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VW Touareg SUV



  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    "Its dealers want to sell cheap cars, but VW wants them to sell the expensive ones as those are the only ones that make money."

    VW Dealers Fume as Sales and Satisfaction Levels Tumble (Inside Line)

    Steve, Host
  • abo1abo1 Posts: 1
    I do not know for sure, but I was test driving a touareg this weekend and I asked what the difference will be b/t the '05 and '06...The salesman said they are going to discontinue the touareg and come out with a smaller and larger version. I thought he said the new line will be called the independence. If anyone has heard the same thing, please let me know...

    what do you this will do to resale values?
  • bigspencebigspence Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 V6, low VIN Treg that I absolutely love. Yes it has had its share of "new model" problems but my dealer, Boucher Volkswagen, Frankilin, WI., has fixed them all and taken care of all my concerns. From reading the various forums concerning this vehicle I feel that all of the problems that I encountered have been alleviated in the 2005 model year. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase a 2005 and am immensely happy with my 2004. I think this is the best all around vehicle made. It rides very comfortably on the road and can handle any snow or off road conditions you would normally encounter. It is also built for the autobahn and is a stable platform well above 100 mph. The 2005 V6 has 20 more Hp than the 2004 and this would be appreciated because although not sluggish, 5000 lb. is a lot to haul around. I average 17.5 mpg through 4 seasons of operation and a 10% ethanol gas additive. Go get it.
  • savvygalsavvygal Posts: 3
    Has anyone pulled a 2 horse trailer with a T-reg? My trailer loaded weights about 5000#. One thing to consider is that horses do not necessarily stand still in a trailer. They shift and can really toss their weight around. It sounds like the stabilizer system on the T-reg would handle shifting issues. I live in the gorgeous Hudson River Valley and do tow to Western Mass on occasion. This takes me over the Berkshires which are long slow raises. I do not do this very often and usually with only 1 horse. Nowhere do I see anything about it towing horses. I would think if VW thought it was a good idea, they would target the forever (not me) affluent horsey set! Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    VW needs to put a bandaid on the problem -- IMHO, remove the risk of buying one, or at least reduce the risk.

    Include the maintenance -- just like their cousin Audi and another company that was facing some issues, Hyundai. Hyundai's response was to extend the warranty to 100,000 miles or 10 years.

    The real fix will be higher quality and reliability, of course. This [risk mitigation] would at least patch the problem for the next few years while they turn the reliability ship around.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,112
    Look out Land Rover, Volkswagen has moved into the off-road record book by reaching the highest elevation ever for a stock vehicle.
  • hosshaulrhosshaulr Posts: 2
    I saw your message and am in the same boat myself. Have you tried pulling your two horse? I have the V8 model, but am worried about sway and tongue weight. Any help appreciated.
  • I have a 2004 T-Reg V8 with all options except park assist and nav.
    No problems. Zero. nada. Great vehicle.

    Get the air suspension for all the obvious reasons plus - you can lower the car when you wash & wax it to car height!

    It's over engineered and under priced.

    Buy one and forget the mundane Yukon.

    Kurt :shades:
  • ajamoajamo Posts: 18
    Trying to negotiate a cap cost on a 3-year lease. I noticed on this site and several others that VW is currently offering dealers a mfr. to dealer incentive of $2000 ~ is this in play during negotiations?

  • cpricecprice Posts: 2
    Let it be known that the customer service rep will tell you that you can expect 20,000 miles of tire life! Ask your rep and see what he/she says. $200.+/per tire and I'm not towing anything. Truly dissapointed with the tire life
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    In regards to questions about towing. I was recently in the doctors office, waiting, and was reading a boating magazine that did an article on the Touareg. Not sure of the date, but the Touareg was a V8.

    I don’t remember all the specifics but I remember they were towing near the max weight and tested the vehicle at different grades; I think it was 3% and 6%.

    I think the 6% grade they had trouble keeping it at 55mph. The transmission shifted into 3rd and was running at 4500 rpm. They said this was not acceptable for extended use. The 3% grade was handled much more easily.

    I’ve never towed, or driven the Touareg, but assumed that the V8 could pull anything all day long going 100mph; shows what I know about towing.

    It was a pretty extensive test regarding different aspects of towing (something I did not fully understand). Their overall impression was they really like the sophistication of the Touareg and liked the automatic towing stabilization (thing).
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    I just replaced my Dunlop SP8000's at 24k miles with Pirelli Scorpion Zeros. They were $681 installed, out the door, with tax. Initial impression is better ride, similar handling sharpness, very slightly more noise at low speed, can't tell any difference in tire noise at high speed. They are V-rated, 400AA. I expect they'll last a bit longer than the Dunlops. As I've stated before, I am not surprised at the tire life, given the speed ratings, car weight, all wheel drive, etc. I've been driving 4x4's continuously for 35 years and this one is much better than anything else I can afford. A sports truck that can literally go anywhere! If all you bought it for is to get groceries and take the kids to soccer, you're missing the point, big-time. You would have been happier in a Chev-Ford-Dodge, Subaru, Lexus or Acura. By the way, city driving is harder on your tires than the interstate.

