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2003-2008 Toyota Corolla Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Why are you looking now if your purchase is about 5 months from now? Whatever quote you get now will be meaningless then, so why bother...wait awhile, at least till February. It's not that the dealers aren't motivated, why should they spend time on you when your time frame is so far out? Makes no sense to them...or to me. Or am I missing something from your post?

    The Sandman :confuse:
  • psypsy Posts: 122
    Man did she get ripped off! Looks like she paid MSRP For a CE with AT. No ABS, No side air bags. I dont think she even got a set of floor mats with it.

    I begged her to buy a FIT, Versa, KIA, Mazda, anything but a over priced under packaged Yota. And if she must have a Yota. Then don't by the darn thing from any of the Tulsa thug dealers.

    Very disappointed with her. I knew she was going to get ripped off. And sure enough she did. The car isn't worth a nickle over $11k.
  • Just curious - how come you dont think a Corolla CE Automatic isn't worth anything over 11k?
  • psypsy Posts: 122
    Its a very plain over priced long on the tooth old platform. It has to be one of the most uninspiring compacts on the market today.

    Then you look at Yotas thieving ways when it comes to the packages and the port/distributor's practices. And it becomes even a worse car. then you throw in there sorry dealers and you have a car worth nothing IMO.

    Lets face it. At 15205 msrp the car doesn't have anti lock brakes or floor mats standard. They are adders/options. The stock audio system is so bad its not funny. The standard system in my Ranger sounds better. I could have picked up a standard Fit w/AT for 13875 OTD. Fit has complete air bags, hey it comes with floor mats. Goes better, stops better, turns better. Then the Yota dealer / distro put a adder on for the floor mats and paint protection. Sticker came out to be 16440 on the car. Thats way to much for a near nothing car. Then you throw in the finance dude selling her GAP for 395 bucks. She can get it thru her insurance co. for less than 100 a year. And then he sold her 72 month / 100,000 mile extended warrenty for 1980! I just purchased it online. Same stuff for 670 bucks. so Im going to go in monday or Tuesday and cancel the gap and warrenty.

    I don't know about the rest of the country. But Yotas dealers here are really poo pooing in there own nest. Ever since Crow Brothers Toyota sold out to Riverside Toyota and Jim Norton got Toyota its been a cluster. I mean come on. A 715 buck dest. charge and its made in Fremont CA. I only paid 580 for dest. for my 07 Mazda3 and it was built half way around the world. And under 600 for my 06 Civic and 05 Accord.

    Its just not worth it to buy a toyota around here. I hope my daughter has a good relationship with her car. Cause she is just another Yota vic.
  • Guess she has learned well about cars from her other sensible parent. Hope she can spell better than you and can separate logic and emotion when comparing cars.
  • psypsy Posts: 122


    The one that can't spell and seperate logic from emotion. I guess that would be me. :)

    Just came back from the dealer with a new sales contract.

    Car is now 13k. Still to much IMHO for a striped compact Buick.
    Extended warrenty is gone.
    Purchased the same online for 670 bucks.
    GAP gone. Purchased from auto ins. agent for 89 bucks.
    Three free oil changes. And two free details.
    Six free oil filters in my car so I can change oil for a while on the car for my daughter. And also teach her more about the care of her new car.
  • srit99srit99 Posts: 2
    Can anyone give me a good place to get a good OTD price on a 08 Toyota Corolla S model with Extra Value Pkg #1, ABS, & JBL w/8 speakers options in North Texas?

    I went to dealer near me this weekend and they gave me a final price of $17400 before TT&L and that INCLUDED the $750 rebate. This did not include my ABS breaks and but had added car mats, and some $350 package I did not want. They were unwilling to budge on this price either.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • For what its worth, I was quoted a price of 1499 (16,400 out the door) for a 2008 Corolla S with Extra Value Pkg #1, side airbags and carpet floor mats. Unfortunately, I can't find a Corolla with ABS in southern California. Does anyone know why this is? Also, is this a good price?

