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Toyota Corolla Accessories and Modifications



  • tampajoshtampajosh Posts: 9
    The first thing you need to do is REMOVE the side moldings, mmmkay? It looks sooo much better without them. Here is a picture of my car without them:

    Here is a link with instructions on how to remove them, it's super easy:

    While you're reading that link, go ahead and make yourself an account on that site.... It's the best resource online for you as a Corolla owner. Pretty much ANY question that you might have has been discussed at length multiple times, all you have to do is search the forums for your answer. If it hasn't been discussed, all you have to do is ask and it will be answered pronto.

    I hope this helps, and enjoy your Corolla!
  • misterfmisterf Posts: 2
    I was wondering if you got it out in 1 piece and would you consider selling it. Let me know.
  • sirikitsirikit Posts: 2
    wow... that looks great.. i might try it.. thanks for the tip.
    So i decided not to go with a Body kit.
  • bscott3bscott3 Posts: 9
    I was wondering if anyone knows how to take the radio out of a 2006 Corolla S.
  • misterfmisterf Posts: 2
    If it is the same as my '04, here it is. Start with the covering around the shift lever. It should pop right up with a little persuasion at the bottom. Next, remove the center knob for the A/C fan control. There should be a screw behind this knob. Next, gently pull the entire assembly, from the front of the shift lever all the way to the bottom of the radio. It should come out in one piece. You will see there are 4 screws below the radio. All the screws need to come out. Once they are out, pull on the radio assembly and the entire radio and vents should come out together.
  • beaker2beaker2 Posts: 1
    My daughter just bought an CE and we didn't realize it had no keyless entry--do you have info on where and what kind of aftermarkets are available for the 2006 corolla ce?
  • joecarnutjoecarnut Posts: 215
    Hi All,
    My folks just bought a 2006 Corolla LE and wanted to protect it with some seat covers that will work with the side air bags they have.
    Anybody out there have any recommendations for them?
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    I saw somewhere seat covers that specifically said they were compatible with side air bags, but I don't remember where.
  • joecarnutjoecarnut Posts: 215
    Thanks mcdawgg and kenym for the info.
  • dkrayziedkrayzie Posts: 5
    I am trying to find the same info. I want to install a new cd player in a 2006 Corolla S automatic. I removed the cover around the shifter and 2 screws that looked like held the dash in, as well as the screw behind the center climate control knob. Now i can't get the dash do budge at all, im afraid if i pull any harder it will break.
  • I am trying to add a Pittsburgh Steelers license place to the FRONT spoiler of a new Corolla. There are no holes of course. Is there an adaptor of some sort that can be used?

  • By the way, I am refering to a 2006 Corolla S.

  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    Hmmm... Not sure about the Steelers license plate mounting method. Da Bears - maybe, but never the Steelers.
  • Me, I'm a Titans fan. It's for the girlfriend. Any idea how to do this?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I hope someone can be of more help than I can, but from what I've seen at dealerships, all they do is just drill holes with a regular power drill.

    I know a lot of people don't want holes in their front bumpers and I don't blame them (Virginia, where I live, requires a front license plate). Maybe someone else will chime in here.
  • The light hit the black front bumper just right today and I could see little indententations just where you would put the plates. I guess, 'drilling' is a valid option!
  • My parents just purchased a 2001 Corolla S model for my son who recently began driving. He is interested in buying a rear spoiler and having it installed. We have looked online and found two sites that you can submit the color code and have the spoiler shipped to you. (the cost- $200 total) We called our local Toyota Dealer who wants $450 for his parts and installation. He said he would charge us $180 to install our online purchased spoiler. Is it worth saving the $70 to order online and have them install it? And most importantly, has anyone added a spoiler to a car after purchase and had any problems ( i. e. with the trunk leaking, etc. ) My folks are a bit leery of having this done. I would be interested to hearing any of your advice. Thanks so much!
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    If your folks are leery about it, its with good reason. They didn't pay $200 for their first entire car, let alone a goofy looking piece of useless plastic.

    My advice? Leave it alone and use the money for something smart.

    My further advice? This young person has already been taught that good things come to those with grandparents who will spend. If you find his "spoiler envy" to be incurable, teach him about fiscal responsibility and risk by letting him buy it with his money and installing it on his own car.