    Anybody that tows at 100 mph is plain nuts and homicidal-suicidal. Take it easy is the right way to do it. More motor should just be used to maintain reasonable speeds uphill. It is expected to have to slow down on uphill runs. People that tow too fast are the same ones that drive too fast in the snow. Fate will get all of them, sooner or later.

    As far as towing is concerned, if a German car company says their wagon will tow 7700 pounds, you can be pretty sure it will without complaint. Although a steady diet of 4500 rpm would be tough on any american V8 (or V6 for that matter), and I have the experience to prove it, towing with the Touareg at 4500 rpm (either engine) should be no big deal. Anyone that has ever owned an Audi, BMW or Mercedes (pre-Chrysler?) knows what I mean. They have good cooling capacity, they run synthetic oil and their motors are way smoother at high rpm. I have not towed with my Touareg, but will when that boat shows up. My Touareg doesn't burn a drop of oil between changes.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Fate will get all of them, sooner or later.

    Unfortunately, fate may also get the innocent along with them.

    tidester, host
  • vflubvavflubva Posts: 1
    I too am a Virginia Touareg owner - many problems-many trips back& forth to the dealer (Britt in F'burg). They have had my car the last 10 days. Nice people - but c'mon. It's VW's fault for producing a sub-standard, unreliable car, but the dealer (service) has not been 100% either. Have logged more than 1000 miles on this car (w/ trips back and forth to dealer) in less than 9 months/8K miles. 3x so far on the tire warning + many other electrical and quality issues. Does VW have the integrity to make this "right" - I'm about to find out if they have any class (I don't want another VW) - I want my money back. I would be happy if they'd take it and pay off the balance. I have endured nothing but grief with this vehicle, the least they could do is let me walk away without losing my shirt! I am BEYOND frustrated, and am sick about the challenge ahead - I dont want a fight w/VW of America - I want them to admit this car is a hassle - and take it back -period!
  • I have 2004 V6 Treg too, but I only got average 15-16 mpg, even in road trip with all highway, it is not difference. How can you get 17.5 mpg, can you tell explain something?

    My Touareg is everything in stock, I didn't put anything other than the CD-changer in the tunk

  • 150K.............. are you kidding?
    There is no way a german car last least than 150K
    I have 2004 V6 Treg, I am expecting between 200-300K miles for its life time of Enginer and Transmission, what do you think?

    I drove my 1994 Mustang for 250K before it got second time of leak in enginer gask.
  • i have had my tour-egg since November 2003. Since then it has been nothing but problematic. I absolutley HATE the car and have tried to get rid of it many times. The dealer is not helpful at all and neither is VW of America. They treat the situation as a joke and dont cooperate with me or other EGG owners. Some friends problems include, car flooding when in car wash, wheels locking up when in a turn, ect. My problems include warning lights that indicate NOT to drive the car from that point on, the car refusing to exceed the speed of 25 mph on some occations, many air bag problems and headlight problems as well. If you were planning on buying this car i would highly suggest you NOT investing in the horrible VW product. Even if you go against my word and many others you will be sorry. Going in for service OFTEN and having to wait for a part to come, for even a month at the most for me(when my windshield cracked and they had to ship a piece of glass from Germany to USA to have them crack it again durring installasion to wait for another 3 weeks.) These are the types of luxuries that you should plan to encounter with the AMAZING---NOTTouareg.It makes me want to :cry: and it has made my wife do so in past experiences. You would have to be a complete moran to buy this car.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    Maybe this will help sales:

    VW Goes Ape for King Kong Tie-Ins (Inside Line)

    Steve, Host
  • heaterheater Posts: 3
    I am writing to let everyone who that the Touareg diesel has new technology under the hood to keep you and your engine warm in the cold winter months. The US diesel will be offered standard equipment a new technology called a Fuel Operated Coolant Heater or FOH for short, you or your dealer will not even know it’s under the hood because it only runs when it’s needed and comes with the vehicle). What this system does is anytime the diesel engine is incapable of maintaining a specified coolant temperature in the winter the FOH is automatically activated the heater via the engine controller to warm the coolant (this equates to being able to keep you warm in the passenger compartment) and provides more heat for both the interior and the engine. This very cool feature is already available on the Touareg in Europe, but the Touareg in Europe even takes this feature a step further with a very cool add on option. This heater when used to its fullest potential can offer the Touareg owner an entire new level of passenger comfort. How about entering your vehicle already warm and having a defrosted windshield before you leave the store, home or work. Sounds great, and it does all of that with the "engine-off” so it’s environmental friendly (unlike remote start which runs the engine for warmth). In fact this technology uses 8 times less fuel than a remote starter and puts out 1% of the emission that a remote started vehicle puts out. WV is currently trying to decide if people in the US would want this additional feature, so any feed back would be helpful
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    I suspect you have a vested interest, but I'm all for useful toys and full employment for techies.

