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  • hi my name is bryan, im 17 years old and really into my truck i have a 1988 chevy s-10 pickup with a 2.5L 4 banger with a fuel inj. carb

    this site rocks
  • jondelljondell Posts: 1
    My name is Jondell and I am the owner of a Red 2003 GMC Sonoma ZR2. Not having looked at the speedometer for a while I'll hazard that it has just over 31,500 or so miles. I've been really happy with the vehicle but between work and now having a 6 month old son I have yet to take my baby off the paved path!

    I purchased this beauty in 2004 and have used it mostly on stop and go traffic on I-5 in the Portland area to go to work and for driving up to Seattle a mear 3 times!

    As I mentioned I have a 6 month old and even though I can turn off the side airbag I'm looking at selling my trusty truck in order to afford a more fuel efficient and family friendly vehicle before the summer fuel prices kick in :( .

    If your interested in pictures and other information just send me an email. Of course it may take a day or two to respond with my hands full w/ the new son!! :)


  • Do you want to sell you cameo?
  • flipper3flipper3 Posts: 10
    hi karen

    i am an 18 year old male from louisiana. i bought my S-10 2nd hand. its a 2002 ZR2 you know the specs. so im not going into all that. i bought this truck to go to school and maybe my camp in, mainly because it is a lot better on gas than my 1975 ford bronc which gets all of 11 mpg. anyway im on a swimming scholarship hence flipper. the forum has been a majo help so far thanks a ton.

  • Hello KarenS! I am the proud female owner of a black '03 Sonoma. Baby is an extended cab, 4x4, wide-stance Highrider (hence my name). So far for mileage I have put on @ 125,000 kms. I am the 1st and only owner of Baby. While I have had some problems, I love my truck and will not give Baby up. I was browsing through the content and decided to join. I have 2 questions - is this mainly an American site, or are there other Canadians also? Is there a forum to post pix of our rides? :shades:
  • hoodlatchhoodlatch Mid-westPosts: 255
    I had the same problem with my 92 4.3z. In my case it was a sensor called "EGR Vacuum Solenoid". I'm not familiar with the 95's as to wether or not they have one but it might be worth looking into. :)
  • im looking into a sonoma high rider but im very unsure about GM products bc of my girlfriends Cobalt so what does everyone think about the Sonoma versus the Toyota Tacoma?
  • dave8697dave8697 Posts: 1,498
    I bought almost 3 months ago with 88000 miles. It is a 4.3L V6 ext cab with auto and 2WD. It is my 3rd GM truck. I bought a 4 cyl 2000 S10 that I traded for a "01 Silverado that I also still have. I have only put 3k,5k, and 19k on the 3 trucks so I have never had anything wear out or break. The 4 cyl auto S10 was used for 10 mile drive to work and I probably should have kept it. I spent $14k more to trade it for a Silverado Ext cab. I call it the $14000 back seat. The silverado gets 3 mpg less than the 4 cyl did. The '01 Silverado had a career change when my commute went up by 36 miles, each way. It started sitting around a lot and still does.
    I had the '99 Sonoma offered to me for very good price, $2500. I decided to get it for my 14 year old. I'll use it in the mean time but 3 things have changed since I got it. My older son has started to drive it instead of his Mustang. To my suprise the Sonoma got 26 mpg on the trip back to midwest from Fla, where I got it.
    The 3rd thing is I fixed the a/c by just charging it.
    Then it continued to suprise by getting 25 mpg in local driving. It is my 3rd GM with a 4.3L V6, but the other ones get 22 and 23 on trips and high teens local. My friend with a 2000 Grand Am 4 cyl gets the same 26 mpg hwy as the Sonoma.
    I have 184k miles on the oldest of my 3 4.3L GM's. It is next in line to get rid of but I have not had to do much to it. I expect to get a relatively trouble free next 100,000 miles from the Sonoma.
    The Sonoma, being from S. fla has not been in salt and was undercoated when new. The undercarriage is nearly rust free. I have gone through it and fixed a few things in it (like charging the a/c and new front brake pads), and the only 2 things left are the alignment and the instrument backlighting.
  • Hey Forums,
    I'm looking for a 1991 Cameo S-10 front bumper cover with round fog lamps. My landlord sent a couple yahoos over to the house to clean up the property some and they accidentally threw mine away. (It was sitting on top of two trash cans after getting a small crack repaired.) Doh!
    Anyway Here's a link to a page I whipped up with pictures of each year they were produced.
    I also noticed that this truck doesn't have it's own area here.....mods?
    They're getting rare and are as old as the internet.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have one or know where to get one..

