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GM's triplets Venture, Silhouette, and Montana



  • kyleokyleo Posts: 6
    Follow up... no luck with GM. Apparently, I'm too far away from the warranty "time" for GM to offer help (says GM district Rep). I found a TSB on this: 03-07-30-017

    I don't have the $3,000.00 (after tax)to get this replaced... so I'm in a real bind here (have 4 kids)...

    Is there antyhing else that I can do?

    I wish I would have found this site before I bought the van:

    Apparently, there's also a big problem with the lower intake gasket on many of the V-6 GM motors..

    I guess there's a lesson to be learned here. It's not likely that I'll purchase another GM, since there are lots of other makers out there backing their products with MUCH better warranties.

    Transmission toasted at 35,000 miles... Thanks GM.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Lower intake gasket doesn't affect all vans and later models have updated 3.4L engines.

    Sorry to hear about the transmission though. It's not common at all but nothing is for certain. I would shop around for a transmission. I think the new vans have a 5 year power train warranty as does our 2004 Montana.
  • My door just quit today 38.400 miles ,everything works ok,power locks/unlock,I can open it manualy ,all fuses are ok,relays are ok,but the owners manual doesn't show you which one is for power sliding door ,The door switch in the van doesn't work either,I sure could use a photo , if you have mail it to.. Thanks
  • n7donn7don Posts: 188
    Have you tried resetting per message #1065?
  • Thanks , I'll try that tomorrow , This van had some recall repairs on the door also,I'll have to check into it .
  • Boy .. Do I feel like an idiot .I had no idea that I must have hit the sliding door overhead lock switch the other day when I put on the courtesy light.I went nuts looking under the dash ,pulling all the fuses and the relays out,switching relays,I looked up today ,and said .".What is that switch for",what a dope !!!
  • I have a 1990 silohuette 3.4 with 30,000 mi. that has intermitant belt chirp and a grind noise. I thought it might be a water pump, because the noise would stop for a while if I tapped on it. Changed the pump with no effect.Are these known for belt tensioner problems and if so is it difficult to replace? thanks.
  • kyleokyleo Posts: 6
    Thanks. I found a local reputable transmission shop that will save me about $400.00, so I'm having the van towed there now. Pontiac still charged me the $91.00 fee to look at the transmission..... Funny thing though, going through the yellow pages I see most transmission shops offer a free diagnostic service, or do it for a nominal fee of $40.00. Pontiac, or GM for that matter, has lost me as a customer forever.
  • dmontanadmontana Posts: 6
    Hope someone has a suggestion. I have a 2000 Montana, and water is getting in somehow at the passenger side, rear near the storage for the jack? Carpet is soaked, my jack storage bag) is actually full of water?
    There is plastic trim at the back by the hatch, where the two pices meet, I see water dropletts at that seam.

  • n7donn7don Posts: 188
    Recently removed the tensioner on a 98 Montana (3.4l). Held on with a single bolt. Don't recall the metric size. Fairly easy to do.
  • n7donn7don Posts: 188
    Found this:
    #PI01362 Water Leak into Jack Compartment with Power Sliding Door - carpet gasket power PSD rear right seal trunk wet - (Sep 12, 2003)

    Unfortunately further info is specific to the vehicle's VIN
  • dmontanadmontana Posts: 6
    Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't have a power sliding doors, with 3 kids I wish I did get that option. I did, however stop in at my local GM dealer this a.m. and spoke with the body shop manager. He mentioned these vans are known to leak at the back rear hatch where the rubber hosing for the wiring enters the body. Water generally follows the wiring and drips down into the jack compartment. Also last summer GM replaced under full warrenty (shockingly) my roof as it wasn't properly, e-coated when built and its was showing signs of rust. So they are going to do a water test to make sure it isn't happening from the warrenty work.
    When I do get the final answer I will post the results as I'm sure others have or will run into this problem.
    Thanks again for your suggestion and I am glad to have come across this website, so now I can troubleshoot anf future issues.
  • My power locks will chatter and actually attempt to lock while driving (although already locked) The intermittent chattering of locks while driving is annoying. Seems to me could be a defective module, a short in the wiring or moisture in the contacts. Also recently had my lower intake replaced because of leaking (caught it right away - no damage) for $500.00 + tax at a shop that has done many in Canada. All prior quotes were double taht before I found this shop. Van has no leaks going on 2 moths now.
  • jasonmjasonm Posts: 2
    Anyone had any problems with the factory tv in the vans?
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    This is another oldie from the past. When you open the hatch you will see two rubber boots in the center of the frame at the top between the two hinges. I believe the water is getting in through there.

    The cure is to get some black sealant and lift the edges of the boot and liberally squeeze the sealant all around underneath the flat edge. I have a Venture 2000, although I did not have the problem per se, it was an issue with this model year.

    Clear out the water and check next time it rains or through a car wash. I know some people drilled a drain hole at the bottom of the jack storage compartment as a last resort
  • balichbalich Posts: 62
    This morning while driving - hit a bump in road and the ABS light on dash comes on - it is not
    flashing but steadily on ... brakes are working fine. Except for light - no noticable symptoms.

