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VW Touareg SUV



  • vtdogvtdog Posts: 163
    Does anyone know anybody who has a TDI (6 cyl)? I am curious about their experience with the car
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    While you're waiting for a reply here, you may want to peruse the Volkswagen TDI Models topic - or revive it! :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • HI members I am considering purchasing the Touareg TDI, would like to find out from you guys about the reliabilty, maintenance, and everything else about this SUV that everyone seems to think it is flawless. For the money it costs would like to have piece of mind that it is a sound vehicle, I am from the long island area in NY , can anyone recommend a dealer that is reputable if any. Thank You Roadmaster45
  • What can you tell me about the 2004 Touareg? Preferably from your personal experience. I've found several sites with horror stories and now I am nervous. Thinking about trading in my 2003 Navigator (I've had it for only 4 months) for an '04 Touareg. Any advice or comments? The Nav has 63K miles, the Touareg has 85K. I know you can't really compare the two, but I have a list of pros and cons for each. After seeing several maintenance issues with the Touareg mentioned I'm second-guessing myself. The Navi is nice, but I don't love it.

  • I hope that I am not too late in my reply to your questions. Let me start off by saying that I did infact love the touareg as a whole, but it like any vehicle has issues. The 2004 was a problem year for VW. You either got a good one, or one with issues from day one. The biggest issues are electrical and some parts for the electrical gremlins can be very expensive. In 2005 and up they started to get better with the issues.

    My review is as follows:

    On-road the Touareg is as nice as they come. It is quiet, comfortable, easy to drive, great turning radius, and a very solid vehicle. It is kinda like driving a Bentley in relation to handle and feel in town. The V8 does suck down the gas, but then again any vehicle weighing as much as the Titanic will do that.

    Off-road the Touareg is amazing. I took mine up to Kinnebeck Pass at 12800ft with shell rock, water, loose ground, and the thing went up like a Caddi! In Moab the Touareg was just as much at home as any Jeep. With its 4motion it can go anywhere the tires and ground clearance will allow. I miss the way the Touareg felt on harsh roads.

    I would only buy an 04 model if everything, and I mean everything checked out good. Make sure that the services were done when required, the belts, and definately check to see how the fuel pumps are holding up. They can be very expensive to replace and there are two on the v8.

    Other than my complaints about VW not holding their end on a 50k+ SUV, I think the concept and the overall idea has worked very well. The finsihing, well not so good on some.

    If it were me I would try to find a 2005 or newer.
  • Did you get any information regarding your idea of legal action? I also have had non-stop issues. I thought it was a lemon, but the more I see online, the more I know it is Touarges in general.
  • If you want to buy a VW Touareg, smash your head against the wall until you dont want to anymore. I bought mine 2 years ago 04 with 100k and have since sunk over 8 grand in repairs. Catalitlc, drive shaft, coolant system, 3 different electrical harneses, power steering, A/C and now when i break 110km/h i get a violent shake almost to the point of uncontrollable and the VW guys dont know why, and the traction control kick off power to the wheels if I corner at anything more than 30km/h. I traded it in yesterday for a huge loss and couldn't be more relieved. If im too late and you have already bought one, drive it off a cliff!!!
  • Really I love my 2004 Toureag but fed up with the sensors that malfunction continually..Like the tire pressure sensors that go on for no reason what so ever telling you theres a bad wheel on board at 75 mph not a good feeling..its bs..told the germans it a bad design along with the peeling of the interior trim what a joke..its while plastic under the grey film that peels worse then a bad window tinting job..also the check engine light comes on again for no apparent reason used my side mirror adjustments after not using for a long time started the car bingo check engine light comes on an quess where you need to go to get it go it the dealer another $$ layout for electrical malfunctions caused by computer more bells and whistels for me going with a nisssan luxury vehicle..You cannot tells Germans anything they think there engineers are the Best..reliability japennese hands these issues haunt anyone else..there indigenous to this car..
  • We recently leased a 2012 Touareg Sport V6 w/ nav. So far I really like the vehicle overall but in my opinion it does fall short for a vehicle at this price level. First, many of the very useful small storage compartments that were standard on our 2009 Passat wagon were not included on our Touareg. The wagon had a height adjustable front center armrest which now is only available on higher end Touaregs ? An umbrella holder with umbrella located in the driver's side door is not offered on any Touareg model. Also, high tech safety options such as adaptive cruise control. Blis side mirrors are only available on European Touaregs.
    I read a commentary from Volkswagen stating their reason for this was because USA buyers would not be willing to pay for these options. Although all are offered on their Audi vehicles.
    Other than these short comings the Touareg seems to be a very well made, great ride and a quality large SUV.
    It is rated a top safety vehicle in every catagory, very quiet and responsive.
    We only have 1000 miles on our vehicle and already are getting a combined mpg of over 19.
    Our past experience with our Passat wagon was our mpg was about 4-5 miles better than the expected combined mpg listed on the sticker, we are hoping for the similar overall results.
    on our Touareg.
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