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2003-2008 Toyota Corolla Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jlawrence01jlawrence01 Posts: 1,828
    Personally, I think you seriously overpaid. In Chicago, I could have sourced the same vehicle through Carsdirect for about $15.5 with Auto transmission (an $800 option). By the way, the Carsdirect price was about $1200 more than what I was able to get from my local Toyota dealer WITHOUT much haggling.

    Since you paid so much, you need to make sure that you auto insurance policy will pay 100% of what you paid for the vehicle in case it is totalled in the first year or two of ownership. Some insurers like Metropolitan do this. Others do not.

    For $18k, you could have had a Camry CE. When salesmen start asking you if you would like to upgrade to the next model up for an insignificant amount (like $1k), it generally indicates that they think that the model taht you are buying is not worth what you are paying.
  • crowmamacrowmama Posts: 4
    Thanks for your input. I think you're right in the amount I overpaid for the Corolla... but I really didn't want a Camry, particularly for the fuel economy.

    One thing I tried to do what to get whatever Cleveland regional experiences from real buyers that I could, before I decided to buy. Maybe Cleveland is a higher priced market? I don't know... my price seemed good compared to what others around here get. Maybe we just don't know how to haggle here!

    What I should have done was haggled more and waited longer, but I have to admit caving to the one dealer who would order my Manual LE, rather than continue getting stonewalled by the other dealers who continuted to persist that manuals were no longer being built at the plant.

    There are at least 12 dealers within 30 miles, and you would think that competition would be tight. Or that salesmen wouldn't continue to try to negotiate and sell me something that I didn't want off the lot.

    I'm still happy, though -- I got the options I wanted, and none of the ones I didn't.

    I hope that my message and posted price helps other shoppers be more firm, more assertive in their negotiations.

    Happy Trails!
  • jlawrence01jlawrence01 Posts: 1,828
    Maybe Cleveland is a higher priced market? I don't know... my price seemed good compared to what others around here get. Maybe we just don't know how to haggle here!

    I live in Chicago (and lives in Cleveland)but I generally buy my cars in Cincinnati. Why? That is where I know the dealers and have gotten the best deals. I woudl rather deal with someone who has sold me good cars than shop around. I may pay a little more but when you need a post-warranty adjustment, it comes in handy.

    When you go into a dealership and say I have to have option A,B,C, and R but I do not want X and L, you are going to pay a lot more for the vehicle.

    I went in with an ad and bought what the dealer had in stock for $13.9. $15k was my top. If I couldn't get the Corolla for $15, I would have bought a 2004 Impala off-lease for $8.5. Would have paid $240 more in gas a year but $100 LESS in insurance costs.
  • crowmamacrowmama Posts: 4
    JLawrence, thanks for your comments, which I find very helpful. This is only my second experience buying a car from a dealer -- the last time was nearly 20 years ago, and things sure have changed alot since then!

    My husband will need to replace his truck in 3 or 4 years, and we'll be better prepared next time to get the car and price that we should!

    Happy trails!
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    I paid $18,000 for a '07 Camry CE with a manual transmission and floormats. Side airbags, ABS, etc. are standard. If you consider the fuel costs for 100,000 miles, the Camry will be only about $1,300 more. This assumes 6 mpg lower on the Camry, at $3.00 per gallon.

    I also have a Corolla LE manual transmission that was special ordered. I had similar problems getting one, but I just keep going to different dealers until I found one that would order a manual LE for me, and I offered them 2% over invoice. It took a long time to find one willing to order one at that selling price, but it was worth it.

    The problem is if you tell them that you want a LE manual, they know that you want a very rare car, so they know they might be able to charge you more.

    With my manual Camry purchase, I searched for a dealer that had one, and went there. I knew that a manual Camry was EXTREMELY rare, so I was not even going to attempt to order one.

    However, the important thing is you got what you want!
  • slamtazslamtaz Posts: 55
    hi kzturtlegirl,

    i'm in vegas and currently looking for a great deal on the corolla S A/T with the extra value package (i.e. power windows, keyless entry, alloy wheels, etc.) and ABS.

    i think you got a great deal! what options did you have? can you please share the name of the dealership where you got your corolla S? what's the OTD price you got from a base price of about $1,750 below invoice(i.e. $1,000 rebate plus $750 cashback)? will you please share the price & package details so i can have something to compare and work on during my purchase. sorry for so many questions, we're first time buyers and would like to make a great deal as well.

    thanks a lot!!! :)
  • tom5304tom5304 Posts: 3
    Walnut Creek Toyota ran an ad this week featuring all the Corolla CE's on their lot for $12,988. Most of the Toyota dealers here in the S.F. Bay Area are running the same price for one or two CE's. I went in with my credit union pre-approval, and said I'm ready to buy a CE for the ad price.

    Everything was smooth and easy. I wish the whole process didn't take two hours for such a simple deal, but what the heck, it's a car...