  • srit99srit99 Posts: 2
    Wow, That is a great price, at least I think so. I can't imagine why ABS is so hard to find! That should be a standard on all the Corollas! I don't see their logic in not installing it.
  • Maybe you can call Toyota of Orange and see if they have ABS since they have a huge selection of Corollas. And maybe
    in Southern California, we don’t have bad drivers like in your country? :)
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Good job on reducing the price and getting rid of those high priced extras. I agree that Toyota needs to seriously look at their pricing on this current generation Corolla, old design & yesterdays technology. ABS as an option and 15" wheels are a joke now as the competition already has these basic things standard and so much more.
    Why didn't your kid look at the hyundai Elantra? At this price point, probably the best choice in an economy car on a features to cost basis...a real screaming deal! Personally, I'm turned off by the looks of the car but it comes with so many features that it makes so much sense if one doesn't want to spend in the high 16's or low 17's on a great, reliable small car. A no brainer in my book. In my case though, the Civic was just a better fit. But if I had purchased based just on $, it would've been an Elantra hands down.

    The Sandman :)
  • Purchased Sept 28, $15,000 after Rebate. LE Corolla, 08, silver, no ABS, just floor mats and all weather and cruise/6 cd changer.

    Great handling, smooth acceleration, peppy engine yet quiet, tight feel and confidence in fit n finish, great transmission, supportive seats, overall good appearance on front/sides, trusted design and reliability, all cons minor in comparison to pros

    Steering wheel a bit of a reach and feels small, stock radio lacking in sound quality, stereo hard to reach, wish cruise controls were on steering wheel, chrome adjuster handle/tabs on ventilation grills cause reflection off side mirrors, dislike rear appearance of car, not sure if doors lock when using remote control (wish there was a confirmation beep)
  • From the reading I've done, Hyundai has risen in the initial quality ratings but it isn't doing the same in the long term quality ratings yet. I agree it has more features, but the longer term reliability has been on par with or slightly behind many american cars that are also more feature rich. I think people are buying the Corolla for Toyota's reputation for reliability. Whether that is worth it, who knows. The car is definitely a bit overpriced once you add in ABS and side airbags, but it is also due for a complete redesign in 6 months, so this makes sense. My sister picked up the CE automatic for $13,600. I would prefer she have a car with more safety features, but the price didn't seem that out of line for what she was getting and she wanted a basic, reliable car.
  • jlawrence01jlawrence01 Posts: 1,828
    I agree with what you have said. I paid $13,900 for an LE automatic.

    FWIW, I have driven a lot of Elantras from teh various rental fleets and that vehicle has never impressed me as a vehicle that will hold up over a long period of time. The Sonata is a pretty good vehicle and the Accent has a lot of pep.

    My choices were Corolla,Versa, and Malibu in that order.
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    Where did they put the cruise? My '98 has cruise on the steering wheel, on it's own stalk. It's not one of those dashboard pushbutton controls now, is it?
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    If that was next year's model, that was an incredible price. In fact, that's a price I'd be wary of for fear it had been in a wreck! It's like the guy in Tulsa said, they don't sell them that cheap down here in Oklahoma.

    You know, my observation, if you just love cars, period, and you're not a fanboy of any particular make but just want a good car, there's lots of options out there. It's interesting what options and color choices the different manufacturers consider important!
  • jlawrence01jlawrence01 Posts: 1,828
    It's like the guy in Tulsa said, they don't sell them that cheap down here in Oklahoma.

    It was a 2007. Chicago is a competitive market. There are more Toyota dealers within 50 miles than there are in all of Oklahoma.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    It is at the same place as yours (like all Toyotas). I happen to really like it there.
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    Oh, ok, I was confused when OP said it wasn't on the wheel anymore.
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    Toyota heaven, wow! It might be worth it to drive or fly up there and shop. I was looking at the Carmax prices for new Toyotas in Kenosha, Wisconsin. While they don't offer the price you paid for their '08s and '07s, they're better than what you can find here by more than a thousand.

    Hm, I just wonder how doable that is...
  • jlawrence01jlawrence01 Posts: 1,828
    All the prices are published in the Northwest Herald/ Chicago Tribune. Pauly in Crystal Lake, Ejgin Toyota in Elgin, and Fox Lake Toyota are all generally fairly competitively priced.

