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Toyota Corolla Accessories and Modifications



  • Dose anyone know if you can some how change the dash lights on a 2007 Corolla "s" or even change the plastic cover. The lighting is too bright at night and if you turn down the lighting you cant see the radio controls very well. help me!!
  • toguytoguy Posts: 20
    I'm looking to install 195/55/15 wheels on my 2002 Corolla LE (OEM wheels size is 185/65/14). According to my calculations, if they are correct!, this is about a 2.5% increase in total wheel/tire circumference. Is this correct and, if so, is it enough of an increase to affect the calibration of the abs/odometer/speedometer? (I think I read somewhere that 2% variation in size is the maximum acceptable, but I'm not sure).

    Also, if anyone has upgraded to lower profile tires like the 195/55/15 on their 2001/2002 Corollas, is there an appreciable degradation in ride quality?

    I'd appreciate any feedback regarding the above since I'm bored to tears with the Corolla's OEM alloy rims and the selection of 185/65/14 after-market alloys is meager. Thanks!
  • I have a '02 Corolla S. The lights are on all the time when it is dark, with no way to turn them off. When it is not dark, the DRL's stay on all the time when the engine is running. Are the daytime running lights and the automatic headlights supposed to work all the time when the engine is running, even when the car is in park? Or is there something wrong with my car? It is kind of annoying...
  • Its working correctly. When its daylight, the DRL operate. Its the low beam headlights, but with less voltage (power) giving off less light. No tail lights in this mode. When dark, headlights come on in full power, with tail lights. That's the design.
  • Nope. It sounds dumb, but nope. No electric trunk release on the fob. Its mechanical and on the floor left of the driver's chair - right where its been for 30 years. So much for "cutting edge".

    So "remote" means using the trunk release button under the driver's seat? That's so misleading. My 96 Ford has a trunk release like that. I'd expect a 06 Corolla would be different.
  • does anyone knoes where i can get a front lip for my 02 toyota corolla s, or one that is from another car that fits, need help.... also where i can get an aftermarket speedometer gauges that goes up in 20's instead of 10's like that factory ones does, and also can the stock spring be drop or lowered a little bit from the corolla?
  • I recently bought toyota corolla 98 LE sedan.
    The low beam headlights turn on when the engine is on eventhough the headlight switches are off.The headlights turn off when the engine is off.I want to turn off headlights when switched off during engine on condition.please tell me the possible solution.
    Thank you
  • juangc70juangc70 Posts: 1
    Do anyone know how to install the hid bulbs in the low beam,? How can I cut the daylight off?
  • fmilymnfmilymn Posts: 13
  • joem5joem5 Posts: 201
    How do you get it? Edmunds shows 6 pictures in the video of iterior,but it's not on option page. :)
  • fx88boifx88boi Posts: 1
    Just thought I would send you the list of mods and upgrades I have done to my 88 FX the same as yours. If you want pics let me know and I would be happy to send.

    Model - AE92 FX hatch back March Build
    Power steering + Air-conditioning options
    A/C converted to non-CFC

    Modifications (mechanical) -
    Small port 4AC AE101 FX
    K&N K33E2690 high flow performance filter
    4-2-1 Headers
    2" cheap bend exhaust/chrome muffler pipe
    Pro street replacement red breather hose
    Red air cleaner housing
    Red engine coolant overflow bottle

    Drive train/Transmission -
    E58-11C (5SPD) LSD (Limited Slip Differential) Gearbox
    AE101 FX Shafts

    Suspension -
    Edelbrock custom Toyota FX
    Koni yellow adjustable struts
    KMAC handling pack suspension (bushings and springs)
    light weight under drive crank pulley
    Whiteline/shellbys swaybars
    13" American Racing (Estrella) alloy wheels
    Yokohama A539 195/50 Tires

    Engine -
    Best times/Japanese (new 4AC smallport motor)
    2.25" / 2.5" exhaust, high flow cat, 2 mufflers (after cat and rear)
    0-60Mph 8seconds (98RON premium, advance timing)
    1/4 Mile 16.2seconds
    NOS hidden system with top gun carburetor element (1/4 Mile 7.9seconds 2second shot)

    Electrical -
    Replaced entire wiring loom assembly
    Sun Automobiles MR-S Hyper Voltage System
    New Duralast battery
    New lifetime warranty alternator
    Replacement windshield wiper motor

    Modifications (exterior) -
    6 coat black lacquer respray/2 coat clear
    Custom red pinstripe
    Black body edging
    Silver door edge protectors
    Silver body accent moldings
    Red aluminum billet engine oil cap
    AE92 Levin GTZ bumper front + rear

