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Kia Sorento



  • I agree with all you have to say about the noises. My husband and I both agree that each time we drive it; there are more noises. Currently it sounds like we need a new muffler but we know that this is a 'normal' noise. Also, it sounds like we are putting some real lousy gas into it because of the noise when we press the gas pedal. We feel that we have had this 2008 sorento for 5 years and it has only been less than a year. What a piece of garbage and my husband swears by Kia; at least until this one. NORMAL is all we get for answers too. Oh well... We will get rid of it in 5 years for sure.
  • Anyone here have a problem with tires on their Sorento. The factory tires were worn out at 18,000 i put a set of coopers on got about 25,000 out of those put a set of uniroyal tires on and the lasted 30,000 so i put on another set they need to be replaced again they made it 40,000 anyone have any better luck if so tell me what you purchased. I have been reading several post and we have had the same problem as everyone else headlights,taillights. coolant tank,front wheel bearing,and my wife's favorite it does not want to fill up with gas it blows it back out all over the place we will never own another one i promise you that!!!
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    the factory OEMS are trash...both your coopers and uniroyals were probably low end.....I have BFG Long Trail Radials......just about through my second set...and getting 45-50K out of them......120K on my sorie now.....they run about 150-175 installed each, last time I checked......Michelin LTX is another good one...but over 200 each for those.....

    for bulbs...make sure your ground wire from the battery is good...and replace your battery with a higher amp eliminate my bulb blowing problem...coolant expansion tank....yea......nothing on the front bearing...however watch the differentials....lost my front dif on me EX wanted 5k for parts and labor (went out at 105K so past the warranty)...said it couldnt be rebuilt.....took it to a local mechanic who rebuilt it for 1k parts and labor....and back on the road ......
  • It had the Michelin Cross Terrains on it I have ran those same coopers on my truck up to 60,000 miles we have new battery and the cables are clean thanks for the info on the tires i have been looking at those BFG tires i did notice that the new coolant tank i put on was redesigned on the bottom but the problem with the gas fill is a pain
  • ours is a 2004 ex 4wd it has 140,000 miles on it
  • I feel your pain. My wife and I bought a 2008 Sorento LX and have experienced the same tranny issues. The dealer in Frederick MD is an idiot, his service manager just keeps saying "It's normal" or "I did what the computer told me to do". After our last visit in late June - I was basically banished from the dealer. Which was good because we found a great KIA dealership in Gaithersberg, MD (KING - the service manager is top notch). It took us several visits, but we got our tranny fixed. This is what you need to do: call KIA America consumer division and open a complaint. Insist that you get connected with the regional district manager. On the east coast the guy is in New Jersey name is Eric). Get in touch with him and be persistent - we were. What needs to happen is for the regional district manager to get his people involved - actually come out and drive your car. we gave them ours for almost a week (they gave us a free rental). Once they experienced the problem, they were able to fix it. Surprise, surprise, there is now a technical service bulletin for tranny bucking in 2008 Sorentos. Be persistent - most importantly get in the face of the regional manager (be nice, but BE AGGRESSIVE). King KIA and most importantly the service manager has restored our faith in KIA. I think the common issue with a lot of the complaints is the service people are not trained. They are not mechanics - anybody can hook a computer to the car and read the error codes. I also think they are told when in difficult situations with customers to respond " thats normal". With time this will improve at KIA. My mission now is to extrapolate some retribution on the Frederick KIA dealer - most importantly the service manager. I'll let you know how that goes.

    Best of Luck!
  • What exactly does the TSB say that the mechanics should do to fix the "bucking" problem??....I am about 95% sure that it's just that the transmission is not downshifting as the speed decreases until you actually take your foot ALL the way off the accelerator.....Thanks for the info......8-)
  • zorentozorento Posts: 16
    I'm not talking about wearability, I expect a short life from any tire on a new car.

    But the tires on our 08 are great. We have been hammered with snow already this year. December set a record for the most snow in the month and the majority came in two storms. The Sorrie tires went through all of it with no problem at all.

