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E-Type Jaguar (XKE)



  • wtodd2wtodd2 Posts: 3
    Had a '64 and a '67, both roadsters, both a bittersweet love affair. They were quick, good riding, great looking, good handling and great at high speed (120++). On the downside, needed lots of attention, many troubles, particularly overheating, and difficult to work on. As mentioned, changing the clutch involved removing the bonnet and standing the engine/trans assembly almost on end and removing the assembly.I'm glad to have had the opportunity to have had them. Now drive a Vette.
  • impeimpe Posts: 33
    This is a follow-on to message 19. The mechanic who replaced my clutch at approx 30K miles said that the clutch "actually had some left on it" and that the severe chatter was probably in most part due to "hot spots" on the flywheel (whatever they are!). Also, the $3K included a new exhaust system too.

    I am now thinking about installing an oil filter adaptor so that I can use a spin-on filter. The standard element is a pain to replace and the gasket is so thin and narrow that I always worry that I have not gotten the gasket on perfectly and the oil is going to dump all over the garage floor.

    Has anyone out there installed an adaptor that allows use of a spin-on filter?

    My E-Type sits next to my 69 DeVille convertible, and it is fun to see the reactions of people who see them side by side. Although the Cadillac is very attractive and is usually looked at first, most people seem to gravitate to, and spend more time around the Jaguar.

    Allen Impellitteri
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