    Modifications (interior) -

    Misc. -
    Window tint/legal on front/limo on back
    A/C indicator panel
    Dash cover (A1-Auto - 1AIDC00214)
    Full floor mat front + back (A1-Auto - 1AMAF00070)
    Sport pedals (Nokya Color Sport Pedal Set (M/T) - PDK-NOK-405-01)

    Sound system -
    Front -
    Pioneer AVIC-N3 (AVD-W6710)NAVI/DVD/TV(GEX-P5700TV)/CD/Engine Metrics(RPM/Volt/G AVG-VDP1) with DVD override
    Pioneer 52w x 4 Active black panel head unit (md, cd, mp3)
    DUB265 2 Way splits 4" / tweeter / x-over
    Sirius satellite radio + traffic (SIR-PNR2)

    Rear -
    DUB MAG audio 1002 500w x 4 channel amplifier
    DUB MAG audio 800w 10" in enclosed box/subwoofer
    Pioneer CDX-P1280 Multi-disc 12 CD changer

    Accessories -
    Sigma 4.0xFD backup Sensor system on dash with metric readout + 4 rear bumper sensors
    Rear Camera
    Headlights left-on alarm
    Commando/Alert M-870 Alarm with solenoid door locks
    Rear brake light bar
    Air horn

    Interior (upholstery) -
    Custom leather heated front seats
    Custom covered rear bench seat
    Custom leather headliner
    Custom leather visors
    Vinyl padded replacement door panels
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Wow, that's quite a list! Why don't you go to your CarSpace personal web page - - and post pics in your album? I'm sure lots of folks would like to see them!

    Welcome, by the way. :)
  • jperkinsjperkins Posts: 3
    I got a 2003 toyota corolla LE and I live in a city with alot of interstate travel. The on ramps here are redicullously short and sharp, and so are the exit ramps. Diving off into interstate traffic on these short ramps is almost suicide if you can't punch it up to speed in a very short run. I need to know any sort of tunes/mods/performance parts that will help my corolla's accelleration and handling. Maybe even some braking too. i love the gas mileage, but its really secondary. :)
  • kenymkenym Posts: 405
    Not much going on for the Corolla. Perhaps you can go to a local muffler shop and have them install dual exhaust ( Cat back system ) and add a K&M air filter Should give you about 15 or 20 more horsepower. Also try "Toyota Tuner Parts" :shades:
  • jperkinsjperkins Posts: 3
    can the current 1.8L be turboed or replaced with a more powerful engine?
  • kenymkenym Posts: 405
    I don't think the 1.8l from the current Corolla can. But in 2006 Corolla offered a XRS model that had a larger engine ( same one that was in the Celica GTS ). It was a 1.8l unit that was rated at 164 hp. It came with a six speed manual transmission. It was only offered in 2006 and discontinued because of lack of sales .

    Perhaps you can find one in the junk yard or maybe you can buy one from Toyota. I am sure they offer "Tuner Parts" for this engine.
  • jperkinsjperkins Posts: 3
    alright! i know a mechanic near here who's got that engine from a trashed celica. Now i just gotta track down that six speed tranny. I wonder if the engine and tranny will bolt into the corolla LE frame and body without modifying anything?
  • kenymkenym Posts: 405
    If your Corolla is a later model it should fit. I don't think there is much of a difference between the LE and S other than the body trim and interior.

