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VW Touareg SUV



  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    MSRP: $57,800.00
    Dest.: $615.00

    This price includes 4 Corner Air Suspension, Bi-Xenons, and "OnStar" as Standard Equipment
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    What are people putting in theirs 6 cyl, premium or regular?
  • I use Premium in my V6
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    My VW dealer invited me to go on the V10 waiting list a couple weeks ago - she quoted the exact price and standard equipment as vwguide. She said the VW Rep told her that the V10 could be here as early as February, but she doubted that, she thinks April or May.

    At that point in time there wasn't anyone on the waiting list at my VW dealer.

    I have an 03 Jetta TDI wagon that is an amazing car. It's turned me into a diesel fan. I have an X5 that's about to go off lease - the Touareg is a possible replacement. I think I'll pass on the V10, I understand a V6 diesel Touareg may be coming over to the U.S. in a year or so. If I had something to tow I might be interested in the V10. I'm leaning toward buying my X5 at the end of the lease.
  • pf01pf01 Posts: 35
    How many gas stations here offer diesel? 70% of them?

    BTW, any news on the w12?
  • I think about 50% of the fueling stations in greater Cincinnati offer diesel. Yet, even though I don't have one, it is pretty easy to find stations that do offer it.

    On the interstates, it is very easy to find diesel.

    Like anything else, when the number of diesel engined cars grows, so will the places to buy the fuel.
  • spockcatspockcat Posts: 100
    With a 26 gallon fuel tank and 22 to 24 mpg, you shouldn't need to refuel that often anyway. That would be every two weeks for the average 15k miles/year. Don't you think you could find diesel at least once every other week?
  • elemintelemint Posts: 79
    these vehicles will blow through the $50,000 price range...

    Well that is because it is a V10!!!! Rediculous imo. It the bring the 5 cylinder TDI to the us it will not be above $40k.

    I would buy a 4 cylinder TDI in a second from almost any suv producer in a heart beat.
  • roweerowee Posts: 21
    wish you had that post#1729 several weeks ago. Basically, you confirm (using the diesel engine issue) what the trend is in Europe for the past 6-10 Months; The sales (and production and waiting lists at VW dealers) of the V-6 petrol engine have dropped considerably as the European consumer is shifting more and more to the ather T-Reg versions(V-8, 2.5tdi and even the very costly v-10).
    Since the price of a v-8 in the u.s.a. is the same as the price of a v-6 in Europe i really dont see why ANY u. s. consumer who is shopping for a T-Reg that can MOVE would buy the v-6 petrol.
  • Hello people at VW, I was wondering how much would be lease for V8 and Premium plus package for 36 months and 12K milres pre year. Also I read in the magazine, that TR is more handycaped during high or low speeds.
  • mmee1mmee1 Posts: 19
    This V6 vs V8 thing goes on. I posted why I love my V6. Rather than making the argument that "V6 sucks" or that is does not "move" or, sorry markcincinati, not make the incredibly arrogant argument that the only people who bought a V6 are the people who could not afford a V8, let's assume for a minute that people have the money but they are not looking to waste the money if it is more vehicle than they need.

    Rather than simply trashing the V6, maybe it would be helpful for people trying to decide, to talk about the things you do with your V8 that you would not be able to do with a V6. People could then decide if that is worth a few extra thousand dollars to them. My V6 has a sticker on the dash suggesting that I not go over 130 mph. Maybe the V8 sticker is a higher number. See, there is one thing that you can do with a V8 that you can not do with a V6, go over 130 mph.
  • roweerowee Posts: 21
    So now we are shifting the discussion to the small sticker on the T-Reg dash (right side of the odometer to be precise).
    Its NOT the speed we are promoting. Its the torque issue.
    Incidently ALL European T-reg versions(namely V-6, V-8, 2.5 TDI)have that 210kmh sticker. (1mile=1.6km)
  • I can't stay out of this discussion anymore. I have to add my 2 cents (maybe that is inflated). hehehe The top speed is probably dictated more by the tires than by engine capacity.

