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VW Touareg SUV



  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    have to wait a year for a 2005...

    Look for a unit with a higher VIN: 20664> these have the small center rear least that is the first number that I delivered that was so equipped...
  • Wow MB turned people away? Now, I don't know what my dealer gets paid for an oil change from Audi of America -- perhaps it is more when I buy one. Now, at the Audi store, there are very few Audis (this is NOT scientific) that go back more than 5 years.

    By this I mean, when I pull into the dealer and look in the bays and look at the line of cars there for service, there are virtually no cars in line that are prior to 1998 or 1999 vintage.

    This perhaps goes to the point that once the "free service" period is over that the customers with the 1996 A6's don't get them serviced at the Audi store (due in part, one has to imagine, to price).

    Since this dealership is also a Porsche dealership, it would appear that the overwhelming majority (80%+) of the work that the dealer performs is "free" (to the customer) work. My buddy -- the service manager -- says that for work they do there is a formula that they go by: it appears that "X" function is allowed "Y" hours, misc charge and perhaps some other billable component. So, the shop rate is posted @ $75/hour. The $39.95 oil change + filter that a non-Audi advantaged customer pays (that is the posted price, which usually nets out to be $50) is allocated an allowable "consumable's charge and .25 hours labor rate. I assume they make money from the Audi advantage service and the Porsche service. And, I have never been turned away when I have asked for wiper blades, a car wash, tires inflated or even a four wheel alignment.

    I don't ask for wiper blades every Tuesday, mind you, but I probably get 3 sets annually -- I dunno what they would do if I stopped asking; perhaps they would NEVER change them.

    My wife's new front and rear liscense plates came in the mail yesterday -- one day for lunch she will go to the dealer and they will replace the old plates with the new.

    And, the comment from above: "If there's real value to "free service," I think it comes in the incremental peace of mind it promotes for purchasers about "total cost of ownership," just about says it all -- and is exactly my point.

    Just like we keep reading, the DEALER really has great influence in the total experience -- my dealer, somewhat like VWGUILD, must do things the way that they're SUPPOSED to be done.

    One more point, I sent a large Harry & David fruit basket to the Service Department at my Audi dealer today -- and a smaller one to my salesperson who sold me my last 15 Audis. Perhaps our treatment is a couple of notches higher because we genuinely appreciate that they have difficult jobs to do; we let them know we know it and we take the moment or two and the extra buck or two to sustain and strengthen the relationship.

    They know where their bread is buttered and by whom is the feeling my wife and I get.

    This Phaeton level service and the Audi Advantage may be a direct result of what was said earlier, that the European cars ARE NOT AS RELIABLE as similar class Japanese cars. I did think, however, that service came with the deal @ Lexus and Infinity -- I could be wrong.

    None of the points made or conceded convinces me that "free service" for 50K plus a 50K bumper-to-bumper warranty is anything but a sound practice for those that do it and would be for VW across the board.

    My buddy bought the new X5 even though he loved the Touareg for the reason that he knew there would be no maintenance issues (that is, no $80 wiper blades, no charge oil changes, etc.) VW lost what would have happened had they had the VW advantage.

    Despite their success, as noted by Peter in his sheer volume of sales list above, VW surely would love to have even more sales and would also love to have repeat buyers.

    And, stop calling me Shirley.
  • No kidding. Just like what the other poster mentioned. For MB, free service is a joke. Oil change is only based on indicator light. Light driving will result in 1 oil change, if that, in a year. It is not your choice but MB's.

    I have to say that no matter how long you wait for the next year or subsequent year t-reg. Believe me, these same nagging problem will still be around. Speaking from experience. Same with MB and BMW. No permanent fixes until the next redesign in approximately 8 years.

    I was looking at buying the t-reg, but may settle for something else....I will give it some time before deciding. Japanese vs. German. I am leaning toward Japanese at this time. Reliability is a big issue for me. All cars have problems. It is the manufacture's decision to address the problems head on or string you along.
  • Is that what you're saying then, vwguild? If that's the case I might have to risk it with a 2004. I'll take your advice and look for a more recently manufactured one though. Any other tips or warning signs to consider when inspecting my vehicle before purchase?
  • Still waiting to hear from the dealer. Seven days in the shop and counting.

    vwguild, if I ask them to print out the service record on this car so that I can document the number of times I've brought it in, and the number of days it's been in the shop, are they obligated to provide that information?