    (I need to cut down on the coffee.)
  • OK First off, he was not totally given a car by them. He worked and helped to pay for it ( they pitched in to match his funds) with his paychecks this summer. I should have made that clear so that you and others don't think he is a spoiled brat. He isn't and has been taught about fiscal responsibility all of his life (hence he was able to put a substantial amount of money toward this car). I tend to agree with you about leaving it alone, but wanted advice about previous experiences- not a sermon on how to raise a child.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You are right - we are not here to tell people how to handle their children. Maybe we can get some more thoughts from people on the spoiler itself and leave the lectures at the door. I hope so.

    (P.S. - it wouldn't be for me, but I'm not a teenaged boy. ;))
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    I knew you would chime in , pat. Nice to know you are keeping an eye on us.

    Since spoilers are, as discussed, not a functional piece of equipment for the car other than looks (except for hot-rods like the Crossfire, etc), there isn't much mechanical risk to the car in sticking one on there. I suppose they can be rewarding to fool around with on one's first car. I confess that my first car cost me $225 and was coaxed home, belching black smoke, at only 10 miles an hour. It didn't run but it got a new kickin' stereo installed that nite. I plugged in a battery charger and listened to Deep Purple in the driveway for the next two nights. I was 16 once, too.

    Anyway, the bolt-on spoiler is very easy to install and presents no particular risk except if you screw it up and it looks crooked. Even then, if its not too crooked, it can be adjusted or re-installed with not too much effort. If it is too crooked, well, lesson learned for the next time.

    The real problem with buying a less expensive and pre-colored one is that they are often cheaper plastic and can discolor or deform over time and the paint almost never matches in the first place. Then what do you do?

    Yes, the huge extra money (comparatively) that you give to Toyota is partly to pay for the dealer's storefront and 401K, it also usually results in getting a Toyota spoiler that is of better quality and, if you tell the dealer to put it on straight and match the paint exactly, he will have to do both or not get paid. You will probably be more satisfied with the end product if the dealer does it for you. BUT, your son will probably get more PERSONAL satisfaction and education out of doing it himself.

    Good luck with the new car and congratulations on having a kid willing to have goals.
  • Beernut, Thanks for the information on the less expensive, but "not the real deal" spoilers. When my son read what you shared he has decided to wait and has decided he doesn't think he wants to part with that kind of money at this time. (He couldn't do it now anyway as he doesn't have any left! :)

    It is interesting, though, when I called around a couple of Toyota parts depts. in our area to get their prices, I got several responses. One gave the quote I originally listed. Another my mom called said they could not even order a spoiler directly from Toyota for that car-as it was discontinued because of the age of the vehicle. I wonder if this is correct. Could the one for 450 be a non-toyota part? Oh well, he is one happy camper either way and can't wait to put some miles on his new set of wheels!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I am nothing if not predictable?? :P
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    Whether it is a real Toyota part is largely up to the dealer and what he can get. I've seen '05's with after-market spoilers and some of them indeed are shaped differently but are still top quality. The dealer, I think, at least has an obligation to tell you which you are getting. Yes, the 450 part can be non-Toyota, but should at least be the highest quality available.

    My theory in going to the dealer is more based on the expectations that they will not sell you a junky part even if it is non-Toyota and the color will match better. Perhaps more importantly, they are hopefully more interested in your satisfaction and have deeper pockets than a mail-order house.

    You are wise to shop among Toyota dealers.
  • bulletsbullets Posts: 6
    Got these off of ebay and they fit like a charm.
    Also they are for a 02'-04" CAMRY (cheaper this way).
    The light switch even fits in the coin holder slot.
    If you want Fog Lights, get these (there are NO instructions with them) but easy enough to figure out connections. I spliced the GREEN wire into the parking light blub housing for power to the switch and AUTO headlight/fog combo. I'm Lovin it!!!
    ;) - IGHTS_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ33709QQihZ019QQitemZ290021730917QQrdZ1
  • bulletsbullets Posts: 6
    You can check out:

    You have to join to view the DIY section.

  • bulletsbullets Posts: 6
    If you need to run wires from the Cabin into the Engine compartment, use a piece of hanger with the wires taped to the end and run it thru the hood cable hole in the fire wall under the dash ( left side top ).
    A lot of ppl do other weird stuff to try to run them and this way is a piece-o-cake!!!

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