    The finance guy was cool, and he offered to match my credit union's finance rate, and I said that's fine because my dealings with Toyota Financial Services have always been positive. They did try pretty hard to get me to buy the fabric protector and the clear coat sealant, but I can understand that because they couldn't have been making much money on the car for $13,000.

    So, here's the breakdown:

    MSRP: 15,815
    W.C. Toyota Price: 12,988 after 1,000 rebate.
    Sales tax: 1,160
    Documentation fees: $55
    DMV registration fees: $155

    Down Payment: 1,600
    60 monthly payments of $249
  • leeray75leeray75 Posts: 3
    I just wanted to see what people thought about the price that was settled on, but not finalized on a Corolla S. We settled on $17400 plus an additional $750 customer cash rebate. The price I paid OTD came out to be about $18328. Currently, I placed a $400 deposit on it so that the Sales Rep can search for the color I wanted. I wanted Indigo Ink Pearl and all he had in stock was black and other more expensive models that included a sun roof that I didn't really need.

    Anyway, the Options that was equipped with it were:
    AB - Antilock Breaks
    CF - Carpet Floor Mats
    CK - All Weather Guard Package
    EV - AM/FM 6 CD Changer
    FE - 50 State Emissions
    PV - Enhanced Power Package
    SP - Sports Plus Package

    Yes, I know the PV & SP is equal to VP ("Extra Value Package") and took that cost in consideration, since VP cost less than PV+SP combined. I am just interested on people's thoughts.

  • AT or MT for transmission? 17400 before 750 rebate seems a little high. Check with 07 Corolla is at the end of its production and from what I heard, other people are getting better and better deal lately.
  • crowmamacrowmama Posts: 4
    I think that the prices that folks are paying, in part, depends on if you are willing to take what's on the lot, or if you want some specific features.

    I paid more than what you paid, but the rebate here in Cleveland is only $500, not $750. However, just like you, I paid (by some counts) $1k more than I could/should have, but I had specific features I wanted in a Corolla, was not willing to go up to a Camray, and it was terrible trying to find a dealer who would get me two important features: side air bags, and manual transmission. Even the salesreps who knew I wad serious about buying would not volunteer that I could get what I wanted, but it would cost more. Sheesh.

    As another poster said, you got what you wanted, and paid probably less than many people, so drive and be happy! If we fret about always getting the best deal, we don't enjoy what we've haggled for.

    Happy Trails!
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Glad you're happy with your purchase. Some people will pay more...some people will pay less. You got exactly what you wanted in the Corolla S, nice car, so that's allthat matters.
    One question though. With a new model due out within months, why didn't you wait to see it? I realize the choices of available cars of the current generation would've been much less as time wore on, but it would've been interesting to see how these cars stacked up against each other. Just a thought.
    Good luck with the car. Indigo ink is my favorite Corolla color also...good choice!

    The Sandman :)
  • Hey everyone,

    I need some help to get a good deal on a 2007 Corolla. I might buy the car within the next week.

    I want a 07 Corolla CE with auto transmission, front and side driver/passenger airbags, cruise control and Anti lock brakes. On, the target price for this configuration is $15,234 and MSRP $17,075.

    I have a 2000 Oldsmobile Alero with 80,000 miles. It has some cosmetic issues (paint chipping, warped dashboard, crack in windshield), but it has had no major mechanical problems. I want to trade this car in to get the Corolla. According to Kelly blue book, the trade in value for the Alero is $2,985 (fair condition), the private party value is $4,235 (fair condition) and the suggested retail value is $6,545 for excellent condition only.

    Do you think it is possible for me to get a 2007 Corolla CE for an out the door price of $10,000 with my trade in (including the $1,000 rebate which expires 04/30)? If not, what is a good price? What amount should I aim for if I add in an extended warranty? (I am not a person that works on cars).

    I have no experience with haggling over car prices, so please give me some tips. I’m in TX, so please send any recommendations on great car dealers in the Austin and Houston areas.

  • leeray75leeray75 Posts: 3
    Request quotes from local dealerships via email or phone. But it is highly unlikely that you will get it down to $10,000. Also FYI, the rebate and the trade-in will get applied after tax of the final negotiated price of the car.

    The problem with wanting specific options is that Corollas that are equipped with those options will also include other unwanted options and thus increase the cost of the car. For example, when I bought my Corolla S, all I requested for was that it includes ABS brakes. So, the sales rep would look up any Corolla S in stock and in the region with ABS brakes and found that every vehicle that comes with ABS brakes would also include other options that were factory installed and that I couldn't purchase one with only ABS brakes. So, I ended up purchasing the least expensive Corolla with ABS brakes that included additional options.
  • ians05ians05 Posts: 2
    I bought 2007 CE with AT/PowerLock/Door/Tinted for about $15000 drive out last month from a dealer in Katy,TX. That includes the 1000 rebate from the manufacture that ends last month. It does not have cruise control which I don't think I need it.
  • maksakmaksak Posts: 3
    Just bought a new 07 Corolla CE. $16,600 OTD. It includes AT/Power Doors/Locks, Cruise Control, Mudguard, Floor Mat. Had to give up 1,250 rebate for 0% financing. Here is the breakdown.