    What are the magic words to say if I want them to start thinking about replacing the car?

  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    not exactly 12 months...But you will at least be looking at Q4...

    The most important thing that I would suggest is to pick up your new Touareg during the day...Everything else is covered under your New Vehicle Warranty but the Paint & Interior...Make sure there are no scratches in the paint and that no one sat on seats with keys attached to a belt loop...It is very awkward dealing with things like this once you have left the store and discover them the next day when you get in after breakfast...

    I advise the same scrutiny when dropping any car off for a Service visit...
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    First of all the 'Tonight Show' bracelet is great!!! Will be in touch about items for my wife...But we can talk about that later...

    I don't know if you are going to McNevin or B'Way, but go to the other...

    The Remote issue is systemic...But there is a fix that you can do with the MFI yourself...I'll
    email about that...The other things are Service related issues...They are not product based...just incompetance by the Techs. Commonly called "Fix it Right" which is short for fix it right the first time...This theme follows thru with the Service Loaner you received...

    Don't expect Lemon Laws to cover a bad Service Dept.

    Email me about further suggestions...
  • We just purchased a 2004 Touareg with the V-8. So, far we are very pleased with car and the handling here in the snows or the Cascades. We purchased the car from a dealer in Burlington WA and the salesman was very knowledgeable, helpfull and professional. We test drove two different models with V-6 and V-8 and choose the V-8 for the obvious increase in permformance. So far we are pleased with the purchase. The dealership did have the sticker price way over the suggested price, but we purchased below the suggested price. One of the better car buying experiences on my list. We will see how the service dept holds up, but so far the dealer has been great. This is the second VW we have owned with a new bettle the other purchase from same dealer.
  • Again...Does anyone here have any experience with adding on a 6CD changer to the Monsoon head unit. Where did you get it, how much, name and where did you fit in in ? Did trunk space harness connector fit?


  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    The System in the Touareg is Blaupunkt...There should be a connecting cable behind the right hand storage area opening in the tailgate...
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I have been to a few dealers browsing. I haven't seen any with the rear locker option? It probably isn't a popular option so maybe they are only making those on order?
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    is readily available...Another store or two will provide what you seek...:)
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Thanks. I am just browsing. I really like the concept and am a huge SUV/Offroad fan. I might even consider buying one, except I am not a big fan of VW and its overal quality in general. Concepts they are great, I think in execution/implementation they have a way to come.
  • Your point about paint and interior is interesting, because my selling dealer told me VW does warranty its paint. I haven't read the warranty, except to notice there is some mention of rust, but nothing about fading paint.

    In the old days, silver faded badly. I'm told by body shops and dealers that the new paints are better. What is your experience with the VW silver?

    Now, another topic. I've seen you post sales figures from time to time. It seems like Volvo sells a lot fewer cars than VW, but do you have the figures for XC-90's and Touaregs? In one month, I've seen two Touaregs on the road in a wide area. But in my suburban town, I see another new Volvo XC-90 every day. It seems like there's one on every block now.

    Volvo must be giving some incentives to move them, and doing a good job of advertising safety. My well-respected and well-established independent Swedish car mechanic advised me to get the VW, even though he knew I would take the Volvo to him for service. Says the larger platform late model Volvos have been troublesome.
  • There are no incentives on the XC90. You can look that up here on Edmunds. I have to agree that the Touareg seems scarce. I've only seen one on the road here. My dealer says they are "a hot selling item"; but I don't see his inventory changing at all, over a several week period.
  • How much under MSRP did you get your ride for?

  • I always wear my seat belt and I am truly loving my new Touareg but I want to be able to turn off the alarm that sounds if I am sitting in my car with the seat belt not attached. Anybody know how to turn it off? Thanks.
  • 243243 Posts: 6
    I had a problem with the rear hatch (door) not closing all the way. The one night it was left open (after I closed a few times) and it drained the battery. I put the key in to start (the next morning) but since it didn't have power it locked my key in the ignition. There was no manual override for the rear door so I had to crawl over the seats to get my jumper cables. Tow truck driver couldn't find the battery but we finally figured it out. In summary .. make sure the rear hatch closes properly. It doesn't show up well on dashboard indicator.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    All VWs, except EuroVans, carry a 12 Year/Unlimited Mileage Outer Body Rust thru & Corrosion Warranty...I have not seen problems with Silver for quite some time now...My point was directed more toward scratches in the paint, rather than bad paint...