    Please let us know how it turns out. :shades:
  • chesterbchesterb Posts: 3
    This is a post of over 2 years ago, but does anyone know how to remove the awful fake wood trim on the 2003-2007 Corolla LE? For example, is there anyway to install a carbon fiber dashboard kit trim over the fake wood, or would you need to scrape the fake wood out first. Thanks.
  • jose473jose473 Posts: 1
    :surprise: I need help to find a cold air intake that fits a 2006 corolla CE and anything else that i can modify to make it stand out because the only thing that i came up with was tinted windows, after market lights high and low(very damn strong, new wheels and rims. So i help to make it better on performance and change muffler!. also i kinda wanna change the radio but don't know with who or what type. also is there a stereo system that plugs into an ipod so i don't have to use a damn fm transmitter. 1 last thing is i want to install power windows and door locks. were would it be a good place to do that?
  • john500john500 Posts: 409
    The 2003 and 2004 model years can be supercharged ( or go to I do not know about the availability of the superchargers (i.e. if they are regularly out of stock). In 2005, electronic throttles were introduced to the Corolla. To my knowledge, there is nothing that can be done to a 2005 or later base model Corolla. Even the cold air intakes from the 03 model do not fit. They can be retrofitted with some rather simple adaptations, however, because the mass air flow sensor is not calibrated for the different airpath that you would create, it will not be warranted for use in a 2005 or later model year. You will have to research and develop everything on the 2006 Corolla if you want speed or accept the risks of engine damage.
  • Is there any way that I can put underbody spoilers, side rocker panel moldings and rear mudguards like the Corolla S has on a 2008 Corolla CE? Or anything on the bottom of it to make the CE a little more sporty? If so, does anyone know where I can purchase these things? Thanks a lot.
  • jpaolijpaoli Posts: 26
    I would recommend get the body kit from the dealer or Ebay.
  • Hi i was just wondering.. the corolla CE has the long gray thing on the side of the doors to protect it from being dinged by other car doors that are parked next to you. I dont really like it.. can i take it off? and if so how? its not drilled into the door is it? If i take it off will it leave holes in the door?
  • I am planning to buy a 2001 corolla CE which doesnt have the power windows and locks. How feasible/expensive it is to get new power windows and locks installed?
  • I own a 05 Corolla CE and have modified the intake, put a CAI intake, changed headers, 2.5'' piping from exhaust manifold up to the cat back exhaust. I also had the fog lights installed as well as red neon lights. I took out the stock stereo and put a 3.5''dvd/cd lcd display stereo and 12'' Xploid 1300W, 1000W Power Acoustiks amplifier, still have stock speakers but is too change soon :). I am now planning on putting rims. I emailed TRD recently about a supercharger for the 04 model and was adiviced it had been discontinued. I had heard that you could put a adapter plate to mod the 05 model with a S/C. The only info i have got is an article on someone that claims they are the only one to have it in North America. I know i could get the S/C at ebay or mabye if they still have some left over at the TRD site but what should i expect in terms of mods for the 05 corolla when intalling the 04 S/C. I have also been looking at some turbo kits and have been leaning towards them since they seem much more easy on installation. Any input anyone? I will get some pictures in here soon , since im new here.
  • I also have a wing that i took off from my mustang. I took it off cause i blew the transimission on that mustang, a very bad day, so im pretty much done with that mustang since its an 94' i dont plan on putting any more money on that car. It is from a steeda body kit. Very similar to a Type R wing. Looks very aggresive and i will also install it soon. I think that for those who have been inquiring about how to make a CE look sporty like the type S or XRS i think those stock wings have nothing on mine. Its not a huge satellite looking wing its just perfect. The problem i have with it is that its painted red with white stripes on the center so i will need to sand and paint black like my CE probably have to buy the paint from the dealer to match my cars color. I will get pics of it here soon before installation :) .
  • I have a 2004 toyota corolla s with a dc-sports header, cold air intake, full exhaust with a pro-max exhaust systems muffler. I got alot of my stuff from e-bay and for really low prices but I cannot find what I am looking for. Right now I am looking for a someone to talk to about turbocharging my 2004 corolla s because I will be the only one in my city with a turbocharged toyota corolla s. Also where would I buy one from because I cannot find anywhere to buy one.
  • inatinat Posts: 1
    I'd like to convert my Corolla 2007 to power lock doors and power windows. I know it's possible because they are optional. Where I can buy these kits, except from Toyota dealers.
  • honshuhonshu Posts: 11
    Cool Things to Do to your Rolla's jose473! I am not an expert when it is about modying cars or an expert on the 2004 Corolla, even though I drove it to death litterally. I actually get my friend to do or a professional company. Honestly speaking I have to think twice to remember how to change a spark plug. But honestly, this is comming from experience. The dc-sports header, and the cold air intake and full exhaust is awsome. But if you want something good, and proven and reliable.

    This is what I can remember what was done to my 2000 Corolla.
    1. Grab a wrc Corolla Racing Engine, remove the turbo limitator (should give you 300 bhp.)
    2. Get the sequential transmission
    3. Get 16" Titanium (whatever design rims) make sure they are cut not molded.
    4. pro-max exhaust systems muffler
    5. Get a stabilzer for the engine compartment.
    6. Strengthen the frame.
    7. Rip out all uneccessary weight.
    8. Add a 5-point harnest for all seats.
    9. Change all seats to bucket seats.
    10. If you have power windows remove them, replace them with the hand crank.
    11. Remove the plastic moldings from the side of the doors and replace with carbon fiber, and install a titanium roll cage.
    12. Add a Nos tank in the trunk.
    13. Install a police radar detector, that looks like an IPOD.
    14. Aftermarket transparent carbon hood and solid carbon colored trunk.
    15. Fiberglass the rest of the panels and the doors.

    I did this to my past 2000 Corolla VE, and it beat my friends 98 Mustang Cobra in a drag. It could just be that the word Mustang sounds almost like (Must Die) in Chinese (Catonese). So Mustang Cobra would be like "Must Die Cobra" sounds like a good GI Joe Slogan! Lol!
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