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Nissan Murano 2005 and earlier



  • mgoldsteinmgoldstein Posts: 54
    Funny you should mention it. I have an 06 Murano that I just picked up 3 weeks ago. I don't think it is cooling very well. I am taking it back to the dealer next week. We'll see what happens.
  • taximom3taximom3 Posts: 4
    I just went for a test drive today......Love it! So I'm not speaking as an owner yet, I just wanted to suggest running the heater for about 3 to 5 min just before you park it for the night, it dries it out so the system does'nt stay wet and then you get that musty smell. I had this with both my last cars and it helped.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Congrats on your new Murano!

    Since the '06 models are in the showrooms, we've moved the '06 discussion to SUVs and renamed this one for 2005 and earlier models.

    Here's the link for the 2006 and new ones:

    Nissan Murano 2006+

    Steve, Host
  • I have a 2005 SL and I've noticed that when I accelerate from a slow speed I can hear a noise that is similar to a loose lifter. Once I hit a speed of 35 - 40 Kms it goes away. I've taken it in twice, the first time they said they couldn't duplicate it and the second time I went out with a service technician and he confirmed the noise was present. However, they gave me some excuse that it was caused by improper tire pressure.

    It still makes the noise and the dealership is essentially ignoring me.

    Anyone else experience this anomaly?
  • apple3apple3 Posts: 5

    I'm about 9,000 miles into my new 2005 SL 2WD and have been consistently using 87 gas. Is is true the 2006 Murano requires 91?
    The manual for the 2005 suggests 89 or 91 but not required. Does anyone have an opinion if I begin using 89 after having used 87 for 9 months?

    Thanks in advance fellow Murano owners!
  • twp_chieftwp_chief Posts: 7
    I have 43,000+ miles on my 2004 SL and have used 87 once or twice and found the mileage drops way down. When I use 92 or 93 I get between 18.5 and 21 mpg around town. (average20 mpg around town) When I used the 87 I got 13.8 to 15 around town.

    Yes I use the premium gas but it does pay off in mpg and preformance. My son sat and figure it out and said that dollar for dollar I am better off using the hi test.Try it for a month and see what happens. I do have the K&N air filter installed too. ;)
  • chshdnprdchshdnprd Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if there are any adverse effects of replacing the stock tires with different sizes? I heard it might affect the VDC. Tires for this car aren't the easiest to come by, and I wanted to go to something a little more high performance.

  • mdosanjhmdosanjh Posts: 5
    Absolutely not, I went up to 20" rims with 265-50's. I have 06 with VDC. The ride is no different than the stock 235's. The handling is much better and ride is still smooth. I went with the Falken's SI-04's, excellent quiet runnining tire. Good luck.
  • Hi..

    I saw a 2005 Nissan Murano SE at a dealership. The list price was 34K and it had a 5K discount. It is now 2 years old since the manufacture date is June 2005. I know I should get a deeper discount than 5K, but what is a reasonable price to pay for this model? Thanks!!
  • mstchrmstchr Posts: 1
    Hi! I have a 2005 Nissan Murano SL with the Intellikey. I absolutely love my Murano, but would really like to get a remote car starter installed before winter. Does anyone know if it will work with the Intellikey??
  • yet another proud Murano owner! bought a 03 Murano just last week.

    The car has power once it's moving, but when sitting still, it doesn't accelerate too well, and if I hit the gas hard, get a loud Vroom Vroom sound. Engine noise is otherwise low in all other conditions. Anybody have the same issue? Any remdies?

    The gas pedal feels really soft/light, anyway to make it heavier or is this a given with the CVT transmission?
  • is this group dead??
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    The Nissan Murano: Problems and Fixes discussion is more active. New owners (without problems) are hanging out in the 2007 discussion I guess.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Hi, everyone. As you've probably noticed, we have been trying to refine the discussions into more narrowly focussed topics. Our objective is twofold. We want to make it easier for people seeking specific information about their vehicles to find it easily and without having to wade through hundreds or thousands of postings.

    To those ends, we will be shutting down the general make/model discussions and work exclusively with specific issues. This requires us to populate the make/model subsections with relevant, interesting and timely topics. Rather than having the hosts simply create boilerplate topics for each make/model, we feel that you, the owner, the make/model enthusiast and the prospective buyer can best judge what those topics should be.

    You can help by adding a discussion (it's easy!) or suggesting one here.

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  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Please go to the group top level and create a discussion that fits your comments/questions or post in an existing discussion.