    On the V8 or V6, the altitude one drives at (not attitude, although....) has a lot to do with the "feel" of power. Working with computers I know that "perceived" speed is a very relative thing and SOME cannot get enough but others are happy with improvements. :)
  • . . .will write reviews of the current vehicle under the microscope and will conclude with a "price independent and price dependent" summary.

    It has been my attempt (and sorry if I failed) to solicit the same answer from this board.

    If the price difference between the V6 and V8 = $0.00, would you still go for the V6?

    The answers would demonstrate in part a preference for the V6 over and above the MSRP differences.

    Conversely, if the answer to the question was, I would get the V8 if it were the same price as the V6, then one would have to come to the conclusion that money was the driving force behind the V6 vs V8 acquisition.

    I believe, as in it is my opinion, that most folks purchase the current V6 moreso out of a desire for less cash outlay (which may or may not be related to their ability or willingness to afford it) -- I just bought a new widescreen TV and it came in a Silver or Black Gloss finish -- Black Gloss was $500 more. Had they been the exact same price, I would have purchased the Silver because it fit with my decore. Money, truly was not an issue -- and the electronics and screen size and all other aspects were identical.

    This comparison is NOT the same with the Touareg I understand. But when I read the point and counter points written by the Car and Driver editors and they have a section stating that "Price Independent, I would go for the "X over the Z"," it gives me an indication of which one they would rather have. The fact that sometimes the editors do select the lower priced version is VERY telling.

    I have read for example the praises about the X5 BMW, but the sense I get is that even if the sport option were zero cost, many C&D editors would not select it. If I am in the market for a vehicle, I can use this information.

    I believe y'all when you say you are satisfied or happy and all the positive things you remark about your Touaregs. I do believe that the V8 is "more than the additional money it commands" and is therefore "mo' fo' yo' money!" It does not exactly mean I think someone here cannot afford something -- in point of fact, I really don't care. I am, in the spirit of a discussion, assuming (a dangerous thing to do) that the V6's were principally acquired because they are lower in cost, monthly lease or some other financial consideration.

    Answering the question "which one would you selcted if they were the same price" would assist me in understanding the vehicle from a vantage point that doesn't consider price.

    One more example -- I would "take" an Audi allroad 4.2 if I had to have an automatic transmission. On the other hand, I would pay more for the Audi allroad 2.7T with 6spd manual ($1,000 more to put it into perspective).

    It just so happens that an Audi allroad 2.7T with 6spd and all options compared to a similarly equipped allroad 4.2 is about $5K less. I chose the 2.7T (knowing that there was an upcoming 4.2) in part becuase I wanted the 6spd, in part becuase of the $5K and in part becuase it would gall me to spend $5K more for a car that was less quick in 0-100kph specifications.

    The 4.2, in this example, would be purchased by me to "support" a vehicle that I think has been "ignored to death." And, I mean to death -- the allroad will conclude production the 21st week of 2005 (by some accounts a dismal failure) -- this reminds me, likewise of the Passat W8 which I think is a steal with sport package at $39K and due to benign neglect discounted (if you can find one with a stick, that is).

    And, my point about the wisdom of bringing a car that has a lower MSRP certainly could be made if anyone would comment on their purchase and the process they went through to determine to or not to go with the V8 with an eye to "would the do the same thing again if the V6 and V8 cost the exact same?"

    I am not trying to convince YOU that the V6 or the V8 is better or more for the money -- even if such data existed empirically, I don't think any minds or hearts would be changed (well, maybe a couple); what I am considering is "what would I do and perhaps the V6 has attributes and benefits that I am overlooking."

