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Hyundai Tiburon



  • I found a solid flywheel and clutch to replace the defective dual mass flywheel and clutch. Its made by Valeo and I got it at It lasted 3 years and then I had to replace the clutch again. Better than the original for sure!
  • Question from sunny Texas:

    Out the door price for 2008 Tib GS (4 cyl auto) quoted at $17,140.00 (TTL included in quote) No cruise control or sunroof on this model, but as long as it has auto tranny, i am happy. Good deal or keep looking?
  • sam141sam141 Posts: 1
    Purchased this vehicle new in 06, returned for service 2 weeks after purchase for a steering problem. It took Hyundai 2 1/2 years and minimum 14 trips to dealership to repair because they couldn't "hear" it. Summer 2008 ac/heat began not working properly. 18 degrees difference between middle and lower vents. Was told nothing was wrong. Steering is horrible. Hit a bump/seam and the steering wheel is pulled from my hands. Have recently began hearing a banging metallic sound from under rear of car,when driving over seams in the road (not speed bumps) and a popping in the rear frame of the car. Deformed (Hyundai's word-not mine) rear sway bars were replaced with no improvement. After 2 meetings with the District Parts Mgr. for my area and the local Service Mgr., was told the car is 100% mechanically sound and everything is normal for this vehicle. Had Hyundai brake service(at my own expense) and the rotors are now warped. Vehicle was in for oil change yesterday and I requested that the rear end be checked again. The technician and I went for a test drive. He heard the popping and I thought we were finally close to a diagnosis. Imagine my surprise when he came to checkout and told the lady there to call the local mgr before checking me out. I asked him why, his reply was that he was just a techinician so I asked the lady, she told me that the LPM wanted the service record to say there was nothing wrong with the vehicle, it was operating as designed. I spoke with him as I left and asked if he had personally driven the car that day. He said no but he had driven it several months ago (when diagnosing the ac/heat issue). Everyone other than Hyundai, including an independent inspection at another non Hyundai garage, have heard the same things I have. The warranty seems great but if they can't "hear" the problem, there is nothing to be fixed. I can't determine if the problems with the neverending issues of getting repairs done is a local dealership issue or a Hyundai issue. Any suggestions for a resolution would be appreciated.
  • My routine service at this dealership is stellar along with their fine customer service. Service meaning oil changes, tune-ups, etc. However, they have not been able to determine why the heating/cooling system seems to be inconsistent, not warm enough until you turn it up to about 80 degrees etc.
    They also have not been able to replace the second sun visor that has gone out unless we pay out of pocket because it now has over 50,000 miles. The sun visors (they admit) are a poor design and, after
    a while, they flop and won't stay up. This replacement costs $125.00.
  • srz948srz948 Posts: 68
    Can anybody suggest a good radio replacement for a 2003 Tiburon GT? Thanks
  • i have a tiburon that wont start broke down n my brake petal n clutch petal are stiff too hard to push down we replaced master cylinder n clutch n still wont turn on...we dont know what else to look for for we are trying to repaired ourselves n looking for ideas to what to look for
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