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2003-2008 Toyota Corolla Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Corolla LE with BE AB VV CF CK in Cactus Mica for just about 16k including the doc fee of $95. That's about $500 under invoice.
  • tl567tl567 Posts: 2
    junew0126, which MD dealer did you get the deal from? And when? Thanks.
  • mojeomojeo Posts: 2
    2005 Auto, is it a good price? Tax (7%) and title are additional.What do you think? I was looking for used car, used car prices are so high and I am now thinking whether to go for new car.

    Dealer : South East Florida.

  • There is an ad in the local Chicago paper showing a Toyota Corolla LE with VV, CF, and CK for $14,983 at Elgin Toyota. Since I want airbags and Anti-Lock breaks (MSRP $1045/$898 invoice), could I negotiate adding approx $1000 to the advertised price?
  • In N. California,

    I got 07 Corolla LE $16.2 ($15.7 after $500) w/ VV,AW,BE,AB,CF . I did take some work to get that price. Does NOT include taxes and licensing fee.

    price above includes destination fee of $620

    It is option D (Bay Area zip 95054)

    MSRP/Invoice/TMV (@ the time is)
    18560/16740/17655 (17155 includes $500 rebate in effect from Dec 13-Jan 2-07)

    FYI. Just in case you need help w/ Toyota codes

    - 4Wheel Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) w/Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD) & Direct Tire Pressure Monitor System [5] (AB)
    - 50 State Emissions (FE)
    - Audio Value Package includes: AM/FM 6-Disc In-Dash CD Changer w/Six Speakers & Cruise Control (VV)
    - Driver & Front Passenger Front Seat-Mounted Side Airbags & Front & Rear Side Curtain Airbags [1] (BE)
    - 15-in. aluminum wheels (AW)
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    Do tell: which dealer?

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • I ended paying about $16.1K for the Corolla LE with AB and BE. Didn't get quite what I wanted on trade in but that is a lot more subjective (what condition is the car in - Clean vs AVG etc).

  • just got corolla LE auto with ck,vv,, msrp 18,370/paid 16750 OTD. MD 5% tax. Hopefully this can help someone.
  • Last saturday got one at 16000 OTD (Out The Door : All the charges/taxes included.) Houston, Texas.

    2007 Corolla S
    VP package #1 (Extra Value Package #1
    Includes cruise control, steering wheel mounted cruise controls, power windows with driver's side 1-touch down, remote keyless entry, color keyed rear spoiler and 15" x 6" alloy wheels.)

    What bargainer should pay - 15750 OTD for the above.

    Must consider "Alternate options" to buy the following vehicle.

    Honda Accord VP 2007 (Value package)
    Price one can get 17000-17500 max OTD (Including all taxes/charges). One can buy at 18K at one stop shop easily.
    This is much bigger, more safety, ABS brakes etc.

    Good Luck.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Sounds like you got a good deal on the Corolla as dealers here are not offering deals quite that good unless you are talking about a 5 speed.
  • Sorry, I forgot to mention that. Yes, It is an Automatic. I never drove 5-speed in my life. Once I tried though. Correction it is 16250 OTD not 16000.

    Additional Options: Carpet mats and Vehicle Shield package along with rental.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    That is a good deal then. Here in San Antonio I was quoted $15,974.00 plus TT&L. Which dealership did you purchase from?
  • I do not know about Chicago area, but here in Kansas City, Kansas area the best out the door price for that configuration quoted this week was $16,145. Also on cars avaiable here, all have the CF carpet floor mats added at port of entry, that is 90 MSRP and 56 INVOICE added prices. On all the cars I saw configured that way they also showed $16,215 instead of the $16,315 that Edmunds shows as the beginning before option invoice price and a $250 factory package discount that is not shown in Edmunds information. On the $100 difference of the starting prices, must have been a increase after these cars were built and ordered, and maybe the $250 discount is no longer being offered on current built cars, that is the only thing I can think of for the differences between sticker and Edmunds current information.
  • Correction, I meant beginning MSRP price on my previous post
  • There was a $500 rebate on Corollas which I believe expired on 1/2/07. The $14,983 price included the $500 rebate.
  • At least here in Kansas City, there is still a $500 Customer rebate till 1/31/07.