    Finding someone who would acquire the V6 in the face of an identically priced V8 would be fascinating -- just, to repeat, as the editor's comments are at the end of a particularly interesting review of some new or unique automobile.
  • The sticker to the right of the dash that says 130 MPH is the for the tire rating. Tires have a speed rating, and the sticker is telling the driver that 130mph is what the tires are rated to.
  • spockcatspockcat Posts: 100
    Actually, according to published specs, the top speed of the V6 is 122 MPH and the V8 is 130 MPH. As mentioned in previous posts, the 130 MPH sticker on the dash is a tire rating which you are warned not to exceed (downhill with a tailwind I guess).
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    Disclaimer first. I have not driven the Touareg yet. I have a '99 RX and am thinking about my next car and hoping to get one that is more capable off road than the RX (although it has performed admirably in the snow so far.) Also, I do not tow anything and don't care that much about 0 to 60. Obviously, I want it to get up and be able to pass someone going up hill which my 6 cyl RX does completely to my satisfaction. (The '99 does need another gear.)

    That said if the 8 cyl and 6 cyl were the same price and I got the same performance from the 6 cyl that I get from my RX I would prefer the 6 cyl. Cheaper on gas and better for the environment. Now if you say that they use the same amount of gas then I would take the 8. (I know some say it is only 1 mpg difference but I find that hard to believe.)
  • I digress, that commercial cracks me up. . .

    Thanks for the V6 vs V8 comment -- I have no clue with respect to the 1mpg difference. I simply have to assume that this is correct.

    And, while I am assuming, I think I can draw the conclusion that the 1mpg difference, if you find it to be believable [to you] or verifiable (trust but verify) is not a big enough reason to -- under the qualifications of my question earlier -- pass on the V8. Correct?

    Sooooo VWoA is going to bring a $60K V10 to the US in the Touareg. But in Europe the 2.5TDI is available? I have been to Europe dozens of times, rented cars there many times and ridden in cars (taxis mainly) hundreds of times -- I have not felt that the "smaller displacement" engines were unsatisfactory. I have only driven a 2.5TDI in an Audi A4 quattro with a 6spd transmission.

    If the 2.5TDI is put into Touaregs in Europe is anyone buying it? Is it "dangerously" sluggish or so bogged down when passengers and luggage are put into it so as to render it unacceptable?

    Now, I am NOT against a $60K diesel being marketed in the Touareg -- but is there no other diesel alternative that could be perhaps at the V8 price point? Or is the V10 the performance statement and hence this, in some wierd way, makes sense?

    What about same engine in a Phaeton or the 2.5TDI in a Passat, etc?
  • mmee1mmee1 Posts: 19
    If the V8 and the V6 were the same price, I'd take the V8. You never know, I may want to tow the QEII some day or do some major off roading. Then I would want the V8 and I'd have it. Since we are talking make believe, would you throw in the nav system, air suspension and winter package for free too? Just so you know, if they were same price, I'd take those too.

    I guess I don't make too many decisions completely irrespective of price. If an apple is $1 and an apple in a leather carrying case is $20, I'm buying the just the apple. Even though I prefer the apple with the case. But the incremental additional benefit of the case is not worth $19 to me. I consider the cost vs the benefit to me. The only reason I'm not buying the case is not price. It is the price vs benefit to me.
  • elemintelemint Posts: 79
    Here are is 2.5TDI Touareg Info.

    Fuel Consumption
    Urban 21.4mpg - 13.2l/100km
    Extra-urban 36.2mpg - 7.8l/100km
    Combined 28.2mpg - 9.8l/100km

    Now VW, If you bring get this engine to the states and sell it for under $40k i promiss i will buy one!!! I actually have written VW and asked if i how i can import one from Europe. I will let you know what they say.
  • lejujulejuju Posts: 9

    I have not yet seen on the Forum any firm date for the 2005's.

    Any information on dates or new features?

    I have seen Touaregs in Europe and have noticed that there are a few differences. In particular, Touaregs with keyless entry in Europe have a button for starting/stopping the engine (no need to use the key if it is in your pocket).

    The Touareg also have the ability to shift gear from the steering wheel (like the Cayenne does here).

    I am interested to know if any of these features are likely to come in 2005 US models?

    Also, I see that Edmunds now has pricing on the 2004 V10 TDI. But is that really likely to be available in 2004??