    As to numbers, I can only say that the V8s are far and away the most popular and fully equipped at that, and these are much harder to come by...
    In addition we have only had real inventories since the beginning of Q4...
  • spockcatspockcat Posts: 100
    Yes, I can tell you how to do this. Best would be that you email me (click on my name above). It is too complicated to explain on this discussion board.

    I can also tell you how to wire an MP3 player, XM radio or cell phone into your Touareg radio.
  • 1) VWGUILD - If I am looking for the following, is this something that VW dealers should be able to find in the area, or is this something that I would need to special order?

    V6, sound system I, bi-xenon headlights, Premium package (off-road gray w/ black)

    2) I have been offered the following:

    V6, sound system I, Premium Package 37k

    V6 sound system I, Premium Package, bi-xenon 37.5k (though dealer did not know if he could find one).

    Do these seem like good prices? Or should I try to get it a little lower.

    Thanks all.
  • In 1999 I bought a car off the lot. Of the past 25 cars my wife and I have had, that is the only one we bought off the lot. We planned to keep the car 6 months, so we got a 12 month lease on it while we waited for our new 4.2 V8 equipped Audi to be built and delivered.

    I can tell by looking at my VW and Audi dealerships that inventories are UP -- but there is nothing as sweet as ordering the car EXACTLY the way you want it about 3 - 5 months ahead of time. It is like getting a new car TWICE and the anticipation of the order's arrival is also exquisite.

    Take the plunge, order EXACTLY what you want -- and if what you want actually is already here and the dealer can get it for you -- so much the better (unless you want to enjoy the countdown).
  • thor8thor8 Posts: 303
    One thing that should be revised is the electric locks in VAG products.
    I have a Porsche, since it is only a play car it seats in the carport for months at the time and sometimes the battery goes dead.
    Is a pain because first I have to go to the fuse panel by the footwell and connect the jumper cable to open the hood, maybe the Touareg is the same way, it has a special prong you pull out of the fuse box and connect the +.
  • Just last week I picked up a brand new V6 Touareg here in Atlanta. The car was blue with Premium Package II and navigation. I think I got a very good deal at invoice price. Having bought several cars before from Jim Ellis I was glad they treated me like a good customer. They had several colors to choose from but in the end the Blue seemed the nicest.
  • what is the best way to get vwoa to trade out my treg V8

    please help
  • Thanks VW Guild for your answer, but is the Moonsoon Premium Sound System in the T-Reg made by Blaupunkt?

    I still need to know, if anyone succesfully added on a 6 CD changer in the compartment and hooked directly to their "CD Changer ready" harness/connector...and what brand/model no. they used etc...

    Thanks to all,
  • Does anyone have any pointers/experience, for locating a cellphone holder (Siemens S46), on a convenient dash area. I saw the Kuda German mount, but it needs the CD Radio or Nav system to be removed and then put much hassle and risk. This is the one Jutta K. uses in the Paris-Dakar Rally video T-Reg.

    Also, SURPRISE!...there is no cell phone antenna on the T-Reg and so does anyone, have any experience with an external mounted antenna, without making holes, snaking thro' cable and connecting to cell mount holder's connector.

    Thanks y'all!
  • Some of you may already know about this site, but i found it yesterday while surfing. I dont know how accurate it is, but it might be able to answer questions some of you have.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    Monsoon is a brand name; so this is not a Monsoon System...Changer installation should be plug & play...Panasonic or anything that will fit in the space provided...
  • Dear VW is not that simple.

    It seems that VW, have built "PIKs" into their systems, so that it recognizes non OEM addon systems. I have seen considerable e-mails on another site. Also, there has to be a direct connecting 13-pin plug, for the harness in that compartment...or an adapter some of which cost as much as $75.

    Also, I hear Monsoon is a brand-name but since you stated it was a it a sub-brand of Blaupunkt or a new OEM manufacturer, was what I was trying to case they sell the add-on units at a lower than $600 price VW want.

    Anyone knowing all this should write and clear up.

    Thanks y'all!
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