    I'd just like to find a 07 Corolla (manual) with side-curtain airbags. Heck, you can't even build one on the mfg site with that option (a lot of options truth be told). What kind of difference does a Manual transmission make in the ability to mount a side air bag? Makes you wonder if Toyota doesn't want people to drive manuals.
  • Would like to know what everyone think about this deal-
    07 Corolla LE Auto. option-ABS/ Side airbag. I get a quote for 15,7K; Out the Door 17,3K. Fair in Chicago?
    Have a nice day everyone
  • jnguyjnguy Posts: 3
    Sounds like a good deal.
  • doug52doug52 Posts: 25
    Sounds like a great deal! I am looking for an LE-manual with ABS/side airbags and VV, but denver dealers seem to be in cahoots! $16,300 here v. $15,000 on fitz, and they do not seem to care.

    If there are any fitz auto mall buyers out there, would appraciate any input on your experience. Thanks. Doug
  • just went for a test drive. Manual LE is hard to find in Chicago. Also test drive the Nissan Versa 1.8S 6M power with ABS. Got quote for 13K. The ride is comparable to Corolla but doesn't have the track record of Toyota. That will be my alternative.
  • doug52doug52 Posts: 25
    LE MT with ABS and sidebags are near impossible to find here in denver as well (explains the price I guess), but without the side airbags, safety a definite issue. The corolla's quality seems quite good, don't know about the versa. Still, hard to believe a $1,600 price difference (+TTL) between denver and dc and, evidently, chicago.
  • Which Chicago dealership did you go through? $15.7 is about $400 less than I paid. Sounds like a great deal. What other options are included besides ABS and side airbags?

    Mine included the following options (almost all Corolla's in Chicago include the last 3)
    BE Side Airbags,
    AB Antilock Braking System,
    VV Audio Value Package $200
    CF Carpet Floor Mats
    CK All Weather Guard Package

  • Grossinger City. Same options. Toyota is giving $500 rebate this month. Do you know anything about this dealer? And, which one you go to? have a good day.
  • I went to Bredemann Toyota in Park Ridge. I haven't heard much about Grossinger except several years back I heard some complaints about there service department. If I would have known I could have saved a few hundred dollars, I would have definitely driven the extra 10 miles.

    How much negotiating was there? I had a really hard time just getting to $16.1 (including the $500 rebate).
  • Just got the Corolla from Chicago Northside Toyota/Scion for $15.6K sharp. Grossinger's price is from their internet manager.(No negotiation with Grossinger, starting at $15,781.) Took this price to Chicago Northside Toyota- I tell them I can get the car for $15.7K sharp and ask them whether they can beat the price. The manager initally claims $15.7K is as good as it goes. I hate buying cars. True cost is kind of a guess for the consumer. I use the target price in as a reference. I heard you can get true cost from some website if you paid $35. have a nice day.
  • jessrjessr Posts: 5

    I wrecked my beloved 7 month old Matrix last week and find myself car shopping again after such a short period of time. Since I can't get a 4WD Matrix, I don't want to spend the extra money for a 2WD Matrix and figure I'll just get a Corolla. At my dealer, there are Corolla's available with and without ABS. The cars with ABS also come with driver side air bags. These cars are about $1000 more than the ones without ABS and side airbags. I'm trying to decide by tomorrow, when the $500 rebate period ends. I would appreciate any help deciding if ABS is worth it.

  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    Get the ABS and the side airbags - it is worth every penny.

    Just a note - you said they come with driver side air bags - actually, they come with driver and passenger side air bags.
  • Corolla is rated poor on side crash testing without the side airbag. Corolla buyers, like myself, are planning to keep the car for a long peroid of time and use it for daily driving purposes. i.e. you are going to drive a lot (increases exposures to accidents) and the investment is not sigificant if you are planning to keep the car for a long time. (e.g. 10yrs, 100-120s/yr with interest, 10/month.)have a nice day
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    Most insurance companies used to give a discount for ABS-equipped cars.. Do they still do that? Or, if not.. do they have a surcharge for non-ABS cars?


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