  • roweerowee Posts: 21
    But before i sign off on the "hot" v-6 v-8 issue let me repeat once more (mainly for the confused T-Reg shopper): Its TORQUE we are talking; while the 162kW petrol engine v-6 has a max. torque of 305Nm at 3200rpm, the 228kW v-8 petrol engine has a max. toque of 410Nm at 3000 rpm. That to the opinion of the European car buyer is the most relevant reason why not to buy the v-6.It has, as mentioned here, nothing to do with leather seats, xenon, or cup holders. Its the heart of the car-and with that organ you just cant be too prudent.
  • elemintelemint Posts: 79
    that would buy either the V-8 or the V-6 when there is the R5 TDI! Ask your self, If gas was $4 a gallon in the usa what would you buy? A car that gets 15mpg or 30mpg? I know millionares that would not even go for the 15mpg!
  • roweerowee Posts: 21
    that would NOT buy the V-8 for the price we pay(in Europe) for the V-6.
    And yes, 2.5TDi T-Regs selling very well;one has to wait 4-5 months to get an order. V-6 are sold off the floor, but demand very "sluggish" as is the engine.
  • mmee1mmee1 Posts: 19
    I just picked up my Touareg from the service center at my dealer. I had noticed that the floor on the driver's side under the mat was wet. I could see that water was coming in from near the heater duct on the center consul under the dash. My service tech looked at it and later described the problem as a hose that did not fit properly on the heater core. He also said that the replacement hose was the same way. He called a VW Tech and he said, yes, they issued a tech memo on this problem and described how to fix it. Now the floor is dry and the heater works better.

    I have the tan interior and don't think I would have noticed the wet floor under the mat unless I saw the darker wet area on the center consul. Owners may want to check under their mat and on the center consul for dampness.

    BTW, I brought the car in yesterday without an appointment, the service tech called at 6:30 pm to say they had just found the problem. I picked it up today, washed. Everyone wants a good price, but the dealership is important.
  • st4s03st4s03 Posts: 9
    No, torque is NOT what it is all about unless you are hauling a heavy trailer up a hill or pulling a heavy boat out of the water. It's about how the available power is accessed. I have owned many cars with power to weight ratios much lower than the v6 treg that needed to be run at higher rpms to access the power. I still managed 70 MPH over Vail pass at 10,000 ft in a 68 HP fiat 128. I have driven the v6 treg and the v8. The v6 has plenty of power where it is needed for driving around town and highway cruising and occasional off roading. The 6 speed tiptronic is perfect for passing, just pop it down 2 gears get the rpms up to the power range and go. It's OK to shift at 5,500 rpms (peak hp). That is what these OHC engines were made for. (Also, I remember buying 4 banger Jeeps because the power was more suitable for off roading than the high HP motor). I would never buy the 2.5tdi, just no fun. Like driving a lawn tractor!
  • elemintelemint Posts: 79
    You have not driven a rail diesel!!! I rented a 1.3 liter Renoult in italy. Most fun car i have driven in years. fast and clean.
  • "The v6 has plenty of power where it is needed for driving around town and highway cruising and occasional off roading. "

    That's the bottom line, while there might be some specific uses a v8 might be more appropriate, the v6 would be and is fine for the vast majority of people.
  • st4s03st4s03 Posts: 9
    "You have not driven a rail diesel"

    If you are referring to a common rail diesel, yes I have driven several of them, and you are right, they are better than the older design. But the 2.5 tdi with only 174 HP at high rpms means that the high torque number will be great for heavy applications where low rpm are required and just not have it as speed increases. Again all these engines will be adequate for normal applications. I just think that the power curve of a low hp, high torque diesel is boring for driving around town and highway cruising. I am not towing anything and don't care that much about mileage. If I wanted 30 MPG I wouldn't buy a 5,000 lb car.
  • imascotimascot Posts: 14
    Fantastic website with brilliant information. Definately the best website out there ranging on all topics for all cars.

    I'm looking at purchasing a touareg, but wondering what prices have been paid (obviously depending on spec).
    Any help with this would be great.

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