    Any ideas what might be the cause ?

    Thanks in advance!
  • n7donn7don Posts: 188
    Suggest having someplace like Autozone scan for trouble codes.
  • bobj1bobj1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Oldsmobile silhouette and cannot find the flasher under the dash. I can hear it but no luck finding it. Can anyone help
  • REally loved the car. when the tranny started going at 76000 my dealership wouldn't touch it. Told me to call GM . I did, had it "evaluated" by the dealership and they said I had a problem NO KIDDING JACK!!. Did what GM told me to do and then the dealership told me I'd have to have it torn down to check my expense and maybe GM would hlpe me. YEH RIGHT> so , I'm stuck with the tear down, the put back to gether when they tell me that I can't afford to spend $3000 to have it fixed. Can't find areputable tranny rebuilder in the area and THI SIS THE LAST GM I'LL BUY! My dad has a 50 yr pin from working for GM and even he is disgusted.

    anyone out there having tranmission problems ... hard shifting between the gears?? Starts out with occasional "it works sometimes and not others:.??? Like to hear from someone.

    This was a trip hard driving and almost all highway driving. when we did yse it.
  • dirkdaddydirkdaddy Posts: 313
    look inside the pass door for fuse panel on side of dash.
  • kyleokyleo Posts: 6
    I went through the same thing, but my Montana only had 35,000 miles on it. They tried to pull the same thing with me, but since three gears were showing up on the scan as shot, there was no use in tearing it down. This tactic would have netted the dealership more income since I would have had to pay for the tear down ($400 - $500) AND the rebuilt transmission ($3000) since they don't rebuild them there.... I had my van towed to a local shop that charged $2,400 for a total rebuild (including torque converter). GM offered me NOTHING, not a break on the tranny or on labor. Since it was out of "time" when the tranny started failing(not miles), I was out of luck. They also charged me $91.00 to look at the tranny.... Looking in the yellow pages, most transmissions shop either offer a free tranny check, or charge a nominal fee of $40 - $50.

    I had another line here, but it was censored by Edmunds since we're not allowed to promote other forums (even ones that don't exist yet)....

    Good luck.
  • indrgbindrgb Posts: 115
    The seal must be broken on my headlight because there is water in it. I recall others having this problem. A new headlight assembly is $147. Has anyone had any luck re-sealing it? If so, did you use a utility knife to remove the caulking and then pry the lens off?
  • n7donn7don Posts: 188
    You might shop around. Do a search on ebay for Montana headlights. There's one outfit selling new OE updated GM units for $82.50

    My LF lens has a small leak. I ran a bead of gray RTV long the seam that helped. After a day or so of dry the moisture disappears and it doesn't seems to effect the quality of the light. Just doesn't look good.
  • billwbillw Posts: 11
    Wondering if there is a way to turn the headlights off while moving. I know if you put the emergency break on before starting they will not come on. But as soon as you put it into drive they go on. The lights wake up my little girl when I come home at night.
  • montanafanmontanafan Posts: 945
    If you manually turn them to park/dash, will that shut off the headlights?

    Or perhaps keep a small flash light in the car and shine it on the darkness sensor as you get to your driveway.

    All I have for ideas.
  • paulie9paulie9 Posts: 32
    I also had water in headlight of my 2000 Olds Silhouette. Removed lens from van and dried it with a blow dryer set at medium heat. Found several hairline cracks around edges of lens which I covered with two coats of super glue. Did this about a year ago and headlight is still dry.

    Hope this helps....
  • my 2001 silhouette with 67K miles on it apparently has a blown head gasket? the bad red light came on and the gauge was in the red. stopped the car, waited 10 minutes, turned car back on with heater on full blast (light did not come back on and gauge was in normal ranges) to drive the last 1 mile home. next morning had van towed to shop.

    from reading i am doing online is it reasonable to think that perhaps this could be related to the intake thing that people have issues with? is there any possibility of getting oldsmobile/dealer to cover under the after warranty assistance or a secret warranty program? if you have any tips on how to present this to the service guy, please help! they have my van, but have not yet begun to do any work on it. :confuse:
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    This subject was on the board a long time ago and people took them to the dealer to get disconnected and so only worked manually.

    As info we also have a Jetta and Suzuki SL7 and both have headlights on all the time as DRL
  • dirkworkdirkwork Posts: 210
    Thanks for the idea of looking on Ebay for the van headlights. My '98 Olds with 118,000 miles has its lights looking pretty crappy, yellow plastic, sandblasted from road debris, and they leak water. My past effort of scraping off the hard adheisive, cleaning and gooping them back together worked for a few years but they are not worth cleaning anymore with the lens messed anyway. The guy wanted $15 (each!) for shipping but it was still a lot cheaper than dealer.

  • redly_oneredly_one Posts: 122
    about the intake there a VIN cutoff where they switched from the old to the new? Or, is there a way to determine the date a van was manufactured? I hear the switch was made in may of 03, but I can't confirm if this is true

    We're looking at an 03 Montana with about 30K

    short of replacing the gasket, is there any type of additive that can slow or stop the deterioration of the gasket?

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