    I will say that this was not the case on factory tires from Nissan. We sold the tires from that car after one winter and bought ones that had a better "winter" tread. My wife kept complaining about them so I finally traded her cars for a day. I backed out of our driveway, put it in drive, pressed on the gas, and didn't move! This with traction control turned on.

    I like my tires.
  • Thanks for the info on the service bulletin for the bucking. This is a big help.
  • I also have an 08 Sorie. It is awesome on the winter roads. I love the 4 wheel drive when needed. No issues with warning lights coming on either. Transmission isn't giving us trouble. We have 12k on it, and it is 1 yr. old now. I get many compliments on how smooth it rides and how much room it has as well. We did have to have a frontend alignment a couple of months ago. All is well though!! :)
  • I got the brake pad caliper off and the two screws from the factory, but the rotor feels stuck. I heard about combination brakes on some cars where they have both disk for stopping and drum for emergency brakes. It is probable the drum brake shoes are holding it in place. How do I loosen them enough to get the rotor off?

  • how many of you have had problems with your crankshaft bolt? how many of you have had it break off in the engine and ruin it?
  • have them check your intake manifold. ours bucked and stalled and quit but would restart and it turned out to be the intake manifold , a recall .
  • cheryl05cheryl05 Posts: 19
    edited February 2010
    if you want to keep your sanity buy american, something that will not require you to be in dealer's garage every 3 or 4 months, and then praying they get it. right
  • I just found out yesterday that my wife's 05 Sorento EX 4WD needs a new front drive shaft...$950.00. It has 65K miles on it and has never been off road. The dealer says the warranty ran out at 60K miles and there have been no reported problems with this drive shaft....Definitely never going to buy a Kia again.
  • Anyone know where I can find a used front drive shaft? New is about $750 and I don't plan on keeping this car since it has such a major problem at only 65K miles.
  • I heard that Toyotas are good.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    so what about the Kia 10 year 100K drive train warranty....doesnt the front drive shaft fall into that category?
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    define america......all honda accords and camrys are built in the US, the new 2011 Kia Sorento is built in GA.....and BMW has been building its SUVs in SC for more than 10 years now.....GM has cars assembled in Korea, Canada, Mexico, and various plants in the US....

    I say there isnt any pure American made car anymore....all vehicles have their issues regardless of make, model, or price......its the dealerships that make or break a consumers experience......
  • i agree that all cars have their issues but the kia's sorento's issues are way too much and too many. i will never buy another kia of any kind again.
  • have an 03 "sorry" with the tires being the only part of the vehicle that we have no problem with.
  • cheryl05cheryl05 Posts: 19
    edited February 2010
    i have a 2003 kia "sorry" with 119,00 miles on it , crankshaft bolt broke and waddled up the engine as we were told. they quoted 7500.00 for a new engine and we told them that they are full of sh**. we have owned this kia for 3 years on the 21 st of feb 2010, we have had everything from the coolant tank, to intake manifold, to crankshaft , to 0-2 senors and 6 other senors to replace and every light has had to be replaced at least twice with too many other problems to add. the dealership has seen and rode in my kia more than i have .with the engine shot and money still owed on it, it makes me really frustated and mad and let down and the gov. should jump down their throats just like toyota. anyway GOOD LUCK to all of us with these vechics, we ARE going to need it.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    there was a recall out on the crankshaft bolt and ICV valve early last year..Seems you bought your Sorie used to begin with, thus the notification may have missed you....did you buy it used from a Kia dealership?...I too have an 03 with 125K on it....and it has had some issues as well...yes one 02 sensor....the same faulty coolant resevoir...the electrical issue causing lights to burn out is also addressed as a TSB.....seems your dealership missed the recall on the bolt and ICV value.....once its done, a label is supposed to be placed against the back firewall on the left hand side I beleive.....if your dealer didnt check the VIN against the recall during one of your previous services.....shame on him.....

    My one big issue was when the front differential ate itself.....the dealership wanted 700 for the driveshaft and 4k for the front differential...stating it couldnt be rebuilt...I too said no thanks....took it to my local mechanic....who rebuilt it for $1000 out the door....