    Price 15,631
    Tax 485
    Tag 85
    Doc fee 399

    Is it a good deal?
  • eircoffeircoff Posts: 1
    Just bought new corolla LE and traded in my old 98 camry. The final price I paid is $11000 plus tax and title($696).

    New Corolla has auto trans, ABS, Side and curtain airbag, 6 CD changer, all weather guard, cruise control

    Not sure if it is a good price
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • merelymeremerelymere Posts: 4
    Purchased in Birmingham, AL last weekend:
    2007 Corolla Sport with cruise, 6 CD Changer, spoiler, 15" wheels and keyless entry for $16200 out the door. :) Emailed/called 8 dealerships in the Birmingham area and Nashville, TN.
  • dtfandtfan Posts: 1
    Purchased an '07 Corolla LE (with an MSRP of $16,495) for $14,900 out the door including the price of my trade-in ('98 Taurus, edmunds gave me a trade-in of under $500).
    Most impressive is the 45MPG I got back from the dealership which is the same location and distance from my work... A far cry from the 26MPG I had with the Taurus.
    I'm one happy Toyota Customer.
  • okami1okami1 Posts: 9
    Hey Guys, Been seeing Corollas go for the mid to high 16k's so this is the "final" price there were going to give me at a Toyota dealership in GA

    Corolla LE Auto
    Side Airbags
    Audio Value Package (cd changer / cruise control)
    Toyo Guard PLus
    Lifetime Drive Train Warrenty

    Is this actually a good deal or is it Fubar?
  • okami1okami1 Posts: 9
    BTW this is the OTD price
  • balarishabalarisha Posts: 7
    Guys, here is the best price for the Corolla I am getting in Detroit.

    Corolla LE - Auto + AV Package + Mats + All weather

    MSRP : 17,295
    Invoice (per dealer and : ~ 16,100
    My price : 15,250
    Tax : 6 %
    Doc fee : 180
    Cash discount (toyota): 1000
    OTD : 15,350

    Based on this I am getting about 850 below invoice and then the 1000 toyota cash discount.

    Do I go for it? I think the max I can do it about $100-$150 less, but I will have to do too much haggling and lowest price is from the dealer which is 1 mile from me.

    What do you guys suggest??
  • These prices are OTD, and sales tax is 6.75%. Let me know how these prices measure up to other areas.
    S model
    Base 16,150, value package 900, mats 159, am/fm 6disc 200
    MSRP 18,099.53 with OTD price of 16,789.08

    LE model
    Base 16,315, audio value 200, mats 159
    MSRP 17,364.53 with OTD price of 16,000
  • twheldontwheldon Posts: 1

    I need your thoughts on a Corolla purchase.

    The best deal that i got for an LE Automatic fully loaded car, is 14400 USD before tax and licensing fees.

    What do you suggest? I am in California by the way. Tax and fees together would amount to 10%.
  • balarishabalarisha Posts: 7
    What is the MSRP of your LE? Does it have ABS, Side Air Bags?

    Also does this price include 1000 toyota discount???
  • wrx25rswrx25rs Posts: 1
    I got the new Corolla S yesterday!!
    include some optional item
    Base price $16150
    6 Disc player $200
    Extra Value $1680.00
    Floor mats $90.00
    VIP (Vehicle Intrusion Program) $499.00
    Trunk mats $unknow
    OTD $16188 include $1000 rebate!!
    Locate @ Longo Toyota!!
  • Woohoo,
    Completed my car deal last night. Love to hear othere opinion if I got a good deal. Had an issue with the floor mats. The car had floormats with "Corolla" embordered... but not the "S". Dealership stated the ones with the "S" are a special order and would be an extra 97 bucks. Needless to say they are ordering them for me at no additional cost. Good dealership - Dick Milham Toyota in Eastern PA.

    Here is what I got:
    2007 Corolla S
    Silver Streak Mica
    (VP) Extra Value Package #1
    (CF) Carpeted Floor Mats (the special ones with the "S".
    (CK) All Weather Guard Package

    Out the door price of $15,800 ($14793.44 before tax, title, & transfered tags). Not too bad considering MSRP is $17,030, Invoice $15,436, & TMV $16,297.

  • weickweick Posts: 7
    It would be helpful if people posting prices paid would note whether or not their price includes the $1000 rebate.

    Thanks in advance
  • balarishabalarisha Posts: 7
    Does your OTD include the $750 toyota discount or did you take the APR option?
  • Yes the price does include the 750 discount. I am financing through my credit union here at work. 4.5% for 60 months.
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