    Nissan Murano
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

    tidester, host
  • daylldayll Posts: 26
    I would like to install a trailer hitch on my 04 Murano in order to occasionally pull a single motorcycle trailer. I've never seen a Murano with a hitch - is there a problem maybe? dayll
  • gem_timgem_tim Posts: 5
    I was just wondering if you ever got a response to this question, because I have the same one. I two was looking to am looking to add Satelite radio to my existing system if it can be done easily.

  • dmele426dmele426 Posts: 33
    which models shoudl I look at?
    SE or SL
    I do not care for the sports tuned suspension, I had it on my 2002 Maxima and the ride was stiff and when you have to drive in nyc, the pot holes simply rattle you to death. I want leather, heated seats and traction control. I have decided to search for the car privately on the internet. Any body has suggestions. prices, things I should be concerned about?>
  • smecksmeck Posts: 1
    The driver side visor doesn't stay up, it falls down, how can this be fixed? :(
  • The little tab that holds it in place is probably bent (this is what happened to me). Take it to the dealer & they can fix it, should be free if it's still under warranty. To keep it from happening again, pull the visor out and then down.
  • I just got new tires and all I found was Michelin or Goodyear. I was told the Michelin tire is more of an suv/truck tire and will create more road noise than the goodyears which are car tires. I went with the goodyears again. Paid about $710 at Discount Tire.
  • daylldayll Posts: 26
    My driver side visor too kept falling down - took it in and the service guy tells me that he never saw that before - but they did fix it for free. dayll
  • My husband bought a new 2004 Nissan Murano in 10/04. Since then we've had to pay for (and were then reimbursed a year later under recall) a new fuel tank that was pierced by a piece of coat hanger, the transmission failed, also under warranty thank goodness and this morning the car wouldn't start. It turns out it needs a new fuel pump at $500.00 to replace since the car is no longer under the warranty!

    Has anyone else had fuel pump issues? I haven't seen any recall on the fuel pump, but lots of other electronic issues. I think we'll call Nissan on Monday to lodge a complaint.

    It just seems like a lot has gone wrong for a 3 year old car.
  • Hi There, I am planning on buying an 05' Murano AWD SE with 40.5 K miles.
    Curious to know your experience! Do you recommend? Any problems with yours?
    appreciate any help!
  • Yes, we have a 06. Love the vehicle, looks good, rides good, no problems, we have 30K miles on it. The main differnce between the 05 and 06, might be the back tail lights, 06 has LED, not sure if you want to look at 06 for that reason.
    Good luck, thanks.
  • gmogmo Posts: 2
    I'm having a problem with my right rear turn signal (2005 Murano SL). I have
    changed the bulb, (front bulb is good). When I turn on the signal, it lights, and goes out (bulb still good). left signals work fine. There is no flasher part available for this Vehicle. Can someone tell me how to fix this, and where the bad part is located?
  • I own a 2004 Nissan Murano and the extended warranty just went out in Feb 2009. It has 106K miles and I truly love my Murano. My issue is that as of December 2009 my service engine soon light came on and the engine began to knowck. My husband drove it the very next day to give it a listen and said it sounded like the cam bearing or pushrods (very greek to me nonetheless). He immediately had it towed to our Nissan Dealership where they are diagnosing it as I type. My issue is if it come back as that very problem, my Husband and I are looking at thousands of dollars worth of repair to the engine which should not be experiencing this issue at only 5 years of age and $100K miles. This is very abnormal and I am curious to see if anyone else has experienced the same type of issue. I am going to put up a good battle with the Nissan Corporation if it is indeed these engine issues, and I expect to be compensated for their faulty engine since it should last a heck of a lot longer than this. I love my Murano and refuse to chuck it and buy a new car like all my friends are saying...I bought this murano because I fell in love with it and refuse to junk it when the body and interior is so brilliant.

    The other annoying issues are:
    - The silver on the grill is bubbling, which is not attractive and is very odd...I saw though on an earlier string in this forum that someone called an 800 number which I printed out and their grill was replaced for free.
    - Whenever my husband or I plug our Verison phone charger into the adapter (is that what it is called?) the fuse blows out...when I took it in, the dealership service gentleman informed me that this is a common problem with murano's and there is nothing he can do to fix it. So we don't charge our phone in the car any longer, and we carry around a box of fuses in our glove box in case they fuse under any other circumstances that may arise...peculiar, huh?
  • I have a 2003 Murano. The navigation system is in dire need of an upgrade. How do I do that?
  • kboycekboyce Posts: 3
    Hi, I am having the same problem on my 2004 Murano with the silver on the grill bubbling. It was after a vacation trip in the mountains and SNOW. I could really appreciate that 1-800 number if you can find it. Thanks
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