for that. I hear they may make a AWD version of that eclipse at some point. I might trade up at that point, or maybe for one of the new Camaros. It has enough power to put a smile on your face, but after a while you crave a little more. Out of all the sport compacts, the Tiburon looks the best, the body was desinged buy people who desinged Ferraris.
  • aladdinsanealaddinsane Posts: 182
    I read recently that more versions of the 2008 Tiburon will feature Electronic Stability Control as an option (I believe), BEYOND the SE model. Has anyone come across this 4-1-1 on the '08 Tibs as well? I wonder if this also covers the base 4 cylinder model. Anyone know?

    Looking forward to your replies...

    Many thanx-

    Peace<-AladdinSane-- :shades:
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    ESC with traction control has been standard on the SE model, iirc (at least in 07 and should continue in for 08 models). Not sure if it would be offered on other trims.

    There should not be many changes for the 08 model, recall the 07 was recently facelifted. XM should be there, as Hyundai is rolling in such feature across the line.
  • sammmmsammmm Posts: 2
    so im buying my first car and i need one that's small, easy to handle, and won't give me too many problems.

    what's your opinions of the tiburon?
    should i look somewhere else?

  • Sam,
    In my honest opinion I feel if you are wanting a small and easy to handle car that won't give you problems you are definitely wanting a Tiburon. I own one and absolutely love it! There are three reasons I went with the Tiburon.
    At first glance I was very sketchy on buying a Hyundai. Of course everyone knows Hyundai's are POS.... right? I still loved the look of this Tiburon and decided that I would research it further. After doing some research I soon discovered that Hyundai's track record over the past couple of years has kept pace with Honda & Toyota or even exceeded thier pace. Last year I believe Hyundai was third after ONLY Lexus & Porshce! Well that was reason enough for me to get over my Hyundai fear.
    Second off was the warranty. I know Chevy and Ford are offering 100,000 mile warranties now, but they are not offering them for 10 years or on as many parts of the car as Hyundai. I don't know about you but I won't drive 20,000 miles in a year. Also the bumper-bumper warranty was 24,000 miles and two years longer than Chevy and Fords.
    Third off was the looks. I was also looking at Mustangs and Eclipses at the time of my purchase. For some reason I kept on driving by the car lot just to look at them. Well what sold me was that one night I drove by and the one I was looking at buying was open. I opened it up and sat down inside and turned on the fog lights and the blue interior illumination lit up. I was just amazed. Neither the Mustang or the Eclipse looked that cool at night. That was the selling point and I went and bought it the next day.
    Well I lied there is actually four reasons to buy this car. You really can't compare these cars with Mustangs to closely, but I will say for the red leather and sound system I got it was 5,000 - 7,000 dollars cheaper than a Mustang. I used that to add Halogen bulbs, and get some other nice things. I liked the stock rims so I kept those too.
    All in all this is a great car. I would recommend it to anyone, and wish you the best of luck when purchasing yours. If you have any questions feel free to write me.

  • sammmmsammmm Posts: 2
    thank you so much.
    i was deciding between a civic and a tiburon. honda is very well know for their cars lasting for ever, and very reliable. thye also get amazing mileage. their warranty's aren't very long, and their parts are expensive but they require very little maintenance. they are cute, but not nearly as attractive as the tiburon.
    hyundais have a great warranty and from what i've heard are known for that and their great safety standards. tibrons get pretty good mileage...not as good as the civic though. i dont really know a whole lot about them but what i've heard ahs impressed me.
    im still in high school so i need a good car that will last that and hopefully through college. i really appreciate your input and i think im sold.
    we're going to buy in sometime within the next 2 weeks.
  • Howdy Shawn...

    I have some questions for you, if U don't mind:

    I'm happy that you chose the Tib...I like its looks too!
    Which particular version did you go for? I await the '08 model myself before making up my mind. It's between this and a VW ragtop, speaking for myself. How has your dealer been treating you as far as maintenance goes? I went to the website (Korea) and see MANY interesting things in store for the '08 version, if we're lucky enough here in the U.S. to get those improvements. The new exterior colors are something to behold! Freaky! :D I dig them. I remember trying a first generation Tibby on for size back in the day, and it was tight (I'm 6'1"). I just hope the latest version is a good fit. LOL.

    Please inform, when and if U can. I'd sure appreciate it!

    Many thanx...

    Peace<-AladdinSane-- :shades:
  • Well it was between a Carbon Grey GT without the premium package (not a big fan of sunroofs) and a Black Pearl GT Limited. I can't remember where I was though and I saw a jet black mustang with red leather interior, and remembered the GT Limited's red leather. I looked at the price and it was only like 500 bucks over the GT with premium package so I now drive a black pearl GT Limited. I got an automatic for the simple fact that the "Shiftronic" is just too darn badass.

    My dealer is wonderful! It is also a Caddilac & GMC dealership so they are used to working on and selling some pretty high end vehicles, and whenever they got to give me my 22,000 tib I got and am getting the same treatment as someone who purchased a 50,000 dollar escalade.

    I wouldn't get your hopes too high for the 08 models though. From what I hear they are just going to be putting XM radio in them and for the added price I do not think it will be worth it. I'm not a big fan of sattelite radio for the simple fact that I am never in the car by myself for more than half an hour.

    I do not know what it is like to be 6,1 because I am only 5,9, but I will tell you that I have more legroom and headroom than in my old four door Ford Contour.

  • We own a 2000 tiburon & a XG-350. Was going to buy a 2007 Tiburon @ $16,800 for a GS w/auto & sunroof. Decided to wait till 2008's come out Called Hyundai consumer affairs & couldn't/wouldn't give me a date when they will be on car lots. Called corporate headquarters and they said we'll check with production and call back. That was a week ago. No reply. Anybody with firm knowledge out there for when they will be on lots If it's December I'll buy an Eclipse now.
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