    The 03 was the first year for the Sorento.....unfortunately, like the early year Hyundia's....they suffered from quality control and assembly issues.....that has been corrected over time....and the 11 Sorento....looks like a solid vehicle now....reduced maintenance intervals, etc.....good luck with your current situation.
  • I agree totally with you on this. But as Toyota has been lying about their great cars (issues and quality control and stats), Kia is surfacing to be one of the best out there. It takes time to get it all together. The 2011 is awesome, and I own a 2008. I have had zero issues, and I did buy it new though. Our dealership is one that is a good listener, and treats us good after the sale as well. I have absolutely nothing to say bad about my Sorie at this time. There is no car out there that doesn't have issues. I owned a Dodge Caliber that mad me want to spit nails with all it's issues, and also a VW Super Beetle with electrical problems similar to
    Cheryl05 has had with her used "Sorry", as she calls it. I also had a Pontiac Grand Prix 04 that was awesome, but others have or are having issues with theirs.
    It goes both ways, and I understand Cheryl05's frustrations, but Kia has come along way since the 03's and I am really excited to see them walk all over the American cars or at least make them toe the line along with Toyota right now.
    We need the competition, but it is what it is when you buy any car, I guess. :)
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,869
    I thought the same way as you as to the build of cars worldwide back in May of 1999 when I bought a 1999 Kia Sephia sedan.

    "I say there isnt any pure American made car anymore....all vehicles have their issues regardless of make, model, or price......its the dealerships that make or break a consumers experience......"

    They're a mishmash of different areas to build in and different countries to buy parts from, etc. You can't get an "all-American car" any more. Buy what you want and dig it to the full, gentlemen and gentlewomen. ;)

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • ev2ev2 Posts: 1
    Thief broke passenger rear door glass, and we have not been able to get glass from Kia for a couple of weeks so far. Is this normal for Kia?
  • nova101nova101 Posts: 1

    I was driving in to work today when noticed today that my clock wasn't working. I thought 'strange' but no big deal.

    Then later today at work I got an email from my dealer telling me about a tire sale, and I was just thinking this weekend, "I need new tires". Hmmm... coincidence?

    Then this evening I went to the dealer after work, parked, turned off the ignition, pressed the power-lock button... and nothing. Dead. HEY! What is going on?! Did the dealer know something?? Did the dealer *DO* something?!?!

    Anyway, here is the problem now:

    With the car off, power locks don't work, and dome light doesn't work.
    With the key in ACC, the radio works fine, no power locks, no dome light.
    With the key turned to ON, but the car not on, power locks and dome light DO work.
    The clock never works.
    Everything else seems just fine: headlights, turn signals, air conditioning, dashboard lights and dimmer, etc.

    Any idea what-in-the-heck is going on??

    I am pretty handy... can I diagnose/fix this myself? (I have 70,000 miles, no warranty!)


    BTW: its a 2008 Sorento LX RWD
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    depends on the part source....since the 11s are assemblied here in the states...dont know how many parts are or have to be shipped in....on an 04 Chevy Malibu I waited 6 weeks for a quarter panel the parts supplier was a Mom and Pop company that had gone out of business.....ugh...that shouldnt be the case with you....but would think more of a parts source issue......

    your dealer should be able to put a high priority code in on the parts order..which should be able to locate it in the country if available..or perhaps even from the factory
  • My Kia Sorento had 495 miles when I bought it. I use it for long business trips, so lots of hi way miles. Now at 25,000 miles the problems are adding up! It has the passenger airbag problem. There is a new noise, it sounds like a dial tone, very loud, not coming from the engine or affecting the RPM's. I would have thought it was like the sound of engine not shifting, but it seems to be under the vehicle not under the hood. Most recent problem was on the 45 mile trip to the airport, the 4 wheel drive LOW light came on, I was traveling at about 75 miles per hour on the interstate. If it had actually gone into low, I am certain I would have felt it jolt. Help! I have an appointment Friday but I am worried the dealership will say I damaged something by continuing to drive it. Please share what you know about these issues. Thanks!!
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