    For a car that sells for about $70k to only about 500 people a year in the US, my guess is they ought to throw the option on all of them. The only people that buy TDI's are those that must have the biggest one on the block. They are the toy boys. There is no economy in paying $20k more for your car to save a few pennies a mile for fuel, which by the way costs more than the premium gas it takes to make my Touareg go down the road. Of course, most of the TDI owners surely park in a garage, so they start their cars warm anyway.
  • heaterheater Posts: 3
    Thank you for your comments regarding the heater system and I also share your concern about the very high pricing of the Touareg diesel. The TDI's are the latest and greatest in more environmental transportation (unfortunatly the entry fee is quite a shock). As for your garage comments even people with garages have to park outside at work and at the store, so they are quite pleased to be able to enter a pre-warmed vehicle at the times when they are unable to garage their vehicle.
  • morey000morey000 Posts: 384
    Is there any news of updates or changes for '06?
    The Cayenne folks are reporting a new 275hp 3.6L V6 for next year.

    Incidentally- I finally got to drive a Cay yesterday. Truly a great handling vehicle. Handling wise, it surely bests the T-reg. Taught, without being harsh (like the FX35). Body lean well controlled. Much more nimble feeling. Terrific brakes- and for some reason the V6 in the Cay seems peppier than in the T-reg. Although, that's probably just perception rather than reality.

    However, I found the Cay's interior design much less user friendly and not nearly as nice looking.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    3.6L and 275hp...sounds like VW's new 3.6L.

    In the Passat it makes 280hp so I would assume it will make it's way in to the Touareg.

    I would guess spring/summer.
  • ty39ty39 Posts: 23
    If you own a 2005 Touareg V-6, have the reliabilty problems disappeared that were apparently evident in the earlier models? Also, has the V-6 been satisfactory? The discounts for the remaining '05 models are very attractive, but should one wait, if the '06 model has more HP...or do I look for another SUV, period?
    The Touareg 'street' reputation for reliability, does not exude confidence, yet 'Edmunds' says it is the 'Editors Most Wanted' and 'Consumers Most Wanted'...if it is so "wanted,' why the discounts? I live 60 miles from the dealer and reliability is a concern. Or, will it be as reliable as my '91 Miata, requiring only fuel, tires, and oil changes? Let me know about the real Touareg...PS I already know there is no room behind the second seat for golf clubs!

  • tencjeddtencjedd Posts: 44
    Just bought the 05 Touareg, and was told the 06 would have a 40HP jump on a slight engine change (reboring of same block for bigger displacement). Hard to believe you felt better pickup in Cay, given the curb weight differences of the car. I bought the V8 myself, and have to say, the car has all the pickup you need and then some. During the test drive, when I hit the accelerator on the on-ramp, I wasn't even into the merge area when the salesperson said, "Umm, that's 80mph." I looked down, and sure enough it was. Same thing on a pass on a 1 lane each way road. Hit the accelerator, and after moving back in, the speedometer was at 80mph. Car was smooth as glass. Only issue I can question them on after 1500 miles - no front seat trash recepticle, although the rear seat has one in each door, and 1 in the rear of the center console if you don't get the 4 zone heat. I also find the self leveling suspension a little "dizzying" at times, when you've come to a stop and aren't expecting the adjustment.
  • tencjeddtencjedd Posts: 44
    Not sure of why the discount is so large either but suffice it to say that a V8 Touareg with at least package 3 is a $10k discount to an X5 4.4 with a heck of a lot more options to boot. The only thing you don't get is the massive BMW sunroof and the fee maintenance. My research showed early model year data was showing some improvement on defects, which should be expected anytime you buy a car that is totally new. For $1400 I took the extended warranty 6/100k vs. the 4/48. Based on my mileage I figured I picked up 3 more years for less than $500/year. Given how many gadgets there are in the car, should be money well spent. Great car, great drive.
  • tencjeddtencjedd Posts: 44
    "You would have to be a complete moran (sic) to buy this car."

    What you should have said is, "You have to be a complete moron to buy ANY brand new model car in its first year of production, let alone the first 4 weeks as you did."
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    With gas getting close to 3 bucks a gallon, big discounts are what's moving SUV's right now.

    Cars Direct is pricing 05 V8 T Regs at about $7000-$8000 off sticker depending on the options.

    If you can buy a V8 Reg with navigation, air suspension, and all of the other goodies for that kind of a discount, it's a pretty good deal.

    Depreciation on the T Regs has been very steep over the last year or so, just like a lot of higher end SUV's.
  • tencjeddtencjedd Posts: 44
    The Touareg is rated to tow 7716 pounds. If they did a towing test with maxiumum weight, on a 6% grade then its no wonder the car had trouble holding 55mph. That's equivalent to towing a 30 foot boat (Grady White Bimini 306 w/ dual outboard engines). So pulling 3 tons, with all that wind resistance, up a 6% grade is going to be a "chore" for just about any vehicle, let alone a car that is as quick, nimble, and smooth riding as th Touareg. However, that's why you have the Tiptronic transmission. The transmission should be manually controlled to keep the RPM's in the car's peak HP and torque range prior to hitting the incline, something the transmission can't see coming, but the driver can. As for towing at 100mph, only an idiot would attempt that.
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