    Is the place in Kenosha a Carmax? if so, that would explain the LARGE PRICE DIFFERENCE. Carmax means "you paid too much".
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    That's probably so, I'm not surprised that Carmax is higher compared to other dealers in the area since there are so many, because they're going to knock themselves out to lure people away from Carmax to prove they're the better deal, albeit not a no-hassle one.

    But in comparison to MY region, Carmax is a deal, especially for a new car! I'd be willing to bet that a good part of their clientele comes largely from other parts of the country, while the dealerships handle the locals.

    One man's ripoff is another man's bargain, depending on their point of view, eh? Just my view.
  • jlawrence01jlawrence01 Posts: 1,828
    I don't know but it was pretty easy dealing with the dealership. Drop the ad on the desk and ask him if the deal was available. Yes it is. Sign the paperwork. I left my office at Noon and was back to work at 12:45 pm.

    But if you want to pay more at Carmax ... go ahead.
  • colloquorcolloquor Posts: 482
    "FWIW, I have driven a lot of Elantras from the various rental fleets and that vehicle has never impressed me as a vehicle that will hold up over a long period of time. The Sonata is a pretty good vehicle and the Accent has a lot of pep."

    Although I tend to agree with you on your assessment on the Elantra, as a previous Elantra and Corolla owner, our family's experience was a bit of a contradiction. Determining long-term reliability based upon rental experience is not necessarily valid, as rental cars are notorious for being abused by some renters and with questionable maintenance by the agency.

    Our family's previous generation Elantra went over 180K miles without any corrective maintenance, just routine oil changes and timing belt changes. It was no more, or less, costly to maintain than our Corolla. The primary difference between the two was gas mileage - the Corolla was always better in that regard. Both were automatics, and the Elantra's best highway mileage was 34MPG, short of the Corolla's.
  • psypsy Posts: 122
    There are soooo many good cars in the compact class its not funny. I would have bought a Fit standard trim with a AT for $13850 inclucing, dest. and dealer fee's before I purchased a Rolla. Corolla's do get great mpg!!! Yaris is only a tad better. And they hold up well. To drive one. Well thats about as under whelming as anything Ive ever done. They stop awful. No ABS standard. Chalk one up for idiot Yota marketing folks. Corners like a honey wagon. And goes like a gas powered pogo stick.

    There are so many cars in the compact class. It over all is a buyers market if you have done any research at all.
  • Hello,

    I got a quote in Dallas Tx for 2008 Corolla LE,4Dr, Auto. the options include anti-lock brakes, Side Airbags, windo tint, cruise contro, mudguards, keyless entry with security system and alloy wheels. The offer price was $16,310.00 plus inventory fee ($38.00) and documentation fee ($50.00) plus Ttl and tax. Anybody can comment about this deal.

  • anlinaanlina Posts: 52

    I'm in Southern California and am very interested in that same car. Would you mind telling me where you got that quote?

    Dealers have told me it's almost impossible to find a Corolla with ABS in this area because the climate doesn't warrant it. :)


  • anlinaanlina Posts: 52

    Would you mind telling me where you bought it? And why did they give you the discount -- or why would you have gotten 3K off the MSRP?

    Thanks so much!

  • nyguy1nyguy1 Posts: 23
    I just got back from southern California where I bought a Corolla S in impulse red. I drove the car back to Las Vegas where we have registered it. The cars in the Los Angeles area are much cheaper than in las vegas and they have much lower dealer fees.

    The car I purchased had an MSRP of $19,500. Pretty loaded with moonroof, side airbags, option package #1 and 6 disk changer. The price after rebate was $15,582. Then added T,T,&L at the actual state regulated amounts and off I went with the new car with 36 miles on the clock. Paid registration in Nevada and NOT California. Paid sales tax in California and NOT Nevada.

    First tank of gas across the desert and our MPG was 37.5. Now with 400 miles on the car we love it! It does not handle anything like a Civic and for some drivers it is exctly what they need.
  • anlinaanlina Posts: 52

    Would you mind telling me where you got the car from?
    I'm looking for that model in Southern CA too!

    Also, I'm curious in what way the Corolla handles differently from a Civic.

    Thanks so much,

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