  • markus5markus5 Posts: 102
    Found this vehicle in my local Ford dealer recently as a replacement for my wife's 95 Explorer. I have been favorably impressed with the drive train. The 4.3 feels very much like an 8 cyl. because at 65 mph it is doing under 2000 rpm, Is that correct ?
    The vehicle is very well equiped with trailer towing package. Does anybody know how to find out if it is equipped with positraction or traction lock on the rear end. It seems to go through the snow without any drama. :D
    It does also have the very unreliable gas gauge often cited as a problem.
  • I have recently purchased a 95 sonoma highrider off the original owner,with the factory window sticker.I love this truck,black,ext cab,4x4 on the floor,4.3 cpi,373 posi rear.the truck is in very nice shape,except fot the clear coat cracking on the hood,but a new 4'' cowl hood is gonna fix problem is the gentleman sold it to me for $900 after wanting $2400 for it mths ago.when i went to pick it up,he had it running to charge the batttery from sitting,(cough,cough.)the next morning in 20 degree ohio coldness,the engine had a rod knock,i have put over 1000 miles on it and every morning,same knocking noise,until it warms up,then it quites down,reminds me of a diesel..haha,i believe it is a worn wrist pin,as a rod bearing would've surely went by now.but like I said,i love this lil trick,and for what i paid,i'm not only grip is i cannot find the 4x4 shift cable anywhere,and i'm tired of crawling under it to put it in and out of 4x4.GM wants $85.00 for it.
  • sorry for your problems,but most sound like your taking it to a bad repair shop or dealership.
  • sounds like you might have put the fuel filter on backwards.
  • sounds like either a bad ground to the battery or the positive battery cable to the starter is bad/loose.
  • I cant help you with a front bumper cover. I know you have been looking for one for a while. I have been hunting for a drivers outer door panel for a 1980 Cameo and havent had any luck either. I have mine ready to paint and this is all that is stopping me. Do you have one for sale? Thanks, Darren
  • CDIICDII Posts: 8
    1st, Great site, Loads of info. I am the 3rd owner of a 1999 S10 LS 4x4 Stepside with 4.3Ltr (180k + miles), A/C, Auto and standard cab, Black Pearl Paint ( sharp when cleaned up)/ dark grey interior. Absolutely great running truck with lots of getup and go when needed. The 4 wheel drive is unstopable. Only real complaint (which is €on me) is I hit a pipe gate and creased the hood, cracked the edge of front window and broke the pass mirror. Month after buying, the fuel pump died (130k mi) and coil pack died with no warning, cruising down a winding mountain no traffic luckly (150k mi.). My better half still says its her truck. Love this truck, 5 years ago - best 6k I spent. :shades:
  • Ok, to start I have a 1998 s10 2.2. Awhile back I had to replace a new left front spring ( i blew the original one into 2 peices, no idea how i did that) so i went ahead and replaced both springs and shocks. Well a little while later i started noticing some creaking and small popping noises. There were no noises before i replaced the spring and shock. I can push down on the right front bumper and it makes a large popping sound. It also makes the sound when i let the clutch out and start going at a stop, and when i back up, and over large bumps. Does anyone know the reason for this. I think it may have something to do with me replacing the spring or maybe with me mud riding so much. Any solutions. Thanks!!
  • Just rebuilt 2.2.ltr. sonoma engine runs fine but don't show oil pressure right
    it shows 80 plus when running and about 40 when its off, never owned sonoma
    before and this one was messed up when I bought it so don't know what to try.
  • I have a 99 S10. Some "fun" problems. Owner induced of course. Stopped at a store and left the radio on for hubby sleeping in truk. Ran the battery down. Pushed started it. Accelerator stuk in high. Drove a mile down the road and turned off truk cause of this. Then couldn't get it started. Jump started it.
    No problems til this winter. Delivering pizza in the ice and no anitfreeze. Not thinkin bout it much. Next morning didn't bump the ignition to move the serpentine belt. Of course it stuck overnight and broke off and made holes in radiator which I didnt see.
    Replaced the belt and drove it a couple 13 miles or so. Each stop and start got more hard starting. Finally went to store and on getting back in truk wouldnt start. Had it jump started to get home.
    Next month, couldn't get it started so replaced the fuel filter. Then found out about the holes in radiator. No water present in oil at that time.
    This week, finally got new radiator. Put it in. Still hard to start but started truk. Added water and coolant. Oh no, it is disappearing! Wouldn't you know it. Water in the oil.

    Blown Head Gasket!
    So now gonna attempt that. Had replaced a wiring harness on a dodge truk once. Worked on other cars thru my life.
    Betty :sick:
  • dragonxvi am the owner of a 91 gmc sonoma sle 4.3L
  • dragonxvi am the owner of a 91 gmc sonoma sle 4.3L
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    A reporter is looking to talk with a Texas resident who's in the market for a new pickup truck. If you're able to help, please contact [email protected] with your preferred contact info by Thursday, September 26, 2013.
  • Jennifer_LewisJennifer_Lewis Hopkinsville KYPosts: 1
    Hello.  I own a 2000 S15 extended cab Sonoma and hubby got her as a resto project for me.  She is a bit rough with rusted out cab corners and a blown transmission.  Her paint is pealing off and is sun bleached but I plan to make her a beautiful red rose again.  She is currently in my driveway awaiting paint and parts.  She has over 200,000 miles on her and I plan to make her come to life again.  This is my first resto project.  My daily driver is a 2015 Terrain .
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